Kmart: Additional 50% off Clearance Toys!

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As you may know, I posted about Kmart having an additional 50% off all clearance toys earlier today! Well, reader Alli, headed to kmart and snagged all the toys above for a grand total of $74.50! She saved $71 off the clearance price… so EVEN more when you take into account the retail cost!!

Planning ahead will make you save so much money in the long run! I know buying Christmas gifts in July isn’t all that appealing, but when December rolls around and you’re done shopping, you’ll know exactly what I mean! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Kristina in SD

    I went on Sunday and snagged myself $180 worth of toys. Awesome deal all set for Birthdays and Christmas. Just about cleared them out!!!

  2. Olivia Smith

    Wow- that is amazing. About time for me to head down there!!

  3. danielle

    wow..that is awesome!!!.

  4. Anna

    When does Target put their toys on clearance? Went today to get some prescriptions filled and found some clearance items. Got 3 Quattro Razor summer value kits for 48 cents/item, 1 Venus Spa Razor value kit for $2.98, 9 composition note books at 25 cents/item, 2 free Strident gums, and 4 Bic packs of pens for 10 cents/item. Used a GC from the prescription so no out of pocket. Was hoping for toys but will have to head to Kmart. No one shops at my Kmart.

    • Lucinda

      I went yesterday to Target and they had TONS of toys on clearance, a few for 50% but most for 15,20, or 30 percent off. I am hoping for better deals on the clearance soon.

  5. Jessica

    Read the post earlier about KMart, but wasn’t convinced to make the trip down there till now! Guess it is a good thing that I will be passing one today while running errands! Now to just get out of the house! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. katie

    online you can put the items on layaway and pick them up at the store… awesome deal!

    • Amy

      alot of things were out of stock. too bad because everything was insanely cheap

  7. laura

    I’ve hit up all 4 kmarts in our local area and found some GREAT deals!!!! Hint: Scan anything you are interested in. A lot of toys are not marked as clearance but are in fact marked down. A few items that I got:
    Tonka Bounceback racers- $14 (was $34.99)
    Barbie Mariposa doll- $2.49(was $19.99) (bought these as party favors for my daughter’s b-day party)
    Leapfrog fridge DJ- $2.49 (was $21.99) (NOT marked)
    Toy Story Woody doll w/ pull string- $17 (was $39.99)
    Toy Story Buzz action figure- $15 (was $39.99)
    Barbie horse and carriage- $9.50 (was $29.99)
    GX Turbo launcher- $1.75 (was $8.99)
    little skateboard thingy w/ additional wheels- $1 (was $7.99)
    Kota Monty Rex- $28 (was $74.99)
    Star Wars Remote control R2D2- $11 (was $29.99)
    Star Wars Remote control Obi-wan Kanobi fighter- $15 (was (39.99)
    Transformers walkie talkies- $6.50 (was $17.99) (NOT marked)

    I found TONS more stuff, but my pocketbook would not allow me to stock up too much

  8. Mandy

    I snagged the Big Buzz for $15 for my kid’s bday. Lots of Toy Story toys are 50%. Some sweet deals! I love Kmart clearance just don’t happen to love their customer service.

    • Courtney

      Ohhh I agree with you. Seems like it’s all Kmart’s too!

  9. Robin

    My MEIJER had a lot of clearance on toys, just a heads up if anyone is near one.

    • Katrina

      Dillons (kroger) had all Toy story stuff more then 50% off !! I got a 12 in figure of Buzz for 2.40 and a 50X60 throw for 3.70 ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Lisa

    I was at Kmart today and snagged a couple of toys for Christmas presents, but I was most excited by the Hannah Montana wig and microphone I found on clearance. I just bought my kids halloween costumes on the B1G1 sale online at (which made them only $6 each) so then to find a wig and microphone to go with my daughter’s for another $5 means that my daughter will be Hannah Montana, fully accessorized for only $11- yay!!

  11. christina Howell

    I hit the Kmart toy clearance–was it two months ago now?–and bought for 9 kids for christmas and birthdays. I spent around $90, which means $5 spent for each child per holiday. And these are toys that they will really enjoy and that their parents won’t hate! I even snagged a few for my two-year-old son who was with me (I’m counting on his lack of memory!).

  12. Karen

    I just scored $154.00 worth of toys for $41.00! Ill be so happy when Nov/Dec comes around and I’m done shopping!
    And….In the front of the store where the ads are, there were coupons for free 8oz hand sanitizer for every 9.99 you spend (up to 3).

  13. Marcee

    I LOVE buysing early for Christmas!! It takes so much of the stress of holiday shopping out! I do however still hi black Friday! Can’t miss that!! It’s just fun! Then my mom, sisters and I have Christmas wrapping parties in December… fun stuff!!

  14. Lisa

    I just got back from KMart and spent $91.00 for $253.91 worth of toys. That’s a total saving of 64%. They even had some of the items that were on my kids wish lists! Love it!

  15. Christina

    WOW, and I thought I did great with my three clearance toys– great job everybody!! Laura, I think I’ll take your advice about price scanning non-marked toys; non of the Toy Story toys are clearanced at mine, but my son loves Buzz so much that it’s worth a second try! I’m usually not all that impressed with Kmart events, but this was great! With a little luck, perhaps more will be added soon ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Tracy

    i love doing my Christmas in July i find so many good deals

  17. Kristin

    I got $50 worth of toys for $19!! I love shopping for Christmas/Birthday early for my son, especially when his birthday and Christmas are only 13 days apart! Plus, he is IN LOVE with action figures, so I got a lot of those, and the last play-doh set, which was awesome because I have been looking to score a bargain on one! I’m excited that there were lots of things left, because last time KMart had a clearance like this, I was too late and missed out on everything.

  18. anu1c

    After seeing this post, I rushed to Kmart, and to my surprise I found nothing there, nothing at all. Everything seen in the picture above, was all regular price. No clearance. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

    • April

      Did you scan everything because my Kmart also had little marked on clearance but it all rang up at the clearance price.

  19. stacy

    WOW! my kmart had everything I was sad I missed out on during the amazon playskool deal recently (thank goodness because these deals were way better)!!

    22.50 buzz lightyear (accidentally marked it on clearance and honored the extra 50% off anyway)
    17.00 woody (exact same ones in different packaging were NOT marked down)
    (2) 2.00 play doh fun factory
    13.00 bounceback racer
    (2) 7.50 playskool hatchlings
    9.50 playskool triceratops stomper
    28.00 playskool monty rex!!!!!!
    (3) FREE hand sanitizer
    5.50 playskool activitiy ball

    we are SET for our son’s Christmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Linda

    I got plenty of toys, but my favorite find was PS2 controllers for $4.99! We’ve replaced these a couple of times and they are normally $30. Now I won’t be as mad when my son breaks them ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Ana Maria S.

    I just got home from K-Mart. I got $112.25 worth of toys for only $45!!! Really nice stuff too like the Barbie Shower & Show (Barbie doll, horse, & tons of accessories) that in itself is regularly priced at $40.99! I also got Discovery Kids toys, apple learning computer toy, Disney DVD Bingo game, Littlest Pet Shop Hideaway game, & Play Doh Backpack set. I am definitely going to be checking back for further markdowns in the next couple days ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Anna

    I didn’t buy nearly as many as the photo but I did manage to purchase 3 toys worth $84 for $30.50 for birthday parties this weekend!!! Thanks for this post!!!

  23. Mandy

    Wish I could find that Woody. I think my kids are pretty set for birthday/Christmas also. I did this last year when kmart clearanced. What I have found out about kmart at least my kmart is that if you scan the toys some aren’t even marked clearance and you get a nice suprise. It takes me forever in Kmart because I scan it if the packaging looks older. Does anyone know if they go lower than 50%. I can’t remember!
    I got the Monty Rex dinosaur, Cars toys, Build a Bear, Diego things, Hanny Manny stuff, Ironman toys, Pj Sparkles, learning laptops. Some of the toys were $4.99. I got a few extra to donate too!

  24. Nicole

    I got some sweet deals on toys, but at the front of the store they had pharmacy coupons good for up to 3 free hand sanitizers with purchase of ($5, $10 or $15) So.. a ton of cheap toys, plus free sanitizers!!

  25. Danielle

    I went to Kmart tonight after work because of this post. I found tons of great deals, they had stickers on them, but were mixed in with the regular items so you really had to look. I ended up spending $135, but everything was marked down initially then the additional 50% off, made for pretty sweet deals. I have a few items to donate, my two nephews and niece their Christmas gifts, bought myself a few board games for adults (One was normally 32.99, marked down to 4.99 so I got it for 2.49!), and all the toys I’ll give my son at Christmas. I really wish the Buzz and Woody had been marked down he has been talking about them non-stop since seeing toy story 3.

  26. Tara S

    I was so excited to go as soon as my hubby got home from work….i hit up two kmarts and found a bunch of stuff… blood sugars were low at the first store and i was rushing around cause i only had an hour till they both closed….but by the time i got to the second store i realized to walk down each isle and look for the tags that say “NOW 12.00 ” or something….those are all clearance as well as the stuff that is on the clearance shelf. they are normal white tags so they are easy to miss……i felt kinda silly cause i would take cartfulls of toys to the scanner to decide what i wanted and the check if it was clearanced….i did find buss but i really would love to find woody too….i took my three year old to see it in theaters and she just loves all the movies now….i will prob just have to keep my eyes out for sales until xmas ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Rachael

    YES!!! This is the 2nd time I’ve made out really well with the Kmart deal! I swear I am already almost done with Christmas shopping, and I actually used the layaway today to help space out the expense. I got a Barbie horse drawn carriage, Baby Alive, 3 Transformers (which was ESPECIALLY AWESOME BECAUSE MY SON IS OBSESSED) & a Disney Princess Chutes & Ladders for 60.00!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just the one transformer alone was originally 39.99 (I think)! Thanks for the heads up, I don’t go into Kmart too often so I could have easily missed this. My kids will be so lucky when Christmas comes along, and they wouldn’t have gotten HALF of what they will if it wasn’t for frugal shopping & the help of my online BUDS!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  28. fldukes

    After reading some of the posts I headed to my Kmart last night. I was there about 10 minutes looking for deals, got completely frustrated and was about to leave in disgust at Kmart once again when I FIGURED OUT HOW THE CLEARANCE TOYS WERE MARKED!!! At my Kmart I could look at the price stickers on the shelves. All the stickers have the price, toy description and bar codes, but some had the word “clearance” printed in the bottom right corner. It was kind of small, but by scanning each shelf I could pick out the “clearance” stickers pretty quickly.

    Things were starting to get a little picked over, but I was able to score the following: 2 Strawberry Shortcake playsets, 2 My Little Pony Playsets, 1 My Little Pony w/ DVD, 1 My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Nursery (rang up $2.49!), 1 Littlest Pet Shop Board Game, 1 Elmo On the Go Set, 1 Kitty in my Pocket Set, 1 Uno Deluxe Game, 1 Apples to Apples Expansion Pack, 1 Playschool Activity Ball, and a couple other small things. All for $65!

  29. Trisha H

    We hit this same sale last year and got most of our Christmas and birthday shopping done. I went completely overboard this time, the deals were just too good. Lots of cool games like an Electronic Toss Across for 12.50. Did not find the bouceback racer, but got something similar RC Stunt Psycho for 22.00. Lots of playdoh sets and accessories. WWF wrestling action figures for .99 (great stocking stuffers). I was combing those aisles looking high and low and my best find was a Fur Real cat for 20.50. I know my son will love tormenting it and finally leave our real cat alone. I remember a friend standing in line last Christmas at Toys R Us to buy one of these for $60. I spent $165 total, it was well worth it, and fun!

  30. lovelycouponer

    kmart will release in the 1st week of august the 5/25 toys coupon

  31. Bridget

    Make sure and check the Fisher Price Trio (sp?). They were on clearance and there is a $5 off peelie. I got a airport tower build a set for only $6!

  32. lynnie_sue203

    I would love to kiss you Collin!! So would my husband, children, and pocketbook! I got tons of stuff! I have Christmas and every birthday I could think of covered! The people at the store probably thought I was crazy walking around with a shopping cart full of toys but I price checked everything I was even somewhat interested in! Thank you thank you thank you!!

  33. Jen

    My K-Mart store had all of its playmobil (most of which were still on the regular shelves and not marked) on clearance.

  34. Amy H

    I went tonight to Kmart and got $130 worth of toys for $45…thanks for the heads up on this deal!

  35. Anonymous

    ive got 2 words for yah SUCK IT

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