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Target: FREE GE Reveal Light Bulb + *HOT* 50% Off GE LED Aline Bulbs Cartwheel Offer

9:58 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

Check out how you can score a FREE light bulb at Target:

Buy 1 GE Reveal 40-Watt Light Bulb $2.79
Use the $2/1 GE Reveal Light Bulb Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $1/1 GE Energy Efficient Soft White, GE Reveal, GE Energy Smart CFL, or GE LED Lighting Product coupon found in the 3/16 SS
Final cost FREE!

PLUS – be sure to add this *HOT* new 50% off GE LED Aline Bulbs Cartwheel Savings Offer!

(Thanks, Suzanne!)

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  • Rita says:

    Are these bulbs yellow or white? We use only white light.

    • llc says:

      The reveal line is a bluish white. They are the only bulbs I use because they are easier on your eyes than traditional light bulbs.

  • Ketryna says:

    This is an appliance light. Funny story though. I got these probably 2 years ago when they were free and they had been sitting in my garage. I was really excited when my refrigerator light went out a couple of weeks ago and to my surprise I already had the lightbulbs. I love it when I find something that I need in my house that I got for free and that I don’t have to buy at full price. I am going to try and get in on this again. Thanks Collin : )

  • Jen says:

    Not sure where to ask this question and since its a target post.

    Question is about Cartwheel ? So if I get this right I take my list up to checkout they scan it say limit 4 .. Buy 4 of the item , then I could either do another transaction or move to another checkout and do it again or no ?

    • Kristi says:

      Yes, cartwheel is typically a limit of 4 unless noted on the offer. Just break your transactions up if you have more than that.

    • Jen Mc says:

      I know from experience you can go back another day and get 4 more – I have done it with the One Spot items and other cartwheel stuff but I’m not sure if it will let you do another transaction immediately after.

    • Julie says:

      No, Cartwheel is a limit of 4 total, no matter how many you have in a transaction. Some people may have a SO sign up and be able to do a separate transaction that way, but otherwise 4 total.

    • Nicole says:

      For this deal you can do four per transaction, and there is a maximum of 6 cartwheel transactions per day, so technically you could get 24 bulbs!

      • Julie says:

        Thanks for that answer, Nicole! I was told the other by a target manager. Teaches me to listen to the uninformed employee;)

  • Sandy says:

    Great question, Jen! I was wondering the same thing.

    • Jen says:

      Well I reading it said up to 6 per day just wasn’t sure if anyone has done 2 transaction at the same time …
      Another handy tip I just realized and wished I knew earlier is that once you print the cartwheel list the bar code NEVER changes , you just have to remember what you put on the list is all

      • Maggie says:

        Yes, you can do 4 per transaction, 6 per day (unless the cartwheel offer says otherwise). I’ve done more than one per day. However, the coupon policy only allows 4 like coupons PER DAY. So if you’re planning on using other coupons with an offer, you can only do the one transaction. That may be what the management is thinking of.

  • Dee says:

    The coupon is in the 4/13 SS, not 3/16

  • steph says:

    Did this deal yesterday on different reveal bulbs that were $2.38 and got the overage after using the same coupons.

  • Julie says:

    I anyone having issues loading/printing Target’s coupons? When I go to another page, the list resets, and when I try to print before switching to another page, I get an error saying I need to Select a Coupon to print?!?!?!!?
    I didn’t have any problems earlier in the week.

  • Suzanne says:

    Julie, I had the same issue with Target coupons! It was frustrating. I did the same thing and my list ‘magically’ reappeared after I switched pages. Hopefully this gets resolved!

  • Duduwa says:

    Please help! I’m so confused about cartwheel. If the cartwheel webpage says “Limit 4” , does that me I can only get 4 items or I can do 4 transactions? If 4 transactions, does it matter how many items I have in one transaction?

  • LilCouponBug says:

    This is INCORRECT!!! I just bought these yesterday. THEY ARE FOR THE REVEAL LED ALINE which are $17.99 @ Target. It is a HUGE savings but NOT FREE. It comes about to be about $7 per lightbulb.

    • Noel says:

      LilCouponBug … YES!!! I was all excited, thinking I had a nice moneymaker when combining the Target and Manufacturer Coupons with the 50% Cartwheel Offer. I was sticker shocked last night when I saw $17.99!!! I wnent ahead and took advantage of the $11.00 savings and purchased the GE Reveal A-Line 60W for $6.99. (I figured I could return it if needed.) I only realize right now that had I simply used ONLY the Target and Manufacturer Coupons I could have gotten a “regular” bulb (like the one Colin pictured) for free. But, after checking online … Home Depot retails the same A-Line Bulb for $19.97 … So, although it was more than I wanted to spend it was a great deal!!!!! And especially since it is rated for 15,000 Hours!!!!! *score* :]

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