Walgreens: .34 Garnier After Register Reward!

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Kara just emailed about this unadvertised Register Reward deal at Walgreens! The new Garnier Triple Nutrition Shampoo, Conditioner and Styler products are on sale for $3.34 this week (they may be marked at $3.99, so make sure to price check them). When you purchase one it will generate a $2 Register Reward. Plus, you can use the $1 Garnier coupon from the 6/21 (exp. 7/31) or 7/12RP. Kara also found $1 tear pad coupons by these products. Final cost after the $1 coupon and $2 Register Reward– ONLY .34 per bottle!

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  1. Anonymous

    how do you use the register reward? Do you return the product right there and start over?

  2. So Cal Savin Mama

    Great deal but so hard to pay for garnier when you have been getting them for free… ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Anonymous

    To So Cal Savin Mama:

    How to make it for free?

  4. Jami STL

    you use the RR like cash toward your next purchase. Just be sure to give it when you give any other coupons so they take it off before your total. Also it would count as a coupon on your item/coupon ratio so you may need a filler item if you have coupons for every item you purchase (can’t use more coupons than items you’re purchasing). Check out the wags infor links Collin has, they are very helpful. Hope that answers.

  5. Enzo

    True So Cal, it’s hard to pay anything for soap or shampoo after getting them for free all along. I must have Garnier shampoo, cond. + those facial pads (remember that great deal?) for the next 3 years….all free. However, $0.34 / ea is a good deal, too. Is it me or the more bloger/couponers go on TV shows, the less deals we get? It seems that deals are going down with all the publicity. And I’ve been doing this for several years now.

  6. Lolo

    I needed to burn a $10 RR this week so I was happy to have this deal available. I took advantage of it and it worked fine! I have one more to do so will be going again and purchasing another. I have oodles of shampoo and conditioner, but heck I need to get something so why not get something that gives me something back. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Baker Tribe

    Do we know the limit on this deal? Need to know how many transactions I’ve got to do…Gotta use the ones before they expire! Can’t “waste” a coupon!! hee, hee

  8. Ashley

    jami stl,
    i was wondering why you give the register reward with the coupons, before the total? i always just use them like cash to pay at the end. is there a difference?

  9. Anonymous

    i just came from walgreens and u have to buy a hair spray/mousse product. The deal doesn’t work for shampoo/cond. jenny

  10. Anonymous

    They didn’t have this deal in my area.

  11. Anonymous

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