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FREE $25 Visa Card for Test Driving a New Kia Vehicle (Available to the First 10,000)

10:17 PM MST
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Here’s a way to make $25 if you are willing to take a test drive. Currently, Kia dealerships are offering up a FREE $25 gift card when you test drive ANY new Kia vehicle! To get in on this offer, you’ll need to head on over here and fill out the form, then print your certificate (OR select “Mobile Email” or “Text Me” for a virtual certificate that can be completed with the dealer personnel directly on your mobile device). Once you’ve printed your certificate, plan a time on or before March 31st to head to the dealership to test drive a new Kia (probably sooner than later since this is only available to the 1st 10,000!). After doing so, have the dealer fill out his unique Customer ID and signature, then mail it in by April 15th and you’ll have scored yourself $25!

I’m curious – how many of you have taken advantage of similar test drive offers like this before? Let us know in the comments.

Fine Print: To be eligible, test-driver must be 18 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license. One $25 Kia Visa Prepaid Card per household. For comments or questions, please call 1-877-883-4913.

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  • Mary says:

    I’ve gotten free NCAA tickets for test driving a car

  • Andrew says:

    I sell cars at a Lexus dealership…and just from my experience, please don’t go and test drive a car if you are not genuinely interested. You are just wasting the salesmans time and not giving him the opportunity to make a living because you are taking away their time to spend with a true potential customer. Only take advantage of this if you are truly in the market for a Kia, otherwise don’t waste time.

    • janag09 says:

      This exactly. It goes both ways though. I think all aspects of sales would go so much better if everyone respected everyone else’s time.

      • Andrew says:

        If you go to a good, reputable dealership, your time will not be wasted. If you come in to inquire about a vehicle, that means you are interested and are in the market or you have absolutely nothing better to do. If you are a serious buyer of course I want to devote enough time to educate you on the vehicle and set myself and the Lexus apart from other cars and dealerships. I am not there to waste your time, I am there to “sell” you a car. Luckily for me its not so difficult because I work at the Number 1 Lexus dealership in the world and Lexus customers are so happy they keep coming back.

        • Ashley57 says:

          Then maybe you should be e-mailing corporate and telling them not to do these deals, not telling us. I will go to the dealership and I have no intention on buying a car. It doesn’t say anything about actually being in the market for a car. Your problem is not with us, it is with the marketing people of this company. Anyway, last time I did something like this he just signed the paper and let us be on our way. We didn’t waste his time, and he didn’t waste ours. Once, a Chevy dealership was really rude about it. I would never go back there to buy a car, even if I wanted a Chevy. I will drive to another town. In that respect, they did lose a customer.

    • fukurmom says:


  • T says:

    I have received offers for $100 gift cards for test driving a jaguar and a Cadillac. (Two different times)

  • dawn says:

    I did this last year… It was great. I actually showed it to the salesman and told him I wasn’t really interested in the drive and he was grateful I didn’t waste his time. He signed it and I mailed it in… Simple and easy.

    I just tried to print this again and it won’t let me do it again this year… BOO. :(

  • trina says:

    We tested drove a Chevy last year and got $50 cabelas gift card…we were saving for a tent, $500 so it was worth it! Also convinced me that our next purchase was going to be a minivan…my SUV was 8 years old…not at all Wasting his time! I was glad he let us test drive a vehicle we were interested In and NT the Chevy Silverado pickup that was being advertised!

    • Deb says:

      I did the same thing. I was legitimately looking for an SUV to replace my 14 yr old one. Test drove an Equinox at Chevy dealer and got a $50 Cabela card. Cabelas finally opened up in our town, but haven’t used my card yet. Got a Subaru Forester and love it.

  • Kathryn Meyer says:

    I went in years ago with a Godiva certificate to test drive some luxury car for a huge box of chocolate. I went in and the sales person just signed it and let me go since I was a military wife and he said I could never afford his cars. Truth be told we had been saving for a car so we went to a different dealership and paid cash for a new car there.

    • irene says:

      Good for you! You should drive by that snooty dealership and tell them “big mistake!” Just like in Pretty Woman! lol!!

    • Eunice says:

      Nobody has the right to say that to anybody. How dare that lowly salesman to tell you that you won’t afford to buy a luxury car. If I were the owner of that company I would fire that rude salesman right away.

  • Diane says:

    i have received about $300.00 over a 2 year span. One car was totaled in an accident in 2012 and another car is over 12 years old. Three were $50.00 offers. We will be needing to replace a car soon so I am trying out different cars to see which ones I like. We keep our cars until they die soon I need to have the replacement picked out ahead of time. These offers are a great way to research cars.

  • irene says:

    My husband and I did one for Oldsmobile where you visit local stores downtown in their cars. It was fun because it was a caravan of other drivers and it was an adventure. At the end, we each got $25 gift cards.

  • Dee says:

    The car i am planning to buy is a Kia but i still havent made it in to the dealership to test drive it and make sure i like it, so this is great! Thank you!

    And, as someone else who is in sales (not cars), I agree with Andrew. If you’re not really in the market for a car, please don’t waste their time. Salespeople work hard to make a living and spending an hour or more with someone who isn’t a “legitimate” customer means that’s time they can’t spend making money.

    And, Eunice, please don’t refer to salespeople as “lowly”, its really insulting and also people look down on us and treat us like we’re lower class people because we’re in sales and it sucks, ok? Yeah, the guy who told her she can’t afford his cars was a jerk. He wasn’t “lowly” because he’s in sales. Most of us are really nice people who want to help our customers get something they both want and can afford. Also, most of us work our tails off to make good money because we have mortgages, car payments, etc, just like everyone else.

  • crzycpnldy says:

    Plan on trying to buy a new kia soon anyways…sweet :-) thanks!

  • Nana says:

    Is it gone? I filled it out from my phone but I don’t see any print button.

  • jiggi says:

    We did do it one year. We were in market for a van. We went to Kia dealership to find out, they don’t make their van anymore. When we showed the salesman the certificate, he did n’t even know that Kia was running such promotion. Eventually we did end up buying a nissan van but not without run around about pricing. Car industry is only industry for a big ticket item where one will never know the true cost. They have u speak to four or five people and haggling about the price and invalid surcharges. We even went with truecar quote and they still wanted to add extra money. So their main game is to get people into the dealership and then working them to buy a car. This is one of their tactic, so those who do want to take advantage, do not feel guilty as they are at prime for playing game.

  • Cheralyn Estrada says:

    I did this last year and never got the gift card. Went to the dealership, test drove the car, got certificate signed, mailed.. No gc.

  • Brandy says:

    As someone who has worked in/around the car business for about 20 years I completely agree with Andrew. Please don’t waste your salesmans time. Some dealerships work on an up system. That means they get a customer then the next salesman gets the next and so on til they have all had customers. So even if their customer just wants a free gift card that took them away from a possible customer wanting to purchase. And sales people are not ‘lowly’. They are some of the nicest honest people out there. I’m sorry for the one salesperson being a jerk. But not all are. Are all couponers shelf clearers? No. Not all salesman are jerks either.

  • Marlene says:

    I just bought a new Kia on Friday :( wish I knew about this deal then lol

  • Kel says:

    Anyone else not able to print it after the email?

  • Evaa says:

    I did this last year. I took a test drive; saleman filled out the form and I send it in the mail. But I never received the $25 Gift card from Kia. I even called the Kia Customer Service and talked about not getting the card. They gave me a different number to call as they said the Gift card handling is not done by the Kia Company. I called the number Kia customer service gave me and the response to that was we do not handle any such promotions and gave me a other number which was the same number of Kia Customer Service. After wasting lot of time for chasing the right company for the gift card promotoin. I finally gave up. Very bad experience, never ever doing again :( And the interesting point is that I had already bought a brand new Kia Sorrento a year ago from the Kia Dealership.

  • Amanda says:

    How long does it take for Kia to text you your certificate? I just did it and now I’m on my way to the dealership…

  • Kristina says:

    I just got a $50 go from ford. I called a local dealership and the salesman gave me the code over the phone. Easy as pie. I agree that this is a bad marketing technique.

  • Debbie R, says:

    I did this one the last time it was offered…it was for a specific Kia they didn’t even have in stock. The salesman just signed the certificate. I did end up getting a Kia Sorrento a year later, so no one’s time was wasted.

  • Col says:

    Evaa, I am so sorry you didn’t get the payment for your test drive last year -that doesn’t seem fair at all. I would think your Kia salesperson would have followed up on that for you! I just wanted to tell everyone to have fun on their test drives. Kia makes amazing cars that really are a super match for value-seekers like us. My hubby sells for Kia, and I can tell you he is one of the nicest people you’ll meet.

  • Renee says:

    I test drove a Ford in January and will be receiving a $40 MasterCard Gift Card in about two weeks. On the email I was given a Certificate Number and a phone mumber to call just in case I do not receive my gift card. Have done this in the past with Mazda (always received my gift card) and other car companies; I received a free ticket to Universal Studios in Orlando and a major discount card for up to six admissions for test driving a Volkswagon. Always follow up with the dealership or car company if you do not receive your gift.

  • Laura M. says:

    Last year, my husband and I both rec’d $50 Cabelas gift cards for test driving a Chevy. We went to the dealership where we trade on a regular basis, so a great deal for them and us!

  • Tammy says:

    I own a Kia Soul & love it, my mom & dad have been thinking about an Optima, so this is the perfect opportunity for them to try it out! LOVE my KIA!!

  • iaiaia04 says:

    did not even have to text drive a car! did the offer via phone and the sales person just fild out the info and msg said i shoud receive my card in 4-6weeks

  • reem says:

    called multiple Kia dealers on the Southside Chicago Suburbs. No one knew what I was talking about…guess no gift card for me

  • Audi lover says:

    I’m in the market for a new vehicle, but normally wouldn’t give Cadillac a look. their promotion has gotten me to do some research on their vehicles and I’m now slightly interested. It’s up to the salesman to make a strong case to someone who will probably buy an Audi (again).

  • Syndee Broadway says:

    I have, but it takes dealer a long time to do it!

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