Target Toy Clearance: Save up to 75%!!

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Wow, Target is at it again with awesome savings on toys! Many of the clearance toys at Target stores have been marked down a whopping 75% off…this is a GREAT time to stock up on Christmas presents, birthday presents etc.!

Here are some sweet deals that you may be able to snag at your local Target (keep in mind that these deals may not be available in your area)…

Star Wars Blasters $9.98
Deal Scenario:
Buy 3 Star Wars Blasters $9.98 each
Total $29.94
Submit Star Wars Free Gear Giveaway rebate found here (Spend $25 or more on select Hasbro Star Wars products and get a FREE Star Wars Captain Rex Helmet or Duel Action Lightsaber through the mail; purchases must be made by July 31st!)
Final Cost $29.94 for 3 blasters AND a Captain Rex Helmet or Duel Action Lightsaber!

Leapfrog Bakugan Tag book $3.48
Use the $3/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $0.48!

Playmobil Sets 75% off:
* Police set $2.87
* Helicopter set $2.48
* Canoe/Car set $5.07
* Firetruck set $5.24
* Small sets $1.57 each

Lego sets 50% off:
* Star Wars $12.48
* Space Police $24.98
* Ben 10 $7.48

Leap Frog drum $4.98

Leap Frog alphabet ball $5.48

Didj Indiana Jones game $7.48

Thomas tank engines $5

Select Puzzles $1

Tonka Bounce Back Racer $8

*Be sure to price check toys that are in the clearance section…you may be pleasantly surprised that the toys ring up at a much lower price than the stickered price! What great deals did you find at your local Target? Please share your finds in the comment section below. ๐Ÿ˜€

(Thanks to Thrifty and Thriving for the picture and toy deals above and thanks to reader, Michelle!)

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Comments 154

  1. Jennifer

    Over the last 2 days I have got over $600 worth of stuff for just a little under $200. I had $95 in Target giftcards from different things, so only paid a little over $100 out of pocket. I got toys for both my boys, all of my nieces, my son’s birthday, other birthday parties they will be invited to, and for toys for tots. I was so excited!

  2. Jatoya

    I went to the Super Target in West Frisco,Texas. I save over 161 dollars today. I got matchbox trucks, sesame street toys,toy story magna doodle,tonka race car track……just to name a few items. The target associate was still marking down more toy items as i was leaving. I will be back next year for more toys. I am so excited!!!!

  3. Hazel

    Got some great stuff today! Thanks for the tip!! Even though it was picked through there were still some great deals. 13 toys for $60!! (Northern VA)

  4. Anonymous

    I just got back and got some great toys – Hello Kitty, Super Why, Chixos, and my favorite, Fisher Price Computer Cool School marked down to $12.50 from $50. All in time for birthday parties my daughter has been invited to!

    The toys were going fast! I’m going to try and go back tomorrow to see if I can find any more deals of what’s left!

  5. Ellie

    I went to my Target (Wilmington, NC) and it was a rediculous the way people were pushing others for toys. Some people were just grabbing items. Most everything I had been watching the past few weeks were gone. I did manage to get some Thomas items, Transformers, and little Sesame Street figures while going down the isles. My daughter was checking out school supplies while I was getting toys. On my way to get her there were a ton of toys laying around the Sporting Goods isles and School Supplies isles that people just dumped I guess after going through their carts. I was able to get a couple of games and Super Soakers there. Make sure you check there because there were a ton of good toys stashed in the Sporting Goods and School Supplies. Some were clearly trying to be hid. Also I was able to get Mossimo jeans juniors and womens sizes for $2.74. They are marked $14 and $16 but scan them…they are MUCH cheaper.

  6. Barbara

    I got $186.74 worth of toys for $46.49 MINUS $10 Swiffer rebate card and $5.29 Office depot rebate card for a total of $31.20!

  7. gloria

    My sister in-law just got back from Target and got my daughter some sesame street toys that were 75% off and she said there was one lady with a shopping cart full of toys and would not let her get trough the aisle,she said excuse me and kind had to force herself trough. I thought that was funny.

  8. Nicole Tocket A

    I saved $332 in south fort myers!!
    $ 126 for 26 toys

  9. Ashley

    I went to my Target at 8:30 this morning and got 2 shopping carts full of toys for $167.00

  10. Anna

    Oh my gosh!!! Went by Target on way home and I got like almost 40 toys for $90! I got 3 Clone Commander Blasters (will send off for rebate), 1 Battle of Sexes game, 2 Magnux Battle Strikers, 1 Monopoly Championship Edition, 4 small Transformers, 1 Transformer Robot Heroes Game, 1 Sort It Out: The Game of Putting Things in Order, 1 Jenga Max, 2 World Soccer balls, 5 Travel Monopoly Mini Games, 1 container of fish toys, 3 small stuffed Sponge Bob toys, 1 Circo Miniature teaset, 1 Sand mill and 1 shovel, 1 Paperoni kit (arts and crafts), 1 Sponge Bob card game, 3 miniature footballs, 1 Circo puzzle toy (for baby), 1 Spinning top, 1 Chinese Checker game, 1 Card game shuffle and 1 Learning Resources Pizza Fraction Fun game plus 3 free Bic pens!

    Bought for ages baby to teenager.

    Plus already mentioned my $50 purse, white shirt, and 5 ON camis I got for $7+ on the way to work this am. Yea HTS!!! Also, the customers were really nice and helpful to each other as we sifted through toys. I found a lot of toys on the shelf with the clearance sign under them–no one noticed them I guess. Still I think the toys had been picked over but I was happy.

  11. Anna

    Don’t know about everyone else but this has been a great week for shopping! Free back packs to great toys at rock bottom prices!!

  12. heather

    Went to Target today and finished Christmas shopping for 3 kids!! I got a Full size Elmo puppet(4.98), a magna doodler(4.98) Matchbox farm adventure (3.24) winnie the pooh stackers(1.62) a little Ernie race car(1.74) Zubber(3.74) & a Care Bears belly bubble blower(2.48)!!! I spent $24.55!!! WOOT WOOT! I added this to my earlier purchase when Kmart had 50% off their clearance toys and I spent a grand total of $47.00 for 3 kids Christmas’s!! Thank you sooooo very much for all you do Collin! ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Tisha in SC

    I went today & was able to get a baby alive for $11 & another get well baby alive for $4. I also got a tranformers car for $7. My son loves bumblebee so I had to get it. Also got clay do masher ( I have no clue what it’s called for $1.98, also ben 10 omintex toy watch for $2. Great deals today. Even my hubby was excited about the baby alive. Also got shoes for my dd for back to school for $3.24.

  14. Chris

    I got some great toys, but I can’t believe no one mentioned the shoe clearance!! I got 15+ pairs of shoes for my girls for under $50! Some for now, some for next summer, some for Back to school. It was a great trip to Target!

    Thanks collin.

  15. giner

    what a bunch of junk. why work so hard to clip coupons and blow it all on this stuff….. the commercialization of christmas is one of the reasons why 99% of americans are in debt. buying garbage that nobody really wants or needs.

    • Mary

      I love my “junk” ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Priscilla

      I love a good deal, but it is time consuming and as a mom of 6 I have to be careful how much time I spend trying to find the best deal (it can be addicting). I did not look for any of these clearance items. My children already have enough stuff to play with and I’m getting tired of working with them to pick up & put away their stuff. Less is better

      • Emily Dafoe

        Like that!

        • Adriana M

          I agree to a certain point. That “junk” keeps my 4 kids (5 and under) happy out of my way when I need to do my work since I am self-employed, they use their imagination with them and they clean up their own toys. This year I am taking my kids to a shelter where they can give the toys out. Normally I don’t buy them toys but this was a exception. I love my kids and along with spoiling them every once and awhile, they are taught to be grateful and share the blessings with others.

    • Mommyof2

      Don’t hate!! You’re not footing the bill so why worry about it!!

      • Andrea

        Im feeling you on that !!

    • mamaJ

      To a child on Christmas morning, it is not “junk” or “garbage”! If I am able to get gifts 75% cheaper than normal (which equals less money spent, not more purchased because of), then yay for me and everyone else that got awesome deals thanks to Target and this site!!!

    • Pam

      Why are u on here making ur comments if u r so anti-coupon/bargains? Seriously?

    • Jennifer

      Giner…….I think what you wrote was quite rude. First it’s not your place to say anything to anyone about why OR what they purchase.

      However, let me say that I buy from these sales and save them and then donate them for all sorts of holiday toy drives. There are MANY children out there that would love to have one toy under their tree for Christmas. It’s ashame that people don’t think of others like that.

      I do agree on the commercial nature of the holiday BUT if you really do teach your kids the true meaning then it doesn’t really matter what the stores do or don’t do.

      Perhaps you should consider the golden rule………..if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all. ๐Ÿ™

  16. Joy

    So jealous of everyone that got Legos. Ours never lasted at 30% off at two different Targets. Most of the toys left at our Targets were movie or TV tie-in leftovers. Luckily, my boys are older and growing out of toys. But they do love their Legos.

    That said, even if there was good stuff left at ours at 75% off I still wouldn’t have been able to buy much because lack of $$ this summer. I know some of you bought for Xmas, but dh would kill me if I bought non-necessities right now.

    I did buy dh’s niece some Paperoni sets though for her upcoming b’day. And I bought some small K’nex sets for stocking stuffers a couple of weeks ago at 50%.

  17. MamasPeyton

    I just got back from Target a few hours ago and I scored huge with the 75% off sale. Thank you so much for all your alerts about this clearance. I thought for sure I would be disappointed once I got to our Target in Sheboygan, WI but for once I was happily surprised that there was a great selection at a great price! Woot! Woot!

  18. Tilla

    6 diji games 1 tag jr book totally 189.94 before clearance and coupons…..3.68 plus tax after clearance and coupons…oh yeah baby!

  19. Tilla

    ps even though i got some fabulous deals i am drooling jealous over playmobil clearance..our target doesn’t carry it..legos were only 50% off and still only had a few to choose from

  20. tarakate143

    Oh my goodness!! We started Christmas shopping tonight for our boys! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the tip, Collin! Our boys are into any kind of cars, and we got 2 Matchbox sets, 4 GX racecars, a GX Turbo launcher with a car included, 2 Hotwheels Custom cars, and 2 2 pack Transformer cars all for $23. Everything was originally $89.89 – what a savings! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I also was shopping with a man and his wife who had read about the deals on another blog! ๐Ÿ™‚ Yay – Clearance is my friend!

  21. Courtney Short

    I found the Fisher Price My Little Lamb vibrating papasan seat normally $60.00 clearanced to $14.98 in the baby section.

  22. Amber

    was there yesterday and wondered why all the shelves were empty… no clearance though I must have missed it all I did see a ton of new toys so I guess its out with the old and in with the new

  23. Laurie

    Thank you! I got to my Target tonight and was able to get a couple playmobile, a huge dora doll and some other great things for my kids!

  24. Andrea

    I went tonight and was able to score some great stuff. Thinking of going back in the morning !!

  25. Dolls

    I got some GREAT deals! Thanks Collin! You rock! $185 full price…$56 is what I paid, toys and laundry soap and lots of groceries! Thank you so much for all your hard work, you make being a stay at home mom possible! โ™ฅ Dolls

  26. kelly

    I went about 10am yesterday morning and nobody was shopping the toys at my Target. I was so glad me and my 3 friends had the run of the toy depart….lol. Here is what I got

  27. RM

    I used to have all my Christmas shopping done by August but with the family getting so big I haven’t done that in YEARS but I feel like i’m gonna this year! YEAH !

  28. Jessica B

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank you for this post. My husband just happened to be at Target when I saw this and he scored some awesome deals. Then I went to the other Target when he got home. I scored almost $350 worth of stuff for $52 Bucks!! The best deal I got was on the VTech system you plug in to the computer. It is normally $60 and I got it for $13. I also got a lot of things that wer $15-$20 for $2,48 and $3.48. YEA!!! Thanks again, I bought my sons b-day presents and some other gifts for birthday parties!

  29. Melissa

    I got tons of stuff but my best deal was a Tag System for $9.99!

  30. Angie

    Yay! Skyballs!! I would never pay $8 regular price! I got several at 90% off! What a steal!

  31. Rosa

    Anyone know if Target will restock on their clearance toys (like maybe get new ones out when the ones our are gone), or once the toys on the shelf are out that’s it? I guess I’d like to know if it’s worth another trip to Target tonight (I went there last night). Thanks!

  32. Stephanie

    I got $215 worth of toys for $53!! I got a Harumika runway doll and accessory set, electronic drumsticks, TONS of Pixos and Chixos, a Baby Alive Whoopsie Do for $7.48, Cabbage Patch baby for $5, baby doll bathtub play set for $4.32, bubbles, bath squirters, arts & crafts stuff, etc. Yay!

    • Stephanie

      ok so this is my THIRD post, but I went to Target again today and bought: Sesame Street school bus with characters for $4.99, 2 more Harumika accessory sets for $1.43 each, Hello Kitty fortune cookie maker for $3.74, Transformers toy for $2.52, Iron Man voice changer for $1.72, Iron Man walkie talkies for $3.24!!! I did have to buy a breast pump since I’m expecting my first baby, so my total was higher than I would have liked, but I did have a $20 coupon for the pump! Yay!

  33. Heidi H

    Our Target was still only 30% last week and almost Everything was gone! I was so disappointed because last year I got a ton of things at 75%. I didn’t see anything at 30% that my two would like……oh, well, there’s always next year!!

  34. Melissa R.

    My store didn’t have much to choose from, and very picked over. But I didn’t go until 8:30 last night (store is open until 10), so I was able to browse around. The signs on the shelf said 30% off. The beach/summer seasonal was signed 50% off. I pulled a few items, and sure enough the red stickers were indeed 75% off. I got my oldest a Halo Wars mega-blocks set for $4.98 (reg 19.99) and my youngest 2 Imagi-next figures for .98 each (the joker and some other super hero, reg 3.99) He has the Batman & the Batmobile, so he’ll love these for stocking stuffers.

    Anyway, I got some other groceries deals that were posted here, socks & underwear for ds, paid $18.73 + tax (saved 23.97 with sale/coupons + 21.03 on the clearance!!)

  35. Lori

    I didn’t see anyone post anything about the Target in Lafayette, IN so here goes. They still have TONS of clearance…clothes (adults and kids), shoes, and TONS of toys. I just got back from there and they still have one full clearance toy aisle, a half aisle, and every end cap (front and back). Most of it is 75% off with a few things still at 30% or 50% off. I think that I am now completely done with Christmas and birthdays for a whole year plus some for charity. By the way, did everyone receive the Target mailer. It is a thick booklet with back to school stuff advertised, but the best part is that there are $50 worth of Target coupons inside. Thank you so much Collin! My family is going on our first vacation next week because we’ve been able to save enough money during the year. You rock!

    • Mary

      yes I did

  36. debby

    how do you get the tag coupon off the leapfrog site ???? I have always hunted for these when she posts them, but where it takes me I can never find a coupon anywhere ???!!!

  37. anne novicki

    I went this morn to the Target near us in Lake Geneva Wi..I got a huge cart load full for just over $100!! People were staring at me because of all the toys..until I explained the deal..We are very tight on money and I was nervous that I would not have much for Christmas for my boys. Thanks Collin once again for helping me stretch my budget to make it look like a spent alot on all of the kids I needed to buy for!!

  38. Kim

    $457 worth of toys for $135! My favorite purchases were
    Leapfrog Didj $17,48 reg $70
    Didj game 7.48 reg $30
    Tag 9.99 reg $40
    Duplo set 9.99 reg $40

    This is my third year doing the target clearance sale. The best part is that it takes alot of stress off me at the holidays, so I can actually enjoy them! Congrats to everyone on their finds!

  39. pille

    I was so hoping to find the Junior Tag system on clearance…but no…no Tag system clearance in our store.

    • michelle

      i found the tag junior for 8 something. Its the purple one but my 1 yo son wont care about the color! You may want to check another target!

  40. Kim

    Just scored a great deal!! I live in St. Louis and pass 2 Targets on my way home. I’m pretty picky about buying for both the kids and the parents, so I wasn’t really expecting much. But I wound up paying $50 for $200 worth of stuff, and almost all hot names for the kids in my family. Fancy Nancy, Bakugan, Thomas the Train, Tag books, Spongebob, Iron Man, plus some adorable and unique plushies for the babies. I have never bought for Christmas in July before but this was too good to pass up!

  41. Tara

    I went to target today and the toys left on clearance were all picked over and only the ones no one wanted were left. However, I got a great deal on shoes. All the kids flip-flops and sandals were 75% off. I got my niece and nephew each a pair for $1.74/each. Make sure you check out the shoes!

  42. Kendra

    Is this Target Clearance Sale around the same time every year? I have never heared about it before. Is it still going on? Someone let me know. Thanks.

  43. Yvette Chavez

    I went to check out the deals at Target today. Luckily, they were still stocked with these great toys and more. I also found the Play Doh Ice Cream Swirl Machine on sale for $8 with a free play doh four pack. I combined this with my $5 off coupon from the you can win game and scored it for $3!!!!

  44. InsightfulMinds

    The Thomas and Friends toys were my best find. My two little ones love that stuff and there are hardly ever good deals on it. I also found Circo brand train stuff which was an awesome find.

    Before Christmas, I bought my son a plastic talking dinosaur and can’t think of the name right now. It was about $24 with the Target toy book coupons. I ended up returning it because I found a deal on some Thomas stuff and gave him that stuff instead, I found that dinosaur today marked down to $8.XX. I bought it and he will be getting it this year ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also found the little people airplane set and a retro fisher price tv. I love the retro look and may end up keeping it as my Christmas gift.

    Thanks for all the pictures. It motivated me to go out and see what I may be missing….and I’m glad I did…even $200 bucks later.

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