Walgreens: 15% off In-Store Purchase Coupon!

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Walgreens just announced their Friends and Family discount event on their Facebook page! Starting today, August 2nd and running thru August 4th, Walgreens Facebook “Likers” can score an additional 15% OFF In-Store Purchases and 20% OFF Walgreens Brand Products! Just head on over here to print your coupon. Use this *HOT* coupon on all the Walgreens weekly deals to really maximize your savings.

Have you come up with a great deal scenarios to make use of this coupon?!
Please share in the comment section.

Note: It states the coupon should be used at the photo or cosmetics register.

(Thanks, My Dallas Mommy!)

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  1. Mary

    Off subject–I went to Kohl’s and made a purchase. Kohl’s gave me a $10 coupon to use on the tax-free weekend 8/6-8/8. There was NON minimum purchase (like $50 that is usually required) and you get one $10 coupon with each purchase. I remember doing this last year. I made small purchases all week from the clearance and then used the Kohl’s cash to shop with on the weekend. We got underwear, accessories, some tops, purses, and even a pair of shoes. I hope I have similiar luck this year but was just wondering if anyone else has this going on???

    • Mary

      Forgot to say with the $10 coupons, I scored several free items last year (underwear, socks, purse, tops). Hope to do again this year!

    • Mary

      Hi—which Kohls? Thanks!

      • Tomoko

        My Kohl’s gave me $10 coupon for Kids apparel about week ago (exp7/31) .
        I used 2 of them to score 2 cute tops and pants for my girl.

    • Alison

      Some areas are having tax-free weekend on clothes (or other back to school items depending on where you live). Kohl’s is offering a $10 Gift coupon when you make a purchase (no minimum) from 8/2-8/5 or prior to the tax-free weekend. Valid in AL, MO, NC, NM, SC, TN & VA. I don’t know if you can get more than one coupon or not.

      • jessica

        where can you find info/participating stores?

        • Shelly T.

          I was able to get the Kohls $10.00 coupon last night in Oklahoma.

          • DeDe

            Shelly, this is off the subject, but where do you use your coupons in Oklahoma? I have a sister in Ardmore and I live in SC. I was trying to help her but none of the stores I have here translate except Walmart. Thanks

  2. Nancy

    More info on the Kohls deal please!

  3. Charlene

    Is the coupon for 1 item or would it be for the total order? Anyone try this yet???

    • Anonymous

      more than likely its per transaction. because they have to put the coupon in the printer to validate it with numbers…. i know this was the case when we had the 10 kids cash a couple weeks ago.. i did two transaction, and got one each:)

    • Shelly T.

      You should be able to use it on multiple items that add up to at least $10.00 or above. That is they way Kohl’s cash has worked for me before. It does say only ONE $10.00 off coupon per transaction. So you can not combine them to use to take off a large amount, ie use FIVE $10.00 coupons to take $50.00 off a purchase. HTH ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. cindy

    Does this mean that if I do the pampers deal I would need to add an extra diaper, or a wipe since the 15% would put me under the $25, or is this like a store coupon and will not affect the RR?

    • Amanda

      If you give the 15% off first each of your items will ring up 15% less, so your total would never get to $25 and you wouldn’t get a RR. If you give the 15% off last after your items already rang up full price and your total hit $25 you will get the RR.

  5. Monica

    My store told me you have to take off the 15% first since it is an employee key, you can’t take off 15% at the end. You need to be above the RR requirement after the 15% is off to get the RR.

    • Tarin

      you would be anyway as you are buying 3 diapers and 3 wipes which would be 47.94 -7.19 (15%) = 40.74 before coupons. After coupons =15.27 and you get back rr 5

      • cindy

        The wipes that are free with the coupon are not listed as part of the RR deal. It is the refill size for 6.99. My total after the 15% would be 22.92. In the past my store has required this coupon first so I am not sure if it will affect the RR or not.

        • Tarin

          yes I was a dummy. But After I went I got 4 packs of diapers and 4 wipes for 20 and a 5 rr to spend later. awesome deal!

  6. aimee

    This is so awesome!!! I love Walgreens and print all of my pictures there. I have a camera full right now…can’t wait to use the coupon.
    Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Amy

    Are they actually going to let you use the 15% off coupon combined with mfr. coupons?? This is Walgreens after all LOL. We’ll try it and see. Thanks!

    • Jennifer

      Hi I work at Wags and normally the 15% off is just the employee discount. You need to tell your cashier BEFORE they ring anything because once something is rang without it they cannot add it without calling a manager to void the transaction. You can use MQ with the discount. RR that require a set amount of purchase (ie. buy $25 get $5RR) need to be added after discount. RR that require you only to buy one product (ie. buy x get $10RR) do not require anything different with the discount. So with the free after RR products, you “make” the 15%.

      • Melissa R.

        Thanks for the info. Now what about the Kelloggs? They are 2/$5 w/ $2 RR. Using the 15% off drops the price down. So would this be a purchase based deal or buy x get $rr?

        Another question…I’d also like to buy the Skintimate. How will the 15% off work with that since there’s also a 1.99 in ad q?

        • Bill

          If its a buy 2 and not dependent on price, you’ll get the RR. They had that Kelloggs thing a few weeks back and I just had to buy 2 with my discount. Any in ad coupons, like the Skintimate, will be 15% off that price. Also if the coupon is for a set amount off (like $1.00 off something) it becomes $0.85 off something.

          • Melissa R.

            Thank you! off to figure what I need!

  8. Brittany

    here is a deal

    Buy 2 playtex 18 ct tampons 2/8 3.40 each
    1 listerine 5.99 5.09
    visine 3.99 3.39
    Benadryl not sure what the price is
    bayer back and body 4.99 4.24
    you will need to add some fillers whatever you want some will cover the cost of the benadryl
    You will have 18.98 to spend on fillers
    15% off Q
    5 off 25
    (2)1.50/1 playtex q or whatever you have
    -$2/1 Listerine Total Care, Advanced or Natural citrus, 1 Lt or Whitening Plus Restoring 16oz Wags Aug. Coupon Booklet
    -$1/1 Listerine Whitening Rinse product, 16fl.oz+08-01-10 SS
    2 off in add q for listerine
    -$2/1 Visine Eye Drops, .5oz (5120) Walgreens Aug. Coupon Booklet
    -$1/1 Visine product, any โ€“ 06-13-10 RP
    2 off in ad q

    Get back 3 rr
    -$3 OFF Benadryl Allergy Relief, 48ct (5053) Walgreens Aug. Coupon Booklet
    -$4/2 Benadry Products
    3 off in ad q
    -$1.50/1 Bayer AM Product
    -$3 OFF Bayer AM Aspirin, 50ct (5048) Walgreens Aug. Coupon Booklet

    • Brittany

      3 OFF Benadryl Allergy Relief, 48ct (5053) Walgreens Aug. Coupon Booklet it will take off $6
      3 off in ad q wil take off $6

    • Melissa R.

      I have not used a $/$$ @ Walgreens in a very long time, but I thought they changed the wording that your subtotal has to be $25 after all discounts, manf/store/rr coupons are deducted first, then you can use the $5/25, so you’d pay for $20 worth of items.

  9. marcia

    ok, did I miss something? whats the $5 off $25? thanks

    • Brittany

      It is from signing up to receive walgreens emails

      • stacia

        my reciept ๐Ÿ™‚ 15% is taken off automatcially.
        dawn dishsoap 1.69
        listerine 1.69 (price modified at my store because the 2 coupon codes weren’t working)
        index cards .25
        visine for contacts 3,39
        visine for contacts 3,39
        visine x bns 3,39
        visine x bsn 3.30
        alive vitamins 8,50
        visine 6,80WAGC
        dawn .85WAGC
        visine 8.00MFGC
        -1.00 vitamin coupon
        -1.00 listerine coupon
        -8RR from complete
        subtotal 4 cents….after tax 37 cents.

  10. Jessica

    Man I wish I would have checked this before I went out and hit all 3 walgreens!!! Ugh! Oh well.. got some great deals! Pampers sz 7 diapers & WIPES for $1.19 total.. plus 9 cent Pedialyte!!! (It was marked down to $1.50 and I used the $1.50 MQ from a previous insert.. also got a bunch of johnsons lotion for less than $2 and little trial size baby powder and lotions for 30 cents each.. I also found the pullups (finally on my last store!!) For $3.19- $2 MQ= $1.19!!) Super excited- great deals this week! My manager also said that they would be marking down other sizes the middle of this week!

  11. Summer


    I just got this email and it said if I took a survey (the site is listed above), I would get a free coupon for a free box of Fat Boys Ice Cream. Awesome. Just wanted to share. Thank you for your great site.

    Has anyone had any problems with Pampers? I want to buy some at Walgreens but my husband said he heard some cases of them causing chemical burns. Has anyone had this problem. I found a lot about this on the internet and now am worried. I usually only get Huggies because of all the $3.00 off coupons. PLEASE HELP!

    • cicmommy

      i had had the same worry.. but I have since put my 6 month old and my 4 year old in them and neither has had a problem.

    • Alea

      I have two friends whose babies’ did get chemical burns from the Pampers with Dry Max.
      Others I know have experienced no problems. It’s a chance I rather not to take with my infant since his older brother has extremely sensitive skin and it’s not a gamble I want to take. =/

  12. Dana B.

    If you have Kotex coupons (I have some from all the free samples I’ve received)…

    Make sure to hand over the 15% first.

    – Regular Kotex (not UKotex) are $3.99.
    – $2 off Aug. IVC booklet
    – $1 off coupon from free sample
    – 15% F&F

    = .85 box of Kotex!

    • Dana B.

      I forgot another deal.

      14 day Dulcolax $13.49

      – $5 Aug. IVC booklet
      – $5 May All You magazine
      – 15% F&F

      = $2.97

  13. Stephanie H.

    I found Huggies Goodnights boxer shorts (s-m size) on clearance at my walgreens for $3.18 per package. I bought two and used the 15% off coupon and I had a printable for $2.50 off. I got two packages for about .20 each. Woohoo!

  14. Amy

    Just came back from walgreens and can i just tell you i wanted to punch the ass. supervisor in the nose!!!!!! he was sooooo clueless, seriously i know more about wags coupons than he…..how sad!!!!!
    1. He tried to tell me that they cannot adjust down a coupon because it is “just simply coupon fraud”.
    2. The monthly coupons book listerine coupon is the same as the ad coupon just 2 of the same promotion so i cannot use both.

    if only he knew what i was thinking about him as he was trying to sound all confident selling me bullcrap stories!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Alea

      I’ve had Walgreens cashiers also state that you can’t use an in-ad coupon with the booklet coupon – one or the other since they are both store coupons. Corporate told me it’s up to the manager’s discretion – but usually it’s one or the other.

  15. krazzziekat

    Ok, so I have a scenario question and hopefully someone has an answer for it.
    Buy $25/get $5RR:
    2/11 Similac Ready to Feed x 2= $22
    Pampers (with free wipes)= $8.99
    Total before any discount= $30.99
    Minus 15%= 26.30
    Minus 4 $5 Similac Checks and 1.75/1 Pampers= 4.55

    Will I get the RR for $5 based on total of $26.30 after 15% discount, or not, since total after all discounts is only $4.55 which is not the $25 advertised minimum to spend? I never know if the RR will print up if man. Q’s bring total below advertised purchase minimum. Thanks!!!

  16. Jessica

    There was alot of baby clearance at my store last night: Avent cups, Johnsons baby toiletries, Walgreens baby toiletries, Pull ups, Good nights. After the 15% discount these were wonderful prices! They, also, had a lot of electronic type clearance, about 75% off. Alarm clocks, calculators, cd-r, headphones, phones, etc. I bought $140 worth of merchandise for $21!

  17. Sarah

    The Walgreen’s i went to would not let me use the 15% off coupon yesterday or the manufacturers coupon either with the in store coupon, so I left. The cashier actually yelled at me and told me that I was trying to steal by wanting to use multiple coupons. I will not return to Walgreen’s again.

    • Melissa R.

      Wow! Thats a shame! I went to 3 different stores over the 3 days and 1 did I have a problem using the 15% off, ad q’s and manf q’s. Do you have a FB acct? They want feedback. I’d give them the name of the store and how you were treated or even call CS. There is no reason to get yelled at for using coupons. Its a form of payment, and the store get reimbursed for those little pieces of paper. Some cashiers need to get with the program!!

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