Walgreens: Dr. Scholl’s Money-Makers!

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Wahoo! I have great news… the Walgreens Dr. Scholl’s Register Reward deal (Buy $10 or more of participating Dr. Scholl’s products = $5 RR) is even better than I expected! You see, the Dr. Scholl’s for Her Hidden Arch Inserts and the Dr. Scholl’s for Her Rough Skin Eraser Creams are both working for the Register Reward deal– which means you can score some better than FREE Dr. Scholl’s products! Here’s how….

Scenario #1
Buy 2 Dr. Scholl’s for Her Hidden Arch Inserts $6.99 each
Add an inexpensive “Filler” item (so you’re not in the negative)
Total = $13.98 (+ cost of “Filler” item)
Use two $2/1 Dr. Scholl’s for Her Insert coupons found here
Use the $5/1 coupon from the July Coupon Booklet (will deduct $10)
Pay the cost of the “Filler” item
Get back a $5RR
Final cost FREE + a $5 Moneymaker!

Scenario #2
Buy 2 Dr. Scholl’s for Her Rough Skin Eraser Creams $6.99 each
Total = $13.98
Use the $5/1 coupon from the July Coupon Booklet (will deduct $10)
Pay $3.98
Get back a $5RR
Final cost FREE + a $1+ Moneymaker!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags & Francis!)

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Comments 59

  1. maria

    thank you thank you thank you!!!

  2. Brenda

    Will it work if you do 1 of each (1 hidden arch insert + 1 rough skin eraser cream)???

    • Kendra B

      Yes, it just has to be $10 or more of Dr. Scholl’s participating products BEFORE coupons.

      • Brenda


  3. Lisa

    Ad prints at TOP of page first πŸ™ so use a full sheet of paper or you miss out on one!!! (I didn’t, oh, well!)

  4. Lisa

    My Wags says the July coupon book coupons are manufacturer coupons. Actually that is what is stated on the coupons. So I couldn’t use them with a regualr manuf. coupon πŸ™ Said they are now cracking down on losses!

    • Phyllis

      In one of the coupon inserts they had a scenario where they used a mfr coupon and their coupon book coupons on the Off mosquito repellant. I keep the add as well as the corresponding coupon with me when I go, that way they can’t say anything. It was in May I think, but I am not sure what insert. If you want you can email me and I can scan the ad and the coupon book page, so you can show them. Here is my email address just in case you want to get a copy of the ad… pjcoupon@gmail.com

    • Laurie

      I had this happen before also until I pointed out that real Manufacturer coupons start with a 5 or a 9 and all the coupons in their booklet start with a bunch of zer0s I believe. They are NOT the same as a manufacturer coupon for which Walgreens gets reimbursed. I read up on Collins great article about manufacturer coupons so I could explain everything to the manager and he said “Why, I never noticed that before!” and then said he would re-train his cashiers. I have not had a problem since. (NO guarantees at Walgreens though).

  5. Katie Russell

    prints 4 times

  6. stacy

    Use two $2/1 Dr. Scholl’s for Her Insert coupons
    Use one $5/1 coupon from the July Coupon Booklet ??? (just one $5 coupon)

    • couponlovingmommy

      you only have to give them 1–it’ll take $10 off

  7. amy

    one $5/1 coupon from the July Coupon Booklet ?? OR TWO $5/1 coupon from the July Coupon Booklet ?? I’m very confusion.

    • ScrapGal

      The way the monthly Walgreens coupon books are coded into the registers they take off for EACH matching item, $5 for 1 $10 for 2, $15 for 3 etc. Since they are walgreens coupons you don’t need one for each item like a manufacturers coupon.

    • Jenny

      You only need to use one coupon from the Walgreens July Coupon book – it will automatically take $5 off for each Dr. Scholl’s item.

  8. toph

    anyone want to visit my blog? I post a lot of Amazon deals..


  9. anita

    my coupon printed out the work insoles. is that the same as inserts. will it work?

  10. anita

    meant to say the word insoles not work insoles. sorry

  11. diane

    My coupon also says insoles….not inserts πŸ™

  12. Mer

    Did this deal.. Prices were a bit higher by me.. $7.79 each..so I didn’t need a filler.. Paid $1.93 with tax and got the $5.. It took a few moments to print though, I almost thought I wasn’t getting the five.

  13. giveawayoverload

    Thanks! I usually take my RR to Wal-Mart to buy diapers… and I need diapers!

    • couponlovingmommy

      walmart takes Walgreens RRs?

      • CHI

        I was at Walmart a couple of weeks back and a lady in front of me tried to use a WG RR, the cashier scanned it but it beeped. The cashier said that it was no good, the customer took her RR back and went on her way.
        I think it’s a YMMV.
        I hate walmart’s registers, they always kick coupons out (especially printables). They scan (no beepage) but they don’t take the $ amount off. This happened to me a while back with the PDF $1 off any scotch brite Q.

        • shannon

          my walmart says they wont take competitors coupons. i have a hard enough time trying to get them to take regular coupons!!! ><

      • giveawayoverload

        I’ve taken Wags and Albertson’s RR to Walmart and I’ve never had a problem. I take Fred Meyer, Target, Babies R Us, and Bed Bath & Beyond coupons to walmart and they always work for me.

  14. couponlovingmommy

    The arch supports deal worked great for me–mine were priced at $7.49, though, making it a $4 moneymaker–so I’m pretty happy! πŸ™‚

  15. Sara P

    I did the hidden arches and the rough skin cream. Mine (in Austin, TX) both rang up 5.99 each and both printed a $5 RR.

    • Anonymous

      I just did two Hidden Arch ($6.99 each) and one $0.39 of 3 ring poly binder. i used 2 $2 and $5 off from July Wal coupons book. End up I paid $1.77 and no $5 RR. I was so mad. Any one knows why?

      • Maria

        Did you figure in taxes? Where I live in KS, I get taxed on the entire amount before coupons.

      • Maria

        oh sorry, I thought you were made that you paid 1.77. Realized you were mad that you didn’t get the $5RR. sorry.

      • seb

        You have to buy a minimum of $10 worth of the Dr. Scholl’s products to get the $5RR. So you would have needed 2 of the $6.99 items.

        Just take it back and return it and get two. Then you should get your register reward.

        • hollie

          She did buy two so the RR should have printed. Most likely, the machine was down. In these cases, I ask them to ring up my purchases at another register.

          • Anonymous

            Well, I asked the manager about is there any problems of the machine and I also see the green light on it. So, it shouldn’t have any problem but the manager said, “the reason you didn’t get $5RR bcs you used 2/$2 and $10 off from July Wal Qs.”…. that’s no sence to me at all and I can tell this manager is new. Anyway, it wasn’t a bad deal tho bcs I pay tax on them. Right!?!?!

  16. PeanutPattie

    This deal worked so well!! My inserts were actually on sale at $5.99, rather than the $6.99 the shelf was marked. So I got two pkgs. hidden arches for her and an Oxi-gel (the new thing with the nubs); I used a 75Β’ off from the newspaper this AM. I got all for 78 CENTS!!! πŸ˜€

  17. Denise

    Walgreens would not take the coupon for 5.00 off on the inserts. It beeped and it said right on it that it was for insoles – not inserts.

    Paid way too much!!

    • Sara P

      The coupon in the July book lists the things you can take $5 off. The hidden arches is one of those things listed specifically. I don’t believe just any insole is listed.

  18. sarah

    I have been to two different walgreens and they wouldn’t take my coupons for the hidden archs…yes the walgreens ivc for the $5 says hidden archs..but it was the $2 off coupon they wouldn’t accept bc it was only for insoles and not inserts…do i have the wrong coupon??? is there one just for inserts and not insoles? bc the only one that printed was the insole coupon, not the insets…would love to know from someone if i’m doing this deal wrong…or if the cashiers are just not pushing it through for me…thanks!

    • Julie

      you have the right coupons. Did they try to scan it for you? I went tonight and bought the hidden arches inserts, the coupons went through no problem.

  19. danelle

    the eraser does work just got mine today. u pay 99c for it with july coupon in booklet adn get 5 dollars back if u buy 2 so u make out with 4 dollars. the rr are only good for the store that u get it from in the first place. and maria used 1 to many coupons i went throught this a week ago and thats what they told me

  20. rchooker1

    My Walgreen’s took the $10 off, one of the $2, but wouldn’t take the other $2. I told them I didn’t want it.

    • PeanutPattie

      You have to use the two $2 off first, then the Wags $5 off second. At least, that’s how it worked for me.

  21. Agnes

    I just discovered that Walgs coupon only took 5$ once, off not double, so I have to go back…. and it shows up as a manuf coupon not wags…… weird……………

    • shannon

      all of wags coupons always show up as mfg on my receipts

  22. Mac

    Is it possible to do scenario 1 but ONLY use the $5/1 coupon, not the $2/1? (I don’t like using an IVC coupon with a manu coupon, it never works for me.)

  23. Erin Fisher

    so far printed 4 times… hmm how many can we get πŸ™‚

    • maria

      i got four as well..two computers and I MAKE twenty bucks πŸ˜€

  24. whytemocha

    Went to Walgreens yesterday. The insoles coupon beeped when she scanned it. Since they are not full insoles (just arch) they did not take it.

  25. ronda

    I had the same problem yesterday. I thought the in-store q was for the massaging gel insole inserts but they were for the actual foot massaging gel and creams. I will go back and try the rough skin eraser cream.

  26. Christina

    This deal worked fabulously!!! I’m so glad I went last night b/c I got the last 2 left to make the $5. πŸ™‚

  27. Melissa

    Bought 2 of the Rough Skin Eraser creams (13.98 total). The IVC coupon did take $10.00 off, but the RR did not print. This was in Redmond, OR.

  28. Katherine

    Awesome! Worked for me perfectly just now 7/19: Used coupons, got RR’s! Looking forward to a little Walgreens shopping spree in the near future with all these RR’s! Thanks!

  29. Heather

    It didnt work correctly for me. Instead of taking off $10 with the Walgreens coupon it only took off 5 and gave me the 5RR so I at least got them for free. I think.. lol

  30. sarahl587

    I tied to purchase a message gel insole and the cashier could not scan the coupon and make it work she just called a manager and she did a price ajustment so then my rr did not print . I return the insole Walgreens is becoming a big problem for me!

    • s

      I had the SAME issue! They had to adjust the price down, so then I couldn’t get my $5 RR. Uhhh, I am SO fed up with Walgreens! And I called corporate, and all they could offer me was “I’m sorry you experienced that.” I’m done with them! I have some RR, and I plan on using those, and not going to them again! Riteaid and CVS are SOOOOO much better! I love my Riteaid! Wags is just as bad as Walmart with coupons.

  31. Becky

    I tried in Arlington Texas. It didn’t print out $5. The manager said because total amount after coupons under $10, so it won’t print out. I am tired of asking managers and get nothing so many times from different stores… coupons are great, but sometimes too much hassle.

  32. Cami

    My Walgreens told me that in order to receive the RR your total amount has to equal whatever the promotion may be BEFORE coupons. I had this issue with the 4/$15 Dove, I tried to buy 4 Dove items (I had coupons for all of them) and they told me because I would pay less than $15 that I wouldn’t receive the RR. Has anyone else had this issue??? I want to get the rough skin eraser but am wondering if they will tell me this same thing – it’s so frustrating! Walgreens had good deals, but I have to say CVS is so much better!

  33. Johnny

    Deal Scenario- Buy 2 Dr. Scholls hidden arch insoles on sale in Dallas for $5.99 each and buy 1 Colgate Total plus whitening for $3.49. Use 2 $2 off Dr. Scholls insoles for her and the $5 in ad coupon. Total $1.47 out of pocket= $8.49 in Register Rewards = $7 money maker. Been doing this all week long.

  34. ynapoli

    Thanks for the deal! I was able to score 2 of the Rough Skin Eraser Creams for the price you posted…HOWEVER…has anyone else actually tried the cream yet? Boy was I dissappointed. The directions say to rub the cream on dry feet “until rough skin begins to peel off.” Another claim on the bottle says that this product “magically exfoliates your rough, dry skin” and that after using it will leave your skin soft and moisturized. I was quite excited to try this, afterall, Dr. Scholl’s is a name we can trust, right? Sure enough, after about 30 seconds of rubbing the cream on my feet, the cream dried up and something was flaking off! I rinsed off, as directed, and dried my feet. About 10 minutes later, my feet did not fell even remotely different. I repeated, also as directed you can do, with no change. Only then did I read the second ingreadient (after water)…it was PARAFFIN!! As is WAX??? It seems to me what happened was as the paraffin in the cream ws exposed to the air it began to dry and harden, as waxes do, and the wax bits are what flaked off…not my skin! I feel like I was the vivtim of a scam!. I know I got a deal equivalent to getting this product for free-not the point. The point is how can such a respected company like Dr. Scholl’s put such bold claims on a product and not deliver? I will definitely be writing the company. If I am wrong about the paraffin thing-please educate me. Thanks for reading my ranting! πŸ™‚

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