Having trouble using Coupons at Target?

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I’ve heard now from lots of you about the horrible experiences you’ve had shopping at Target. From them not taking a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon together on one item… to them not adjusting the coupon down to the value of the item. I’ve also heard how rude some of the cashiers have been.

I want you all to know you are doing nothing WRONG! You are doing quite the opposite! Taking charge of your financial situation, saving money for the important things in life, teaching your kids the value of $1 and the list goes on. My point is that I hope you all don’t let one grumpy cashier or manager get you down because trust me there will be lots of them.

When you are checking out with a so called crabby pants. Oh and let me stop there and say that I’m using this name, so we can make this humorous. When you turn a horrible situation into a funny one… well, doesn’t it always make you feel better. Whenever I have one of those frustrating and very aggravating moments while checking out I always, always take a deep breath and say to myself- is there a point in getting angry? Will it do anything for me? I then calm down and always find something funny in the moment.

Now back to what I was saying. When I checkout and start having issues I first always try to explain why I can use these coupons. Sometimes just explaining what exactly I’m doing will remedy the issue. You have to remember that a lot of these cashiers don’t know anything about coupons and are just confused about the whole process.

If that doesn’t work your next step is to ask for the manager. I always try to be as nice and polite as possibly. The manager may agree with the cashier and that’s when you pull out the stores coupon policy (if you have one with you). Sometimes, though, this won’t do the trick.

If those steps above don’t work, then you have 2 more options. Call corporate while in the store. I know, I know, it’s a little intimating doing this, but it sure feels good! Or you can call corporate when you get home.

I posted a few months ago about how I called corporate while shopping at CVS! Here is a quick recap of what happened:
The manager checked me out at CVS. While scanning my coupons he stopped and let me know that I would not be able to use my L’Oreal coupons since the items being purchased were on clearance. I looked a little puzzled and said this must be a new coupon policy. There was no one behind me, so I asked nicely if he could hold my purchases for a second. He looked confused, but said yes. I got my cell phone out and called CVS corporate- 1-800-746-7287 (I have their number programmed in my phone). I asked if their coupon policy had changed in regards to clearance items and explained that I was in CVS and was told that I couldn’t use a manufacturer coupon on a clearance item. The lady on the phone told me that was wrong and I could, so the manager ended up speaking to her and letting me use my coupons. I walked out feeling like such an empowered consumer… maybe even a bit like a coupon diva too!:)

The main reason for this post was regarding Target and I’m veering off the subject… sorry about that! Anyway, Tori emailed me yesterday about the frustrations she’s had with Target. What I loved about what she wrote was the ending!

Here is what she said:

Hi Collin, I just wanted to let you know what happened today when I went to target, after the terrible experience I emailed you about last week. After reading your email, I decided to call Target Corporate. Of course they were of no help, so I sent a reply email to the email they sent me (the generic sorry for your trouble email). And I told them, that I still had not received any kind of response that would make me want to go back into that store again. And I said that I wanted a personal individual response that a real person typed, not another generic response. And this is what I received back:

Thank you for your additional email. We’re sorry you didn’t receive the type of service you’ve come to expect at Target when checking out last week. We know the importance of having well-trained team members. And I know it can be frustrating if you receive inconsistent information about our services. I’ve contacted store leadership and they will go over training information with our front end team members about your concern.Thanks for helping us make Target even better.

Target Guest Relations

So, on Tuesday, I wasn’t in the mood to deal with going back to that same target (which is only 3 miles from my house), so I ended up going way across town to the Super Target, where I had a fantastic experience, no problems whatsoever. But it was so far away. So today, I said you know what, that is a bunch of BS, I am going to go back to that store and stand up for myself. I had a cart full of free or nearly free items, and I was ready for a battle if they didn’t take my coupons. When I got to the register the cashier started to give me a hard time and she called the manager over (the same one who had given me such a hard time last week). And I said I was here last week and I had a ton of problems with the coupons and I told her that I contacted Corporate and they said I should be able to do it. And she said yes, I know they called me and told me to take your coupons. So she told the cashier to override anything that beeped and for her to take all the coupons I had without a question.

Yay for me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. Finally some recognition that what we are doing is ok and that they are wrong and don’t know what they are doing. I wanted to post a note on the blog, but as you can see, I don’t know how to keep things short and sweet. But feel free if you want to mention it on the blog that the corporate site actually backed me up on this one. Score one for all the couponers out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I absolutely love receiving these kinds of emails! I actually get chills just reading them! Lets all try and stick up for what we’re doing! Like I’ve said a zillion times we’re doing nothing WRONG!:)

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  1. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    hate TARGET,hate Target,hate Target.i’m a newbie.but i wanted to try it with good intentions. i wanted to buy the general mills cereals so i can donate it to the food pantry.At church, they always mention that the food pantry is so low in food that i thought, i’ll do the coupons to help out. but in Bloomindale IL, Target, the cashier was so RUDE, condescending (a cashier mind you)and humiliated me in front of other customers.I will never ever shop at TARGET again and i will be telling people that Target has bad Customer Service. Sorry Food Pantry i will try something else to help out.

  2. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Here’s my store of my last visit to Target. Excited about your post that Target is “price matching” I grabbed my Walgreen’s flyer and drove the 60 miles to my closest Target. According to the policy I was to have my price match adjusted after checkout to keep the lines moving effeciently (my first mistake should have gone right to CS).
    Anyways, I was there to purchase GM cereals at a price match of $1.99. With my target $1 off GM cereals and various MF coupons most of my cereals should have ended up being between $0.24 and $0.75
    When I got to CS I was told that only (2) cereals were greater than $1.99 and was re-imburse $1.00. I figured the items must have already been on sale and the shelf signs were not changed. Wrong! The CS desk was looking at my totals after I had already used my target & MF coupons. Am I correct in thinking that they owe me the difference before I use my coupons then my coupons are taken off the $1.99? Corporate didn’t seem to understand where I was coming from and had me so frustrated. Basically told me it would be up to the store manager to review.

  3. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    While I was at Target near closing time in Friday night I asked a roving team member about the coupons I had in my hand. She told me, ” Everyone, cashiers, everyone has been told what the policy is and that I shouldn’t have any problems. While checking out the Front end manager was near my lane and told me the same thing. I hope it is more than just my Target and that Target Corp is fixing the long standing coupon issue problems for every store.

  4. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I went into target yesterday and i ALWAYS HAVE A PROBLEM….. well yesterday issue about using coupons and getting the oldest man in there freaking out i was using coupons i was ask to please leave and i was not allowed to purchase my items my managment since he was in a frazle about the whole coupons

  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I hate target. I’ve gone in multiple times getting shut down by the associate and their manager. It has nothing to do about stacking a manufacturer on top of a store coupon, it’s the fact that I get EXACTLY what the coupon says & ”their system won’t accept it”. That happened to me twice & since then I refuse to go to target. So they miss out on my coupons and my money..&& that’s how I feel about that!!!

    For example:

    I have a coupon for $2 off ANY Rimmel Mascara. The Rimmel Mascara I got was for $2.24 and ”their system didn’t accept it”.

    How can I get someone to help me with that???? I would like to shop at target again, but not until they fix ”their system”.

  6. Collin (Mrs. Hip)


    I’d call or email corporate. Just because the computer/couponing system is acting stupid, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to use your coupons. Tell them why you are frustrated, what will happen if this isn’t resolved (you’ll stop shopping there) and see where this gets you.

  7. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    WOW, 108 comments! LMAO! Thanks for sharing the email & response from Target. This is by far the best blog on saving money, I tell anyone who’ll listen to me…

  8. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Last week I tried to do the herbal essences B1G1 mfr. coupon deal and stack the $1 off mfr. coupon with it and they wouldnt let me as it was 2 mfr. coupons. Has anyone had this issue? Technicallyyou are buying 1 at full price and getting one free, so I dont see why you cannot use the $1 off coupon on the one your buying. Additionally, I got the idea to do the deal from the weekly target post on here.

  9. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    After reading your blog – I don’t frequently shop at Target – but there have been too many great bargains to pass up. On my way in – I stopped at the guest relations to confirm the coupon policy before I went through the check out lane – the gentleman told me that if I had any issues – to give them “his” name – went through the checkout lane with no problems – I did have the policy printed out when I “chatted” with Steven at Guest Services. I haven’t had problems at my Target here in Overland Park, Kansas! They rock!

  10. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was told a Meijers this morning that they are having to many fradulent coupons and they aren’t accepting any computer printed coupons. Sorry to here this because I guess I will have to take my business else wheres.

  11. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I was told today at target that they only accept ONE coupon for your entire transaction, even if they are different coupons because they are losing money. I told them that they get reimbursed for the coupons by the manufacturer, so they are not losing money. She said the store loses money because of coupons. Then I told her I would just split up my order and she could ring up every single item in separate transactions, she said there was a limit to one transaction per day but she would do it just this one time for me. If Target doesn’t want my money, I’ll take it to their competitors!!

  12. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I used to work for Target. I actually worked in what I would call an assistant manager position, but basically I was in charge of the front end department (registers, guest services, food service) and softlines (clothing). The term for the store manager is STL (store team leader) and for an assistant manager (executive team leader). I was the ETL-GR (executive team leader- guest relations). This is the person that you need to talk to in Target if you are having problems with coupons. Especially if you are getting watched by AP (asset protection) and being asked to leave the store or otherwise harrassed. I will tell you that there are individuals that come into Target and try to force employees to break corporate policy and several times those customers cannot control their anger level. Therefore, employees are taught to contact AP at the firsts sign of agressive tone or body language. If you cannot remain calm and cheerful when faced with stupidity, then you will need to rely on luck to get your coupon deals. However, if you can remain calm and cheerful, know the Target chain of command, and bring the documentation, I believe that most if not all ETLs will be happy to help you coupon.

    This Friday I took advantage of the price match and target coupon deal to get the Leap Frog Alphabet Pal (Retail 19.98) for $0.49. I printed off Target’s coupon policy, their price match policy, I sent an email to corporate verifying that I could use the price match with this product and printed off the email I received back that ok’d it. I went to the local Toys R Us and got a copy of the ad then called local Targets until I found one in stock. I went through the check out lines and was told that they did not honor door buster ads (they changed the policy yesterday to state such but the policy did not state that on Friday when I did this shop). I showed the cashier the policies that I had printed off and my email from corporate. The cashier stated that they still could not do it. I said, ” I understand that you don’t feel that you can complete this transaction. However, I know because I did my research that this transaction is not fraudulent. Would you please get the supervisor for me?” The cashier stated he was the supervisor. I said, “Then you are the ETL-GR for this location.” I smiled and listened while he explained that he was the front lines team leader (which is like a head cashier or an assistant to the assistant manager.) I told him that I appreciated his help but that I was told to specifically address the ETL-GR and if that person was not available then the acting STL for the evening, if I had any problems. The cashier went to GS and spoke on his walkie talkie. I believe that the conversation went something like this: “She has the policies and an email from corporate. She is not backing down.’Is she being agressive towards you?’ No, she is being nice and polite. ‘The policy doesn’t have anything about door buster exclusions.’ No, the policy doesn’t say anything about door busters and she has an email from corporate. ‘Ok, do the adjustment and coupon but keep that email so we don’t get into trouble and get the print outs too. I can’t find them on our website.’ Ok, ok. Will do.” The cashier returned and said that they would do it this time only. He asked to keep my documentation, which I freely gave to him. He rang me up and I told him to have a nice day.

    I hope this is helpful.

  13. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I also had troble on price matching and using a coupon. The cashier said they couldn’t price match and do a coupon but being in the retail service I know there is a way to do anything. I told her no problem I’ll take back my coupon go get the police and be back. She was so mad she gave me $10 as she grumbled it’s so stupid we price match, I said it makes for a great gift and left smiling,Oh I would have gladly payed the 49 cents it should have been.

  14. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Had my first really bad experience at Target today with an employee working the customer service desk. Don’t assume that employees and their supervisors know their coupon policy. Always carry a copy of the Target coupon policy with you. I had to enlighten a very hostile customer service employee and the manager she called up. Neither of them knew about a Target coupon policy, I said I have it right here or you can probably look it up on your kiosk.

    I’ve been carrying it around for a few months never really thinking that I’d actually need to pull it out and have a manager read it. I love the words from the Target supervisor to the customer service woman “she is right give her her money”.

  15. Ashley

    This all seems strange why are we all having problems at target?? I had a cashier void my coupon and then slide it off the counter onto the ground. I also have had a cashier to not give me all of my groceries and when I went back I found them hidden behind the isle. Should Target not realize that they need to get it together??

  16. Randy

    I work inside of a Target. I don’t actually work for Target. I work in the Optical Department which is in roughly 300 Targets. Target as a whole is very customer friendly. They do however like most companies have at or near minimum wage workers working as cashiers. They have plenty on their plate already. Whether life, work, family, school or whatever. They do not sit around reading all of the various rules about Target. There are many: coupons, wedding registry, baby registry, product questions, warranty information and so on. Some of you guys should try being a little more considerate by simply saying “I have had this issue before and I have a copy of the coupon policy and I am elgible to use my coupons”. “If you would like you can ask your front end manager?” All of this in a polite voice and demeanor. I promise you the general public as a whole is very rude and try all types of scams and cons everyday and truthfully the employees become a little jaded to it. As someone who has been in retail for over 15 years, I promise you that I will go further out of my way for someone who is nice than rude. You may hear otherwise but truthfully that is the best route to take. I hope this helps. When their computer beeps and said there is a problem they automatically will take the computers answer over the customer which is natural.

    • Rose @Dozenroses13

      “They do not sit around reading all of the various rules about Target.”

      SERIOUSLY? If they work for Target it is their JOB to learn Target’s policies. PERIOD.
      If they’re too lazy to do it, go find a job where they can sit on their rear end and do nothing.



    • shirley

      K-mart is my least favorite store for sure. There stuff cost anywhere from 75 cents to 2.00 more then other stores. And there staff members are always in a bad mood. Seems like they don’t like there job much. Very crabby staff at the McMurray Pa. K-mart ……. I don’t go there unless there is a urgent need for something.

  18. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Boy I feel bad for your experience at Target. I also have the same issue with Target. My check-outs never go smoothley. This beeping thing with the coupons is annoying. You can have the items and they check them over and over and then still say nope can’t adjust those coupons for ya. Sorry… I live in Washington Pennsylvania and it seems like our Target hates people with coupons. The 2 female managers there are almost impossible to work with. I told them of there coupon policy about adjusting coupons down and they blatenley told me they don’t spin down coupons if they do, they will not be reimbursed by the coupons co. I’am about to give up on Target because it is always such a hassle especially if your items come up free at coupons…….I contacted cooperate a few times with nothing then the general sorry for you experience but no soulotions on how to fix the problem at my local Target……Please help me with some advice. Fustrated in Wash. Pa.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      sorry my name is Shirley

  19. Amy

    I was recently given the opportunity to host a Digiorno Pizza Party for House Party. For the promotion they sent me 6 free pizza coupons, among other goodies. In the area I live we have a WalMart and a Target across the road from each other, but naturally I would rather go to Target. I picked up 6 pizzas and made my way to the register. The cashier didn’t understand how to use the ‘free’ coupons so he had to bring another team member to help. The lady proceeded to tell me that she was not going to accept my coupons! I explained that I had gotten them from the manufacturer (they were real coupons they had mailed me, not even the computer print-outs) and calmly asked to speak to a manager. The lady explained that she was a manager and that it was up to her discretion as to whether or not to accept the coupons. Obviously, at this point I was getting a little angry, and finally told the manager I would take my business across the street to WalMart. Did anyone else have this problem? BTW, I have used multiple coupons at Target many times before, and it seems that if this particular cashier had known how to adjust the value of the coupons, then he would have accepted them in the first place.

    • Tessie

      I’ve found that managers will refuse to honor free or high value coupons. I get around them by going to customer service. Surprisingly, customer service desk reps are more patient and willing to credit you for botched coupon transactions. Of course, YMMV!!

    • Kathie

      My Target has a new store policy of 5 coupons for the same product per day (even if they are different coupons).

  20. Kelly B.

    Target is my favorite store, but last night I was in there and I wanted to take advantage of some of the great deals Target had that you posted recently on your site. I had several coupons and I was really excited when I checked out just to see how much I had saved. I had the “Free $5 target card with purchase of Scrubbing Bubbles shower kit” and at the end of the employee scanning my coupons, he didn’t give me my $5 card. I asked him, and he looked at the receipt and showed me which ones I had used. I told him I had the coupon for free $5 and he seemed like he didn’t remember that. He wasn’t mean or anything. I asked him if I could see in his “coupon drawer” and I spotted it and showed it to him again. I think what happened was is that when he tried to scan it, it didn’t go through and he didn’t know what to do (being lazy, I guess) and just ignored it and thought I wouldn’t realize it either. He finally brought a manager over and, sure enough, it didn’t scan so he had to enter the numbers manually and, finally, I got my $5 free gift card. I also had two $3 coupons for the Glade 2 oz. candles. We live about an hour away from Target and when I got home I was checking my receipt and noticed that those two $3 coupons weren’t even taken off!! I was so mad!!! They probably were stuck together and like I said I had quite a few and somehow they didn’t get scanned. I even got charged $4.99 for something I didn’t even buy!! I don’t know what is going on with Target but I will continue to shop there, but, just watch them scan my coupons very carefully. As far as the male employee, he obviously doesn’t care and assumes we won’t even notice.

  21. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    does anybody have the corporate guest relations email address?? i had a horrible experience at target today!!!

  22. Misty

    My last trip to Target I scored some really good deals. But the cashier was extremely rude. She had no problem showing her annoyance with my coupons. I just smiled and took it. But one thing she did do wrong was I bought the soy glade fragrance collection candles on clearance 2@$2.50 each then I had a coupon for -$3 off 2 glade candles. She adjusted the price down to $2.50 on the coupon. Said that’s all I could get. Why if I bought 2@2.50 that’s $5 minus -$3.00 coupon but anyway she was so rude and the line was building up behind me so I didn’t fight over $0.50. But after reading this I guess I should have stood up for my rights. I wasn’t doing anything WRONG!

  23. Erin Russell

    I hate shopping at target! I was in there last week with 2 of the dove hair coupons and 2 of the cheerios coupons that I could get them for free. I had other stuff too that I was buying (the cookies with the $5 target gift card back). when I was checking out it beeped on my dove coupons (cause the coupon value is more then the product.) well the girl didn’t know what to do and the manager came over and took all my coupons from her. they searched the bags and told me that it was for shampoo and I said no it says any hair product ( I had a travel hairspray) so she took it. but she wouldn’t let me use my other dove coupon said I was only allowed one coupon per a transaction. I was in a hurry so didn’t fuss with here about it. so I took it back and told the little girl to take off the second hairspray which she did. then my cereal coupons were printed off of my computer in black and white. the manager then told me that “this coupon looks like a copy and I can’t use it cause it says void if copy”. I told her “no it wasn’t I printed it off the internet thank you”. well she let me use one of them but told me I couldn’t use the other cause it said I could only use one per a transaction. so I had to take my second cereal off. well when I got out to the car I called my sister who knows more about this then me cause they had really made me mad and were really rude to me. well I read my coupons and told rachel what they say. the cereal was one coupon per a item not a transaction! and the dove was per a purchase not a transaction! I don’t think I was wrong in trying to use two coupons cause I had two dove products and two cereals. cause if it says “one coupon per a purchase” that doesn’t mean one coupon per a whole transaction even if I’m buying two of those items does it? maybe I was wrong in using two coupons, one per an item. but from what I’ve understood I was.
    I’ve gotten to where I only buy from target if it’s just a can’t pass up deal, otherwise I stay away from there with coupons!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I had this issue last week 3 weeks ago at Target. Read up on it on Totally Target and Couponing 101, I went back and made them pay me for the coupons they hadn’t taken 3 weeks prior. I called corporate they weren’t very helpful. They said they have the right to limit how many coupons you use. I was trying to buy 2 razors. They only let me use 1 coupon. I asked corporate if 2 coupons was too many. They said it depends upon the item. They don’t want people with coupons coming in an emptying the shelves.

  24. Tight Wad in Utah

    I just went to Target for the first time since I’ve been couponing. Not good… I posted about it here. https://www.tightwadinutah.com/2010/02/target.html
    I feel a lot better reading all these comments. Glad to know it’s not just me. Although I’m sorry to all of you, I know it’s not fun. My solution will be to try a different location. If that doesn’t work Ill take them out of the rotation. There are plenty of great deals elsewhere. 🙂

  25. Wendi Holleman

    The last two trips to my Target have been bad – 1st one I tried to purchase the Right Gaurd travel deoderant as per your post and they wouldn’t even scan them – just said we don’t accept coupons for Trial Sizes (even though it didn’t state that on the coupon) and she questioned her manager on every coupon I had – b/c the pictures on the coupon was different then what I purchased……. Second time same thing questioned every coupon I had an refused some of them – never even attempted to scan them – I know I should go to CS but when I am shopping with 3 young children I just don’t have the patience – I will only go to Target for extremely awesome deals from now on – I would rather drive out of my way for better customer service.

  26. Kelsey

    I am so glad to know I am not alone! I am new at couponing at Target and thought I’d give it a try.. Never will I go back, I was stocking up on the Pop Tart deal and was told I could not price match the KMart flyer because this was a “special deal” Meaning you get a 5$ gift card. So I overpaid… also there were 3 cashiers helping me, they were rude, checking over every coupon. I felt like I was doing something wrong, cheating or being sneaky, I felt so small, I absolutly hated it and will not go back. Also I was only given 4 of the 6 target gift cards I should have received. I am very friendly and happy about saving, I was not rude or short in any way just took back any coupon they had an issue with and went on my way.. but not to return!

  27. Pat

    Wow………………I hope the Target marketing folks are reading all of this. Can’t be good for business. I don’t shop Target much because of all the bad press from couponers. Must admit it’s tough cuz’ you list some awesome deals!!

  28. Anne

    I recently had a terrible experience and sent this e-mail to Target. The cashier argued with me and gave me a really difficult time about using both a nabisco coupon for $1/2 oreos and a coupon for a free cakester wub oreos. I tried to explain that I was only using one coupon per item and it should be OK, but she gave me a really difficult time. Same problem with the veus razor $2 off and free body wash.

    I shop at your store fairly frequently, about one a week. The cashiers and employees working at the customer service desk have always been very friendly, helpful and polite. Yesterday, Friday March 5, the gentleman working at the customer service desk and a young male cashier who checked me out were both pleasant, sociable and accommodating. However, a slightly order female cashier was rude, disrespectful and argumentative. Unfortunately, I don’t know her name, but she has long reddish, brown hair and was working at one of the check-out counters at 5:45 pm. She practically tossed my purchases into bags, argued with me about coupons and then lied about being closed. After purchasing several items, I discovered I forgot a few items. I realize this is a hassle for the cashiers and completely my fault. I tried to be polite and apologized for the inconvenience. She suspended my transaction, huffed and rudely handed the slip and coupons back to me. More than anything it was her tone and demeanor that was rude and disrespectful. When I returned with the missing items, she lied and told me her register was closed. I went to the next register where a very pleasant, polite and kind young man checked me out. The rude cashier continued to check out other customers and was still working when I left 5-10 minutes later. My shopping experiences at your store have always been really positive, so this disrespectful cashier really stood out. I recognize that everyone can have a bad day and perhaps this was the case with this woman. However, I don’t think I did anything that justified her rude behavior and poor treatment.

  29. Ilona

    I had a horrible Target experience just last night. In fact, I am emailing corporate office about it. MY cashier was having problems with the coupons scanning so she called over her front end manager who is now called “coupon nazi”. Coupon nazi looked to see what the problem was. I had 2 Old Spice body washes and a Old Spice bodywash coupon which did not state “does not include trial sizes” Should have worked right? She said and I quote “No, I won’t do it.” I told her that the coupon did not exclude trial sizes. She stated that she did not care and she would not take it. I politely told her that I didn’t want the product then. Next issue, she wasn’t going to allow me to use the $4 off 2 Gillette body wash either. Due to the overrage. I told her that she could manually entered the coupon down to just cover the cost. Have a few tense words she did that. Last issue, and this really got my blood boiling. She would not take my BOGO on the My Little Pony. She said that it would not scan and she was not goint to accecpt it. I tried to explain to her that it was a good coupon that I had just printed. She was so rude! I really makes me not want to go back to target. I hope to receive a response from their office.

    • Michele

      I live in Ohio, but once I was visiting my mom in Michigan and we decided to go shopping. I did the last of my coupon shopping at Target, the woman I was checking out with said that she was not able to take the coupons because they were unable to scan. I came home later, went to target and they had no problem manually entering the coupon manually.

    • Shanna

      I had the exact same issue in milwaukee wi at the Target in miller parkway. The sachier said the sme exact thing to me for the same exact issue. I also e-mailed corporate and am awaiting a response. I came home fuming about it all. Good luck to you.

  30. Michele

    I went to Target the one day and a woman told me that they STOPPED lowering the value of the coupon because they didn’t want to give out free stuff anymore. I had twin daughters with me and they were getting a little antsy. I told her that it is NOT true because I have read the coupon policy. I came home, printed the policy and went back. Needless to say, I had no problems what so ever! Now, anytime I see her she doesn’t argue it.

  31. Shanna

    OMG!!!! Target made me sooo angery today. I went and I had a cart full of stuff. I also had alot of travel size products with coupons that did NOT say excludes travel size. I also had alot of coupons where the coupons were worth more than the product. Instead of manually changing the amount the cashier said she couldn’t do it. (Even though I said I had done it last week with the same coupon) She called a manager over and the manager was super rude and also stated I coudln’t use them at all. She said the coupon “means” on full size. Even though I pointed out it didn’t say that. I will probebly not go back to that store again instead I will drive a little farther and go to another Target store. I did e-mail Target corporate with the managers name so hopefully something will be done. I am planning on going to a different target tomorrow and bringing the coupon policy with me just in case.

    Wish me luck!!!

  32. Tiny

    I have had my share of good day’s at Target and BAD day’s at Target. Last week I tried using the $1.00 off Tide in the travel size section. Well the cashier called over the manager she said that they are no longer allowed to use coupons on travel size items, I said but the coupon say’s on ANY TIDE PRODUCT. I know she was wrong but I let it be. Today I went to Target again they said that I could only use 1coupon per transaction for the same item WHAT! They need to start using hip2 save as part of the training process. That’s my opinion.

  33. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I haven’t been having that trouble with Target at all…guess, it’s just the people running or working the stores…Walgreen’s in the last week has been driving me batty! Register Rewards don’t print out, managers complaining about using the Register Rewards plus manufacturer’s coupons (that they’re both manufacturer coupons), and grouchy rude cashiers!

  34. Joy Fulton

    I went yesterday and had problems with my coupons. Six people came to register including Security. I will not give up on couponing. Always take your Target coupon policy with you. Lesson I learned. I called the manager and he said that he was sorry for what had happened I was at the check-out for 22 min. I asked why Security was here and they told me that they have alot of fake coupons coming to Target.

  35. Joan Hunt

    Being a novice with coupon clipping, I thought I would make my first coupon trip hitting Target, CVS and Walmart. My first store was Target. I had the same situation since they would not accept my coupons due to the coupons being more than the price of the product. Not knowing any different (I do now), I walked out without any purchase. I was mad and said I would never step foot in any Target from here on out. But after reading others having the same problem, you bet I will shop at Target and challenge them. Any way, later that day, I told my daughter who has been clipping coupons for quite a while and she allerted me to the company policy on coupons which I printed and keep with me in case I encounter another uneducated clerk regarding their company policy.
    My next store on my list was CVS which was the first time shopping there. I swiped my card and got $2 ecb. My shopping experience was refreshing and rewarding. I LOVE CVS! Then on to Walmart who accepted those coupons that Target would not.
    Thanks for all you do @ Hip2Save to help all of us S-T-R-E-T-C-H our $$$. Grandma Joanie

  36. Jaala Belcastro

    two nights ago I sent my sister to Target to get some items on sale with my stack of coupons I had handed her. When she came back home i was looking at the receipt and the cashier did not ring all the coupons up. There was about 6 coupons missing, which came to about $30. It was 3 hours later by the time I was able to get back to target. When I got there I told the manager that cashier had missed some coupons. He told me there was nothing he could do. There was no way he could tell which coupons were mine. I explained that there are all lumped together. The cashier was still there and the register was still open. Still he said he could not help. So now they have the coupons and I have to credit for items purchased. I dont know what to do.

  37. Ruby

    I went to target lastnight and was told they could no longer take more then one manufacture coupon for same items in a transaction. I told the cashier that I have never had that problem before. She called over the head cashier, who was like a broken record and kept saying, ” Our coupon policy state one manufacture and one target coupon. Not only that but I was followed aroung the store by the security officer. I wanted to turn around and ask him if I could help him. I ended up leaving the store and telling the cashier to void the transaction and I would take my business else where! I am going to email corporate and ask them for answers and tell them how offended I was being followed in there store. I feel as if the security officer should have focused on some one else. Not someone with a binder of coupons and a cart full of stuff!!!!

  38. vikki

    I had to laugh so hard while reading the article because the “personalized” response email that Tori got was the exact same one for me as well. I’m lucky enough to have 4 Targets within driving distance, but the one that is the most convenient to me is the most unpleasant, miserable place to shop I have ever known. Everyone who works there appears to be angry and annoyed with his or her job, management included. After one too many bad experiences with rejected coupons and an incredulous, outraged journey for my free tote bag back in April that was part of a national promotion of which all employees should have been aware I have refused to go back. I let corporate have it and they gave me that lame crap about contacting the store and making sure people were retrained or brought up to speed on their own policies and procedures, yet the one last shot I gave them afterwards proved to me it was well worth it for me to drive the extra distance to my favorite location that is always pleasant, well-stocked, clean and gives me no trouble whatsoever with using coupons.

  39. Ryan

    Going to try mine today. We’ll see how it goes it’s my only choice. Only one target here.

  40. Jennifer C.

    I’m not sure if this has been addressed before, but I was wondering if it would be possible to have a listing of notoriously good or bad Targets (for accepting coupons, of course) by state. I’m a fairly new couponer, and I get intimidated rather easily. Thanks for your help!

  41. Rick

    I really like this. Shabby Chic is certainly a type of Feng Shui, giving a relaxed, soft and feminine feel.
    A very loving way of decorating making people choose to come in and relax, that’s the reason it can also be known as the cottage feel.

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