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Walmart: Pictureka Flipper Game ONLY $2?!

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You may want to head to Walmart with your $5/1 Pictureka coupon in tow! I just heard from reader, Sarah, that the Pictureka Flipper games are marked down to just $7, so after the $5 coupon– ONLY $2! What a deal!

I’ve also gotten emails lately from lots of other readers regarding Hasbro game clearance finds at Walmart. I would suggest bringing all your Hasbro toy and game coupons with you. You never know what bargains or as I like to call them, hidden treasures you may find!

**As with all Walmart deals, prices may vary by location.

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  1. Tresa Beardslee

    Thanks for the heads up Collin, I will definately get my coupons together. These are great for stocking up on B-day gifts. BTW I bought the Pictureka card game for .24 cents last week and the cashier said “hey you didn’t buy that game, you bought the card game” of course I said the coupon says ANY game. I think he read the coupon about 3 times before putting it thru?

    • Christi

      Hi all,

      I went to my local Walmart ( I’m in Oklahoma) and the Pictureka flip game was on sale for $19 not $5. I wished it would’ve been that price because I would have bought it. I guess it just depends on what state you live in to get that game at $5. I say the post on the card game..I didn’t think about looking for it. I hope my Walmart has it and I will use the $5 coupon on it.

  2. jsalazar04

    I found Pictureka Flipper last week at Walmart for $3, used the $5 Q for $2 overage!!! 🙂

  3. Charmel

    I bought 2 monopoly card games, a scrabble card game, pictureka, a glow worm, and a pictureka card game all for $1.08 at WalMart today.

    • Charmel

      All the card games were only $2.50.

  4. Kara

    My coupon’s beeped at the register, and the checkout woman would not allow me to use these on the card sized games. Anyone else have this problem? It doesn’t say on the Q only “board” games…

    • Katie

      I also had the same problem at Wal-mart. Even though I tried to explain that it didn’t specify a type they wouldn’t allow it. So I took them to Target and had no problems at all.

    • Charmel

      I expected mine to beep since the games were only $2.50. I was all ready to plead my case, but they scanned with no problem. So I made money on all the card games.

    • Kellie

      I had two different experiences at the same Walmart. The first time, I used 4 Pictureka coupons and 1 Scrabble coupon on the card games, no problem. The second time I tried to use them, they beeped and the cashier (and head cashier) said they were only for the board games and wouldn’t let me use them. Confusing! I am holding onto them to use at Target now.

      I did score 3 Little Petshop Monopoly games for $1 each at Walmart, though, using the Monopoly coupons (they were on clearance for $5 down from $22). A deal!! They also had Cadoo on clearance for $5, down from $23. I bought 4 of them for birthday presents throughout the year.

  5. Rachel

    The Flipper game was $5 at my Walmart, so free with the coupon!! 🙂

  6. Barbara

    I used mine at Walmart. I’ve been gathering up as many of these q’s as possible. These card games make GREAT prizes in my ‘prize box’ at school. It’s nice to give something substantial-not junk!

    • Erin

      What a great idea!

  7. Abby

    Just heads up I got this flipper game before Christmas on sale at Target for $5 and we tried it for family night….it bites!

    • Erin

      Thanks for the heads up! I won’t bother with it–I don’t need junk collecting dust!

      • hmm

        I think it is all a matter of opinion and just how much fun you are willing to have with a game. We played the card game version we did it between scrabble and clue and it broke the monotony and livened things up quite well we thought.. just my opinion

      • Kim

        Same here, I got it for $5 for the kids for Christmas… we opened, played it once and there it sits, very lame game.

    • Alisha

      Yeah, I got this game for my kids for Christmas and we tried to play it and the flipper arm wouldn’t work!! It made the noise and then NOTHING!! Now we have the card game that I got for $0.24 cents 🙂

    • Anonymous

      My family LOVES the flipper game. The cards did get stuck at first, but once we shuffled the cards well, they stopped getting stuck. We like it because we have quite a wide span in children’s ages at our household and all the different ages can play it without the older kids or adults getting too bored or having an extremely unfair advantage.
      My daughter laughs like a maniac the whole time – she is 8. Our neighbor also used it with her 8 year old scout troop and they loved it. So that might be about the “ideal” age range.

  8. kristin

    LOL…It isn’t really the greatest game in my opinion either, but for $3 or free I can deal with it!!!

  9. Jaime

    I found the Monopoly card games on clearance at Walmart for $4! The cashier gave me a hard time and would NOT let me use the coupon….I left and came back later that night to a friendly cashier and had no problem getting 4 free card games 🙂

  10. Rebekah

    FYI – The card games with the $5 coupon inside were on sale for the same price as the ones without the coupons at Target. I would make sure to scan those and get ones with the coupons 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Got mine:)

  11. Nicole

    The game was $15 here. Bought the card game for a quarter. Also, those Wise chips were price cut for $1! Wish I had brought those coupons with me…

    • Kathie

      Mine was still $15 too!

  12. Megan Brown

    Does anyone else find it irritating when a store won’t adjust the price of a Q? I mean, that means the store would be MAKING MORE MONEY if you only gave me $3 off my order but it’s a $4 Q and you’re going to turn it in and get $4 back… it just frustrates me. I always want to say.. “It’s not my fault that you have the game onsale!!”

  13. Megan

    Hey swagbucks folks, the widget put out a new code:

    TSG is either going to Osh or Cheers 😉


    • Cindy

      It’s a riddle that means you can find the code on the Swagbucks toolbar (Cheers is a bar and Osh is a brand of tools).

      • Megan

        I still don’t get it. I have the tool bar but I don’t see anything, and nothing happens when I search those terms. Is there a standard hiding place?

        • Megan

          OH. Got it finally. 🙂 Not sure if that point was worth it. lol

          • Dianne

            I still don’t get it. Help, please.

  14. KellyJ

    Thanks. I will go tomorrow and see what Happens and Let u all know. I have always found it helpful to go to a cash register with a young boy at it. They usually seem to care less. . So we shall see!

  15. KellyJ

    Just got word that Walmart has Lunchable subs on sale for .98 cents. On there is a coupon for .75Cents so it would be only .23 cents …

  16. Erin

    I went to Walmart yesterday with all of my printables off of the internet and the cashier said that he was told not to take them anymore. Imagine the surprise look the customer service desk gave me when I unloaded all of my groceries that I had coupons for on her counter, LOL! 🙂 I guess they had fraudulant coupns coming through. Anyway, my point is that if I was new to this coupon thing I probably wouldn’t have challenged it, but I’m not so I did. So, to all of those newbies out there, ask questions….customer service ended up give me 16 bucks in cash for the value of the coupons. 🙂

    • Tonya

      I don’t get it?? You just handed customer service your coupons and they gave you cash because they’re not accepting those coupons anymore?

      • Erin

        No, customer service said, uhh, we do take internet coupons. I guess they didn’t for awhile but they forgot to tell the cashiers. I don’t know. It’s just a good idea to ask questions. 🙂

        • Tonya

          Oh…okay 🙂 I understand now.

      • Jill

        I forgot to use one of the Strawberry Shortcake coupons the other day, and stopped by Customer Service the next time I was in to see if I could bring in my coupon, the product, and the receipt. They asked if I had the coupon with me, which I did, and ended up just giving me $5 cash for it! They never saw the product or receipt at all. What?!

    • Annette

      I had the same experience with Walmart a couple weeks ago. The cashier refused to take my printable coupons, saying that they’re not taking those and that the “real” internet coupons have an extra bar code on the side. I only had a couple dollars in coupons, so I just paid and left. I told her how frustrated I was. I went home and wrote a letter to the manager of the store, along with a printed copy of their coupon policy, a letter from about the their internet printable coupons and how to spot a real one and also a copy of the coupon I used. I have not heard back from him, but I’m very leery of going back there because of that. I’d rather go to Target, which is closer and takes every coupon I ever bring in.

      • Erin

        I agree Annette, I was very mad when I left the checkout lane…..but I composed myself by the time I reached customer service. Without a doubt if they didn’t honor the coupns that I had I would not be shopping there again any time soon. I can’t say never because I do like Walmart, but they sure would have had to at least had some forwarning that their policy had been changed. Again, it never hurts to ask! 🙂

  17. Rachel

    Found the music edition of Electronic Catch Phrase for7.50 at Walmart. With the Q, it ended up being 2.50. Pretty cheap gift for a music-loving friend!

    • Anonymous


  18. Ashley

    Wow, I hope I can find some of these great games at my Wal-Mart. I went to Target today and they are STILL out of the Pictureka cards. They have been for a few weeks now. They did have some of the $5.99 ones but I didn’t want to pay the extra for a coupon. It didn’t say they were marked down… wish I would have scanned them to see. Oh well, hopefully I’ll have luck at Wal-Mart finding the stuff and get lucky with a great cashier. I usually do self-checkout and hope the coupons don’t beep!

  19. savyshoppingmommy

    Im excited I will head to Walmart tomorrow…lol wish me luck. I got so many great deals at Target today…I just have to tell someone other than my husband lol. I got 3 Soft Soaps, Dawn Foam Soap Dispensor, Scrubbing Bubbles Automatic Bath Cleaning Machine, 2 Scrubbing Bubbles Machine Refils, Kids Toothbrush, Travel Size Herbal Essence Shampoo, Herbal Essence Style Product, 2 sets of Mens Dove 4pk soaps with mini face wash, Schiek Facial Hair Trimmer all for $28 and got a $5 Target Gift card for the Scrubbing Bubbles and have a rebate for the Schiek Facial Hair trimmer $9.94 making my total like $13.00!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Heather

    Would load the picture of the mother load I got with all my toy coupons this past weekend, Instead here’s the list:

    All of this added up together without tax or the coupons I used cost $70.79. How much did I pay you ask???????????????????? $25.41
    *Orbit Gum I price matched for 2/$4 and had $1 coupon for each pack making them $1 each.
    *Tide Stain Release was $3.99 with a $1 coupon making the 10pk just $2.99
    *Pictureka …Card game was $5.24 with $5 off coupons making them $.24 each
    *Scrabble,Monopoly, and Sorry Card Games were $5.24 with $4 off coupons for all of them making them $1.24 each
    *Catch Phrase Travel $9.98 with a $5 off coupon making it $4.98
    *My Little Ponies were $5 and I had buy one get one free making two of them free.

    • robin

      I’m nervous about using all these game coupons .. my Walmart has a STRICT coupon policy and I dont usually get good deals there. I’m curious how everyone is getting these so cheap .. all my GAME COUPONS .. in the fine print say “CONSUMER: Limit one coupon per purchase. GOOD ONLY FOR ITEMS SHOWN.etc.etc.etc.” So I’m thinking this is not going to work because the ITEM SHOWN is the Full size games .. not the card games.??? Maybe I should just try it at Target ? Comments?

      • Shirley

        I did these card games the last time I was at WalMart….two of the pictureka, two sorry and two scrabble……the only ones that beeped were the two for the scrabble card game….the cash challenged it and said it was for the board game but when I told her it didn’t say that and that the others worked fine for the sorry and pictureka, she pushed them through. I donated them to an auction at my daughter’s school so I wasn’t going to fight it but I’m glad I had a decent cashier.

  21. Lynne W

    I was able to get Sorry Revenge card game for .44 – they were 5.44 according to the signs at my Target, but rang up at $6.99 – I went to C.S. and they gave me a refund. They have a $1 Hasbro Game coupon in it.

  22. Abby

    I should add to my previous comment we got the card game and like it but the Pictureka flip game we just have sitting on a shelf needing to be given away!

  23. Erica

    I didn’t see the coupon for this item. Maybe it has reached its print limit?


    • Ktkatz

      Well i told her about this deal a week and a half ago, but i guess my voice didn’t count to be posted. you might have had a chance to get it.

      Sorry you missed out on this.

    • gnjslenhardt

      I just found all of the coupons still available. If you go to the Hasbro toy and game coupons
      link in the article above, it will take you to a page where you can get all of the coupons. I’m heading to Walmart shortly to see what I can find!! HTH

  24. SaraJC

    there was some monopoly highschool borad games for $5.00. So, $1.00 after $4/1q.

    • SaraJC

      I meant Board game lol

  25. mandi

    went to walmart and found a taboo game on clearance plus had a $5 coupon. tried to use a coupon that i had and they told me they wouldnt take it because the game was already on clearance. so i didnt buy the game.

  26. Kara

    I have been stocking up on the CHuck and Friends cars for my son for his birthday in a couple months. I was at Walmart yesterday and came home with a nice load of items. Mainly baby food items. 8 Jars of baby food, 2 boxes of cereal, animal crackers, 4 chuck and friends cars, a toilet brush and graduates crackers. Total after coupons was $20.46. I had coupons for everything but the animal crackers and the toilet brush.
    I was at Target last Friday, for the Fusion Razor deal. I picked up 1 Fusion Razor, 1 can of Edge shaving gel, one trial size of the Satin Care, 1 10ft Ethernet Cable, 2 Wii control covers (on clearance for $7.98 a piece), 3 razor refill cartiages, and 12 candles. After coupons total came to $101. Some of the coupons beeped, not sure if they went through or not. I was in a rush to get back home before the snow storm came in. There were two ladies behind me, that was watching my total jump down and said they needed to start copuoning. Original total for everything without coupons was $120.
    I need to find a coupon class here in Jacksonville,NC

  27. neveen

    I just came back from target, they refused to give me the travel size . They said its only for the big size as it shown in the picture 🙁

  28. Kim in OC

    Thank you so much for posting these coupons Collin!! I got the Pictureka and Monopoly Deal card games for my teenage kids for Valentines day. They were a hit. We had so much fun playing Monopoly Deal on our camping trip!!! Thanks again! Now I need to go back and stock up for B-day gifts for their friends.

  29. annie

    flipper game at my walmart was still $15. 🙁 I can’t find the card game at Walmart. Do they sell the card game there?

  30. Michelle D

    It was $5 at my Walmart so i got if FREE 🙂

  31. Jennifer

    I have a question that is a little off topic, but I was planning on taking the Toys R Us ad for the leapster games on sale for 30% off and the internet coupon for five dollars off to Walmart.. does anyone know if Walmart still matches prices? Will this work?

  32. anon

    I have got 24 card games for xmas next year. I still have tons of coupons.

    • jen

      how did you get that many Qs? wow, your lucky!

  33. Erin

    Walmart last night wouldn’t take my printable leapfrom coupon. said they were no longer taking internet coupons. GRRR gonna search for a coupon policy

  34. Kristin R

    I got two of the Playskoool girly riding toys for $2 each today! On clearance for $7 and they took the internet coupons for $5 off each. It made my day!

  35. Cindy

    My local Target had no problem taking the Hasbro coupons. I bought Monopoly Deal and Scrabble Slam for less than $3 including tax. The cashier said, “Wow, these are nice coupons!” I was going to hold the games for the kids’ Easter baskets, but this week is February vacation and they’re practically climbing the walls. The games came in handy for my sanity! I printed out more of the coupons to pick up gifts for my nieces.

  36. Kimberly

    I went to WalMart yesterday. My WalMart had the game for $15. Needless to say, I did not purchase it. I was so excited about the $2 deal. Oh well.

    • Cindy

      Were you looking at the card game or the regular game?

  37. Cindy

    I printed out more coupons and headed to Wal-Mart. I picked up four card games — Pictureka, Scrabble Slam, Sorry Revenge, and Monopoly Deal — for a grand total of $4.22 with tax! The best deal was the Pictureka game. The $5 coupon brought the price down to 24 cents!

  38. Cindy

    I printed out more coupons and headed to Wal-Mart. I bought four card games — Pictureka, Scrabble Slam, Sorry Revenge, and Monopoly Deal — for a grand total of $4.22 with tax! The best deal was the Pictureka game. The $5 coupon brought the price down to 24 cents! Now I want to print out a couple more sets of coupons, because the set of four games would make great birthday present gifts for my daughter to give her friends.

    • Melissa

      Here’s an ad if you need to price compare.. It’s for TRU and my zip is 48186

  39. Sonya

    I so wish there was an ad so I could price compare because theyre $15 here also.

  40. Becky

    I just went to Walmart after the Pitureka Game, thinking with my $5.00 coupon that I would get it for $2, It was not marked down to $7 like your ad says, it was $15.

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