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Groupon: Keurig Vue V600 Brewing System, Water Filter AND 58 V-Cups $119.99 Shipped (Reg. $252.95!)

2:14 PM MST
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If you’re interested in a Keurig Vue Machine, you may want to check out this Groupon offer. You can score this Keurig Vue V600 Brewing-System Bundle with Brewer, Water-Filter Starter Kit, AND 58 Assorted V-Cups for only $119.99 (reg. $252.95!). Plus, shipping is free!

In coffee- and tea-brewing circles, Keurig is now synonymous with an easy, no-hassle single-serving cup. Makers of the infamous K-cups have even branched out into apple ciders, hot chocolates, and iced teas. But the Vue takes single-serve brewing to the next level with the ability to make milky lattes or frothy cappuccinos. Custom brewing technology also allows users to adjust the airflow, water temperature and pressure, and timing.

(Thanks, Freebies for a Cause!)

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  • Krista says:

    These are good brewers but be aware that k-cups do NOT work in this brewer unless you purchase a special filter that will accommodate. Just an FYI….

    • Christyn says:

      …and you can’t really find Veu filters anywhere. I bought this model on clearance at target (around Thanksgiving) for $99. I quickly found out why so cheap. :(. Target doesn’t even sell the filters anymore.

      • Desi says:

        Bed, Bath and Beyond has a ton of options for the Vue cups. I always buy mine there or with a coupon deal that Keurig emails out. Also Bed, Bath and Beyond will let you use the 20% coupons on them which makes them (in my area) around 10$ a box

    • Samantha Elice says:

      Thank you both Krista & Christyn for that info! It really helped.

  • Linris says:

    I have the Vue700 (color screen), and we love it!!! I don’t drink coffee, but love making coffee for my hubby and iced coffee for kiddos, etc. I purchased the Solofill K3 24kt plated gold filter, and this gives us more options. We can use Kcups, and our own coffee with that attachment.

  • Hilary says:

    We’ve had a Vue for well over a year and LOVE it! I order all of our cups on the Keurig site and get a member discount and free shipping. It’s the only Keurig that makes the 16oz cups and we drink big cups here. I can rerun the same cup for another 10oz also. Highly recommend!

  • jeanette says:

    there’s $10 off any groupon purchase of $30 or more, it comes off automatically when you add an item to your cart. So this makes it a better deal at $109.99.

  • David Etheridge says:

    Got this machine as a gift. The Vue cups are almost impossible to find. B, B, & B, Wal Mart, Target, super markets, no one in this area sells them. You either buy them online or buy one of those adapters that allows you to use K cups in this Vue machine. Also if you go to YouTube and type in “Keurig clogging,” you’ll find tons of videos on how to unclog these machines. That’s Vue and K cup machines. While these machines do make a nice cup of coffee, they are prone to getting clogged up. They have small outlets that force the hot water out onto the coffee. It takes just a little speck to clog one of those holes. After three weeks, and doing everything Keurig and those videos suggested, I still can’t locate the clog in my Vue machine and it’s sitting on the counter unplugged. In my opinion the Vue was a Keurig gimmick. They had the patent on the K cups for years. When the patent expired and everyone could start making K cups, Keurig did a slight redesign of the K cup, made the Vue cup, and a new machine and new monopoly was created. Stores only have so much room on their shelves. You think they’re going to carry all of the K and Vue cup varieties? More K cup machines out there and that’s what you’ll find. Stick with the K cup machine, and even explore the Mr. Coffee single cup brewer. It’s much less expensive.

  • Rhonda Stinnett says:

    I bought a vue 600 from QVC and paid 179.I am so disapointed in the lack of variety packs in large quantities. There is only one and they sell it at bbandb and there are only 40 in a box.Most of the time I have to buy it online because it is not available in the store.I am really upset about this.I called Keurig and told them that it is not the consumers the vue flopped, and they should have a trade in program.They will not take my vue but offered me a dis
    counted rate on the k450 2.0. What a I suppose to do with the vue?!!! i dont need two coffee makers :/

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