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Shop Your Way Rewards Members: FREE Clearance Apparel Priced at $1.99 on (Check Inbox!)

3:31 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Calling select Shop Your Way Rewards Members (it’s FREE to sign-up!). Be sure to check your email for an exclusive promo code to use on valid for a FREE clearance apparel item priced at $1.99! The email is titled “Extra 5-15% off + Member code: Get 1 free clearance item” and will be from ““. Just head here to start browsing around in the clearance section until you find a $1.99 item you like. Shipping is FREE if you are a Shop Your Way Max member (you can score a FREE 90-day trial by clicking on the link during checkout or here) OR you can opt for FREE in-store pickup.

* Online Only. No in-store price matching is allowed with this offer. Discount seen in cart. Applies only to items on Clearance priced at $1.99.

(Thanks, Andy!)

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  • Lauren says:

    I didn’t receive the email, but the picture on your post says, “Calling all Shop Your Way members.” Maybe the email is still coming? I got the last one late too.

  • Sarah says:

    My husband got it, I didn’t.

  • Lisa says:

    It’s not letting me check out! I am at the Place Order page and every time I hit that button the page just refreshes :(

  • gominam says:

    This is available in store and you don’t need a coupon at all! Just came from buying 5 junior dresses for 1.99 each ! And summer clothes for 1.99 too!!

  • elaine says:

    happened to me too but you have to get something else I got 2 items and paid 2.13 for 2 item then it worked

    • Kb says:

      Did this also and when I went to use my points, it used 0 points and gave me the second item free too! Got the thanks for your order page but no email confirmation yet so hopefully not a glitch..

  • isabel says:

    same error wont let me chek out

  • karen says:

    Cannot check out either:(

  • Michelle says:

    You cannot check out with a $0.00 total with free shipping – it won’t process it. Its a computer thing – a balance needs to be there. I’d just add something small.

  • Tammy says:

    i have been chatting with a rep for over 30 minutes, she’s submitting a work order for it. she said it would be resolved in 24-48 hours. i’m still waiting to hear if they will honor the price for me. i’m having the same problem of not being able to place my order and what i want isn’t available for instore pickup and i tried multiple things!

  • Tammy says:


  • Reese says:

    I have the email…thanks

  • Visitor says:

    I just called sears- I tried to check out Item no Item #00759640032
    It doesnt let me check out (though I have a correct coupon code(online only, expires on 26th Oct), the Item is a sears only item etc) It comes with a Catch…Too bad dint work for me :-(

  • Barb says:

    my husband got it. not me. they always send him the cool coupons and free rewards credit which i promptly use. :)

  • Visitor says:

    @ Michele @Elaine is correct- You cannot check out with just One item worth $1.99 you need some other item in your cart(anything thats the least expensive just to have some $ or cents) and then your $1.99 item will be free

  • Ing says:

    Rep just told me you had to have at least $1 in your cart for the order to go through.

  • Jill says:

    I was able to get a free 1.99 t-shirt and a pair of jeans on sale for $19.99 for a total of $15.65 with free shipping and using 230 points. Just yesterday I noticed that 2 pairs of my jeans were wearing thin in places and decided to retire/ re-purpose them now rather than wait for an embarrassing moment!

  • joanna says:

    yes, you have to add another item to be able to checkout. otherwise, you need to log out and checkout as a guest, but u might have to incur shipping

  • Andrew says:

    I tried this earlier today.
    I chose a pair of shorts that were 1.99 and I do have Shop Your Way Max.
    Payment options were ONLY SYWR or gift card. SYWR wouldn’t let me put it through.
    I had a gift card with 0 balance even though overall total was 0 and it wouldn’t go through.
    Tried the online chat and they told me to call.
    Spent 45 mins on the phone and was transferred 5 times. AT one point, I had 2 people on the line– SYWR rep and rep. They weren’t helpful.
    On my last transfer, person (another one) said it was an error on their end and that I would pay whatever shipping and they would refund me within 3-5 days the shipping costs on my credit card. I told them I am signed up for SYWR Max. No way I was giving that info out because what happens if they screw that up….?

    They said they would look into it and get back to me within 48 hours. At no point did they have just to remove shipping costs on their end or any other customer satisfaction.
    I can’t wait to see what they say next since the item has now been sold out.

  • Cathy says:

    Thanks! I had the email but never even read it. I ordered 2 women’s t-shirts that were $1.99 each and my total was $2.11. awesome!

  • molly says:

    I got the Email however I don’t like all the hidden “catches”. I have had nothing but problems with the shop your way program and sadly their customer service is not very customer friendly.

  • Brigit says:

    I contacted someone on Chat and they said they are aware of this issue and fixing it. they were willing to have me purchase the item and then just adjust the price after I paid over chat, but I wasn’t comfortable with giving my credit card over chat. but he did say the issue should be fixed soon and to just try again in a day or two. my promotional code expires 10/26, so I will try tomorrow.

  • Brianna says:

    I got the email and ordered a $1.99 toddler skirt, a $1.99 toddler top, a $7.99 mens pullover all on clearance and a $4.00 toy. I put in the promo code and it gave me the mens pullover for $0. I was thinking it was for a $1.99 clearance item, what a surprise! I then used the 8000 points I had that were about to expire to discount another $8. I got free shipping for being a max member and it cost me $1.06….basically the sales tax. It made my week because I never seem to get in on these deals in time:)

    • Heather says:

      It did that for me too! I put in a $1.99 shirt and $7.99 Carter’s footies and it took the $7.99 off, so I got both for less then $2.00 shipped!

  • sophietn says:

    I tried to do this first thing this AM, and I had issues with the order going through (kept refreshing). All I was getting was a “red white and cute baby bib” for my new niece or nephew, but I have had no probs redeeming “free” items w/ SYW points before. I called at noon but they were nice but unable to help. They said they logged a complaint and for me to try in an hour. Still no luck, but I finally found a second item to order and it worked perfectly.

    Sears is notorious for glitches with these promotions, so I never get my hopes up.

  • Koni says:

    I clicked on the link in the email so I could be sure which items were part of the clearance and I got a 12 month Girls Polka Dot pants set ($12.99) and a boys striped t-shirt ($2.99). I had $3 in points and used the clearance code and for some reason, the pants set became free and I paid 21 cents for the shirt. I don’t know if that’s how this code is supposed to work but I sure hope they don’t cancel my order.

  • Satya says:

    This sale is in store too

  • Issysmom says:

    I wonder when the sale started and if anything good was left. I’ll check it out tomorrow .

  • penelope says:

    Worked out to be a better deal for me! Bought 2 items from clearance: $1.99 $17.99…checkout automatically applied my coupon code to the $17.99 item! Ended up paying $2.13 total! Sweet!

  • Connie says:

    Got a $1.99 top and $25 Hanes t-shirt set for free! When I entered my code it took out the higher price item and I also redeem 0 point which took out $1.99 making my total $0!! I didn’t even have to enter any credit card info.

  • tam childers says:

    It’s not letting me use my code on anything so frustrating.

  • michelle says:

    Thank you! Right now also has buy two clearance girls tops, get one free. So I got 3 carters tops and a girls purse for $10! The three shirts were 7.99 each and purse was 1.99. B2G1 took off 7.99 and the clearance code took off another 7.99! Thank you so mich, my daughter really needed some new shirts, and money is tight right now.

  • Dayna says:

    Thanks everybody for the tips. I’m going to let my mom look around online and see if there is anything she wants for her birthday! I’m not really fond of ordering clothing online because I have to try everything on, touch it, feel it, see how it looks, etc!!

  • M. says:

    Thanks – I had trashed this e-mail without even looking at it. Got a pair of jeans and 2 headbands for my daughter for $1.24 after using code and points!

  • Tisha says:

    Thanks for posting Collin. I was able to get my son a pair of jeans & my daughter a pair of leggings for a total of $2.11. It took the higher priced item which were the jeans off so technically I only paid for the leggings. Yay! He so needed new jeans now I just hope that he likes them-lol

  • 3gmom says:

    I put in my cart one dress for $19.99 and one dress for $24.99. The code took off the $24.99 dress, and I so got my two girls Christmas dresses for only $10 each! Thank you Collin!

  • Deborah says:

    Okay, this is the most I’ve probably ever worked to get a deal to work… but I finally did it!!! So, if you are looking to score 2 items for $1.99, you need to make sure that BOTH of them are clearance. Click on the link that Collin posted labeled “head here” to take you to the clearance items in each of their respective categories. Then pick one item that is $1.99 and another that you’d like that isn’t too expensive. Play around on the order page until you get two items that allow you to get the more expensive one for free. I was able to get free shipping by using shop your way max and made sure that it recognized me before I tried to get the free item. That way it registered that I was able to get free shipping and that was established before I even tried any transaction. Stinky little program but was able to get it to go. It finally worked! Yahoo! So, I got a $1.99 pink striped skirt for my daughter when she will be 3T next summer and I got yoga slimming capri pants that were $16.99. I got them both for $1.99 and free shipping to my house. Good luck! Hope you find some great deals and I hope I saved you wasting some time trying to get this deal to work with my own mistakes. :)

  • Betheny says:

    The stuff I ordered already shipped =).

  • Sally says:

    anyone have an extra code I can have please?

    Thank You

  • Jenny says:

    Anyone have an extra code. Please send it my way. I didn’t get one :(
    Thank you.

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