Target & Walmart: FREE Shout Wipes!

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Target and Walmart both carry the Shout Wipe & Go travel size wipes (4 ct) in the travel size section. They are priced around $1 per pack. Use the new $2/2 coupon from the 8/8 SS to score two 4 packs for FREE! I love having these wipes in my purse… they definitely come in handy when you have 3 kiddos in tow! 😉

(Thanks, Free Stuff!)

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  1. Jennifer

    In thinking ahead for Christmas….they make great stocking stuffers for the adults……

  2. Janice H

    You can also get these at the Dollar General or mine has them here in Alabama! Got a bunch last year about this time…only paid tax!

  3. Amanda

    I tried to use coupons on travel items recently at Target and was told that coupons would no longer be accepted for items that cost less than the value of the item. I even called the store manager and she said the same thing! I’ll be taking my business elsewhere!

    • Brandy

      Target’s coupon policy is clear and on their website. It clearly states that they adjust the coupon in the case of items being less than the coupon value (thereby not allowing you to receive over-age but does NOT restrict you from getting a free item).

      I never shop without a print out of store coupon policies or emails from corporate outlining coupon acceptance terms.

      If was I was you, I would send a generic email to target corporation asking them what their policy is an item that costs less than a manufacturer coupon. Once you get your response then I would print that (which will have a reference number) as well as the corporate policy and see what the manager says then. If he still has an issue – then while you are standing there with him/her call corporate customer service and have them pull up your reference number from the email.

      • Bonnie

        Not only that, but they have recently updated their computers and manufacturer’s coupons automatically adjust down to the price that they rang up for. I was sad to see my days of so much overage go away, but grateful for the cashier not having to push everything through. The opportunity still exists for overage when you have a manu coupon and a Target coupon stacked though, the computer does not recognize that overage and the Target coupon goes through for the full value even if the manu coupon has already been scanned. I found this out personally when I tried the Schick Hydro stacked coupon deal and then when I bought the satin care trial sizes, that is when I noticed that the computer automatically adjusted down.

        • Amanda W

          Thanks for the advice everyone, I am TOTALLY going to contact corporate! THANKS!!

          • Amanda W

            Look what I got back!

            Dear Amanda Wangler,

            I’m glad you’ve taken the time to write us about your experience. We’re sorry you didn’t receive the type of service you’ve come to expect at Target.

            The team member attitude and behavior you described isn’t part of our guest service philosophy. We expect our team members to help you in a professional manner. Your comments are very important to us and I’ve shared them with the Bismarck Target Store Leadership team for further review.

            In response to your comments related to Using Coupons at Target, I’m enclosing our corporate reply.

            If you have any questions about a specific coupon or experience using a coupon at Target, we want to help! Please give our Guest Relations team a call at (800) 440-0680. We’ll do the best we can to help you as quickly as possible. For your call, please provide a team member with the following reference number: 1-454209622.

            In the meantime, I’d like to share with you some information about our coupon policy. When accepting coupons, we use the following guidelines:

            – We accept two kinds of coupons: Target-issued and manufacturer-issued.
            – We’ll accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
            – We can’t give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in this case, we’re able to adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item.
            – We can’t accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in our stores.
            – All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier while you’re checking out.

            Thanks for writing. Give us a call if there’s anything else we can do to help.


            Target Guest Relations
            [THREAD ID:1-7IEZ4G]

    • amy

      I called customer service and they mailed me a copy of the coupon policy with the letter head and agents signature.

      • Lauren

        I’m done with target for this reason

  4. debbie

    my target in Michigan automatically down sizes the coupon when they scan it

  5. Nilda

    Hi, First sorry for my bad english isn´t my language, I´m new on coupon, were i can get the coupon for shout wipes, i love this wipes, i always have some in my purse.

    • Kim

      The coupon is in this past Sunday’s (8/8) SmartSource coupon section.

    • Tara

      If you did not buy the paper, you can order then through ebay or a coupon clipping service like

  6. jnbish

    what section of target are these wipes found? (i.e. cleaning or travel section?)

    • Kim

      I found them in the travel section in my store.

  7. kim

    another x/2 coupon…. i doubt it will take off the full $2 anyway… it adjusts the coupon to the price of 1 in my experience. I don’t even bother. someone please post their experience if they try it though…

    • Jenna

      I did it today and the register DID adjust the coupon down automatically to 97 cents… lame! I didn’t notice till i was leaving and didn’t want to bother going to customer service.

      • Erin

        Please contact corporate! They say that all the coupon problems are due to miscoding.

    • Anonymous

      I used this today at Target. It showed up as “item not found” since I bought the two that the register grouped together for $1.94. The cashier put it in for the $2.00. I do have to watch carefully as I have had several coupons when they are for multiples attach to the price of one and I have not caught it until later on my receipt. It is difficult to tell at times what the discount is since Target coupons show up on the screen as 0.00 and the other ones for the amount. When I have a fast cashier scanning them quickly I can’t always keep up.

      • Lauren

        Just got back from Target and bought 4 travel wipes and used 2/$2 coupons. The register only took of .97 twice. On my way out I returned all 4 and got my coupons back. The lady that did the return said that the coupon didn’t work for the travel wipes! I didn’t argue (even though I knew I was right!) because I knew it would get me nowhere, so I’m taking my coupons to Walmart! : – )

        • Joyce

          You go Lauren!

          • Amanda H.

            Same thing happened to me this week! I bought 2 of the travel sized shout wipes .97 cents each , handed over the $2/2 & the computer only took .97 cents off once. I did not notice until I was home. That is a rip off! At least they could take the coupon down to the price I paid for both. It looks like they are not allowing for ANY overage because I bought a clearance item as well & the computer automatically brought the price down. I’m with you Guys I’m going to Walmart.

  8. mj

    BE CAREFUL ABOUT USING THIS COUPON AT TARGET! Chances are, your $2/2 coupon will only take off the value of one shout wipe- so the register will auto adjust the $2 off coupon to only $1 off. Target’s registers have BIG issues with single coupons for more than one item! Save yourself the frustration and buy this at Walmart, avoid Target at all costs!! You’ve been warned!

    • Erin

      Actually, everyone needs to contact Target customer service about this. The register gave me $1.88 on a $3/6 coupon and .95 on $1/4 coupon (no overage involved) and the store manager says that this is correct! This is COUPON FRAUD on Target’s part, and they are denying the issue. I called corporate, and they told me that the coupons are “miscoded” by the manufacturer. I am following up on the coupons I used, but everyone needs to contact corporate unless you want to be systematically ripped off.

  9. julie

    Hi. First let me say I visit your site all the time. First time I’ve left a comment but love your deals. Second, I laughed so hard at your Walgreens video, especially at the end of #3. Third, I found Tide Stain Release tabs (10 pack) for 2.99 marked down at Target. Palmolive Dish Detergent was too. All on an end cap where the clothes detergent is….for 2.99. I had a fist full of blinkie 1.00 off Tide coupons so I got them for 1.99!!!! Normally at least 3.49. Going to post on my website now! Thought you’d like to know
    Blessings funny one,

  10. Joy

    Target is not the only store that now adjusts coupons down. My Price Chopper did this to me tonight on the Mentos gum. Mentos was on sale for $.99. The Q was for $.55, which is supposed to double. Instead it came off as $.55 and $.44, which equals the price. Still got the gum free which is still great in my book. But I never expect overage anymore anywhere. A lot of stores no longer do it.

    I believe Wegman’s coupon policy is the same way.

    As far as the $2/2 or $1/2, I have not noticed this yet but will keep my eye on it.

    • robyn

      oh my gosh! i cant believe you said price chopper. i have one coming next feb. that i can walk to and am looking for a website that does those deals. do you know of one? thanks!

  11. Rebekah

    I vote we make one very long list of our expiriences with Target, and send it right on over to them. It makes me really sad, I used to love target, but since I have started couponning there, they make it impossible for me to shop there 🙁 I have to call the customer service number everytime I go there!

    • MommySpendsLess

      I’m sorry that a lot of people are having bad experiences. I have never had any problem using coupons at either of my local Targets (one regular, one super) so they’re not ALL bad. Maybe it depends on the store’s manager (which I know it shouldn’t) or the area (I live close to Disney World so it seems the customer service at all the stores is a little better plus they probably get very few couponers since I’m guessing most people don’t coupon on vacation). They’ve always pushed my coupons through without any problems, even when I did something I knew was iffy (like using the C9 coupon on socks). In fact, I had a cashier tell me to use more coupons than I should – I came in with the manufacturer and store coupon for an item and there was a lower value manny attached to the product and she insisted that I could use all three of them together even after I told her I already had two coupons to use. A bunch of emails requesting corporate wide coupon training wouldn’t hurt any major chains though…Walmart, Walgreens, Target, etc.

  12. ecosavvy

    Question: When overage occurs at Target due to Q’s, does it lower amount of total bill? If so, I could kick myself b/c I always have them adjust Q to amount of product. aaaand….the 2/2 Shout Q wasn’t in the Dallas SS :o{ BOO! It’s the only thing that removes the nasty ring-around-the-collar my golfers constantly have.
    LOVE hip2save, you ROCK girl!

  13. lovecoupons

    Tues 8/10 I just tried the Shout coupons at Wal-Mart and cashier said “No”. She said it’s not for trial sizes (even though coupon didn’t say). I didn’t question her. I might try it later with a different cashier!

    • Heather P

      That’s stupid because the pic of the SHout to Go wipes is right on the coupon. Idiots.

      • Heather P

        The trial size is the only size that they come in, at least here. They’re made to be carried around!

  14. Annette

    Am I the only person who didn’t get the Shout coupon in my SS insert? I’ve searched the SS site also, and can’t find the coupon anywhere?! I even tried different zips (I live in MI). The only Shout coupon in my insert was a Target coupon that specified no trial sizes. Help?! I would love to use this coupon! Thanks!

    • brenda

      i live in michigan in was in SS but it said no travel or trail size, so i dont know if it will work, i am going today,target and walwart, let you know…??

  15. Linda

    I would also love to use this coupon, but I don’t understand where to get the coupon? I’m new here, so could someone explain what the 8/8 SS is? Thanks!!

    • Gina

      Smart Source coupon insert found in your local newspaper August 8.10

  16. lana

    I got 9 of these coupon and for got I was suppose to get 18 pack but instead got 9 pack…the computer automatically adjusted the item for 97 cent each. BOOO. I could have had 9 more. Now im lazy to go back and fix this. Oh well.

    • Erin

      Contact corporate!

  17. Tallymomma

    I had the same issues with the shout wipes ringing up at $.97/2 instead or $2/2 or even $.97/1.

  18. Kelli

    I had the .97 issue at my Target today- but I simply said to the cashier- your system is only taking .97 off instead of $2 and she adjusted it. 20 free packs of wipe! this happened at target last week with the $4 off 2 nivea and they adjusted that too-
    as for those of you having problems with buying the wipes- it is depicted on the coupons- so that should help your battles 🙂

  19. brenda


    • Heather P

      I think that’s the only size there is. They’re made to be carried around with you.

  20. Heather P

    I used mine at Walmart without a problem an hour ago. My cashier just hit enter, didn’t even price adjust. I did write Target an email stating my displeasure earlier too.

  21. Im

    i try to use the coupon today on the Shout travel size product the cashier wouldn’t accept it told me i had to get the regular ones or watever… ripped my coupon once i handed it to him then i refused to get the item!! i tried to find it at 4 walmart locations in the travel section couldn’t find it 🙁 but target only has it so if it happens again i’ll just buy the item and go to guest services and show them my receipt and give them my coupon so then i’ll get my money back:) (even though your not allow to)

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