Bucca di Beppo: FREE Lasagna Day + More!

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Mark your calendars for Thursday, July 29th– it’s Buca di Beppo’s FREE Lasagna Day! You’ll be able to snag a FREE lunch-sized portion of their famous lasagna when you purchase any Buca Small or Buca Large Pasta or Entrée. If you really want to take advantage of FREE Lasagna Day, head over to City Deals NOW and snag a $20 Bucca di Beppo gift card for only $12 (that’s a 40% savings)! Be sure to request the gift card today as shipping takes 4-6 business days (shipping costs are $0.99). Then plan to use this gift card on July 29th to maximize your savings!

If you prefer to follow a good Italian meal with something sweet, head on over to Coldstone Creamery afterwards. You can snag a $20 Coldstone Creamery Gift Card for only $16 on City Deals (that’s a 20% savings)! Also, don’t forget to join the Cold Stone Creamery Birthday Club… you’ll receive a FREE ice cream creation on your birthday! Yummy!

Note: I have decided to remove the deal scenario I had put together. I was in no way stated you should leave a little tip… I was just trying to get you all thinkin’ about the deal you could snag when you combine the gift card offer with FREE lasagna day! A tip should really be decided after your meal. That way you can take into account the cost and also how you were taken care of by the server. Obviously the better the service, the higher the tip!

(Thanks, Penny Pinchin Mom!)

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  1. Catherine

    Thanks! It lands on the same day as the Cheesecake Factory’s $1.50 preview day! Super excited ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Tara

    Yes! My birthday is July 29th! I have so many options for dinner and dessert! lol

  3. Liz

    I thought it was poor etiquette to leave tip on a gift card.

    • Blair

      Nope. They get the money the same way they would cash. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • char

        interesting good to know… ๐Ÿ™‚

    • MommySpendsLess

      It is considered good etiquette to leave 15-20% of the PRE-coupon amount. As this article http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/food/manners/coupon-tipping-peggy-nov05 eloquently explains “So, don’t base your tip on the discounted bill; you’ll be punishing the waiter for the restaurant’s efforts to get you in the door.”

      Personally, in this case I’d figure the free lasagna as another $10, the total pre-discount bill about $26 and the tip $5-$6 depending on how great the service was and I’d take into account that the restaurant will probably be slammed because of the promotion. Then again I just started serving as an alternative to keeping my office job and putting the baby in day care and my husband was a waiter during high school/college so we might be a little overly understanding/forgiving and usually round up from 20% (unless the service is just no excuses terrible which I don’t think has ever happened).

      • janee

        I agree- the tip needs to be on the pre-coupon amount. Still a great deal!

    • Candice B.

      I have worked at a chain restaurant and you can not leave tips on a gift card. The gift card is pre paid for the food NOT the service, so be aware of this please.

      • JL

        I wait tables/bartend now and you can leave tip on the gift card. Just ask first. Yes tip should be before discounts.

        • Leah

          I’ve worked at multiple restaurants, and have never had problems adding tips to GCs.

  4. Liz

    Most coupons are not valid with other promotions. Might want to check your coupon.

  5. Lucia

    Can you use the 10 off 20 coupon with the gift card?

    • Susan

      I would thnk you CAN use the coupon and the gift card together, since the gift card is like cash.

  6. lisa purtill

    do we know if this works for carry out or is strickly dine in?????

  7. Tilla

    I love Bucca, though it is an hour drive for us. I must say, it’s not even the food we enjoy, but the atmosphere. We do love their apple pecan salad, and I love their salmon with pesto…their deserts also rock. I am a big tipper, as long as that tip is deserved, so on a pre coupon 30 dollar meal i would tip about 8 bucks if fabulous service…and by that I mean, polite, clean, smart, efficient, friendly but not obnoxious. Water or iced tea always filled up without asking is a big point winner in my book!

  8. srm

    Glad to see a few people have already called attention to this!!!

    You should be tipping on the check before coupons, discounts, and promotions. My opinion you should be leaving $5.00 + for a tip. More for great service, more if you leave a big mess (kids), more if your high maintenance, etc.

    I am all about the coupons. Your server should not suffer.

  9. Jessica

    If you can’t afford a good tip, don’t go out to eat.

    • Jessica

      Probably a little abrasive, but I just got off a long shift (waitress, I’m sure you guessed)

  10. Tammy

    Come on Colin – you should know this! This is 2010! You should be tipping 20%, it’s been 4 or 5 years since 15% was acceptable. And worse than that — you always tip on the total check before coupons or discounts. The tip is based on all the food, drinks etc. that were ordered and brought to the table. If your server took the time to take your order for an item, write it down, enter it in the computer, bring it to your table, bring any condiments for that item, get to go boxes for that item and finally either bus that item off the table or she has to pay someone to bus that table–then you should be tipping on the free/discounted items. The tip is on your whole dining experience. And if the service was not up to par–then 15% is probably acceptable.

    • Tammy

      Look at it this way–you already saved $10 plus on the free lasagna, $4 plus on the drinks, and the discounted gift card. And that is great! But, why should the server be slighted because you are a thrifty, smart consumer. The table next to you could order the same exact items with soft drinks and receive the same exact service and would leave 20%. And their tip would be about $6, which is basiclly twice as much as your tip. I can’t imagine leaving anything less than $5 for lunch.

  11. Leah

    As far as the tip goes: I wouldn’t be horribly offended if I received that as a tip, I would contribute it to ignorance on the customer’s part (by that I mean that the customer did not realize that you should tip on the pre-discounted amount).
    However, i would never leave that tip myself, knowing how a restaurant works, and I definitely would not advocate on a blog for leaving that kind of tip. If you receive poor service, then I guess that would be sufficient, but I would budget for more (if it were me).
    You can’t control what others tip, but if you’re going to suggest a tip, you should suggest one that is in line with proper tipping etiquette and allow others to make their own judgment call from there. JMHO.

  12. Rae

    And just to jump on the “tip ’til it hurts” bandwagon…when you order WATER you should still tip as though you ordered any other beverage. The server has to do the same amount of work to get it for you! When I waited tables in college I would automatically add the tip to couponers. My mom leaves 15% for exceptional service and I cringe and add extra cash when she’s not looking (she’s never waited tables).

  13. Thanks for the deal!

    I was tring to review the comments to see if anyone else had even sweeter deals on this and everyone is stuck on the “quoted tip”. I think she was just tring to show us all a deal. This deal is NOT about the tip. Just how it works. I am one of those that need to be shown how it works so thanks for doing the work on it. I betcha next time she leaves the tip part out tho. Most people will do what they can when it comes to tips.

  14. thriftymom04

    just wanted to tell you THANK YOU for posting this awesome deal! I thought we were going to just get 1 free lasagna with our order but since we ordered 2 entrees (to use our $10 off $20) we got 2 lasagnas and they were huuuuge! Our bill before the coupon was $28 so minus the $10=$18. we used our $20 gift card from city deals & had $2 left on it to pay some of the tip and only had to use a little cash oop for the rest of the tip! And we had 2 huge entrees and 2 huge lasagnas!!

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