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Walmart: Buy 1 Specially Marked Special K Just Dance 2014 Cereal = FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card

11:28 AM MST
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Here’s a great deal that you may want keep your eyes peeled for the next time you head to Walmart!

Hip2Save reader, Kirsten, was able to find specially marked Special K Cereal boxes that qualify for a FREE $5 Walmart eGift Card with the purchase of just one box making for a sweet deal! Check out the email and photo that Kirsten sent over…

There are specially marked Special K Cereal boxes that have a deal where you buy the Special K cereal and you get a $5 Walmart e-gift card. The Special K cereal has a picture of the Just Dance 2014 Xbox game on it and says Stay on track with Special K and Just Dance 2014. These are only available at Walmart.

The cereal price at my Walmart is $2.98 for the cereal (sizes vary by cereal flavor). All you have to do after you buy the cereal is go to and watch a short video. Then you will log in or sign up with your Kellogg’s Family Reward account and enter the code from inside box. They will then send you an email with a $5 Walmart e-gift card. You can use the code online or print it and use it in the store. If you don’t have a coupon or a sale, you still make $2.02. I priced matched it and used coupons. It is a limit of 1 per account.

Note: My sidekick, Erica, ventured out to her Walmart store in Florida earlier today and was NOT able to find these specially marked boxes so please keep this in mind. Hopefully, the rest of you will have better luck!

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  • brandice says:

    Found it in Decatur Ga

  • Happymama says:

    I got an email from KFR saying if you submit codes Jan 4th and Jan 5th (I think?) you can get 4x the points. Anyone else get that? If so I’m about to tear into my cereal boxes lol

  • Nancy says:

    I got the same e-mail for the extra bonus points and i entered 3 differerent codes and did not get the extra bonus for none of them i submitted

  • Su says:

    I got it too 4x times, hoooray…….

  • Amy Stotts says:

    Ooooh, terrific find! I read using that link and it doesn’t end until the end of April, so hopefully, we’ll all find this! I LOVE the chocolatey strawberry! I eat it as a snack!

  • kayez says:

    everyone better check your accounts mine was hacked and a gift code redeemed

    • fran says:

      I had My Coke Rewards and Recyclebank accounts hacked. Both reinstated my points.
      Make sure you change your password to something hard, use numbers and upper and lower case letters and even symbosl (#$%@, etc.).

    • Stacy says:

      It seems like this is getting to be the norm. I had my amazon account hacked. Luckily it only had Gc money from surveys and not a credit card.

  • ~jenn~ says:

    I found these here in Cape Girardeau, MO. Not a lot of them and they seem to be mixed in with the non-gift card boxes. So keep your eyes peeled peeps!!

    • ~jenn~ says:

      Oh…I also forgot. I paired this this offer with the $1.50 off cereal/pop tart coupon you can get by redeeming points.
      Nice way to turn coupons to cash!

  • adriana says:


  • rebecca says:

    Oh this is great! Thanks Collin!

    BTW, if you ever have and Just Dance Wii game deals, I’d love to know! My 9 year old just got Just Dance 3 and 2014 and is in absolutely love with the games. We are trying to find Just Dance 4 at a deal price right now. :)

  • LoveSaving says:

    I found this in NW Ohio. It was only on the regular Special K boxes on the shelf in the cereal aisle. Price matched to a local grocery store ad that had it on sale. Thanks so much for sharing Kirsten and Collin. $2.50 MM for me!

  • Rachel says:

    Price match Kroger 1.79 a box

  • Guest says:

    Is it just Chocolatey Strawberry?

  • s says:

    Found the boxes in CO. However, the boxes say you need to buy FIVE special k products to qualify for the gift card. Bummer :-(

  • Nick says:

    I got the specially marked box, watched the video, signed up, put my code in, and was told I had gotten 160 points, but I didn’t receive an email with an egift card… Does it take a while?

  • Jeff says:

    I Just did everything and I never recieved a gift card what gives?

  • ida says:

    Anyone receive their gift card? How long did it take?

  • Ami says:

    My account shows this promo ended 12/31/13 but there was new promo for $10GC for Kroger. i don’t hav Krogers…

  • Kathryn K says:

    I had trouble with my Kelloge K-Pass code last year and just gave up, never signing up for the Kellogg’s Reward program. But, last night I gave it another try and finally got the password reset to work; then signed up for the Rewards programs. I bought the Chocolate Strawberry one in Houston this morning with the Just Dance 2014 logo on the front. Entered code, got double points & received email $5.00 gift card right away to print.
    There is another Special K promo that needs 5 codes to a get gift card, some on the self and some near registers. Make sure you get the right one.

  • galois says:

    I found these boxes of Special K in a special display far away from the rest of the cereal. I bought a box, watched the video, entered the code, got double points, but no gift card (yet). Has anyone gotten the gift card? How long does it take?

  • Esther says:

    Definitely bought the correct box. Has the steps on the back. We followed each step and did not get an email about the $5.00 gift card.

  • Kam says:

    I found the boxes but they only had it on the plain flavor and some yogurt kind; I bought the latter. I followed the instructions exactly and received my email with the walmart gift card link instantly. I did it in chrome and made sure the settings block third-party cookies and site data was unchecked.

  • Jeff says:

    I still have not received my gift card. I have emailed customer service and no response yet.

  • Lysi says:

    How long should I wait to receive the gift card?

  • sparkler789 says:

    Followed the instructions on the box exactly and received my $5.00 eGift Card instantly.

    • Rebecca says:

      I did not enter any codes yet because when I found the page that said you would get a 5 dollar gift card when you purchased 5 boxes

      • lis says:

        Rebecca, there are 2 Special K deals. The one for buy 1 get a $5.00 Gift Card and the one you mention At my Walmart here in Iowa, they had both.. Naturally the buy 1 is sooo much better!

  • Lysi says:

    I took me 1 minute to get the gift card email.

  • Corrine C says:

    I found them at my Walmart in Sugar Land, TX. Many varieties to choose from. I do want to warn you, there are two similar promotions on the boxes, both for a $5 Wal-Mart gift card; the Just Dance promo (doesnt mention a $5 gc on the box front), and also a different promotion (a $5 gc IS mentioned on the box front). Don’t get the wrong one! The “other” promo requires you buy 5 boxes before you get a gc.

  • Mary W. says:

    Found tons in my Walmart in FL. Submitted for GC and received it within seconds

  • Kinzi says:

    My WalMart (UT) has buy any 5 participating Special-K cereals and get a free $5 egift WalMart gift card. But I didn’t see any like this one.

  • wendy says:

    Found today at the Brooksville Florida one

  • Kevin says:

    Hello I am having a problem I purchased the correct box of cereal and everything it has a picture of the just dance xbox 360 game on the front and says on the back enter 1 code to redeem $5 e-gift card I have two kelloggs accounts each account I entered them on did not give me a e-gift card or say anything about it what could be the problem?

    • wendy says:

      comes by email

    • Kam says:

      Did you type the website from the cereal box exactly as stated? Did you watch all of the video? Once you enter the code you should have gotten a Thank you message with recent point activity and it also says “Stay on track with Special K and Just Dance 2014! You just earned a $5 Walmart eGift Card. A link to your digital gift card will be sent to you by email.”

    • Kirsten (@lots2save) says:

      If you have the correct box then I would call Customer Service. They have great customer service and they can probably get it fixed for you. I did it in a couple of different accounts and it came in my email right away.

  • kharen says:

    i just entered my code and its asking me to enter 4 more codes to redeem my gift card. I thought one box per $5 walmart GC. is theres something i missed?

  • Paul says:

    I got my box today, with the $10 gift card I got from ebates. So, a bigger money maker, for me. What is up with the flavors? I didn’t buy them last night because all they had was yogurt and something or chocolate and strawberries. I do not like the taste of yogurt and was afraid the chocolate would taste like ex-lax. The only variety I usually buy is Red Berries. I visited another store today and they just had the same varieties. But, there was also an end cap of just Special K cereal. That area had some boxes of original Special K, with the Just Dance message. I got those. Hopefully, i’ll find plain edible.

  • Ardis514 says:

    I bought the box and entered the code and didn’t get the Walmart E Card. What’s the deal? It is the specially marked box too and it clearly says you will get the card. Bummer.

    • LoveSaving says:

      Same thing happened to my mom. She contacted kellogg’s rewards and they issued her a new code. My code however processed with no problem. HTH

  • Lovie says:

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