Target: Over 50 New Printable Store Coupons!

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Yay! Target finally released lots of new Target store coupons…. over 50 new ones! Plus, the SoBe coupon has reset (as well as others). Just head on over here to start browsing through them. Here’s a round-up of a few of my favorite coupons (with match-ups)…

Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Kashi Frozen Entree, Pizza, Cereal or Snacks Target Store Coupon
Pair with the $1.50/2 Kashi TLC Bars coupon found here
These bars are priced around $2.85 each

*Deal Scenario:
Buy 6 boxes of Kashi TLC Bars for a total of $17.10
Use 2 buy 2 get 1 FREE Target store coupons
Plus, stack with 3 $1.50/2 coupons found here
Final cost ONLY $1.15 per box!

$0.50/1 Bear Naked All Natural Granola 12-oz. Target store coupon
Pair with the buy one get one free Bear Naked coupon found here

*Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Bear Naked Granola priced around $3.34
Use 2 $0.50/1 Target store coupons
Plus, stack with the bogo coupon
Final cost only $1.17 each!

$1/1 Juicy Juice boxes 8-pk. Target Store coupon

Stack with the $1 off any two Nestle Juicy Juice products coupon found here

$1/1 Synder’s of Hanover pretzels 8-oz. or larger Target Store coupon

Stack with the $1/1 coupon from the 5/23, 6/27 or 7/25 SS
This should make for almost FREE pretzels, right?!

$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereal (Excludes Singles or Variety Packs) Target Store coupon

Stack with the $1/2 Kellogg’s cereal coupons found here

$1/1 Bagel Bites 9 or 40 ct Target Store coupon

Stack with the $1/1 coupon from the 6/13 SS or found here
Bagel bites go on sale for around $2, so using both coupons should make for possibly FREE Bagel Bites!

$0.50/1 Aquafresh Kids Pump Toothpaste 4.6 oz Target Store coupon

Stack with the $1/1 Aqua Fresh Kids Bubblemint found here
Aquafresh Kids 4.6 oz Pump is priced at $1.62
After both coupons you’ll pay ONLY $0.12!

$1/1 Wonka Chocolate Bar or Bag Target Store coupon
Stack with the $1/1 Wonka Exceptionals coupon found here
The bars are priced at $2, so after both coupons you’ll score FREE chocolate! 😀

Note: There are a LOT more coupons than what I have listed. These are just a few highlights.

Stay tuned for the Target weekly deals later today.

(Thanks, For the Mommas & Totally Target!)

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  1. Robin

    If you won a BOGO Sobe Q from the Sobe game on the website, then you can get 2 SoBe life waters, stack 2 Target $0.50 q’s with one BOGO manu q and get 2 FREE SOBEs! Or very cheap anyways, they’re usually around $1 each!

    • Chazmck

      The .50 Target Q expired yesterday 07/24/2010

      • Chazmck

        Sorry I failed to read Collins comment that the $.50 Target Sobe Q has been reset.

        • Lauren

          it says only one identical offer per transaction so you can only use one but then you get 2 for .50

          • Chazmck

            The coupon does state “Limit one identical offer per transaction”…. However just get all different flavor Sobes. Each flavor has a unique UPC, thus all Sobes are not identical.

      • Susan V

        The Target Q reset. It now expires 9/18/10

  2. Mitch

    Yay for Target coupons! And Sunday is my Target shopping day. Also, it seems the Sobe is on sale everywhere, CVS, and Shop-Rite as well.

    • Anonymous

      Why do you post this site on every comment?

      • Katrina

        Agreed, why???

        • Guest

          Why are you making it an issue?

        • Guest

          (…in response to Anonymous and Katrina that is…)

          • Susan

            I think it’s customary for fellow bloggers to post their web address. I’m new to blogging, but it’s not a bad idea and it may drive more traffic to your site. When a person’s name is underlined it will automatically direct to their website if you click on it.

          • It'sMe

            @ Susan (below) – A lot of internet forums look down on signatures of any kind while other forums still practice it. A friendly note to the newish blogger Mitch that signatures aren’t really used here would have have been sufficient (because like you mentioned you can just click on an underlined highlighted name to get to their blog/etsy store/avon/tupperware etc.). By looking at Mitch’s blog it looks like he is embracing the whole blogging world, having fun and attracting others to his site. This is the internet and someone somewhere will always be offended by something. 😉

  3. KaraS004

    It seems that Target doesn’t like my printer (along with some other websites I recently tried printing from)…it says that the way it stores images to print is unacceptable. I have an Epson all-in-one. Has anyone else come across this problem? Is there any way to fix it?

    • Jessica

      I am having trouble too, but I thought it was my computer. I have a mac. Things are working on my Dell, and it is the same printer.

      • KaraS004

        I don’t think it’s my computer, but I could be wrong…I seem to having lots of tech problems these days. The target website actually connects to your printer and that’s where it tells me that I can’t use that one, to connect to another one. Like I have multiple printers to choose from! 🙁

  4. Melissa R.

    Can you use 2 target IPs in the same order, even though the coupon says 1 per transaction? I’ve never tried and I’d love to stock up on the Bear Naked granola!

    • Anonymous

      You can use more than one Target coupon when you check out.

      For example, if you have 2 SoBes and 2 Bagel Bites you can use:
      2 Target 50¢ off SoBe coupons
      1 SoBe BOGO Manufacturer’s coupon
      2 Target $1.00 off Bagel Bites coupons
      2 $1.00 off Bagel Bites Maunufacturer’s coupon

      You’ll be using 4 Target coupons and 3 Manufacturer’s coupons with no troubles.

    • Kelly

      It depends on the store and even the cashier. At my store, I usually don’t have a problem, but certain cashiers won’t allow it. Sorry it’s not more helpful, but it’s worth a try.

      • ashley

        At my store they freaked out when I tried to do this, made a big scene and tried to make it seem like I was stealing. :/

        • Katie

          That’s so ridiculous, I would get so angry, why do some cashiers make customers feel awkward and unwanted? It’s not helping their business.

          • ashley

            It wasn’t just the cashier they called someone else over. They funny part was they couldn’t tell me what I was doing wrong they just kept changing the reason why I couldn’t use the coupons.

          • Melissa R.

            Well, the coupons do say limit one coupon or offer per transaction, so they have every right to tell you to split the orders. Thats why I asked b/c I see her (colin) post all the time using 2 like Target coupons in her scenerios, and she may have a store that is OK with that..but I was just following the wording and splitting my orders when necessary. Plus my stores have those new registers, and I’ve read that trying to use a 2nd Target IP of the same item, will beep. And I like my Target and have several cashiers I try to seek when I’m ready to ck out, so I don’t want to do anything to get them in trouble.

    • Erin

      It also depends upon whether your Target’s computers are programmed to limit Target coupons. I recently realized that the coupons said “one like coupon per transaction.” I bought Ben & Jerry’s when it was on sale for $2.33, intending to purchase two with my $1/2 mfg and $1/1 Target coupon, but then I found Target peelies for $1/2, so I decided to get three instead. They weren’t like coupons, so I didn’t think twice, but when I checked out, it beeped. If your store’s registers have been upgraded to automatically adjust down mfg coupons (rather than beeping), multiple Target Qs will beep. I never had a problem in the past with our cashiers, but since they upgraded the registers, my days of overage and multiple Target Qs are over, I guess.

      • ashley

        They never told me it was limit one per transaction. I had seen Collins posts and many others so I never looked too closely at the coupon. They tried to tell my I was buying to many (6 bottles), I couldn’t use a target and a manufacturer, then I could, then I couldn’t do more then one transaction, then I would be getting overage…ect. It wasn’t that they wouldn’t let me use it. It was the fact that they couldn’t come on with a valid consistent reason and were being extremely rude and loud so everyone was staring.

    • Anonymous

      thank Sarah

  5. Tina

    Did Target send out mobile coupons today? I haven’t received any mobile coupons from them in two weeks.

    • Emily

      Got a few this morning.

    • Olivia Smith

      I haven’t gotten any recently either…hmmm

      • Lisa

        I never gotten any! I have tried to sign up my phone number and my husband’s several times…argh…

  6. mb

    our target is great ive tried to pay sep b4 bc the q says limit 1 and they tell me no need lets do them 2gether no prob ive used up 2 10 50/1 target sobe q and never a prob and they didnt even scan they push them all thru happy saving alll

  7. Bridget

    Love Target, I rarely have any problems at mine. Good deals today with my coupons. FYI – my target has the wonka bars at 2.29, and the aquafresh kids pump at 1.92. Also if ya like fuse drinks their only 1.02 at my Target, and watch out for the $1.00 of 3 bottles coupons that are sometimes attached to the tops of the bottles 🙂

    • Anonymous

      The Aquafresh kids was $1.87 at my Target and I just noticed on my reciept that the $1.00 Aquafresh bubblemint coupon even though it was scanned was not deducted! 🙁

      • Mrs.Hall

        I notice the same thing on my receipts. Not with that product, but with others. It’s hard for me to understand their receipts, so I sit out in the car and look at the separate department purchases and the coupons used. Sometimes they appear at the bottom. So confusing.

        So I make sure to count my coupons and $ savings to make sure they match. And it never fails that one or two coupons are missing even though I saw them scan them. I did get nervous though because if I go to a young guy, they do it soo fast I’m like did it really go through? Then I have to go back in to Customer Service where they look at my receipt like its a game plan and say “I don’t know..I guess I’ll just give it to you anyway..I guess I’ll take your word for it.”

        So even though I really love my Target here, this “glitch” ALWAYS happens to me every time I shop there 🙁

        • Hollie

          I’ve had this problem several times. It’s like the coupon beeps and they don’t do anything about it. I think at Walmart the cashier has to ok the coupon before you can scan another coupon but I guess Target you can just keep scanning and if they don’t hit ok it just doesn’t do anything. I’ve been trying to watch really close everytime I go to Target these days but it’s hard to do. Plus if you have lots of coupons it’s hard to remember if they were all taken off. I’m sure the girl at the customer service counter hates me!

      • Shelly T.

        I had the same thing happen to me last night with the Target $1/2 Bic coupon. I had several items and coupons and sometimes the screen shows a zero amount when they scan. I asked him if it was taking the coupons and he said yes. I did not notice until I got home that it did not take it. I will have to go back and have it corrected. 🙁

        • Joy

          Target Qs show up on screen as $0.00. But if you look closely at your receipt you will see that the Q was deducted. It automatically adjusts the price down on your receipt. For example, say you buy shampoo that is on sale for $3.99 and you have a Target Q for $1 off. If you look at your receipt the price for shampoo will say $2.99 not $3,99 because it automatically took Target Q off.

          Only a manufacturer Q will show up on screen and your receipt as -$1.00 (or whatever). Sometimes it’s under item and sometimes it’s at bottom of receipt. I know it’s confusing (esp. when stacking), but if you look at your receipts you will see what I’m talking about.


          • Anonymous

            Joy, my $1.00 Aquafresh Kids bubblemint coupon was a Manufacturers coupon – it was a coupon that you have to have an account with Colgate/Palmolive to access it and my name was even printed on the coupon. I understand that the Target coupons scan @ $0.00 and on the receipt it shows how much it deducted. I just wish they had a little tally at the end of the receipt that shows how many coupons you used so you can catch mistakes more quickly – I didn’t catch this until many hours after shopping when I was at home writing down my receipts.

        • Anonymous

          the benadryl coupons $4/2 only took off 2.29 instead of $4 and got 2 of the benadryl sticks

      • Erin

        WATCH THE REGISTER and CHECK YOUR RECEIPT if getting the BARE NAKED GRANOLA! My coupons went through, but when I looked over my receipt before leaving the store (Which I have learned to do) the BOGO Bare Naked coupons said -$0.00. I went to customer service and they were able to refund my money.

        • mkw

          I had the same problem with B. N. granola. The manager had to come to the cashregister, dig out my coupons which the clerk had already put in the drawer. . . in the process we also caught another coupon that didn’t go through. These coupon glitches happen to me almost everytime at Target. I endure because I love the deals.

  8. Lori Rimlinger

    I usually love Target, but yesterday when I tried to use the $2/2 Right guard they told me they couldn’t do it because it was for more than I bought. I told them I had used them before and the coupon was adjusted down to the price. After the manager making a big deal about it and calling 3 other people, she took me to the customer service desk. She finally took the $2 coupon off twice ( I had 2 of them and bought 4 deod). She looked up at me and said in a nasty voice that she couldn’t ‘give’ me any money back. I just told her I didn’t want any back. By that point I was more than a little annoyed and
    ‘neglected’ to tell her that by giving me the full $2 each, she had given me money back. lol. She also tried to tell me that I couldn’t use my $3 off of a Merona handbag unless it was $3. I had found one for $2.50. I just nicely told her that it doesn’t state on the coupons you have to spend $3 first.

    • julie

      complain to corporate…i did and i rec’d a $20 gift card from them 😛

  9. Kristin

    Target has given me MAJOR problems with coupons. Their new computers would only give me $2.54/10 off a $5.00/10 smart ones meals coupon. They also would not take the bare naked bogo coupon said something about it did not have the right code on the coupon and they were not going to take it without the code and then proceeded to tell me to contact the manufacturer to have it corrected. It makes me not want to shop at Target!

    • FairyDust

      Thanks for the heads up on this – I am planning to try using the $5/10 Smart Ones Q today when I go. I’ll watch closely and check my register tape afterwards.

  10. Joan Taylor

    Does anyone know how much the bagel bites are? Also, has anyone found these at the regular Target—not Supertarget?? Thanks, Joan

    • bchristina08

      I just bought some at a regular Target in Missouri, they were on sale for $2.24, so afterall the coupons .24 cents!!

    • Anonymous

      I did not find them at my regular Target.

    • Anonymous

      Chicago area only one year subscription for $13 which equals Sunday paper for $0.25 each. not bad

  11. stephroccograndi

    I have a coupon question that I hope someone can answer. I have a coupon for $2 off of two Scrubbing Bubbles products and another coupon for buy a Scrubbing Bubbles Gel, get a Scrubbing Bubbles 2-in-1 Starter Kit free. Can I buy one Scrubbing Bubbles Gel and the Starter Kit and use both coupons? Thanks

    • Anonymous

      Some Targets have no issues but some will just ask at the customer service desk before you shop. hth

    • 2 Kids and a Coupon

      Yes. You should be able to use both coupons no problem. I’ve done it before.

    • Jen

      You should really buy 3 products, the bogo coupon covers the free one, then the $2/2 covers the one you had to buy for the bogo coupon and one more thing. If you only bought two products and tried to use both coupons, you would really be trying to use the $2/2 for one product (the one you have to buy for the bogo coupon). Hope that makes sense!

      *If you have two of the bogo coupons, you could use those and the $2/2 when buying 4 total products

    • Mitchell Wischmann

      No, you can’t. The $2/2 will attach to both items and then the coupon for the FREE 2 in 1 Starter Kit will have nothing to attach to.

  12. Mike

    Julcy Juice coupon worked for me. Thanks.

  13. Olivia Smith

    Thanks for all the coupon updates. I printed the ones that I use most often and plan to use them ASAP :).

  14. Vicki

    I just came back from a very frustrating shopping trip at Target.

    I had many items in my cart, but these are the items in question and the coupons I tried to use:

    4 Chunky Soups – $1 MC and 2 – .50 TQ
    2 Fiber Plus Cereal – $1 MC and 2 – .75 TQ
    2 Bagel Bites – 2 – $1 MC and 2 – $1 TQ
    2 Juicy Juice – $1 MC and 2 – $1 TQ
    8 Sobe Lifewater – 4 BOGO MC and 2 – .50 TQ

    The checker scrutinized my coupons carefully and then gave me “a look”. She then laid all the coupons I had and laid them all over the keyboard of her register. I told her that I had them all sorted for her, but she ignored me. She then started to ring up my order and as she scanned each item she checked to see if I had coupons for the item and put those coupons on a separate pile. The coupons on her keyboard were in her way when she was trying to ring up my order and you could see she was annoyed. After she had all my items rung up (she had not scanned any coupons yet) she proceeded to call the head cashier and said that she couldn’t take all my coupons. The head cashier came and said they could only take one Target coupon per transaction. If I wanted a second item I needed to come back on another occasion. She also said that Internet coupons only allow you to print 2. I told her that I was very aware of this, and that I strongly comply with the rules. She then asked me why I had 4 BOGO Sobe coupons then. I did not feel that I needed to explain that Sobe has an online game on which I won those coupons with bottle caps on separate occasions, but at that point she said to me “A lot of people are committing coupon fraud, I’m not saying you are, but a lot of people are. They are no longer accepting internet coupons at the Sentry next door because of fraud.”

    At this point, I replied that I never had problems at the other Target that I visit and have never been treated in such a manner by my other Target’s employees either. I then asked for all my coupons back and unpacked my items that were in my “green bags” and left the store. I felt so humiliated. They made me feel like a criminal in front of everyone standing in line.

  15. Melody

    Some of my manufacturer coupons say limit one coupon per item purchased. Their policy states that they accept one manufacturer coupon and one Target coupon for the same item (unless prohibited). Does that mean I can’t combine a Target coupon with it?

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