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Macy’s: *HOT* Denim Promo is Back (Get $10 off a Future Purchase With Every Pair of Jeans You Buy)

3:00 PM MST
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Wow! If you are in need of new jeans or your kiddos are in need of new jeans, consider heading to Macy’s for their *HOT* Denim Event. Through January 2nd, for every pair of jeans you purchase in-store, you will score a coupon valid for $10 off a future purchase of $10 or more at checkout (exclusions apply so make sure to read the fine print)! These $10 coupons are available to redeem through 1/20/14. Even better, browse through the clearance section where you may be able to find jeans on the cheap which will qualify you for the $10 coupon! Check your local Macy’s Catalog online or in-store for more information. Note if you prefer to shop online, head here where you’ll save an additional $10 off select pairs of jeans.

Fine Print: For any denim purchase you make in misses’, petites’, Women’s, Men’s, young mens’, juniors’ and kids’ denim departments, we’ll give you a $10 savings card at the register. Just bring your receipts from 12/26-1/2 to any Macy’s before the end date of 1/2/13. You’ll get a $10 savings card right on the spot. Then, redeem each card from 12/26-1/20 on your next sale or clearance purchase in all apparel departments, including shoes and accessories. Purchase must be $10 or more, exclusive of tax and delivery fees. Exludes: Fine & fashion jewelry, watches, home items, Everyday values (EDV), gift cards, previous purchases, super buys, specials, special purchases, and special orders. Exclusions may be different on Macy’ Cannot be combined with any saving pass/coupon; extra discount for credit offer, except opening a Macy’s account.

Also note that you can use the new $10 off $25 Purchase WOW! Pass (valid in-store only December 27th through December 29th until 1PM daily) on your initial jeans purchase to save even more! Keep in mind that the WOW Pass cannot be combined with any other coupons, so you won’t be able to use it in conjunction with a $10 off a $10 purchase coupon

(Thanks, Darla!)

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  • Donna says:

    Are infant/toddler jeans considered in the kids dept?

  • Ambo says:

    Last time this sale was on I went to a store in Denver and they wouldn’t give me a coupon when I bought a pair of jeans. They said I had to buy a “stack” of jeans to get the coupon. I have had much better luck in Fort Collins and in Loveland. This is my favorite sale. Happy hunting hipsters!

  • Laura says:

    I thought it was for any denim purchase so I got a really cute Calvin Klein jacket this morning for 29.00 minus the 10 off 25 Q. In past denim events it included all denim items so I was disappointed when the cashier told me it didn’t. Oh well, I still love my jacket. :)

    • Jennine says:

      Laura i would bring your recept back with the promo fine print on your phone(or print) because it Does say Any denim purchase :)

    • ihearthip says:

      It should be for any denim but your mileage may vary based on the cashier you get and whether or not you feel like speaking with a manager. Last time they had this sale, I realized I needed to ask them to give me a voucher or otherwise they weren’t even thinking about it.

  • Lin says:

    Infant/toddler jeans are included! Worked for me the last time Macy’s ran this promotion.

  • Pinky says:

    Can we use that 10$ savings card and buy another jeans and roll ?

  • Mel says:

    Online the exclusions online include Kids Denim and Levis, which is different than in store :/

    select denim purchases.

    savings shown at checkout.

    EXCLUDES: Levi’s®, clearance, kids’ denim and Everyday Values (EDV). For online redemption: Place qualifying jeans in shopping bag; discount automatically taken at checkout. For in-store redemption: get a $10 savings card with qualifying denim purchase. See an associate at your Macy’s store for details; store exclusions apply. The Biggest Denim Event ends online & in-store January 2, 2014; savings card must be redeemed in-store by January 20, 2014.

    • Terezia C. says:

      I remember the last time they did this, I got the $10 if I bought Levis, but couldnt use the coupon to buy Levis, either way, I had found girls Levis for $14, so $4 a pair! It was awesome!

      • Tia says:

        Me too! I had never bought Levi’s for my 3 yr old but man do those jeans fit well!

        • Terezia C. says:

          My husband prefers Levis, but I’ve never had them for the kids before that. I love those jeans! Hoping to go today and see if I can score, I usually buy the jeans then use them to buy shirts.

    • ihearthip says:

      Darn – last time I scored big with Levi’s purchases! Seemed to be the most decently priced denim in the store.

    • Tia says:

      That’s interesting that online has those exclusions. I wonder why they do that.

  • Emily says:

    Do you get the $10 promo card if you make an online purchase or is it in store only?

  • Jean says:

    when you click on exclusions and discounts is says it excludes clearance and kids

  • Dayna says:

    I bought 3 pairs of jeans and received 3 $10 promo cards. My intent was to buy one, and then use the promo code to buy the next one, but it wasn’t working out like that (no idea why). I also noticed that their $10 off $25 had a lot more exclusions than normal. It excluded doorbusters and deals of the day, but it seemed that every rack I picked up at item of clothing from had that sign on top of it!

  • sarah says:

    Was there today didn’t c any signs, does that mean they are not honoring this?

  • Shannon says:

    I did this today. I bought a pIr of miss me jeans and then turned around and applied my 10$ certificate to a shirt.

  • Trinity says:

    Am I able to buy 2 jeans and I’ll get 2-$10 coupons?! Or do I have to buy them separately?

    Also, I did stop by tonight but they seemed to be quite confused on this deal. The girl said that I couldn’t have one because the deal ended on 12/26, but I kept telling her that that was not the case. I was very nice about it but she seemed super confused!!

  • Becky says:

    I was there on 12/26 and bought some Style and Co brand jeans for $14.99. Got the $10 coupon, so $4.99 for a pair of jeans! I couldn’t be happier with that deal! Used the $10 coupon to get a sweater for $1.07 after the coupon!

  • Yumiry says:

    Is craizy this kind of coupon, I receive one in the mail and I do my trip to Macys, when I’m there try to take the deal and go to the register my total is like $31.00 and I give the coupon a the cashier and she told me that coupon is not aceptable to purchase this jeans because is considering deal of the day, and the fine print said that, so I told so why you send mi a coupon that I cannot use in nothing because now Macys have a lot deal but everything that said that is provable that only is you found a very nice cashier, you can use the coupon. So at this time not good luck in Macys.

  • sarah says:

    I spent $16 dollars and did 12 transactions came away with 22 items and 2- $10 coupons still. 9 shirts for me! I have never done this sale before- It’s such an amazing feeling to shop like this!

  • Terezia C. says:

    I just wanted to relay my good, but also bad and frustrating experience with this deal. My store had clearance an additional 40% off, they had some girls jeans that were ringing $8.98 after the discount. I did my first transaction and got 2 pairs of jeans and 2 t-shirts, used the $10 off $25 and got 2 bounce backs, paid $19 oop. I did some calculations and tried my second transaction with a different cashier, the first one was helping someone else. I was cashing out and the first cashier told the new one I couldnt use my bounce backs and shouldnt get any because I just bought them, the new cashier said that I could and did my second transaction, a pair of jeans and a $3 t-shirt, I used my bounce back from before and paid $2 oop, got a bounce back, did my third, a pair of jeans and a shirt, $2 oop, she forgot my bounce back and I told her, but she insisted I had it and the first cashier got rude again, at that point I didn’t want to argue. While they were ringing my fourth transaction, someone else came in and couldnt pull the 10 off 25 from her phone and so I gave her a printed one, the first rude cashier looked at me and said…this says only 1 per customer, I said I realized that, I hadn’t used any more than one and she said, but you have a stack in your purse, I said nicely if I decided I wanted to come back tomorrow, I had just printed extra, she said, it says 1 per customer! I said, fine I won’t use them in a bit of a rude tone myself. I paid for my final transaction with a bounce back and $12 oop. As I walked away, I wasn’t even 2 feet from the counter, the rude cashier told the other, I just can’t stand when people try to get stuff for free! I bit my tongue and left the store. When I got home, I called the manager and explained what had happened, I told her if I had 4 transactions, couldn’t use a bounce back on the first since I didn’t have it and bought 4 pairs of jeans, I should still have 1. She agreed and said she would leave one in an envelope in the office for me to pick up at my convenience. I told her I would be escalating the issue of the cashier to corporate because I felt like the cashier degraded and tried to humiliate me. If she had an issue or question of how the promotions should work, she should take it up with management, not disrespect the customer. I asked the manager if I had done anything wrong or taken advantage of the promotion and she said no, there was no restriction on the bounce back that you could only use one per day (though it is one per transaction) or that I had to wait a certain amount of time before using it. They dont have an issue with multiple transactions. So the down side was dealing with everything, but the upside was that I got 11 shirts and 4 pairs of jeans, paid $36 oop and still have a $10 bounce back waiting for me. Good luck to everyone, I hope you have nicer service than I did. In my opinion if I would have bought a $100 dress and used a 10 off coupon then bought a $200 suit and used a 10 off, they wouldnt have said a word, but because I was buying clearance items and getting a good deal, somehow I was a bad person. I would also like to note that there were still jeans for the $9 clearance price left, so I didn’t clear shelves or go overboard. Thanks for reading my rant, I just wanted to share my experience.

    • Jessica says:

      I feel you honey. They pulled that stunt on me at Walmart once and it was a Customer Service Manager that acted rude with me. I was the one acting like the adult in the conversation:( Only thing you can do is exhale and move on to the next deal.

      • Terezia C. says:

        Thanks Jessica. It was really frustrating and embarrassing, but I felt like making a scene wouldnt help, if anything it would have just embarrassed me more. I think I did what was best. I plan on picking up my bounce back today and maybe rolling it again there and then going to another Macy’s to see what they have. I’m not letting it stop me from getting the best deals I can for my family. :)

    • irene says:

      Always ask for a manager. For some reason, Macy’s has horrible staff but very good department managers. They would have corrected that bad behavior right on the spot.

      • Terezia C. says:

        Thanks Irene. I will try to do that next time. I felt very overwhelmed and emotional and didn’t want to end up screaming or crying in the store, so I took time to pull myself together. The manager was very nice when I spoke to her.

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