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Target: One Reader’s Clearance Deals on Gift Bags, Party Favors, & More Using Cartwheel Offers

6:02 PM MST
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Check out this email and photo I just received from Hip2Save reader, Kayla –

“I went to my local Target today and they had several gift wrapped items on clearance. The bags with owls on them were only $0.28 each. Nothing in the photo above was over $1 after using a coupon and cartwheel offer! The Twix I used Buy 2 get one Free coupon found on plus the 15% Target Cartwheel offer. The Fun dough and glow bracelets were in the dollar spot and I used 10% Target Cartwheel offer. The Gift bags, wrap, and tissue paper were all marked clearance $0.50 and I used the 15% Target Cartwheel offer. The Party favor was marked down to $1 and I used the 15% Target Cartwheel offer. The grand total for this lot was $14.69! :D

Come back and let us know if you also find these items on clearance at your Target!

(Thanks, Kayla!)

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  • Terri Prowell says:

    Awesome. I just came from there. I bought several clearance craft items cereal and candy. Using target cartwheel I paid thirty dollars and have stocking stuffers, christmas gifts, and a weeks worth breakfast. I love target

  • Bev says:

    Hmmm….would there be a Twix missing? ;)

  • Simply Save says:

    I love the Cartwheel app!

  • Jessica A says:

    I went to the target (Grand Forks, ND) and there were a lot of clearance as pictured. I also snagged 4 multi packs (3 individual packs in the bag) of up&up baby wipes for $2.48 each! They also had a lot of Circo t-shirts still on clearance and the cartwheel worked on those.

  • Natalia says:

    Never heard of the target cartwheel. How does the app work?

  • Diana says:

    Was at target last week and they had two boxes at the back of the store with patio glass table umbrella and four folding chairs marked from $129 to $19… daughter and I grabbed those right up! One for me and one for her and she doesn’t even have a house yet…lol also was at target last night and they had a lot of booze half off, got my rum for my rum cakes I make for Christmas

    • Dayna says:

      I’m doing that as well!! I’m currently living with my parents and looking for a house. When I see items for a good price that I would want in my house I end up buying them! My parents are starting to get annoyed at the stuff I’m accumulating and storing, but I just can’t pass up the good deals. I told them I would let them rent some space out for their stuff once I get a house ;)

      • tracy says:

        how funny since i am doing the same thing. have been saving items for like 5 yrs now lol. i have everything i need besides a couch and a table and chairs haha! at least in my room i have a loft so i can throw everything up there :)

    • Denise says:

      Which Target location has booze 50% off. I am putting together a “Party Wagon Raffle” and 50% off liquor would work great!! Anyone else find a Target location with 50% off booze?

  • Mimi says:

    Spend to save! Yay!

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