Guest Post: How to Complete Online Offers!

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Guest Post By Nicole from Nicole’s Nickels:

I guest-posted on Hip2Save a few months ago about online offers and had a great response. Since Collin is on vacation and can’t keep up her superwoman posting, I thought I’d remind you about online offers and let you know which ones are out there right now.

What are online offers?
Online offers are those websites you see that advertise a “FREE” $500 Visa giftcard. You may click on it, curious, and you find out you have to do some things to get your “FREE” gift. Most people discard these sites as Spam but they aren’t! It is possible to complete an online offer and get your prize. You just need to follow directions and read carefully.

I’m not going to re-post the directions that I posted before. I will say, though, that you NEED to read them before attempting to try an offer. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, start an offer without reading the instructions. I recommend reading the following posts and their comments: my previous guest post on Hip2Save and the instructions post on my blog. Read these posts and if you have questions before starting, email me ( or leave a comment.

I just completed another offer (for a $500 Visa giftcard) and sent in my redemption certificate. In 4-6 weeks I’ll have my prize and then be ready to start the next one. I get frequent emails from readers who are thrilled to receive their prizes.

I only post about Ideal offers, though, there are other legit offers out there. Remember, you can only earn $1,000 in prizes for each Ideal sub-company in a 6 month period. So if you did a $500 Top Notch offer before you can do another Top Notch offer but only for $500. The other big thing to remember is not to duplicate offers from the same parent companies within an offer. So if two offers are related (check the addresses on the BBB) don’t do them at the same time or else you may be disqualified.

Research the offers carefully and make wise decisions. I choose offers I truly intend to try and think I may enjoy. I always calculate the cost to me and weigh it against the prize. I spent approximately $50 to get my $500 Visa giftcard.

Keep good records. I like to get screenshoots of confirmations and copy and paste the terms and conditions of each offer into a document so I have it just in case. If you’re worried about credit card security, look into the virtual credit card numbers that many large credit card companies offer.

Below are some current Ideal online offers:

$100 in cosmetics
$150 giftcard to Lowes

Top Notch
$500 Visa Giftcard and Michael Jackson T-Shirt
$500 giftcard – Visa, Chilis, TGI Fridays, Itunes or Ebay
Beatles Rock Band
$500 giftcard to BabyGap
$500 Amazon giftcard
$500 to Sears or Best Buy
Nintendo Wii

Bullseye Media
$100 giftcard – Gap, Spiegel, Charlotte Russe, Sunglass Hut

ESolutions Media
$100 Visa Giftcard and Game Jersey

123 Click
$100 Home Depot giftcard
$100 Bath and Body Works giftcard
$100 Victoria’s Secret giftcard
$100 to Dollar Tree or Dollar General

Jasper Marketing
$250 giftcards – Olive Garden or Red Lobster
$500 giftcards – Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Chili’s, TGI Fridays, Pizza Hut, Outback

It may be possible for me to find other offers so if there is another prize you are looking for, just let me know!

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  1. Anu

    Awesome, thanks for reminding me of this. I followed your post last time you did one for Hip, and I am excited to try a big amount. I have only done the small amounts just to get comfortable. Just to confirm, you can only do $1000 in a six month period? What other companies offer gift cards besides Ideal. Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Anonymous

    How much do you normally end up having to pay at tax time for getting these offers?

  3. Meghan

    I noticed this time there was gold, siver and platinum offers and also referral. They said you had to refer 2 people. Do you know what there status has to end up being or any further info about that?

  4. Anu

    Meghan, where do you see the referral one? Just curious, cause I didnt see it for the 500 visa card.

  5. Anonymous

    I don’t see a referral this time for the WII either!!

  6. Meghan

    It is under check gift status for the 500 visa.

  7. Noreen ( )

    I have a question. . . I was looking into the $500 Visa Gift Card and was looking at the Platinum offers. For the ones that say free trial. Can I do those and then cancel them before my trial ends or does that not count ?

  8. Anonymous

    If I did 2 silver, 2 gold and 4 platnium offers for 1 rewards of a $500 card from Top Notch…..could I then turn around and do those same offers to qualify for another gift card from BullsEye? Or could I do those same offers to get another $500 gift card from Top Notch?

  9. Tina

    Nicole, thanks! You’re so helpful. Can you cancel the offers immediately after filling them out or do you need to wait 30 days? Are the “free” offers that cost after 30 days better than the ones you need to pay for up front?

  10. shanika

    do you know any lap top offers?

  11. Renee Richins

    I am waiting for a $500 Visa card and should get it within a few weeks. I’m so excited! It literally took me a year to get up the nerve to try this and it is not as hard as it may seem.

    I do have a question about not being able to do offers from the same parent company. Is that only within the offer you are doing itself, the subcompany, or is that across all Ideal sites? The offer I did was with MarketLabs, if I did another offer with Top Notch would I have to worry about doing offers from the same parent companies in this new offer?

  12. Anonymous

    These offers make me so nervous. Has anybody done these and actually received the gift card?

    Can anybody recommend a reputable offer. Should I do a few extra deals on there site just to make sure it works?

    Do you have to stay a member even after the trial membership is up to get the cards? I know Nicoles Savings Advantage claims they’ll give you a gift card and then tells you in the fine print that you cannot get the card until your trial is up. Do these work the same way?

    I’m so anxious, but so nervous!

  13. Leah

    I have tried 2 offers so far. I received 1 $500 giftcard at the end of May for a nuitech offer, and TODAY I just received another $500 giftcard for Ideal. These DEFINITELY work. It’s worth the hassle to keep up with everything, and make a little investment for these giftcards. You come out with a profit after all is said and done.

    Keep up with the trial offers and when they expire. I always call 1-2 days before they expire and go ahead and cancel. You still get the credit for the giftcard even if you cancel during your trial period.

    I started the Ideal offer at the end of June and received my GC only 5 weeks later. It was VERY fast!!

  14. Mary Beth

    I just got a $500 Visa gift card for an offer I did in May. My profit wasn’t as much, since the offers I chose plus the postage to return some of the items that I decided not to keep came to just about $100. But spending $100 to get $500 back is fine with me, so I’m doing another right now. I was really nervous the first time, too, but as long as you read all of the terms & conditions, and follow them, and keep good track of the trial periods, etc., it’s actually pretty easy.

  15. Megan

    I received my 4th gift card today in just under 1 year- 3 ideal, and one nuitech. I’ve received $2,500 so far, so I can definitely vouch for the fact that they do work. Just be extremely careful and extremely organized, and you shouldn’t have a problem.

  16. Anonymous

    HI, I just did this today (mewbie)excited to see how it turns out. Trying to pay for a cruise next summer. I just have one question from anyone who can answer. I did the top-notch one, can you complete others from different companies how can you tell if they are different. I saw somebody had done one from ideal and nuitech, how do you find those and are they affliated with top notch. Thanks for anyone who can help.

  17. Anonymous

    I SEE in the terms of one of the deals is that you need to REFER someone and they MUST sign up for ALL the deals too in order for you to get your money. That to me, seems like too much work and worry for $500. JMO.

  18. Anonymous

    For more detailed info on these offers, check out too. She has done these for years and has earned several thousands of dollars!

  19. Carrie @


    Thanks so much for the mention of my site! I am already getting emails from Hip 2 Save readers asking questions!

    I love helping people learn all about Online Offers, in fact, I taught Nicole and am so excited she is sharing the news with all of you!

    Remember, there are other companies to earn money from, too, that don’t require referrals. I also help people learn how to complete offers with Nuitech and Netblue, plus IDeal.

    Welcome to the world of Online Offers everyone! You will love it. Nothing like getting free money. I have been doing them for 4 years now and am almost up to $20,000.

    It will be well worth your time!

    Feel free to visit me at anytime for instructions on each of the different companies!

  20. Anonymous

    Here’s something odd I’ve thought about. I’m currently on unemployment after losing my job recently and I know these offers require IRS forms. I’m just wondering how these could affect unemployment? It would hardly be worth it if I have to count it as income… Any ideas?

  21. Anonymous

    Me and my husband are also laid off and he’s recieving unemployment as well as our family now qualifies for food stamps and WIC program.
    Would this affect that? Do I have to admit to the Foodstamp office that I made money this month? What if the card I recieve is not like a Visa but instead is a store card that I have to buy merchandise with?

    To be honest, I don’t really understand what tax paperwork we’re supposed to send in or where to get this paper?

    It’s great that this was posted becasue I was trying to find some offers like this, Its nice they are all in one place now!

  22. Keri Lyn @ She Saved

    I just wanted to tell you all that Nicole is the reason that I got my Wii & Wii Fit…she gave such great instruction…I followed her outline and calmly did the deal (seriously…sat there for 2 hours with a cup of coffee and just went through the deals…) Within a month…I had a Wii/Wii Fit package at my door. $36 and some change out of pocket. Just keep great records, don’t panic and you might want to do an extra offer or two just in case one doesn’t go through…I did 2 extra.
    I am going to go for a $500 gift card next. Thanks again Nicole and good luck everyone… you CAN do these!!!

  23. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Hi everyone!

    Sorry I haven’t responded to the comments before now – I have either food poisoning or a stomach virus and haven’t been blogging! I’m going to try to answer everyone’s questions now.

    Anu: You can do $1000 in a 6 month period from EACH sub-company – so that means $1000 from Top Notch, $1,000 from Jasper, $1,000 from Bullseye, etc. There are other legit giftcard offers at Nuitech and Netblue. I haven’t done those but Carrie at Money Saving Methods has, check out her site for more info on those.

    Anonymous: It depends how much you pay out of pocket. The first offer I did was about $36, this one was slightly higher. It depends on the offers you choose to complete.

    Meghan: Some offers may require a referral. I don’t recommend these as your 2 referrals have to complete all of the offers too. Which offer are you looking at? I didn’t think I posted any with referrals.

    Noreen: I can’t really comment on cancelling, it’s a no-no but I can say that the only requirement with the Ideal offers is that you sign up for them, there are no written requirements about staying a member. Please note though that if you sign up for an offer that also has its own promotional offers (like Nicole’s Saving Advantage), then you may not get the promotional offer unless you remain a member.

    Anonymous: Most offers will not let you keep signing up for them – they limit memberships to once per 6 months, etc. You have to check their terms and conditions for the answer to that one. I wouldn’t run the risk of doing it and getting disqualified.

    Tina: See my answer to Noreen for the first part of your comment. For the second, I can’t really say which offers are better – you just need to weigh the costs to you and I always try to pick offers that interest me.

    Shanika: Yes, I know of some laptop offers but they all require referrals. That means that you have to refer 2 people who have to complete all the offers like you do – for them to get the laptop they then have to each have 2 referrals, etc. I don’t recommend those because the line has to stop somewhere! Email me ( if you want a laptop offer link.

    Renee: It’s only in the same offer so you should be ok to duplicate in another offer.

    Anonymous: I was nervous too but really trusted Carrie so I took the plunge. Like I said my first one cost $36 out of pocket so I was prepared to lose that money. I was happy I didn’t and yes, these offers really work! For the second part of your comment, read my response to Noreen.

    Leah, Marybeth and Megan – YAY – I’m happy you all are enjoying the giftcard offers!

    Anonymous: Please see my response to Megan.

    2 Anonymouses re unemployment: When you complete the offer there is a redemption certificate to print and also a W-9 form right on the site. The money counts as reportable income to you.

    Hope I answered everyone’s question! If not, I’ll try to continue to monitor the comments here or you can feel free to email me at

  24. Anonymous

    Thanks for the answer on the unemployment. I did notice, though, that at least on the Top Notch $500 Amazon card that it says the IRS form is only required if you hit $600 in a year. I suppose I’m wondering if I could get away (legally of course) with trying one $500 gc with them and forgoing the tax papers? Or is that not the case? Or I wonder if you can do one $500 with a couple of companies with the same stipulation? I wouldn’t mind claiming it at all if I were working, but since unemployment would get docked the $500 it would definitely be a losing proposition if I had to claim it as income. Thanks for your help.

  25. Anonymous

    I’m gonna try the offers for a Wii, but I was wondering after completing the offers how long should I wait for them to be accepted? In case I have to do replacements offers? And if anybody has done this how long does it take to actually get the Wii?

  26. Liz

    Hi there,

    I followed the link to the one that said $500 card ( I registered (name, address, phone number, email address).

    However, when some offers popped up, I decided it was not the thing for me to pursue. Glad though that others have had great success!

    Will I be expected to do anything now? I was a bit concerned that I had registered.

    Thank you!


  27. Liz

    Oh — one more thing — I did answer the first question about your favorite game show, and then it took me to a page that listed offers. I proceeded no further.


  28. Carrie @


    You aren’t required to do anything. But, your temporary email account will get SPAM. ๐Ÿ™‚ So, just close that email account.


    With the $600 limit, this is true that the company does not NEED to send in the information to the government until you reach that limit.

    But, IDeal offers require you send it in for all offers you complete with is just one of their rules.

    And, by law, the IRS does require us, as individuals, to still report it as income even if they do not get the paperwork.

    On top of the fact that you would have no guarantee that IDeal won’t submit it since they will already have your w-9.

    In your case, they best bet would probably be to wait. Even though you will get $500, you will be investing a little to get the money ( for example, let’s just say $50 ), so you are really only pocketing $450.

    If the govn’t is going to dock you $500, then you have essentially lost $50 in the process. I would wait until you are working again to do these offers.

    Hope that helps!

  29. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Anonymous: I just submitted my paperwork for a $500 giftcard and they REQUIRE you to send in the W-9 form, I don’t think there’s any way around it.

    Anonymous: I would wait until day 13 or so and if all offers haven’t approved by then go ahead and do your replacements. Typically, you’ll have silver offers approve in 1-2 days, golds in 3-5 and platinums in 7-10 but that’s not firm. From the time you sign up until the day you receive your prize should be about 8-10 weeks.

  30. Kirkham Family

    Well I attempted to get the $500 shopping spree got to the second to last step and realized all of the offers that I could get on there were going to cost me $90 per offer for the last three. I guess I must be doing this wrong but paying $290 for a $500 gift card is not worth it to me. Good Luck to all of those that try.

  31. Heather

    Thanks for the post, Nicole! I am in the process of trying this, but when I try to check my status, it says it doesn’t recognize my email address. So now I’m getting worried. I emailed customer service. Any suggestions?

  32. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Dear Kirkham Family: Did you click “skip” and “submit” until you got to the “last page” that had platinum offers and you could go no further? I don’t know of any offers that cost $90.00 or a shopping spree so I’m not sure where you clicked.

    Heather: Did you fully register when you first signed up? Did you keep refreshing your “check gift status” after doing each offer to make sure it showed as pending?

  33. Heather

    Nicole, No, I didn’t keep refreshing the status. I just noticed that you said to do that when I reread your post, so I had already done six of the offers at that point. Will I be able to get credit for completing those offers?

  34. Leah

    I like to look through all the offers first before starting, that way when I get to the Platinum offers, I’m not scrounging and end up with the most expensive offers.

    Keep a spreadsheet, too. That has helped me tremendously!

    I was completely nervous when I started, but when you get that GC or that big prize in the mail–it’s totally worth it!!

    I would recommend doing lots of research and reading if you’ve never done these offers before. It will help a ton.

    Thanks to Carrie at MoneySavingMethods – she was such a huge help!!

    What is BBB, by the way?

  35. Jen

    Leah, I’m pretty sure BBB is Better Business Bureau, where you can look up company info.

  36. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Heather: I’m not sure what the issue is. You may not have typed in your email correctly when you registered? Hopefully customer service can help since I haven’t heard of this before.

    Jen: Yes, BBB is the Better Business Bureau.

  37. Heather

    Thanks, Nicole! Is customer service usually helpful?
    I hate to think I spent my whole morning and then did something wrong.

  38. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Heather: They should email you back so make sure to check your spam or bulk folder of whatever email address you put in the contact form to email them.

  39. Cindy

    I have a question about the bonus offer. If I do the bonus offer do I still need 4 total offers in the plainum category if I select the bonus offer. I wasn’t sure by the way it is typed if it is 4 altogether or if it’s just 1 if you do the bonus?? Thanks for posting this. I am anxious to try it out.

  40. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Hi Cindy: It’s 4 total in that category if it’s a platinum offer that shows you the bonus. The bonus should be a $25 giftcard right? I finally just got mine from the first offer I did – I got the Wii in February and the bonud giftcard just last week. They do come but it’s not fast!

  41. Heather

    Nicole, just thought I’d update you. Customer service didn’t email back, but it appears they fixed my problem. 7 of my 8 offers are now showing up as pending and 1 is already approved. Yesterday only 1 offer was showing as pending. So now I am going to email them back about the 1 offer that isn’t showing up. I was worried yesterday that they wouldn’t help me, but I am so happy that they quickly fixed most of the problem! Yeah! Thanks again for answering my questions so quickly.

  42. Nicole @ Nicole's Nickels

    Heather: That’s good news! I’m not sure that they can help you with an offer that doesn’t show as pending, though. It’s up to you to make sure they show as pending as you do them as I indicated in my instructions. You will likely need to do a replacement offer for that one. Which category is that? If only 1 silver has approved so far you will likely need to do a replacement silver since the categories approve together.

  43. Amy

    I would love to see Colin’s link so I could start off with the smaller gift cards before going big time! I am excited to try them – especially with Christmas just around the corner.

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