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Walmart: Get $5 Off Your Utility Bill w/ Purchase of 3 Suave Products (Through December 31st)

1:51 PM MST
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How would you like to get $5 off your utility bill?! Through December 31st, you can do just that when you purchase any 3 Suave products at Walmart!

Here’s what you need to do…

* Head to your local Walmart store and purchase any 3 Suave Products (don’t forget to clip the coupons in the 11/17 RP or 12/8 RP or found here)
* Snap a photo of your receipt and email it to
* You’ll then receive a code via email valid for $5 off your water, hear, or electric bill!
* And, each person/household/email/phone number may redeem up to five Utility Rewards!
* Click here for more information

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  • Guest says:

    Will the code be paypal or? Can someone find? :) I don’t pay my bills online, so I’m wondering how this works… Thanks in advance! :)

  • Kristen says:

    So if I purchase 15 of those .98 bottles I can get $25 off? Blonde here.. Sorry

  • Lory says:

    Hmm,I don’t see any suave coupons,Help please?? Could they be under another zip?

  • Cristal says:

    It says purchase 3 “qualifying” suave items but I don’t see a list??? Anyone else??

  • Kristen says:

    It says you’ll have to enter utility company and account info? Is this very safe.. Giving account information out like that..?!

  • Jennifer says:

    I think this is one of the more unusual rewards I’ve seen, lol, but works for me!

  • ~jenn~ says:

    OMG OMG!! Don’t forget ibotta!!
    That was probably more for me than anyone else. I suffer from CRS.

  • krishna says:

    There are 3 suave offers in ibotta too..

  • brandice says:

    Sounds like a money maker

  • Jill says:

    Collin, you are the BEST!! this is a great promotion! (hopefully this really works….) I’m going Saturday to do my different purchases.
    thank you!!!

  • Ryan Linch says:

    Just went to Walmart and found there full size shampoo for .94 I bought 15 and I’m going to fill out theforn as so as I get home. Will post results as soon as I know if it worked

  • Karen says:

    Anyone know how much the suave lotion is at walmart? or the 2.6 oz deo. is? I found I have two each .50 on deo and 1.50 on lotion.

  • kr says:

    I hv 10 off llbean code looking to trade for walmart or paypal money $7

  • Dani Roan says:

    Was reviewing the SuaveFAQ about this offer and thought I would share this. Apparently you can use the codes to pay for cable, phone and water as well!:

    Question: My Utility Reward can be redeemed for bill payment towards which utility providers?
    Answer: Your code can be used for bill payment towards a cable/satellite, gas, phone, electric or water bill. Our system has many utility providers. In the rare event that your provider is not in our network, we will issue your Utility Reward through an alternative payment method.

  • Mrs. Waller says:

    I submitted my receipt about 30 minutes ago and I just received an email containing my code. =)

  • Harlow says:


  • Joy says:

    I made the mistake of only submitting one receipt with my email instead of all 5 at once. I guess I’ll have my husband submit the last 4 receipts with his email. Hopefully that will be ok.

  • Kc says:

    Where do you find .98 bottles? The cheapest I ever see is $2.50?? Can you tell me the specific type and is it in a different location? Thanks

  • Joy says:

    I got the code for my one receipt that I just submitted. I bought 12 oz Suave Naturals Juicy Green Apple shampoo… a tall skinny bottle for $1.03.

    I just submitted the code. I used Verizon Wireless because my local utilities weren’t there. You have to know your utility account number and the zip code of where your bill is sent. I have autopay so I had to log into my verizon acct and dl a pdf of my bill so I could find out the zip code. My receipt says it will be credited in 1-3 billing cycles.

  • rachel says:

    thats awesome i just bought three bottles of lotion with coupons for a 1 each so a 2 dolalr moneymaker!

  • Guest says:

    has anyone submitted this with the lotion products and gotten a code? it seems that the shampoos work, but it’d be great if the lotions count as well

  • Ryan Linch says:

    I got the small shampoos and the 1.4 oz .99 deoderants. Took 5 pictures and sent 5 separate emails all from the same email address and I just got 5 codes from suave. I went and redeemed them and they akread showed up on my account as credits. It says 1-3 bilking cycles but mine showed up same day I was shocked. I can verify that it does work and the products bought don’t seem to matter since I paid 3.04 for all 3 of my shampoos and they still gave me a $5 for each transaction.

  • Linda says:

    Just submitted mine via cell phone text and received codes immediately. Used computer to go to website and After entering info and submitting it would give red message to check info and process again, but always after fourth submission with each code I finally received confirmation. Never changed anything just resubmitted until it went through.

  • Niaree Hopelian says:

    Do I have to send all five receipts in one e-mail? I tried to do that, but it was rejected because the e-mail was too large. If I send them one at a time, will I still get all five rebates? Or should I try to compress the images somehow?

    • Joy says:

      You have to send them one at a time. I would wait a couple minutes between each email though so they don’t register them as re-sending the same email which happened to me. I was able to get all 5 codes.

      • Barbara Solomon says:

        Joy, I just submitted 5 emails but got a message that said “Your submission is already being processed. No need to resubmit at this time. You will receive a reply shortly notifying you of the status.” for the last 4. Do I need to resubmit the last 4 emails further apart? Or should I just wait it out?

  • mary says:

    thanks so much! i will be trying this today! fingers crossed!

  • Kate Robare says:

    Do they have to be 5 diffrent receipts? Do they scan the bar code? Or could I do 5 of the same on all of our emails in the house?

    • Janelle says:

      I just talked with customer service because I submitted all 15 products on one receipt. They want separate receipts, but if you already purchased them on one receipt, just call and they will send you the codes.

  • Tanya B says:

    I just did this deal and it worked perfectly! I sent five different texts with five different receipts (and one of the receipts had other items on it as well, so I’m glad it worked) and after 5-30 minutes after submitting each one I got the codes! Went to the website and provided my AT&T cell phone account number and mailing zip code (the one the bills go to) no problem! I looked around in each of the options you have and I was able to locate all of my different utilities (water, gas, electric, internet)! If this really works out, I’ll be happy to save $25 on my cell phone bill for spending $15.25 on shampoo/conditioner! Nice little $9.75 profit!

    • Guest says:

      Thanks for your thorough answer!! :) I tried it with my cable company and so far the account has not been credited. I will wait and see, before buying more.

    • shandelle says:

      Any issues submitting back to back receipts? I did 5 transactions tonight, bought 9 of the $.97 Suave lotions and 6 $.97 Suave deodorants. I texted all 5, the first reply said basically thanks for submitting, we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Then I got 4 exact same replies to the other 4 receipts (which were each unique) stating, “Your submission is already being processed. No need to resubmit at this time. Your will receive a reply shortly notifying you of the status.

  • Barbara Solomon says:

    I’m in the process of doing this. I bought the cheap $0.94 shampoo. I did 5 transactions back to back. My Walmart cashier was totally cool with this.

    I sent my emails with one photograph of a receipt back to back. It turns out that you have to send them about once per hour otherwise you get a notification that suggests that you are sending the same one over and over. I had to resent the last 4 because I sent them too fast.

    Send one email with one photograph of a receipt and wait for the code before you send the next one. This works best this way.

    The codes are super simple to use and there’s a ton of utility providers on the list.

    I am getting $5 for $3 spent. This is a great deal.

    • shandelle says:

      Thanks!! Should have refreshed the page before making my above comment. I got the exact same replies and I was worried it was thinking my receipts were duplicates because I bought several transactions of the exact same stuff. Well, I’ll wait for the codes and submit then one by one and hopefully that works. I was gonna use mine for AT&T and it sounds like someone else already got that to work.

  • ellie says:

    Submitted my reciept but never got any codes any suggestions this ends tomorrow help

  • Ashley57 says:

    It worked for me! We got the credit on our electric bill! Yay!

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