Kmart & Walmart: Deals Posted Soon!

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I just wanted to let you all know how excited I am about Kmart doubles… especially since Jacksonville, NC is participating! Yay! They have been leaving us out for the past few months, so I was extremely happy to hear that doubles are back!

Anyway, I will be putting together a huge Kmart Doubles deal list for next week! I want it to be very extensive and organized! As we all know, Kmart does NOT tend to restock during doubles, which makes it hard when you don’t shop on the first day. However, I have noticed that it seems most items out of stock are products advertised in their sales ad. That’s why I’m hoping to have lots of non-sale deals posted- that will still be free or cheap after coupons. These regular priced items will probably not tend to go out of stock quite as quickly or at least I hope that’s the case.

I will be going to Kmart tomorrow to price check items and match up coupons! I’m hoping to have the Kmart Doubles Deal list up by Friday morning, so everyone can get prepared for doubles! If you know of any great Kmart deals, then please feel free to let me know. I would be very appreciative and will of course give you credit too!

On another note, I want to apologize for not posting the Walmart deals last week. I didn’t feel like there were many new deals worth noting, so I decided to pass on posting a new list. I will try to have an extensive Walmart list updated on Monday and I’m hoping to add lots of new coupon match ups!

Thanks so much for being patient with me!!!

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  1. Anonymous

    Do you by chance know what Kmarts are running the double coupons? When I called the corp. # they said Michigan was not and the only ones that were are CA, FL, IN and PA. But I did see on the original post someone else was told that these locations are the only ones NOT running the double coupons…..I am so confused 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Kmart Dbl Deals 6/7 – 6/13

    Abbreviations & Need-to-Knows:
    ADC-After Double Coupon
    COI-Coupon on Item
    DC-Coupon Found on Item’s Display
    HMS-Home Made Simple Coupon Book
    IP-Internet Printable Coupon
    KC-Kmart Catalina Coupon (manufacturer’s coupons only)
    NP-Newspaper Insert Coupon
    SSB-Kmart Spring Savings Booklet
    TP-Tear-Pad Coupon
    WYB-When You Buy
    YSMV-Your Savings May Vary
    *sale price valid only through June 8th
    ^sale price valid starting June 9th
    all other sale prices are valid the entire week
    if there is no “sale” in front of the price, that means it’s regular price

  3. Anonymous

    Continuation of above:
    A1 Steak Sauce^
    Sale $3.79
    Coupon $2 IP

    Aquafina Flavor Splash 6 pack*
    Sale $2.50
    Coupon $1 TP
    ADC 50¢

    Aquafina Flavor Splash 20oz^
    Sale 10/$10
    Coupon 35¢ TP
    ADC 30¢ each

    Aveeno Lotions*
    Sale $1 off regular prices
    Coupon $2 IP
    ADC as low as FREE

    Axe Body Wash
    Sale $4.29
    Coupon $1 NP or $1.50 NP
    ADC as low as $1.29

    Axe Shampoo*^
    Sale $4.99
    Coupon $2 IP
    ADC 99¢

    Barilla Pasta^
    Sale 4/$5.00
    Coupon 75¢ IP (valid on Piccolini)

    Colgate Total Toothpaste*
    Sale $3.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $1.00

    Crystal Light 14ct OTG or Drink Mix^
    Sale $3.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $1.00

    Del Monte Fruit Chillers*
    Sale $1.99
    Coupon $1 IP

    Deodorants (Tag, Old Spice, & Gillette)
    Sale 2/$7
    Coupon $2 KC

    Dixie Ultra Plates*
    Sale $2.50
    Coupon 35¢ NP
    ADC $1.80

    Edge Shave Gel
    Sale $1.99
    Coupon 75¢
    ADC 49¢

    Febreeze Air Effects^
    Sale $2.79
    Coupon 50¢ HMS
    ADC $1.79

    Febreeze Candle^
    Sale $6.79
    Coupon $1 HMS
    ADC $4.79

    French’s Mustard*
    Sale $1.50
    Coupon 50¢ NP or 75¢ NP
    ADC as low as FREE

    French’s Mustard^
    Sale $1.49
    Coupon 50¢ NP or 75¢ NP
    ADC as low as FREE

    Glade Scented Gel Warmers*
    Sale 3/$4.00
    Coupon Buy 1, Get 1 Free NP
    ADC as low as FREE each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Goodlife Recipe Cat Treats*
    Sale $2.00
    Coupon $1 IP

    Green Works Cleaners
    Sale $2.50
    Coupon $2 IP

    Hartz Crunch & Clean Dog Treats^
    Sale 10% off (around $4 normally for the cheapest ones)
    Coupon $2 IP
    ADC as low as FREE

    Hawaiian Tropic Suncare Products
    Sale $5.00
    Coupon $1 DC
    ADC $3.00

    Herbal Essences 6-12oz
    Sale 3/$10.00
    Coupon 50¢ NP
    ADC $2.33 each

    Honey Maid Graham Crackers^
    Sale 2/$5.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC 50¢ each

    Jack Link’s Beef Jerky
    Coupon $1 COI
    ADC as low as $1.79

    Jello Pudding
    Coupon $1 off on 3 IP
    ADC as low as 32¢ each WYB 3 (YSMV)

    Kraft BBQ Sauce*
    Sale $1.00
    Coupon $1 IP

    Kraft BBQ Sauce^
    Sale $1.29
    Coupon $1 IP

    Kraft Easy Mac
    Coupon $1 off on 2 IP
    ADC as low as 9¢ each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Motts 6 pack Apple Sauce*
    Sale $1.99
    Coupon 55¢ IP
    ADC 89¢

    Motts 6 pack Apple Sauce^
    Sale $2.00
    Coupon 55¢ IP
    ADC 90¢

    Motts 64oz Apple Juice^
    Sale $2.29
    Coupon 55¢ IP
    ADC $1.19

    OFF Clip-On^
    Sale $7.49
    Coupon $2 NP
    ADC $3.49

    OUST Air Sanitizer
    Coupon $2 NP
    ADC as low as FREE

    Sale $1.00
    Coupon 50¢ TP

    Ragu Sauce*^
    Sale $1.99
    Coupon $1 off 2 IP
    ADC as low as $1 each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Renuzit Crystal Elements^
    Sale $5.49
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $3.49

    Right Guard Deodorant*
    Sale $2.00
    Coupon 75¢ SSB
    ADC 50¢

    Ritz Bitz and Ritz Crackers*
    Sale $3.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $1.00

    Sandies Cookies^
    Sale $3.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $1.00

    Snapple 16-17.5oz^
    Sale 10/$10
    Coupon Buy 1, Get 1 Free IP
    ADC as low as FREE each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Sobe Life Water 20oz^
    Sale 10/$10
    Coupon Buy 1, Get 1 Free IP
    ADC as low as FREE each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Sunkist 12 packs
    Sale 3/$11
    Coupon $1 COI
    ADC $1.66

    Sunkist 2 liters
    Sale 4/$5
    Coupon $1 on 2
    ADC as low as 25¢ each (YSMV, doesn’t always double properly according to my experiences)

    Swiffer Dusters
    Sale $3.49
    Coupon $1 HMS
    ADC $1.49

    TGI Friday’s Snacks*
    Sale 2/$3.00
    Coupon $1 off 2 IP
    ADC as low as 75¢ each WYB 2 (YSMV)

    Trident Xtra Care Gum
    Coupon Buy 1, Get 1 Free TP
    ADC as low as FREE each WYB 2

    Triscuits and Wheat Thins*
    Sale $3.00
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC $1

    Tropicana Orange Juice 64 oz.
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC 99¢

    Velveeta Shells & Cheese*
    Sale $2.29
    Coupon $1 IP
    ADC 29¢

    Ziploc Bags^
    Sale 2/$4
    Coupon VARIOUS (highest value: $1)
    ADC as low as FREE (YSMV)

  4. Anonymous

    Hope this helps hip! Luv your site!

  5. Hip2Save

    Thanks so much for the deals! I’d LOVE to give you credit! Can I get your name?:)

  6. Anonymous

    So I was at Kmart checking prices and they had some good tear pad on their shelves. One was $2.00 off any renuzit crystal elements that will go well with the BOGO Q’s from last weeks SS. Also there was 1.00 off any three suave shampoos. Axe Shampoo is 4.99 and 4.49 for body wash making it very cheap after $2.00 Q.
    Some other things I priced that end 6/8:
    right guard 2/$4 use $1Q
    loreal Studio 3.99 $1.00 q
    $1.00 off Curel lotion
    Scrubbing bubbles refill $3.79
    Pledge Multi surface $3.79
    $1.00 all aveeno products

  7. Anonymous

    That q should work because it says after discounts. Coupons are not considered discounts are they?

  8. Anonymous

    Off Refill is 3.79 with a bogo Q IP and $1.00Q SS will be good deal.

  9. April

    KMART IS SO OVER PRICED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous

    How does a BOGO work during doubles?? Like the candy bar one from a few weeks ago.

  11. Libby

    Thank you for all of your hard work…I cannot imagine how much time this takes. I appreciate you posting the double deals early, will give me time to organize myself!! Thanks again, Libby

  12. Anonymous

    FYI: when I called Kmart corporate, they DO NOT take Internet printed coupons

  13. Anonymous

    Okay…just found out that they ARE doing this at the Michigan locations!! YAY!!!!!

  14. Anonymous

    kmart does take IP Q’s. if they don’t scan they won’t take them but other than that haven’t had any issues using them there.

  15. Porter Prodigies II

    ALL COLORADO Kmarts are participating. They have more strict guidelines this time around though. Only 10 coupons per transaction and NO printed coupons.

  16. Anonymous

    I asked specifially for this coupon period, and they will NOT be taking any printed coupons

  17. Kris

    I absolutely love your site! I was so looking forward to finally having a double coupon event in the Northwest, but then I happened across this post from Cherry Picker, and apparently corporate says only 10 coupons per customer?!!? I hope it’s not true. I will read the ad when it comes out. Anyway, just a heads up.

  18. Lori

    Don’t even apologize for not updating something! We appreciate All that you do already and we are LUCKY to have you for all that you do do. So I say Thank You for all the hard work you put in and when things get updated it is a bonys for all of us =)
    Again many thanks!

  19. Lori

    edit to above * bonus not bonys 😉

  20. stephanie

    All of MICHIGAN participating Yeah!
    See below:

    Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Kmart Double Coupon Event.
    We appreciate your interest in this promotion. This event is for select
    participating Kmart locations from 6/7 – 6/13. All stores located in
    Michigan are participating in this event. We invite you to visit any of
    the participating stores.

    Jessica C.
    Retail Customer Care
    Sears Holdings Corporation

  21. Anonymous

    Got the ad yesterday. It is definately only 10 coupons. Now whether or not the cashiers stick to that is a different story.

  22. Bargain Noble

    I don’t think think the people on the customer service line know what they are talking about. The woman told me that Richmond is participating, but I just looked at this upcoming circular and nothing is mentioned about it??

  23. Anonymous

    I’ve heard from two different places that MN stores are participating. I looked at the ad this morning and see that many are not including mine. So, who’s right? Corporate or the ad??

  24. Anonymous

    My ad in NY also does not say anything about double coupons and I heard NY was par. What’s going on?

  25. Eden

    anyone know if CT & MA are participating? i would love to go, but our kmart is far enough away that i would want to know ahead of time…thanks!

  26. April

    Indianapolis IN, on Washington street is doubling coupons. 🙂 Yeah!!

  27. Anonymous

    Dear Pamela,

    Thank you for contacting Kmart regarding the Double Coupon Event. We
    appreciate your interest in this promotion.

    This event is for select participating Kmart locations from 06/07-06/13
    for coupons up to and including $2. This does not include Kmart store
    coupons, Kmart Pharmacy store coupons, or copies of manufacturer
    coupons. Limit 10 total coupons per customer per day. Our records
    indicate all Wisconsin Kmarts are participating.

    Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We appreciate your
    business and value you as a Sears Holdings customer. We certainly hope
    you will continue to make Sears Holdings your choice for quality and

    Brooke G.
    Retail Customer Care
    Sears Holdings Corporation

  28. stephanie

    Kmart has their sales papers up for next week. If your store is participating, they will have a big $2.00 coupon posted on the front page. YOu can view their sales paper by giing to & searching under store locator. HOpe this helps to narrow things down.

  29. Anonymous

    Is Montana doing double coupons?

  30. Anonymous

    Well St George Utah is not doing K mart doubles I was looking forward to getting some great bargains.

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