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Always… Always Price Check Items!

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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I went to the Dollar general today to snag a few Welch’s 100% Grape Juices. According to reader, Emma, they were on sale for just $2. Plus, I had a few $1/1 coupons from the 2/7 SS (there is also a $1/1 coupon available on Well, at first, to my disappointment, the price was actually $3.65… or so I thought. That is until I remembered that I should go ask the cashier because in my experience lots of times sales are NOT marked! …AND guess what? I’m glad I asked because they were in fact on sale for $2!! So what’s the point of this little story?! Always, always price check items!

And thanks, Emma! 🙂 A 64 oz container of Welch’s 100% Grape juice for $1!! I am stoked– that’s basically 75% off the regular cost of $3.65!

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  1. Jessica

    They let me have overage from the Nivea body washes. So I got both washes and 2 juices for .25 total!

  2. Jenna

    The same thing happened to me at Target with the baby clearance items. I’d heard they were marked down to $2 something, but the price did NOT say that. However, when I scanned them they were ALL a lot cheaper than the price sticker said. 🙂

  3. Angie

    That is a good price! A few weeks ago, I got grape juce for $2 at Walgreens and I was happy at that, but $1 is def. better. : )

  4. Michael

    I did EXACTLY the same thing yesterday. Dollar Store. Welches 100% marked 3.65. Had them price check it. $2.00!!!!

  5. Lisa

    if you have a harris teeter tomorrow is super doubles, use that 1.00 coupon and it doubles to 2.00 off. I got them for 1.00 a jug last time……

  6. Jennifer

    I always price check, too! I did get my Welch’s 100% Grape juice at Dollar General today. However, on the TGIF snacks, I tried to use a $1.50 coupon and it only cost $1.00 and the clerk would not adjust the coupon down to the $1.00 (price of the snacks). I have written an email to Dollar General to find out their policy on this issue as it is not mentioned in their coupon policy online. Has anyone else had a similar incident – and if so, what happened?

    • Jennifer S.

      I just had an issue with DG on Sunday. I went to get the suave 24 hr deodorant (@ 1.50 each) and had the $3 off two coupons in hand. The cashier would not let me use the coupon because she said I would be getting the item free. This was my reply:
      I sincerely apologize for your experience within our store. I did attempt to contact you at the number listed within your email but was unsuccessful.

      Recently, our coupon policy has changed where we do not accept coupons for the full retail price of a product or products. The major reason for this has been a string of fraudulent coupons used not only with our company but with other major retail chains as well.

      I do agree that this is not our customer service philosophy and could have definitely been handled much better by our associates at the store.

      Please know that I am currently addressing this issue with our store team, most specifically the two individuals working during the time of your visit, as well as all stores throughout Amarillo to ensure that we provide only the highest level of customer service to not only yourself but every customer of ours.

      Please feel free to give me a call anytime at the number below and I will be happy to assist in any way that I can.

      Thank you for bringing this to our attention so that we can continue to serve you better.


      Joe Carter
      District Manager – District 87
      Dollar General Corporation
      (806) 220-8068. Cell

    • Lisa


      The TGIF coupon was $1.50 off of 2, so the clerk was right in not adjusting it down. I almost made the same mistake.

      • Lisa

        Sorry, replied to the wrong comment. Meant for this to attach to previous post (in reference to TGIF snacks.

  7. Anonymous

    Funny the exact thing happened to me at DG for the Welchs juice but I noticed a liitle red sign all the way on the top shelf of the juices saying ” All welchs 4@” .I was so happy to have spotted that sign lol

  8. Stephanie M

    Alll Welchs fruit juice for 2$” I mean 🙂

  9. Anonymous

    Is it just the dark grape juice? or is the white grape juice included?

    • Sonia

      They did not have the white grape juice @ my Dollar General in MO, but they did have the Peach and Cherry, They were all $2. I bought 6 bottles! I am so stocked up on juice now 🙂 I water mine down for the kiddo so I think am good for a few months 🙂

  10. Karen

    I got this deal yesterday along with the suave deoderants! I was so happy with my purchase I wrote DG customer service and told them how happy I was they accept printable coupons!! So, today I went back for the gillette shower gels, more suave deoderants. This is what I purchased today: 4 gillette body washes for free (also have this price checked because at my store they were marked 2.75 when indeed they were $2), 4 suave deoderants for free, 1 pedigree dentistix free, 4 pkgs of lance crackers and 4 bags of burger king onion ring chips. My total was 5.36!

  11. Mom of 3

    I’ve learned to price check at almost every shopping trip…especially at Kmart. There are always so many register issues, and it’s such a mess to override during the purchase process. I’ve often had to pay the wrong price because the cashier can’t do anything about it, and end up going to the service desk, wait in line, argue about the error, wait for someone to check it out, and finally get my money back! It’s a habit now to price check, and yes, I have had many wonderful surprises of things being priced lower than advertised…including a $2.00 wrought iron fireplace cover! Thanks, Collin, for the reminder!

  12. Jody

    I am in Richmond, Va and went to the Dollar General today and asked if the sale included the 100% Welches grape juice and I was told that it was not included:(.

  13. lisa i.

    ** publix has these BOGO $3.65 – use 2 $1/1 = $1.65 FOR TWO!!! **

    • Gayla

      I loaded up with this recent Publix BOGO deal too!

  14. Rhonda

    WOW…now see I thought I was doing so good at couponing..and I am doing pretty good…but never thought of PRICE CHECK! I just shrink up and slide out of the door thinking oh well. 🙂 lol Well not anymore! You ladies are creating a monster! Courteous….but a monster. 🙂

    • Samantha

      Always remember to Price CHECK and Price MATCH — I forget myself all the time!

  15. Wanda Rountree

    Went to Dollar General in Ocilla GA to get juice and a few other items with coupons. Anything that was on sale was comming up full price. Anything that would come out free with coupon thay would not accept the coupon and refused most printed coupons. I got mad and told them to void the whole transaction and return my coupons and I left.

  16. Jennifer R.

    I went to Dollar General in Dallas today to get the Welch’s, and they were indeed on sale even though they weren’t marked as such. However, the cashier wouldn’t accept my printed coupons and told me that they no longer accept them. When I told him that I just used some at the same store this past weekend, he said my other cashier made a mistake because they have a note in their office not to accept them anymore. I didn’t have DG’s corporate number on my phone, or I would’ve called right then. I went away with nothing. 🙁

    • liza

      My husband went to DG last week armed with his printed suave coupons $3/2. They were 1.75 each so final cost of .50. The cashier was so impressed that she said she was going to go home to print some of her own.

    • Anonymous

      They told me the same thing because so many coupons are fraudulent now, but I told her I had just read that other Dollar Generals had been taking these same coupons so she decided to “try” my coupon to see “what it would do” and it DID take the $1 off so they let me have it. I got 2 64 oz containers for $2.12

  17. Jennifer R.

    I just printed the coupon policy from DG’s website that DOES state that they accept internet coupons. (They must have a barcode, etc., and mine met all the qualifications.) I’m going back to DG tomorrow, armed with their coupon policy.

    • Carrie

      That is really weird that their policy states they take internet coupons. Last time I was at a dollar general store the manager told me they did not take any internet coupons!


    I’ve discovered a lot of stores that refuse the FREE product printed coupons and some that refuse to adjust the price too. Its sad. Sure wish I had a Dollar General near the NW!

  19. Lisa

    I totally agree with checking the price, especially on non-advertised items at DG. The other day, I found Scotch Pop-Up Tape Dispensers on clearance for $1.00 at one DG, but didn’t have coupons with me. Ran to a closer store the next day. They were not marked at the clearance price, but when I had them checked, they were indeed on clearance.

  20. Annie

    There are some $ 0.75 Welch coupons as well which are doubled to $1.50 at all my local supermarkets. It has been great to get juice for $0.50 for the last few weeks. I bought my coupons on Ebay.

  21. Elizabeth

    I need a zip code for the $1 off 1 because all can get is $1 off 2. I still love $1. 50 juice, but I would love $1 juice even more. Is anyone else having this problem?

    • Elizabeth

      never mind. I found it. I don’t know why I didn’t see it the first time.

  22. Karli

    I went in yesterday and it was not marked and the sales guy said it was not $2… So I left.. Then I read your comment about price checking so I sent my hubby with the $1 off coupon and he price checked it and got it for $1!! Thanks Collin!

  23. Samantha

    Did the same thing on the juice today and got 4 ( I have 2 computers) for $1 each!!!

    The cashier tried everything she knew on the Suave deodorant, but it wouldn’t scan all of my coupons. All were legit, of couse and all deodorants were 24 hr and the right size.
    We finally figured out by trial and error that it was taking $3 off 3 , not 2. And they were priced at 1.50, so it’s not like the coupon exceeded the price of the product. She would scan 2 and then a coupon and it wouldn’t take it and she would scan another deodorant and the coupon would go through fine.

    Weird. I have plenty of free deodorant, but it’s always great to share with friends and family or donate. =(

  24. Amy H.

    I went to DG yesterday to get the Welch’s juice and yes the 100% grape juice was marked on the shelves at my store as $2 ea. However the cashier would not accept my printable $1/1 coupons for the juice. She said “we no longer take internet coupons”. I said yes I think you do since I was just in here yesterday buying other stuff (Nivea, Suave, etc). She said “well no, we just got a new policy on them this morning and we don’t take internet coupons”. I asked her to hand me the policy sheet she was talking about so I could see for myself and it did NOT say no internet coupons but what it did say was no coupons from the internet for FREE things. I pointed this out to here but she still refused to take my coupons for the juice. So I said no thanks and left without buying anything. UGH.

  25. Bri

    My DG will let you use coupons that make the items free. I went the other night with my mighty dog dog food coupons, gillette body wash, & degree deoderant coupons and I got 80 cans of mighty dog dog food (I have a store that gives me their leftover Sunday papers on Mondays and that week I got like 14 or 17 papers!) 2 full size body washes, and 10 trial size deoderants and after coupons my total was $0.00!!! There system doesn’t even charge you tax if the coupons are for the same price as the item 🙂 The store manager even checked me out and she thought it was great that I had such wonderful coupons 🙂

    As for the juice, I just price matched my juice when I ran into wal-mart tonight so that I wouldn’t have to make an extra stop and also I figured I would have a larger selection of flavors to choose from. The cashier just checked to make sure that they were all Welches and 64 oz and she price matched them all. I am soooo stocked on juice for awhile!

    ********A note for those of you having trouble getting coupons to scan at DG: If you have a coupon that for instance says “buy 5 get $3 off: they need to scan the 5 items and then the coupon and then the next 5 items and then the coupon or otherwise they will not scan at the end. That is how we had to do the 80 cans of dog food. Also when I purchased multiple things with coupons a couple of weeks ago, they cannot enter them in as quantity, they have to scan each item or the coupons will beep. If your coupons are for like $1 off one, then you can just scan them all at the end of the transaction and the register takes them with no problem. Hope this helps some of you 🙂

  26. Lolo

    Darn I wish we had a dollar general in San Diego. I LOVE the 100% grape juice. and there are so many good deals you post from them. Our Dollar stores do not take coupons… and being that nothing is over $1.00 at them they don’t usually carry good deals like this. 🙁

  27. Marie

    I’ve found that Walmart (at least here in GA) has the wrong price listed most of the time. The label (or sign) is pretty much never right so I’ve starting price checking everything!

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