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  View changes → Featured on Shark Tank Tonight at 9PM EST (+ Get 4 Chef Designed Plates for $20 Shipped!)

5:14 PM MST
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Any Shark Tank fans out there? I find the show HIGHLY entertaining and love checking out the new ideas and various inventions people come up with… even if they are total flops!  ;)

With that being said, I received an email that will be featured on Shark Tank tonight at 9PM EST! And if you read Hip2Save often, you know I recently stumbled upon and LOVE the convenience of their program and how it saves me time and offers up some seriously delicious recipe ideas… definitely a cool concept!

plated-com-lam-kebabs-review-hip2saveIf you’re new around here, offers chef-designed recipes delivered right to your doorstep so that you can prepare a healthy and delicious dinner for your family without having to leave your home! Each recipe comes in a 100% recyclable, biodegradable box filled with ALL of the ingredients that you need packed fresh and pre-portioned to cut back on waste. You’ll receive everything from the cut meat and chopped produce right down to details such as a teaspoon of turmeric or a quarter cup of coconut oil. Once your box arrives, just transfer the contents of the box to the refrigerator and your ingredients will remain fresh for the next 4-5 days!

Even better, new members can still use the promo code GETPLATED at checkout to get 4 Plates for FREE plus 1 Month of Membership for FREE – all you have to pay is shipping costs of $20 (note that you do need a minimum of 4 plates for each delivery date). Just head here, click on the Get Started button, select the recipe(s) you want to try, add 4 plates to your cart (note that you can add 4 plates of the same recipe or choose 2 plates from 2 different recipes), enter the promo code GETPLATED at checkout, and you’ll pay $20 delivered! And keep in mind that they have gluten-free options, vegetarian options etc.

Note about the Monthly Membership: If you use the code GETPLATED as mentioned above, you will be automatically signed up for a Monthly Membership. Each Thursday, will create an order for you unless you have either placed an order, requested a skip, or opted-out of automatic deliveries. They will choose recipes for you and charge the card they have on file, but you may change or cancel your order any time before Sunday at noon. If you would like to skip a week or turn the Automatic Deliveries OFF (super easy to do in just a matter of seconds!), just check out your membership page in your account. Also note that a monthly fee of $10 will be charged on a recurring basis for inclusion in their membership program; however, there is no minimum commitment period and your membership can be cancelled at any time!

YUM! :)

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  • Bianca says:

    We just received our first box today!! Collin is right it is a great service.
    Our first dish today was delicious!

    Here is my review:

  • sarah says:

    I love plated!!!!! thanks a bunch :) bless you

  • lala65 says:

    I have been a customer for approx. a few months. Love the idea, for single’s or couples who don’t want to buy more than you have to for the meal. If you use this referral code, you can get two free plates. Thank You!

  • christy says:

    I love the convenience as well– much cheaper than eating out. Please consider using my referral code for 2 free plates: Thanks!

  • ihearthip says:

    I was more than pleased with my plates!!! I wish I could afford to continue to be a member. Perfect for foodies and busy families. Here is my link!

  • Kim says:

    I just place my first order right before Colin posted! So excited to try the swordfish. Rarely can we get quality seafood in the midwest, so I’m really hopeful that using this direct shipping service will get us some fresh fish!

    Used someone’s link from last time this was posted and would really appreciate it if someone could use mine! Thank You!!

  • Bianca says:

    Please use my code and pay it forward.

  • Jamie says:

    The first time I used Plated, they sent the incorrect ingredients and offered to make up for this by sending my next box for free – Great customer service!

    I have also used HelloFresh, and I love it! HelloFresh meals typically take about 30 minutes to make while Plated meals are more complex and take about 45 minutes – Both produce restaurant quality meals (but healthier). I plan to continue using both services.

    Plated link for 2 free plates:

    HelloFresh code for $20 off your first box: 6M58SB (

    • Andrea says:

      Why are you advertising for another company? That is COMPLETELY rude. You must work for them and for this reason, I will never purchase from them.

  • Shauna R says:

    Does the $10 include the shipping? Or is that $10 just for the food? Or is that $10 charged no matter if you choose to receive food that week or not? Seems like a good idea…but there are a bunch of questions for me.

    • Jamie says:

      You spend $20 for a box that contains ingredients/recipes for 2 meals for 2 people (they call this “4 plates”).

      If you do not cancel your membership before the next month rolls around, you will be charged $10 for a membership.

      Be careful and make sure you skip the recurring weekly meals if you do not want to use that service or they will automatically ship at $12 per plate (totaling $72 for a box of 3 meals for 2 people).

      Also, feel free to use my links as I noted above. I actually prefer HelloFresh over Plated. Their website is more straightforward and easier to cancel orders in advance and do not have a “subscription fee”:
      -Plated link for 2 free plates:
      -HelloFresh code for $20 off your first box: 6M58SB (

  • Karen says:

    Never heard of plated but just watching Shark Tank now and that Monkey Mat seems really useful. I just checked Amazon and they are marked down to 29.99 from 39.99. Still kinda pricey for me but really could use one of these.

  • nancy says:

    Yay, they got an offer. Just watched and Mark, my fav shark, offered them a deal and they accepted. Good for them. I wish them lots of luck and hope they do well.

  • Melissa-Ann says:

    Is it me or does $20 for 4 plates sound expensive? I would rather pay someone to make it at that price.

  • Melissa-Ann says:

    All the meals I am seeing are 800 calories and $12 per plate. For that price I’d rather dine out.

    • Angie says:

      Yes. I don’t really mind the cooking–but it is the clean up after all of that work that I hate. I would rather someone else take care of it for the price. Just me…

  • KAT says:

    I’ve tried it and was impressed. Both meals I got were good. Just saw them on Shark Tank. I’m confused though….they said that each meal was $10. Did I hear that wrong? That’s not what their website says….

  • Katie says:

    I tried the $20 for 4 meals deal and I gotta say I was really impressed! I honestly did not expect the food to be so good, we tried the chicken tostadas and shepherds pie, and we will definitely be making those recipes again. Would love to try another meal, so it would be really great if you’d sign up under my link! thank you!

  • Dana says:

    It’s great that everyone loved their meals, and not to be a downer, but we tried it and we didn’t care for our recipes. We tried the Korean bibimbap and the monkfish. It took my daughter and I two hours to cook both recipes and then the food was just okay. Maybe it was just those recipes because the packaging, etc. was really great.

    • Stephanie says:

      Dana, I have to agree. I ordered those same dishes and they took 2 hours to make, I didn’t eat dinner until almost 8. They were okay, I like the Korean bibimbap, but thought the flank steak was very tough. The monkfish was also tough and neither my husband or enjoyed that dinner.

      • andrea says:

        I had both and they were great. Especially the monkfish. Not saying you guys are wrong. I would contact them and let them know though. They have great customer service.

  • Amy H says:

    Get 2 free plates by using this code

  • lisa.elle says:

    This looks amazing!my husbands 30th bday is next week! we just welcomed second son into the world so a celebration dinner in is a must…im so excited to try plated

    please use my referral link :]

  • sarah says: code wvxkys gets you 20off. Really love hello fresh :) you can pick 3 meals, even more value they plated we think. Very easy and good quality fresh items and recipes. Really really recommend it

  • Lacy says:

    We also tried it and the dishes were nothing that I couldn’t have made on my own. The portions were tiny and they failed to include a key ingredient for one of the dishes. I contacted customer service and they have never responded. We won’t be using it again.

  • Kate says:

    I looked at Plated a couple of months ago and I really have to agree with most of the sharks. I don’t get it. The initial offer of 4 plates for $20 is reasonable. But the regular price of $12 per serving is crazy. There is not a single meal on the site that I couldn’t find a recipe for on my own and get the ingredients for substantially cheaper than what they are offering, even if I went to a high end store like Whole Foods. Is this appealing to people who maybe don’t have a pantry stocked up with basics like oils, spices, seasonings, etc? Because I know that it can be expensive the to buy a bottle of spices for one recipe. But for $24, I can order two plates and serve me and my husband. Or $23 gets me a box of produce from my local CSA and I’ve got enough fresh veggies for 2 to last a week. The latter saves time and money.

  • Steve says:

    While this article trumpets the fact that the box that your food arrives in is recyclable and biodegradable, it fails to mention that it is the ONLY thing that is recyclable. It also contains 2 large synthetic gel “ice” packs. Which while they are re-usable and non-toxic, if someone were to get a weekly shipment, the vast majority of these will probably end up in a landfill. The box is also lined with a large amount foil-wrapped insulation which does not appear biodegradable in the least. These will also end up in a landfill after their one-time use. As for the food, yes it appears to be very fresh. All the herbs are wrapped in their own individual, non-biodegradable plastic pouches. As for value I’m not impressed with that either. Personally I can make my food dollar stretch farther than what this company offers and still eat fresh and healthy, but maybe that’s just me.

  • Renee says:

    Someone in my area was on the first season of Shark Tank and 2 of the investors bought into her invention. However, neither person EVER contacted or got back to her about the product! She eventually sold her idea to another company so I don’t believe all the Shark Tank shows are on the up and up.

  • Allison says:

    I have loved ordering from Plated and have tried a number of their meals. It’s been perfect for me, as a mom of two young ones in a cold weather state. It has been a way to get food delivered to my door and to try my hand and creative cooking! Another order is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. :) This link will get you half off your first order!

  • Kat says:

    Use code 7edb52 at checkout for 50% off your first order AND free shipping. Great offer, great recipes. Love!

  • bxmartin says:

    I wrote my review here: . Food is good, recurring billing is not good.

  • Plated Blog says:

    I am blogging my Plated experience here:

    So far I have been impressed with the recipes and the quality of the ingredients.

  • e7d743 says:

    Get 2 free plates + free shipping with code e7d743

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