Old Navy: $2 Women's & Girls Tank Tops 6/20!

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Head on over to Old Navy today, 6/20 ONLY, to snag $2 Women’s and girls Tank Tops! They will have 50 different styles and colors available! You’ll get to choose between solid, stripe, print and/or embellished!

**Limit 5 per customer.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is going to be CRAZY! Is it worth it?

  2. Dana

    Good Morning Collin!

    I just wanted to say ‘THANK YOU’ for all the work that you put into this site.

    My sister shared it with me, and I have been having the most fun ‘couponing’, signing up for freebies, and getting the inside scoop on KMart and CVS! You have saved us a ton of money on items that I would have purchased anyway.

    Thank you so very much!

    I really appreciate your site!
    dana ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Anonymous

    I could imagine the chaos at ON
    Last time I went for the sandals deal I notice the store was so full and I seen they catch some people stealing merchandise that’s why I don’t like this kind of events KEEP YOU WALLET WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES AND DON’T BRING YOUR KIDS.

  4. Anonymous

    where were you for yesterdays coupon reset?

    I use your site for all the latest information, left me in disappointment.

  5. Arlene

    Go to oldnavyweekly.com and click the orange circle that says “get their no sweat style” and you’ll get a coupon for 15% off your purchase. Makes the deal even sweeter!

  6. Anonymous

    How was she supposed to know about the reset? It could have happened at anytime, any minute this week. Should she just sit by the computer hitting refresh so you can get a high coupon? Anyway, if she did know within five minutes of when it happened, but the time she posted about it, all the high value ones would have been gone.

    Dont depend on her to do everything for you.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    you put the arm back on . it took me about 50 tries before it worked.

  9. Anonymous

    thank you anon #4. i wanted to say that also but could not find the words to use that would have been appropriate to say on here. she does so much for all of us and thank you.

  10. Audria

    Ugh… whoever posted that asking “where were you for yesterdays ON coupon reset” needs to be slapped. I’m sorry, but that’s just what I think. Collin works VERY hard to make her blog (IMO) the very best money-saving blog there is and I, myself, take it personally when somebody is ugly to my friend Collin.

    Collin, I’ve said this before… I wish you could block stupid people from reading your blog.

  11. Anonymous

    please dont depend on collin to tell you when old navy is up ,after all the abuse she got last week, you should be thanking her for all she does.thanks collin

  12. Kristen

    I was wondering if anyone knew if maternity tank tops were included in the $2 deal?

  13. Anonymous

    I just got home from Old Navy. It wasn’t bad at all.
    They had it all set up by size (which is nice).
    Its for Womens and girls. Didn’t see maternity, but call your local store and ask.

  14. Sam

    Collin gave up on Old Navy since all of you winers out there make Old Navy Weekly a disrespecful place.

  15. Anonymous

    Yes I with you, that Collin does this as a free service to help others, and you don’t know what is going on with someone. She doesn’t get paid to keep her blog up, and blogging is hard work when you have a family. So, if you missed the ON reset, it is your own fault.
    Thank you Collin for all you do, it is appreciated by many.

  16. Anonymous

    Does anyone know if it’s the BABY GIRLS that are included in these tank tops too or just Girls? Thanks!

  17. Anonymous

    for the arm placement on ONW site:

    Once you picked up the arm drag the mouse pointer to the middle of the socket.

    Found this hint on SlickDeals.


  18. Michelle

    Got my 5 tank tops. We got there about 5 minutes b/f the store opened and there were prob 75-100 people lined up. It was crazy but fun and worth it. Snagged some cheap mens clothes for the hubby too. (c:

  19. Anonymous

    For those that have gone…are black and white included or is it just the rainbow colors?

  20. Hilary

    Went this morning and it was a bit crazy, but unless they put out more sizes later in the day, I don’t know that it is worth going later. I was there at opening and I had a hard time finding medium sizes. They had tons of XL. They seemed did have black and white at my store. But not in my size. It was definitely worth it to go!

  21. mj

    went this morning and I was impressed with how my store handled it- they had the sizes on their own tables- plenty of them- and they seemed to have been replenishing them. The baby girls were on sale at $2 also- very cute designs- I ended up biying extra stuff for my hubby and myself- the manager was cool- I found capris that I thought were on sale for $20 but rang up $26.50 and he gave them to me for $20!! I also had a 15% off coupon- all in all spent about $95 out of pocket and saved $89….
    5 tanks
    2 capri’s
    1 shorts
    3 mens polos
    1 3 pk mens socks
    1 pair mens cargo pants

  22. Stephanie P.

    Anon, where was Hip during ON coupon reset??? She has kids, husband, and a LIFE… Shame on you anon for being rude. I was on the computer and I missed it. Haven’t you learned that you barely have to blink and you miss old navy reset. I have gotten more coupons, rebates, etc. because of Hip that I can’t believe you would have the NERVE to complain…Why don’t you post your name like everyone else…

  23. Cortney

    My ON would not let me use my 15% coupon, the lady ringing me up said it said can not be used on discounted merchandise, but $10 for 5 tanks was not bad. I just made here ring my skirt up separately so I could save the 15% on that, she rolled her eyes at me, but hey I saved $3!

  24. Erin

    I hit up ON this morning. Their maternity tanks are included!!! The store manager told me so long as they are the ribbed tanks. They didn’t ring up discounted, but the cashier changed it without me even having to ask. I also got to us my 15% off coupon. It was well worth the trip, even though there were a few very rude people. That’s okay though, after saying “excuse me” for the 100th time, I just ran over someone’s foot with my stroller. All I wanted to do was get around people and back to the maternity section. All the tanks in my store were right up front, you could barely get in the door! Poor planning.

  25. Kristie McLin

    I got 15 tanks and used 15% off coupons ๐Ÿ™‚ $1.70 per tank! And I was the first one in, and no one else was there until I was checking out! It was cool.

  26. Anonymous

    i didn’t go til a bit later. wanted it to die down a little. there were still plenty of tanks left. i used the 15% off too. heehee…

  27. LAURA C

    I got my 5 tanks too! Got there abt 20min before and there was a big crowd outside! the store employees kept repeating “only 5 per person!” Lines to pay were long, but only like 10-15 min wait. Glad I went early & grabbed M & L to try on b/c when I went back to the table all the larges were gone!

    the black tank with the beading I got was cute!

  28. Mommy2aQT

    Didn’t get to ON till 2pm and everything was CLEANED OUT! Must have been crazy this morning.

  29. Kate

    To the anonymous person complaining about the ON coupon reset: If you didn’t see it here why can’t you just look for it yourself on the web? Don’t be so lazy and look it up on-line yourself! You have some nerve to post something like you did after the crap H2S went through last week. It’s because of ignorant people like you good things come to an end EVERYWHERE.

  30. Alison

    I think this is a great site and its a shame that people put negative comments on here.

    Now does anybody know if it will reset tonight?

  31. Anonymous

    I’m just saying, she did not need to on top of the reset, but it would have been nice to know so I could have snagged a 25% off 50. Now they are gone, and it is a shame.

  32. AbbyC

    That arm placement thing was the hardest and then I didn’t end up getting anything anyway! Ack… Missed the $2 sale too. Man, I’ve got to get with it!!!

  33. Alison

    I have a coupon for 25% off $50 that I won’t be using, its expires on 7/2/09. The first one to email me with your address I will mail out to you.

  34. avammons

    You absolutely CAN use the coupons to buy clearance and sale merchandise. I have done it, and no where on the coupon does it say that sale/ clearance merchandise are excluded! Also, the cashier rolling her eyes at you warranted having the manager called over to show her what good customer service looks like. I work retail and that is unacceptable!

  35. fancinanni

    Well said Cortney,
    I have also been in retail for quiet some time.If that had been a associate of mine we would have had a little 101 about customer service.Believe me retail is very difficult at times and you just have to take things with a grain of salt and grow some thick skin.I always say treat others as you would like to be treated.
    I don’t know about any of you but I’m ready for the next go around.Does any body know if this is going to be the finally?

  36. Anonymous

    I went Sat. at 10:30 hour and a half after store opened and all the womens tanks were gone did manage to find 3 in my daughter size,was so mad because could have got there when the store opened but when the graphic tees were 3$ i got up early and went no one was there so i figured no one was gone be there I had time. Oh well next time early bird gets the worm…lol

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