New Jell-O Coupon = FREE at various Stores?!

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Wahoo! There’s a new high value Jell-O coupon available! Head on over here to print a coupon valid for $1 off 2 Sugar Free Jell-O products. The boxes of Sugar FREE Jell-O gelatin sell for around $0.50 at Target, Walmart, and elsewhere, so they should be close to FREE after this coupon. (Thanks, Savor the Savings!)

What do you do with Jell-O gelatin? We usually make shapes with cookie cutters and sometimes I’ll sprinkle the powder in a smoothie to make it more flavorful. …BUT I’d love to hear any recipes or other creative ways to make use of this product.

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  1. What?

    Strawberry Pie!

  2. anne

    Add it to vanilla frosting instead of food coloring/extracts

  3. stephanie

    put 1/2 packet of Jell-O powder in a batch of rice krispie treats. YUMMMMY!!!

  4. Becky

    Make poke cake.

  5. Smitha

    Jell-O and Vanilla Ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tammi

    Mix one small package with a cup of hot water. (you can add an ice cube or too if you would like) Once it’s mostly mixed up then add a container of Cool Whip. Chill in the fridge for at least a few hours until it sets up for an easy dessert!

  7. Bonnie

    Mix jello with the 1 cup boiling water. Once dissolved, use mixer and combine with one package cream cheese, then add 1 cup lemon lime soda, 1.5 cups of canned fruit drained (I usually use crushed pineapple and mandarin oranges), 1/2 cup pecans and 1 tsp vanilla. Let set in fridge for 1 hour, until it forms peaks when dropped from a spoon. Fold in 1/2 tub of cool whip, spread in 9/12 dish and let completely set in fridge, another 2 hours.

    This is one of our favorite holiday desserts, we make it orange for Thanksgiving, red or green for Christmas, pink for Easter, etc…. Tastes sooooo yummy!

    • Tracy

      gotta try this

      • Rhonda

        WHOA! Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Linda

    Loving the ideas…I have an OLD stockpile of various flavors! ๐Ÿ™‚ I will be using my coupon for pistashio pudding to make Watergate Salad with the free Cool Whip I “bought” last week at Food Lion.

  9. Gina

    Make a marshmallow fruit salad.
    use 2 large cans of fruit cocktiel, a bag of colored marshmallows 1 tub of cool whip, 2 chopped apples, walnuts if you like and 1 box of jello for color and flavor I usually use cherry.
    Refrigerate and let all the yummy stuff bathe together.
    It’s usually gone at any party!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tracy

      gotta try this too

      • Rhonda

        Right behind you Tracy! Need more coupons!! lol

  10. Kelsey

    Jello shots! lol

    • Kelsey

      Great for summertime parties. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • jamie e.

      woo hoo! I like this one! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Samantha

      You took my answer. LOL!

  11. Susan

    Lemon Cheesecake
    Dissolve 1 small pkg. of lemon jello in 1 cup of hot water, let cool. Cream 1 8 oz. pkg cream cheese with 1 cup sugar and add 1 and 1/4 cup Evaporated Milk (not sweetened condensed). Combine cream cheese mixture with lemon jello mixture and add juice of two fresh lemons (or equivalent bottled lemon juice). Pour into two graham cracker crusts and chill. Top with a few graham cracker crumbs. This can also be poured into a homemade graham cracker crust made in a 13 x 9 inch pan, instead of two pie size crusts. yum!

    • Tracy

      Thanks for the recipe!

  12. Mitch

    I am just glad my son will choose Jell-O over ice cream when his dessert is included at the diner. It shocks this chubby dad every time.
    I also find it much easier to buy the ready made Jell-O at Target (cheaper than the supermarkets) cause I am not that good a a cook!

  13. Dallas

    Lime Jello Cake!!! So yummy and so refreshing!!
    We always have this for the 4th of July

    1 box of yellow cake mix
    1 3 oz box of lime jello
    4 eggs
    1 cup of water
    1/2 cup oil

    Combine all ingredients blend on med for 2 min
    grease and flour 9 x13 pan
    bake @ 350 degrees until brown

    FROSTING (glaze):
    1/2 cup powdered sugar
    juice of lemon until pourable

    • Samantha

      A lady that I used to work with used this recipe and experimented with different flavors of Jello– all were fabulous!

  14. Amber

    Whipped Fruit Cheesecakes (we make these for my diabetic FIL)

    One packet Jell-O mix, one package softened cream cheese (light or fat free work just fine), and one container Cool Whip (any variety works). Dissolve the Jell-O in 2 tbs boiling water. It will be thick. Fold ingredients together, fill pie crust, top with fresh fruit or more whipped cream.

    We make strawberry or lime in the summer and cranberry for Thanksgiving.

  15. Brook

    We make a boxed yellow cake mix and when it’s mostly cooled, poke a bunch of holes in it with a fork. Then we mix the jello with hot water like the package directs and instead of then adding cold water, we pour it over the cake. We let it sit in the fridge and soak up the goodness. My parents used to make this for us. So yummmy!

  16. Jennifer

    Subsitute a cup of applesauce for one of the cups of water. Then I add some chopped up fruit to it.

  17. Leighann

    The following Jello Recipe is always a hit at holidays, picnics, etc. Kids love it too!!

    1 Large Box Strawberry Jello (or Strawberry Banana)
    1 16 oz. Box Frozen Strawberries (Sweetened)
    1 Small can crushed Pineapple (Drained)
    1 8oz. Sour Cream

    Dissolve jello in two cups boling water. Stir well.
    Add partially thawed strawberries and drained pineapple.
    Pour 1/2 mixture into serving bowl and chill.
    Spoon Sour Cream gently over the Jello.
    Pour rest of Jello over the Sour Cream.
    Chill and serve.

  18. Andrea

    This month’s Women’s Day magazine also has a coupon for $1.00 off refrigerated Jello cups (jello or pudding)

  19. Chris M.

    1 (3 oz.) pkg. orange Jello
    1 (3 oz.) vanilla pudding (not instant)
    1 (3 oz.) pkg. tapioca pudding (not instant)
    1 (8 oz.) Cool Whip
    1 sm. can mandarin oranges
    3 c. hot water
    Combine first 3 ingredients in a saucepan and add 3 cups hot water. Bring to a boil, stirring constantly. Cool slightly. After cooled, combine with Cool Whip and drained mandarin oranges. Blend well and refrigerate.

    This is excellent! Can use any variety of jello and fruits. My favorite is peach or apricot jello with canned peaches or apricots. Strawberry jello with strawberries is great, too! Or lime jello with pineapple. Raspberry jello with raspberries. Use your imagination and enjoy!

  20. Dougie B

    Mmmmmm! I love aspartame!

    • Amber

      Mmm! Sarcasm!

  21. Laura

    Watch the value for this coupon! I had Target on my todo list today… I brought this coupon with me. The sugar free jello was 52 cents…. I bought 2 boxes for $1.04, and the register only took off 52 cents. Customer service was helpful and gave me the rest of the value of the coupon.

  22. Cathy Monnin

    wouldn’t print for me – said I had already printed my limit – had not printed it before, not sure why is said that.

    • robyn

      me too!!

    • Diane L.

      I am 100% sure I have never printed this coupon before, but it also said I had printed my limit.

      • Gina


    • Sarah

      it told me the same thing! ๐Ÿ™ ive never printed this before and im not able to find it on doesnt make sense!

      • Lori

        me too

    • Rebecca

      Me too! I am bummed!!!

  23. Samantha

    We don’t usually eat sugar-free products so I am not sure of the exact price, but I remember seeing some boxes of the sugar free Jello at Target last week on the food clearance aisle. HTH

  24. Tracy

    At Meijers all jello (not puddin) is only $0.55 so your only paying $0.05 for each box of jello which is a GREAT deal. I have about 70 boxes in my stock right now so thanks for all the recipes, I can’t wait to start making them.

  25. Nimmi

    How about homemade playdoh?

    from :

    Jello Playdough
    Wondering what to do with all of that jello you bought on sale but never seem to have the time to make into something? Here’s a really cute recipe for using it to make scented playdough. The kids love it!


    1 cup white flour
    1/2 cup salt
    2 T. cream of tartar
    2 T. Vegetable oil
    1 c. warm water
    1 three oz. pkg. jello (any flavor)


    Combine ingredients and cook over medium heat until it thickens and pulls away from the sides of pot and becomes dull. * Note: it burns easily so don’t put over too high a heat and keep stirring. Mold and knead until cool enough to touch. Store in a closed plastic bag.

  26. Heidi

    We love Jello Tupsicles (an old Tupperware recipe) in the summer!
    2 cups boiling water
    1 package jello
    1 package Kool-aid
    1 cup sugar
    2 cups cold water

    Mix the sugar, jello and kool-aid in a large bowl, pour the boiling water over it and stir real well ’till all the gelatin is dissolved, then add the two cups of cold water. Fill popsicle containers and freeze ’till firm. Yum, my kids LOVE them and they don’t melt as quickly as other popsicles because of the jello.

  27. annatganz

    We don’t typically do sugar free products but, we have a little girl with life-threatening allergies that loves the idea of lip balm but can’t have most. I was able to make lip balm for her with sugar free jello and Crisco last Christmas. I used the mini Playdoh containers, a bit of Crisco and just enough sugar-free Jello to give it color and flavor. She was so delighted and keeps begging me to make more : ) It is also easy enough that she can do it with friends and make more.

  28. Stacie M

    This is an awesome Weight Watchers recipe using sugar-free Strawberry jell-o (it’s also yummy using the black cherry)!

    1 small box strawberry jell-o
    1 C. boiling water
    1 can light cherry pie filling
    1 sm. can crused pineapple
    Optional- Cool Whip Free

    Mix everything together and then just refrigerate until it sets up (I usually leave it overnight) Top with Cool Whip free for a great guiltless desert!

  29. LJ

    There are no prints available for this campaign @ 9:51 A.M. EST…too bad.

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