Walgreens: FREE Dial Body Wash & Colgate Visible White Toothpaste "Rolling"!?

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Walgreens has the Dial pomegranate body wash (travel size) priced at .99. Use the $1 coupon from here to get it for FREE! (Thanks, Kate)

Also, a few readers have reported that the Colgate Visible White Toothpaste Register Reward deal is actually “rolling” this week. Which means when you purchase one for $4.49, you’ll get a $4.50 Register Reward back. Then you can use that Register Reward to get another Colgate Visible White and still get another Register Reward back. This doesn’t happen very often, so let us know if you’re able to “roll” this deal too! (Thanks, Jen & Pat!)
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  1. Tina

    ok, I don’t know what it is, but EVERY TIME I go to Walgreens, if I have a coupon for a higher value than the item, they won’t give it to me. I tried to do the AGAIN two days ago-tried to get dove soap at .99 using a $1 coupon, they wouldn’t do it, then tried getting small Cutter bug spray priced at $1.99 and use a $2 coupon, they wouldn’t let me do that either! I asked if they could adjust the price down and they looked at me and told me I was committing coupon fraud if I did that. WHAT? Like I said, this happens to me EVERY TIME I try to do this-no matter who the cashier is, and yesterday it was the manager! What’s a girl to do?!

  2. Anonymous

    take two of the same item to the counter let them ring it all the way through, meaning they scanned coupon and both items and then tell them to void out the other one, you didnt really need to get it. it usually goes through. I only do this when i have only one item that is lower not a bunch. You will need a small filler for the overages if you are only getting that one thing.

  3. Tori

    I can not get the coupon from Colgate for the Visible White to print is anyone else having that problem??? It tells me it doesn’t support my version of IE. Crazy!! I want to go get the rolling rewards.

  4. Nicky

    Tina I recommend buying that one item and a filler (I usually buy walgreens brand facial tissue, the small size that fits in your purse its about .30 cents, it’s in the tissue isle) The register won’t beep and you shouldn’t have a problem.

  5. ambra

    my filler is the little caramels by the register… my daughter (and husband) love them.

  6. Anonymous

    i was told not to price adjust the coupon, but instead told to ask them to raise the price of the item to match coupon. so .99 soap and 1.00q i would ask price adj. on soap to be 1.00. because they will be paid a 1.00 and the fraud part would be they short changed you .01.i have not tried yet but that is what the last wags manager told me to do when this occurs next time.

  7. Vicki H.

    i agree with the Anonymous response to Tina’s problem to add something to the order, to take up the overage of the coupon. You could just grab a pencil or a pack of gum — something small and cheap so that you don’t have a negative balance from the coupon if you’re just getting items with coupons.

    But if overage isn’t the case, it may be the policy of the manager of this particular Walgreens not to take these coupons for higher-valued items. The managers get to decide how they’ll run individual stores, so the policies are frustratingly inconsistent. i have three stores in my area and tried a new one this week, and ran into The Coupon Nazi at the new store. Although i liked the new store better because of its closer location (and it was better stocked), i won’t be going there, because my coupons weren’t welcome. (Now i know why it was better-stocked too! No one can buy anything! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) If there are more in your area, try another Walgreens. It is so frustrating when Walgreens employees treat you like a crook for just using coupons that manufacturers are eager to print out and have customers redeem. Walgreens isn’t struggling as much as Rite Aid is, but as CVS grows bigger and bigger, they’re still needing to show stock moving to the Corporate Executioners, even if they’re not making a profit on it. So good luck to you in your Walgreens ventures!

    Oh PS: Even though it wasn’t your intention to be fraudulent, it’s true that it’s a type of “coupon fraud” to adjust coupons — Walgreens gets reimbursed the face value of the coupon, even if they adjust it down. So they get a full dollar from the Dove manufacturers even if they lose only 99 cents from the coupon sale to you. Individual stores and cashiers seem to vary about how important this is to them. Hope this clears it up a bit for you, although i’m not sure the cashier herself would have been able to tell you that’s why it would be fraud ๐Ÿ™‚ . It seems sometimes they just get uptight at the sight of a coupon!

  8. Michelle

    I am going to see if this works at lunch and I will let you know!
    Thanks for the heads up!

  9. Bargain Noble

    I would suggest checking out at the cosmetic counter. They are ALWAYS nicer than the folks at the front!
    Oh, also, (has nothing to do with this), but you can get $25 Restaurant.com gift certificates for $2 via Bordersrewardperks.com
    The actual link to the thing is gigantic, so I can’t post it on here, but if you have any trouble, I did end up posting it on my blog, so feel free to stop by and get to it from there. Hopefully Hip2Save will post it on hers, too ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Tina

    Thanks for your advice ladies. Each time I go and try to do this, I am in fact buying other items, so I don’t think I would need a filler, but asking them to adjust the price of the item UP might work-or bringing up multiple items-I’ll have to try those! SO FRUSTRATED! Might just have to stick to CVS…

  11. Anonymous

    does anyone have any good filler items that are cheap? I always end up buying Ramen Noodles which are only .29 my kids love them however they dont eat enough of them and now are burnt out on them.

  12. Anonymous

    I tried to roll my RR today on the colgate and after it printed the cashier crumpled it up and threw it away! I asked her why and she said “corporate policy, that would be stealing”! WHAT? Then she called over the manager (which I didn’t ask her to do) and proceeded to tell him that I was asking about the RR. He continues on with that would be fraud and so on. I just wanted to curl up and crawl out of the store. I was humiliated for asking 1 simple question. And this is the only walgreens in our town!

  13. Anonymous

    bringing up multiples of the same item is the easiest. for example i got the peterpan peanut butter for .87, but i had the $1.00q, i know it would not take it because i had problems with the ecotrin working (the 2.25q for 2.00 ecotrin). So i took 2 peanutbutters to the counter let her scan both, handed her my q and then i said you know what take off one of the peanut butters i dont think i need 2, which i didnt. I also had the bayer heart advantage on sale for 1.69 and i had a 1.50q. so the overage went to the aspirin and i paid around 16 cent and that was including tax.

  14. Nicky

    Anon – Good filler is Walgreens brand facial tissue, the small size that fits in your purse its about .30 cents, it’s in the tissue isle

  15. Anonymous

    thanks!Tissues are always needed. if anyone else has any other ideas i would appreciate it.

  16. Amy

    I recommend any filler item to be anything that is on clearance..In my walgreens they are having tons of clearnace because they said they are changing their shelvign style to be similiar to CVS. The shorter sleves apparently prevent stealing! Who knew? But i guess it makes sense.

  17. LisaC

    I agree that the ladies at the cosmetic counters are always friendlier, sometimes they even have coupons that they ask if you need. I had one tell me she had a quota to meet, so I’m sure they are going to welcome your business at their counter.
    I’m always looking for cheap filler items also, so any suggestions anyone has is appreciated! Last night I got to use 6 RR because I found some kitchen utensils on clearance for .59 cents.

  18. Tanya

    good filler items!



  20. Anonymous

    I wish I could try rolling the Colgate toothpaste, BUT : my Walgreens has only had one tube of it ALL WEEK! I went in first thing after church on Sunday (so around 11:00 am) and bought the only one on the shelf. I have gone in several times since and they said that they have not received any more this week and that they won’t. The same thing happened with the fish oil supplements last week, and just about every other RR item since they ended the Easy Saver program.

    Has anyone else had this problem – that Walgreens doesn’t even carry the advertised product (like the free after RR shampoo last week) or that they have such pitiful quantities that they are gone for the week after the first morning of the ad? Sorry for venting like this, but I am frusterated! Is it just at my Walgreens that the RR deals are a joke??? Any suggestions? Thanks!

  21. Kate

    So I have noticed the return of the “mail-in rebate” in the Walgreens flyers, but it’s only for “big” itmes, like summer toys, fans, chairs and it says, “form printed out at registar”. That seems more likely to get lost then the booklet or submitting on line. Sign… I am just still morning the loss of the Easy Saver catalog. These RR are becoming only MORE of a headache, then making anything eaiser it seems. Just my thoughts.

  22. Anonymous

    Let’s all go to CVS then ! ๐Ÿ™‚ JK

  23. Kalin

    i agree about the cosmetics counter! my walgreens has the nicest woman there-she loves coupons too, and she’ll give me copies of ones for things on sale-asking “honey why don’t you have this one?” as she gives it to me. she’s always excited about my deals, and that makes my shopping a lot more fun!

  24. amy99s

    Tina all the stores around me are the same way! I can never get them to adjust the coupon down and I have tried at 7 stores around me!!!!

    Nicky, the coupon will still beep because the coupon for the item is still higher than the item. The filler does not stop the beeping in that case.

    I like the idea of asking them to price adjust the item higher though, I may try that.

    And I have done the ringing 2, use one coupon and taking 1 off before and it worked (I did it by mistake but learned that it DOES work)

  25. Lowry517

    Okay, Ladies! I am a gal that has called corporate a number of times. I live in a town with one Walgreens, so I don’t want to have to quit shopping there. Instead, I go above them so that their errors can be fixed.

    First of all, the only thing a Store Manager can do is limit you on what you are buying. He/she cannot refuse your coupons or to adjust the price of the item up. Some bully-type managers might think they have more power and can make their own rules, but this is where you come into play. Call corporate! Make them accountable!

    Also, I have been told that if that register reward prints out, it is YOUR PROPERTY! They cannot take it! If mine prints out a coupon for baby formula, they can’t even take it from me if I am willing to bless them with it. That is frowned upon b/c it is my property.

    I know it is tough sometimes shopping at Walgreens & this was not a good week for me. I have one manager who is like someone else said a “coupon Nazi”. He hates having to count coupons when he closes. He doesn’t like me. I have other employees, who I trust, tell me this. They too say that it is just laziness on his part not wanting to take a few minutes extra to count/sort coupons. Well, this girl is not backing down. If Walgreens wants to remain a company in these hard times, they better work on being competitive and MUCH BETTER CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    I had the District Manager even call me at home yesterday. Can you you believe that he did not give me his name or identify his title! I actually had to ask him who he was calling me and his title. To me, that was very unprofessional. Not-to-mention the fact that he didn’t have the complaint infront of him that he was calling in regard to. MY WORD! It was from April 13th b/c a local store manager called me this week about it. It had just come across to her. Isn’t that real efficient!

    So, ladies hang in there & stand your ground. If we quit now, some of those people just win. Besides, it could just be people like us (with our mounds of coupons) that are keeping some of these businesses going and people working.

  26. Anonymous

    I think old navy reset.

  27. tanya

    if they did the good ones are gone already:(

  28. mistisdesk

    I just wanted to comment on what someone said about adjusting the coupon down being fraudulent-I totally agree! If Wags is getting the 1.00, SO SHOULD WE!
    Another thing-I dont see how it can be considered “losing” for wags to accept our coupon-they ARE NOT losing anything-their sales numbers say they sold X number of $ of product, because thats what they sold…they will get their reimbursement at a later date, but how can that be considered a loss??? Coupon sales are a win for everyone-we get cheap to free product, Wags gets their sales numbers up, the Mfg are moving product-everyone should be happy here! I have no idea why they take such issue-perhaps because they dont know how to get these deals for themselves???

  29. Anonymous

    I just got $10 off of $50 at Old Navy.com…Not the best…but ok!

  30. Together We Save

    Always go the the photo or cosmetics counter at Wags. They are much nicer. I have some that won’t adjust the $1 down to $.99 but I just try to avoid those cashiers. I had a great day at Walmart the other day. I thought every cashier there had been trained to be a coupon natzi.

  31. Ashley

    Just treid the dial deal… did not work the lady said she could not do it I asked if she could just take the .99 off and she said no.
    I got my 1 rr for the toothpaste but didnt have enough guts to try and get two! But the one got me a free 12 pk dr. pepper, fine by me ๐Ÿ™‚


  32. Alisa

    I have Walgreens coupon policy if anyone wants me to email it to them. They CAN adjust down, as a couple of readers said, and I think they may only reimbursed for the smaller amount, not the whole dollar…could be wrong. I get it for free, so if Walgs gets an extra penney or 2, I can’t do much about it.


  33. Anonymous

    I was afraid to try and see if it would do a rolling register reward. I finally got my toothpast and shaving cream after the 4th Walgreens. They have been out of them everywhere else. Has anyone had any luck with the rolling register rewards on the toothpaste?

  34. Jen Pix

    A couple weeks ago, I had a cashier (in the cosmetic department) that told me you can’t roll a previous RR on the same item later in the week. I was buying the Mach3 razors when there was a $1.50 RR. I went back several days later to get some more and I was told I couldn’t use the RR I got a few days before for the same deal. Anybody have any insight on that one?

  35. Heidi

    The body washes (travel size dial pomegranate) were on clearance for $.24 in my Chicagoland Walgreens. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Anonymous

    I’m pretty much done with Walgreens. The RR are frustrating and I am treated like a crook at my local Walgreens. I’m shopping at Wal-mart and love love love K-mart double coupons days. There is nothing better to me! I no longer get my prescriptions at Walgreens either.

  37. Tina

    Just so you know — you can;t take a RR coupon that you received from, say, Colgate, and then use that RR for the same item (meaning Colgaate).

    And I have to say that I really do NOT like this new RR policy!! Quite frankly, I would rather do the whole rebate thing and get a gift card where I can use it like cash on anything that I want!!

    I might just stick to CVSing — that place ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Lowry517

    Tina & others, I so know what you mean about wanting to stick to CVS. Doesn’t it just feel like a different atmosphere than Walgreens. Everyone seems so much happier at CVS. Is it just me?? I love my CVS. CVS gets my vote for best store this week!!!

  39. Anonymous

    so I think it is totally fine to vent here…but at the same time the post was about rolling the Colgate RR and I don’t even see one pos about it. What’s up with that?

  40. Amy F

    The toothpast IS rolling–I just did it today in Idaho!

    Also the RightGuard Fast Break SOLID is also producing a $5 RR here in Idaho. On sale for $2.99 and usin $1 Q from 4/19 SS that makes a $3 MM!

    I did these Transactions this morning!

  41. Amber

    I used a $4.50 RR I got from the toothpaste towards a new toothpaste and it did print off another RR. I am in Iowa.

  42. Lori

    To address the comments in here about adjusting the coupon value, yes they can legally do it if they write the amount they redeemed the coupon for on the face of the coupon. Will they? Some yes, some no. It just depends on the cashier. If not then I ask them to adjust the price of the item higher. Again some do some won’t. And I have never had a problem buying two using the coupon and removing one item. I just don’t do it very often so it does not become obvious as to what I am doing. My latest grudge with Walgreens is they are trying to tell me they will not take my MQ if I am receiving a register reward that is equal to the price of the item because they say it is already free and I will be making money! LOL I emailed customer service on that one and will follow up with Corporate because they actually took my previous completed sale bag out of my cart and were trying to tell me they were going to have to void the items that I got a rr on and used a MQ. That is illegal as I had already purchased the items and they were legally mine. The next transaction had nothing to do with what was already done. I was a bit bummed to get into a fight at this walgreens because they have a ton of 5 cent clearance filler items. ๐Ÿ™‚

  43. Mac's mommy

    I am finished with Walgreens. A few weeks ago, I bought 6 Garnier items to total to $20 in order to get a $10 rebate from the Easy Saver offer. As it turns out, the cashier accidentally rang up 7 Garnier items. I noticed about 10 minutes after I left the store, so I went back immediately. After the cashier verified that I was right about her mistake, she took me to a manger to whom I had to explain again. He “returned” one of the Garnier products and gave me back cash, but the receipt didn’t print. I didn’t worry about the receipt–bad decision on my part. Walgreens rejected my rebate request stating I had returned an item and therefore voided the offer. I called the Easy Saver number and was redirected to Walgreens Customer Service. Guess what? Walgreens Customer Service tried to redirect me to the Easy Saver people! The phone rep finally agreed to take my information and have someone call me within 48 hours. That was almost 2 weeks ago. No phone call yet. CVS now has an even more faithful customer. I used to go back and forth between the two. Now I’m a CVS girl all the way.

  44. Anonymous

    I wish I had a CVS here! All we have is one Walgreens and I’m really tired of having to fight to get my r.r. or to use them or to even use coupons sometimes! Maybe if every one of us wrote, called, emailed corporate and told them that we were going to stop shopping there if they didn’t get their act together and even make it uniform across the board, maybe then they’d stop all of this nonsense. We could do a 2 week “strike” and all stay away and when they see how much $$ they are losing, then maybe they would be more coupon and r.r. friendly.

    Someone asked why there wasn’t anything positive said. That’s because everyone else is having such a hard time!

    I’m headed to WALMART!!

  45. Lowry517

    I am in agreement with boycotting Walgreens for a short time. I do think that would get the point across. It is just such a hassle to go in there, spend your time shopping, and all the time to check out in separate transactions. For such a large business, they really need to get ALL their ducks in a row.

    I had a problem too with April’s rebates. My husband had stopped, on his way home from work, to a Walgreens in another town. He had our ink cartridge refilled. He had a coupon. The guy rang up the $10 charge, but then took it off and rerang it up at a $7 cost. He should have charged $10 and then did a $3 Man. Q. Of course, for the rebate, you had to have bought it for $10 before coupons. I called the rebate center and they fixed it. But, you all know how long I had already waited to have received the postcard denying my claim. Then, I had to wait quite a bit just for their mistake to be corrected. I hear all of you & we need to take a stand.

  46. Anonymous

    I live in SD and they wouldn’t let me roll the Colgate offer. I was only allowed to get 1 toothpaste and get 1 RR. Like another poster said, you couldn’t use the RR to get another of the same brand (or if you did another RR would not print off). But I was still happy for the 4.50 RR.

  47. Anonymous

    I agree with anonymous and Lowry517
    What do you say Hip2save? Do you think a big business would care if 1000’s of couponers stopped shopping there? Someone pointed out that in this economy they really can’t afford to be so grinchy if they want our business and I agree.
    Happy memorial day everyone.

  48. Jem

    How funny, I was thinking about boycotting Walgreens for a few weeks too. The store closest to my house have really grumpy cashiers.

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