More Walgreens Deals: Huggies, Purell + More!

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Wow! The Walgreens deals keep getting better! Yesterday, I posted how to make use of the awesome 15% off Friends & Family coupon by scoring lots of yummy Hershey’s candy and earlier today, I posted more ways to save on Veet, Playtex and Noxzema. If you’re still looking for ways to make use of this coupon valid thru August 4th, then check out some of these new deal scenarios below…

Buy 3 Huggies Wipes (72 ct) $2.99 each
Total $8.97
Use the 15% off Friends & Family coupon (deducts $1.34)
Use the $2.50/3 coupon found here
Use the $1/1 coupon from the August Coupon Booklet (will deduct $3)
Final Cost $0.71 each!

Buy 1 Purell 8 oz. $3.99
Use the 15% off Friends & Family coupon (deducts $.60)
Use the $1/1 coupon found here
Use the $1/1 coupon from the August Coupon Booklet
Final Cost $1.39!

Buy 1 Enfamil Enfagrow (24oz) $18.99
Use the 15% off Friends & Family coupon (deducts $2.84)
Use the $5/1 coupon found here
Use the $3/1 coupon from the August Coupon Booklet
Final Cost $8.15!

(Thanks for putting together these scenarios, Clippin with Carie!)

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  1. nikki d.

    Hi! I can’t find the $2.50/3 Q. Is there a special zip code that you are using? THANKS!

    • Tara

      try 90210

      • nikki d.

        Thanks for the reply, but no luck… ๐Ÿ™

        • Lauren

          Try 40332!!

  2. Abby

    I just came from a brand new one here in Manassas, VA – cashier Kathy was super helpful and even offered to ring me up twice to get more vitamins/lens solution/crayola. I haven’t couponed there before so I wasn’t going to push my luck this time. I walked out with almost $50RR plus $6 crayola MIR, so I think I will be heading back in for more Easy Ups! By the way for those interested, the 8/1 PG Buy Pampers get wipes DOES work with Easy Ups. I was expecting some hassle on that one. 3 easy ups, two wipes (only had 2 Q), 3 $1.50 PG – $5RR = $5.82 per pack (plus the free wipes!) Next stop is Rite Aid to get my “1” ๐Ÿ™ Easyups pack for $3.

    • renee

      Great! I live in Bristow. MIght head up there tonight!

  3. Mrs.Hall

    I’m so confused with the monthly coupon booklet. They say “manufacturer” in the writing. Are they too manufacturer coupons that can’t be combined with other mfc? Or is it kind of like ask your store how they treat them to know how you can use them for max savings.

    • Annette

      They say manufacturer on them, but they’re store coupons. Manufacturer coupons have two barcodes and have to be sent in for reimbursement. They have the mailing address on them for the store to send them in. The Wags monthly books only have one barcode because they’re store coupons. You also don’t have to clip them out and give them to the cashier. They just scan them in the book, nothing is sent in to the manufacturer for reimbursement.

      • Beth

        Depends on your Walgreens. I live in Vancouver, WA, and our Wags are run by the Seattle, WA, district… which will NOT let you use the book coupons with other manufacturer coupons. All Walgreens are not created equally! =( I am jealous of those of you that have stores that are run properly!

  4. Melissa R.

    another deal I read is the 24 ct Benedry DYE FREE is 4.29 (cheapest item). Buy 2, w/15% off makes them 3.65 each (7.30) Use $4/2 IP = 3.30, get $5 RR!!

  5. kathryn

    I just learned today that Walgreens regualrly gives 15% off to all retired and active duty military on any puirchase. Just show your ID card.

    • mj

      I didn’t know they had a military discount! I wonder if that discount is valid for dependents too, or is it just active duty?

    • Rochelle

      Tuesday is military discount day (I think chain-wide). It works for dependents…just show your ID and ta-da! 15% discount. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • jennifer

        WOW!!! i love my wags but they have really not been good to me if this military discount is correct. I have b3een going to the same one for over a year and no all of the cashiers by name and not once have they ever told me about this discount. They know that my husband is urrently serving in Iraw for the next yr and are helpful with my 3 kids when i do shop in there store. I am not counting all of the times i could have saved money in there. thanks for the heads up. how did u find this out? thanks again

        • jennifer

          I CALLED 1-800-WALGREENS AFTER READING THIS ABOUT THE MIlitary discount and i knew it was too good to be true. the program ended June 2010. not available any longer.

  6. Lynsie

    I just came from Walgreens and they had some Walgreens formula canisters on clearance for 2.49, I’m not due until January, but 2 were good until next Sept and one was good unti 2013, I bought the 3 they had. They also had some glass baby bottles on clearance for 1.09, the ones we have are not BPA free so I’ve been looking for deals on BPA free ones for our next little one. Yayyyy! Hopefully other Walgreens have these items on clearnance still too!

  7. melissa

    is the 15% discount good on printer ink refill?

  8. Melinda

    Heads up….with the 15% off discount it also makes the wags Qs ring up for 15% less. I was doing the Listerine deal using the $2 off IVC Q (which rings up as a manufacture coupon so it took off the full value) but the $2 off in the weekly ad rung up as a wags coupon and only took off $1.70. I added in a third coupon from my sunday paper. Still a great deal but thought it was worth mentioning ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amanda

      hmmm….mine rang up at the reg price.

  9. M

    Can I get more of the Huggies wipes and still just use one Walgreen’s $1 coupon and it take off more? Say if I bought 9 boxes and had 3 $2.50/3 coupons and used one Wags $1 booklet coupon? Would it take off the $9?

    Just a thought! I like to stock up on wipes at the $.01/wipe price!!


    • Jenna

      yes. I bought 6 tubs an hour ago and it took off $6 from the In store Q.

      • M

        Awesome! Thanks! One more question? Does that also count as 6 coupons since it is taking $1 off each box? Just wondering if I need fillers or not. I hate having trouble at the register…but I always do at Wags!!


  10. mb

    look around beacuse there is a 2/2 huggies q that is better ill c if i can find it

  11. Lynne

    Just did a great deal at Walgreens. 4 packs of pampers 3 pampers wipes. Had 2 $3 coupons(Vocalpoint i think) $2 from pampers mailer $1.50 from 8/1PG, and the buy pampers get wipes free 8/1PG. Plus use 15% FF discount. Total after coupons $21.06 – $5RR= 16.06 for lots of diapers!!! Just a heads up anyone wanting to combine the 15% with RR deals the total for the RR must be AFTER the 15% coupon. I started with 3 diapers and didn’t get the RR. Talked to manager he said well its cuz you used coupons so it is less than $25. After going back and forth with him for awhile, I said forget it my hubby is waiting out in the car I have to go. Tell hubby about it when I get out to the car. He says well its probably the FF 15% coupon. Added it up and sure enough after 15% diapers come down to 7.64 so 22.92. (Oh hubby used to work for Walgreens!) So go back for another pack. Manager says well still won’t print out coupon cuz your total is 22.75, you have to be over $25. I said yes it will print it out. He says ok but I know it won’t print it out, so you want me to finish the sale. I say yes please ๐Ÿ™‚ Guess what it printed out my RR!!

  12. Melissa

    on the enfimil… if you have the checks enfimil sends out you are in real luck. most are $3-$5 off enfagrow. Because it is a check I usually can use both a coupon and the “check”. this would make for some really cheap formula. i would have been getting this deal except I just used the last of mine at rite aid this week; paired with a $5 off $20…

  13. K&J

    6 boxes of wipes, 2 boxes of golden grams on clearance for .99 cents a box, and a $1.00 filler item juice boxes. Used $6.00 in RR, the 15% coupon, 2 $2.50off wipes, and the $1 in store ($6.00). Walked out of the store only paying .78 cents! Now THAT is just amazing. Thank you H2S!

  14. Kathry

    Do a lot of people have problems using IVC coupons and Manufacturer coupons together? Or is it few and far between? Just curious, I just won’t a problem when I go shopping.

  15. Sherri

    Heads up for San Diego Wags…I went in today to get the huggies wipes and they are 3.99 minus $1 in ad q…so 2.99 each. Not too bad with the 2.50/3 but still would love to get them for less than $1 since I am donating them.

  16. Sherri

    How did your 15% discount ring up? Mine rang it up as an employee discount (the cashier rang it that way) so when I bought my crayola markers, bc it didn’t amount to $3 it didn’t print my rebate coupon…boo!

    • Tarin

      Mine did. I did two transaction and got two rebates

  17. ali

    I also scored 2 packs of the Bic Soleil 4-ct disposable razors free…just use the BOGO from sunday plus the $3/1, since they are BOGO 50% off right now:
    2 packs of razors @ 5.99 will ring at $10.18 after 15% disc
    -5.09 for free one with BOGO coupon
    -3.00 for the other with $3/1 Q
    -2.55 for wags BOGO 50% off sale
    TOTAL=$0.46 moneymaker

    Visine is also a great deal if you look on an endcap by the pharmacy for a booklet that says “prepare for allergy season” because it has a $2/1 visine Q and a $3/2 visine, benadryl, etc Q, along with a few others. (mine was by the Zyrtec) Then Visine deal goes:
    Visine at 3.99 will ring at 3.39 with 15%
    -$2/1 Q from allergy booklet
    -$2 from in-ad (or -$1.70 if your store adjusts the in-ad for the 15% off)
    -$2 from Aug coupon book
    TOTAL= $2.61 moneymaker on each one

    i did this with 3 boxes of visine and a book of stamps, plus 4 packages of Bic Soleil razors, so my total came to 5 CENTS just using a few coupons! (8.80 for stamps -8.75 in coupon overage.) ๐Ÿ™‚

    • M

      For the Visine, did you use 1 coupon of each 3 type and it took if off x3?! That’s so great!!

      Heading out today to try my hand! Thanks!

      • ali

        Yes, the register took all 3, but you have to do $2/1 manf. Q first, then scan the in-ad, then scan the august coupon book. Worked like a charm for me on tuesday…just make sure you have enough to cover the overage so it won’t beep. Good luck! I’m going back today to triple dip man Q’s, in-ad Q’s, and Aug coupon book Q’s for Listerine, Benadryl, and the first aid kits. Sweet!

  18. Sherry

    I did the Huggies Wipes deal yesterday and it worked like charm!!! Used the 15% off, 2.50/3 and $1.00 off from the monthly booklet. Total was $2.12 before taxes!!!!

  19. Beth C

    Can’t find the Purell coupon. Anybody have a zip for it?

  20. Sarah

    I bought the huggies wipes. our walgreens had them for 3.29 on sale. i bought 3 and used the 15 % off and i used the 2.50/3 coupon and the $3.00 coupon from their coupon book and it came out to $2.40 plus tax! I was so happy. that is way cheaper then just buying the one on sale and I got 3! I am thinking about going back tonight and getting more since the classroom teachers always ask for wipes as part of the school supply list for sept.

  21. Melissa

    I want to go to Walgreens today and was curious..I have a coupon for $6 off Gerber Good Start Formula and a $10 check for Gerber Good Start Formula..can I use both?

    • cassiesoren

      Yes, they will take both. At least they did at mine. My cashier had a hard time with the check though, she had to call over the manager who let her know it should be rung in as a rebate check. Hope this helps!

  22. Lpmousse

    Wawhoo! I scored big at Wags today. I got box of pencils, box of highlighters, pretzel M&Ms, Orville Redenbacher popcorn, nail polish, raisins, 2 bottles of Bayer AM aspirin, and Mitchum deodorant for $1.14, using manufacturer coupons, Wags coupons, my 15% off coupon from Facebook, and an $8 catalina coupon from my last order. And I got a $1 coupon off of my next order too, so really I paid $.14 for all of it. Yay!

  23. MommySpendsLess

    I went to Walgreens today for the Huggies and Kotex deals and it went great!

    The cosmetics counter cashier didn’t know how to ring up the 15% off coupon (before or after she scanned my items) so she called a manager. She ended up doing the coupon first and it worked that way. As far as I can tell, the price of my items were reduced by 15% as opposed to a dollar amount coming off at the end. That was fine by me but I thought I’d mention it in case anyone was doing a deal with a minimum purchase amount. The cashier and the register took my $2.50/3 Huggies coupons as well as my $1/1 off Kotex mannys and the Walgreens $1/1 and $2/1 without any issues at all. When my total for 6 tubs of baby wipes and two boxes of panty liners was only $6.56 (including tax, subtotal $5.02) she kept repeating “that’s a good deal”

  24. Krista

    Do you need to have 3 separate coupons from the August booklet for the Huggies deal, or do they just scan one three times?

    • MommySpendsLess

      They scan one coupon one time and the computer automatically multiplies it for the number of products you have (so 3 tubs = $3.00 off, 6 tubs = $6.00 off, etc.)

  25. Krista

    Okay, thanks!

  26. Lori

    So I just tried the Huggies Wipes deal at my Walgreens in Jacksonville, FL….and let me tell you…that was THE WORST experience I have ever had. They would not take my $2.50/3 coupon because it did not scan. The Cashier was very nice, and called the manager. The manager stated that they no longer take internet printable coupons OF ANY KIND! Because they are all fake. I said, so you are saying that I am trying to commit fraud? She said “the coupon didnt scan, therefore, it MUST be fake”. I politely explained that I have used internet coupons at this particular Walgreens numerous times without any problems. She stated that this is a policy that they just “changed the policy”…I told her that I would like to see it in writing and she said that it was SO new that she couldn’t show it to me in writing, but Corporate Policy states it is up to manager approval whether or not to take the coupon, and she chose not to. I said, that they should let their customers know if they are going to change their policy “at will” so that we didnt waste our time! When I told her that I no longer wanted the wipes, she handed me back my coupon and said “why dont you just go to Walmart then///” WTH?!?! I was SO LIVID! I just wanted to scream. I was SO embarassed, as she made me out to be the bad guy…and ALL the customers in line were looking at me….I WILL NEVER GO TO ANY WALGREENS AGAIN!

    • Lpmousse

      I’m so sorry that you had this experience. Stores like this make me mad. Couponing is not a bad thing- we’re just trying to be wise with the money that we have, and save some. After all, it’s Hip2Save! It’s super annoying that Wags doesn’t have a corporate coupon policy. Have you watched Collin’s latest videos- they’re funny and frustrating. Oh well- Wags is obviously missing out on a person who used to be a customer, and now won’t be any more.

      Now what was my usual couponing grocery store won’t take internet coupons at all, and won’t take outright free coupons either, no matter if they’re internet or otherwise. Let’s just say I’m not going there any more. I can take my business elsewhere.

    • Beth C

      Call and report the manager

  27. Anonymous

    I know how you feel about feeling like “the bad guy”. I has a similar experience at CVS this week with the BOGO Sobe waters. I have never had a bad experience at CVS and I have done the BOGO deal with a BOGO sale before with no problem. I was told by the manager that she had the right to REFUSE TO SALE ME THESE ITMES!!! I told her to go ahead and refuse me…but she decided not to. Instead she rang up each coupon in a seperate transaciton and in the process, she whispered under her breath…. “this is so stupid”. This held up the line and made other customers look at me like “the bad guy”…or a crazy couponer! I dont know why these sales associates get so upset when customers save money. Its not like I am taking money from their pockets. Jealousy I guess! My husband says I should report them. Im still debating….

  28. Lisa

    I went to wags last nite to do the Alive vitamins and hershey candy deals, the first transaction went great i bought the vitamins and crayons and got $11 in RR. I then purchased the hershey candy. I paid with $10 rr from vitamins and was given my reciept and that was it. When i questioned the cashier about the hershey rr she said vaguely that it may have somthing to do with the fact that i paid with a rr. I asked for the mangager and he told me that if you pay with a rr you do not get one, i said they were different offers but he said it did not matter. If i had known that i would have saved my $10 rr for next week instead of buying the candy. Has anyone else had this problem?

    • Melinda

      You were right! Manager was wrong. You can pay with a RR and still receive one as long as its a different company. The problem might have come from using the 15% coupon (if you used it). You have to purchase $10 in hershey’s candy (after 15%…which means 12pks instead of 10) to proudce the RR.

      • Turboturtle_8

        I did buy 12, prepared for that to happen…still no coupon. Very frustrating…but I am new to this and still a little timid.

    • Turboturtle_8

      Actually I did have that problem…only slightly different. I used the $8 RR from the Contact Solution to pay for my vitamins (also using the MFR Q)…that did generate the $10 RR as it should. Then I used that to buy the candy and nothing! I questions the cashier and she started to say that it was because I used the RR to pay but knew that wasn’t right because I just did the same thing…then she said it was because the vitamins and candy were by the same company! I was like WTH?!?! But she also REFUSED to take the MRF Qs before the WAGS Qs causing a very painful and beep laden exp.!!! Then at the end she says, I am not supposed to take coupons that beep but I will this once… The next night I went with my mom to another store, gave my MFR Qs then the WAGS Qs and had two very smooth transactions!

      • Lori S

        So should I always give the ManuQ’s before the WagsQ? Maybe this is why my coupon for the huggies beeped? Not because it was fake!

        • Turboturtle_8

          Yes, always! I have not had a problem when they do it the way I hand them to them. Was there again today…got $55 worth of stuff for $3.50 and not a single beep!!!

  29. Turboturtle_8

    I have a question about getting the best deal on the Listerine and Bic Razors…how do I do it. If I get 2 bottles of the mouthwash, can I use 2/$1.00 MFR AND WAGS in-store AND WAGS August booklet? Has anyone done this and what was the final cost?

    Same for the Bic razors. I have a BOGO Free and $3/1 MFR Q and they are on sale BOGO 50% off.

    Needless to say I am VERY new to this (2 days in) and want to know what to expect.

    Thanks all for your help and if you have any tips PLEASE let me know.

    • Melinda

      I did the Listerine deal and used the $2 off wags Q from the weekly ad and the $2 off from the monthly booklet (they have different upc codes) and a MQ from my sunday paper. The computer took all 3 with no prob. Your cashier might not agree and try to limit you to just 2 coupons. You can explain that one is a monthly deal, one is a weekly deal and one is a manufacture coupon….depends on the store but worth a try.
      For the Bic deal if you are buying 2 razors you can use 2 MQs. One BOGO and one $3/1. The wags sale will automatically go thru at the register (but its always good to check your receipt). Good luck!

  30. Lpmousse

    So I went to Walmart today, planning on using my awesome $3 off Huggies diapers coupons, and a bunch of other coupons. I had everything scanned by the cashier, and things were fine until she started scanning my coupons. She scanned one Nexcare internet coupon, and then realized that it was an internet coupon. She said that they just changed their policy on internet coupons. Grrrrrrr! So I had her take everything off of my order, and went across the street to Target and took my business there. I even asked up front about their coupon policy, and they said that they take all coupons if they scan correctly.

  31. Margie

    I see many people have a problem with RR and get frustrated with the employees and sometimes even decide not to shop at Walgreens anymore. Just wanted to let many of you know that the catalina coupon machine at times has a mind of it own and doesnt print the coupons out. Employees have no control over them!!!

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