My Target Shopping Experience + New Deals!

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Alright, so I went to Target yesterday to score some of the great deals available with all the new Target store coupons. Before telling you about some of the goodies I snagged, I just wanted to let you all know that I completely share in your frustration with coupon issues at Target. Not Only did over 50% of my coupons beep, but they also said “Item Not Found” when I clearly purchased the item listed… in some cases I even purchases the exact item pictured on the coupon and it still said “Item Not Found”. I was lucky enough to have a very coupon friendly cashier, so she pushed them through without question… however, I can see how frustrating it would have been if my cashier had not been so coupon friendly.

…And not to sound like I’m complaining or anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ , I also don’t understand why some of the Target store coupons aren’t very clear. For example, the $10 off Target home Bath Furniture item coupon has absolutely NO description regarding what type of bath furniture qualifies for the coupon.

I googled the definition of Furniture:

The movable articles in a room or an establishment that make it fit for living or working.

furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy

So, ya… I’m still confused. Are towel racks, trash cans and shower organizers Bath furniture items? I sure don’t know. If any of you do, please share!

Alright, enough complaining about that, onto the deals…

First, as you can see from the picture above, there is lots of clearance available in apparel. You should easily be able to score some sweet deals by pairing up the Merona apparel Target store coupons (it appears these are no longer available) with clearance bargains!

Thanks to Julie over at Clever Couponing, I was able to score the following deal on the cute sandals above…

Merona Flip Flops on clearance for $3.24
Use the $3/1 Merona coupon found here (No longer available! ๐Ÿ™ )
Final Cost $0.24!

Also, here are a few Target Home “Bath Furniture” items I found to go along with the $10/1 coupon (no longer available). Like I said above, I honestly don’t know what qualifies as a bath room furniture item, so I could be wrong– which I am quite often… ask my hubby! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Only $3.49 after the $10/1  coupon!

Only $7.99 after the $10/1 coupon!

Here are a couple other deals I spotted…

LA Looks Styling Gel on a Price Cut for $1.45
Use the $1/1 coupon from the 5/23 SS
Final cost only $0.45!
**This is for a HUGE bottle too!

Nivea Happy Sensations Body Lotion w/ Bonus travel size product $5.49
Use the $3/1 coupon from the 7/25 RP
Final cost only $2.49!

AND here are a few more deals with thanks to Totally Target..

Apple & Eve Fruitables Juicebox 8 pks $2.50
Use the $0.75/1 coupon found here
Final cost $1.75!

Fruit 2O Essentials 18 oz $0.89

Use the $1/2 Fruit20 Essentials coupon found here
Final cost only $0.39 each!

Nesquik Powder 21.8 oz $3.07

Use the $1/25/1 coupon found here
Final cost $1.82!

Dean’s Dip 16 oz $1.19
Use the $0.55/1 coupon found here
(there is also a $1/2 coupon here)
Final cost as low as $0.69!

Five Star Notebooks $1

Use the $1/2 Five Star product coupon from the 8/8 RP
Final cost $0.50 each!
(Thanks, Viet!)

Schick Intuition Razor $6.99
Use the $4/1 coupon found here
Final cost $2.99!

**Check out even more Target deals here (you’ll have to scroll past this post)!

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  1. Salina

    I have the link to the coupons, I can send it to you, whats your email address?

  2. Vivienne

    I was able to print $10 off Home and bath furniture item. I have been printing so many coupons lately that I am out of ink! I am sorry to hear of all the problems people are having with their coupons at Target. I rarely have any problems at my Target. (Portland OR)

  3. Angie

    I had a very similar experience at Target yesterday. The people behind me were so mad some of them left. One lady that stayed was very impressed by the end. BUT… as a new couponer I actually had my best savings day yet. I spent $120 at Target and saved $120. I also spent $7 at Walgreens and saved $60. YEAH!

    • moosetracks


    • juliezoutendam

      HOW??? I’m a new couponer too, and my best savings has only been $21. Today, my savings was only $10. Any suggestions/advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  4. Craig

    Hey I just printed off this $10q so its still available!!. Now lets see if we can find something of interest w/it. lol

  5. cutsiecow

    Im looking I guess Im blind…lol…..I cant find the coupon anywhere….today or last night.

  6. cutsiecow

    Nevermind I got it…..I had to load all coupons before I saw it, not just categories. Was able to print.

  7. Olivia Smith

    Is anyone having a problem of loading when you type in This is the 2nd time I have had this happen!

  8. Jon

    I just printed the $3/1 merona target coupon 5 minutes ago and it printed just fine….maybe it reset

  9. Camara

    My coupons beep CONSTANTLY, so what I’ve started to do is split up the coupons. First I hand over my manufactures and give the more complicated ones over first (BOGO, $2/4 etc) after I see that those went through priced correctly I then hand over the Target coupons. It makes it easier for me to explain and show each coupon so when they see the match with the Target coupons they remember it and put it through. I can use multiples of target coupons at my target, for instance last week I had 8 target juicy juice coupons (I had to use 5 computers) I didn’t hand them all together I slipped them in with other target coupons. I’ve found this works well, so I don’t hear “you can’t use all of those juicy juices in one transaction”. I love Target, but I do get anxiety going there because of the hassle. I’m going tomorrow with a shit load of coupons and I know I’m going to get drama, but since my son will be in daycare I’m ready for the battle. lol

  10. Jennifer

    My coupons usually go through, but today I went to get post its and tape and things for my classroom…they didn’t have ANYTHING that was advertized. I was very sad about that. They had huge 4 dollar packages, but none of the dollar items. I was looking forward to my free items. Oh well. I left with a ton of sugar free pudding though….

  11. Linda Hahn

    One thing for the people who had problems with the bananas…Target doesn’t weigh the produce items so they sell them by the piece. And the coupons is for $1 off a produce item, so that’s why it would have only taken off $.19. This happened to me on some other coupon I used which is when I realized it.

    • Sokhavy

      Man, I know this feeling.

  12. Stephanie H.

    I went to target today with my kids. Big mistake! I tried to buy some of the “bathroom furniture” and got all of this “you can’t use more than one target printable” lingo from the cashier. He got the boot for a supervisor and then a manager came over. The line got super long and my 3 and 5 year old were losing it big time. I had everything so organized so that it didn’t have to be painful. The guy behind me gave up and left his stuff and walked out of the store. It was really frustrating, even though I got great deals. I wasn’t doing anything illegal and yet I walked out of there getting the stink eye from all the people behind me in line. It is not my fault that target coupons beep at target and no ones knows what the heck “bathroom furniture” is. It isn’t like I tried to buy toilet paper with it….I was a large bathroom shelf. I wish that target coupons worked better at target!

  13. Tracy

    I just got back from target i got the towel rack that is in the picture and the same flip flops.

  14. Ramona

    I usually only read a few posts at a time, but I’m glad I read all of these tonight because at least now I know that I’m not the only one having coupon issues at Target. I have anxiety every time I go because I never know whether or not all of my savings will be counted. Even though the coupons frequently beep and the cashiers override them most of the time, I never walk out of the store completely happy. It always seems as though I’m either being overcharged, or some of my coupons didn’t count..but it’s hard to tell from the receipt. And to make matters worse, as of last week, the Target I usually shop at has decided to stop accepting printable coupons. I really want to hang in there with them, but it’s almost not worth the hassle. Especially when I never have these problems at SuperWalmart.

  15. Megan

    Those flip flops are cute! I hope I can find them! The Target carpet in the background is quite psychadelic though…

  16. Monica

    So disappointed with Target and their “unfriendly” coupon stance. I have had multiple incidents when I’ve gone to the register with my coupons…many of which have beeped even though the items were obviously the ones stated for the coupons. I don’t know why they choose to treat couponers in this way. If they have a policy, shouldn’t they stick to it???

  17. Mrs. B

    the $10 printable bathroom coupon worked for me @ 11:54 est.

  18. Brandy

    hi everyone! I just wanted to share something about these “beeps” and “item not found” that we are all expierencing…here’s what I have found due to some cashiers at the Bonney Lake, WA store…(Bless you for being good at your jobs) that being said, I would like to encourage you to ask your cashier to push an “enter or total button” after the beep (now I’m gonna ask what button it is to be exact) and every silly time it beeps, says item not found, after my cashiers PUSHES THAT button, it shows up just fine deducted from my total, its a pain in the bum and to cover things extra (this actually speeds up check out)… now I put my items up on the belt with the coupon for that item on top of it or place in the cashiers hand..they don’t have to go back and look up the item at the end, which if that happens they have to enter each and EVERY coupon manually…this is something I have watched and have tried very hard to be helpful to them so they don’t get as frustrated either…it’s working miricles…just a thought, observation, and suggestion….I sure hope you all have as much luck as I have! Thanks to everyone of you and your guidence, I can provide for my family like never before….so I sure hope this helps others ! Thinking of you all and good luck!

  19. Linda Hahn

    I think our Target in Fairfield, CA must have upgraded their software or something because I’ve made 3 big coupon trips in the past week and not a single beep. Not even when I used the $3 footwear coupon for socks (I was a little leery to do it but thought I’d give it a shot and ended up with 2 pairs for $.50!). Maybe all the Targets are in the process of getting an upgrade of some sort to help out with all this beeping madness.

  20. Shay

    Wow, I feel so much better now. I didn’t know there were so many others feeling the same anxiety I do while shopping in Target. Shopping should never be so stressful. In the past three months, I have only had one successful (friendly cashier, handled the ‘beeps’ efficiently & without aiming her annoyance my way) experience with Target, all other visits left me feeling annoyed, angry & one time even close to tears (it takes a lot to make me cry). And, it’s not just one store, I’ve been to a second Target a few times & their attitude when seeing the coupons is the same, annoyed, rude, even treating me as if I am not only a bother but as if I’m some kind of thief as well. Sunday (after two horrible episodes with the T store) I stopped by Walgreens & what a difference. This wonderful, smiling cashier, Sylvia, took my coupons without complaint, no beeps, explained their RR system to me (even though I already knew) & was just a delight to deal with. I went back tonight, checked out with two large orders and two handfuls of coupons & once again, a friendly, helpful cashier & no problems with the coupons. It’s going to take one heck of a deal to get me back through those Target doors.

  21. Anonymous

    I work for Target and it really makes me sad to see that all of you have such a hard time at the store with coupons. I couldn’t agree more that the system is not very coupon friendly. I love to coupon, it saves me a ton of money. A lot of the people that work there probably think I am crazy but they are all just a little jealous. I have been working really hard on all of my cashiers to help them understand that pushing through a coupon is really not a big deal. As long as the item is there, push it through. Even technology can be wrong sometimes and in this case, a lot of the time.

    I think what makes it so frustrating for the team members at Target, is that we have quite a few people that come through our store that we know buy those high coupon items and then turn around and return them. Almost in the same instance and there is nothing we can do about it. You feel like you are getting played for a fool. So remember that our team members are only doing the job they are told to do and they have to answer to the higher management. Ultimately when it comes between a declining a coupon and getting in trouble, I would pick declining the coupon.

    I just wanted to give you all a heads up from the other end of the spectrum. We love that you save money but we have a job to do as well and we are told to listen to what the computer says to do. So if it beeps at you next time and the cashier doesn’t push it through, I encourage you to call corporate, they are the ones that have control over those computers.

    So here is to happy shopping at Target. May your coupons not beep and may you get the best cashier ever. But if not, let your voice be heard.

    • Gery

      Hi there, I do understand that this is the cahiers job but sometimes they get nasty and upset that we are using coupons. For one coupons are like cash money, if I give you $1 how are you going to credit me for $0.97. Target is keeping my change. My coupons beep ALL the time but I dont get upset I just explain or they have to call a manager..really no biggie for me.

      I just bought the C9 chorts that were on sale $6 gave cashier the TQ for $5 and it beeped. She gives me back the cpn and tells me I dont have that item and shows me the screen where it states that. SO I pull the shorts out of the bag and show her. Why didnt she look on her screen before telling me I dont have the item.

      Anyhow like I said i do understand and I thank you for teaching your cashiers. But also understand that cpns are cash money and that Target gets $0.08 on top of the cpn.

      • Mrs.Hall

        I totally understand the whole cashier thing. I worked for Walmart for 3 years and out of that I worked 1 year as a cashier. I had been to cashier meetings and never do I remember us ever being filled in on how coupons work, what they mean..or what not to do. It seemed like everyone was scared to except any coupon if it looked copied..or too good to be true..or too many of the same thing. The dreaded “can I talk to you” from a manager sent them into hiding.

        I then worked in accounting for the last 2 years there and handled the coupons. I would see multiples of the same coupon..and never thought one thing about it. Could be more then one person with the same coupon? But…if a cashier decided to tell a manager maybe in fear they would get into trouble later..the manager would come into the cash office and ask me to pull up that transaction on that register and make sure they bought the 10 items for the 10 coupons. Which they always did..and nothing bad came of it. I even had one manager come to me at a register and say “I had a customer call me about a lot of Huggies Wipes coupons she had, and go ahead and take them all for her.” I thought maybe 10-15? NO!! She had like 30!! All the type the manufacturer sends you in the mail not printables. She had a cart completely full of every last one of the Huggies wipes off the shelf. And her Q were for $2.00! So each one she got for like .34! Very jealous I was.

        I believe that every store should have a cashier/management…anyone who touches a register meeting on couponing. Even if they have to bring in someone from head office or something. Teach them the wording..what it to do it..and what is not exceptable. That way the cashiers and managers are all on the same page and fully understand that Q are like cash. And even though ya..I think to an extent that using your hi value coupons then returning for full cash back is too much work for me lol nor do I desire to do that. The store does get their money back plus .08. My beef right now is that we all work so hard to find, clip and match coupons to save our family money…and its not working 100% at Target registers because they are keeping our savings from us. Kind of a wash I think! lol They get mad we’re using this Q with that Q and getting a HOT deal..and a few people returning for cash..and WE get mad when we hand over a $3.00 coupon and the register takes off $2.17. lol Well, I’m off to Target to watch that register screen lol. But my Target is great at putting them through..and I don’t blame the cashier at all. Its corporates programming to blame. I sure hope they get it fixed or they will lose a lot of business from the mighty team “Coupon Clippers.” And there is def a LOT of us!!

        • Anonymous

          Love it! Couldn’t agree more! Just tell those girls, I got that item with confidence and watch them push it through!!

  22. Gina

    Can you believe that I’ve made two 45 mile one way trips to Target this week (and it’s Thursday MORNING TODAY) and they’ve had NO notebooks left in the store…. yes, I asked… SOLD OUT!!! I mean, even they studidly expensive $4.99 ones were gone! SOMETHING is telling me that parents are REALLY READY to send their kids BACK TO SCHOOL! LOL But it’s frustrating for me, since I have such a drive to get there… They are expecting a truck on Friday (although) they don’t know what’s on it… may try again tomorrow (???)

  23. Amanda C

    I do have to say that I have had tons of positive experiences from my target. I live in MI and after reading this deal decided to head over to my target with 6 of the $10 off bathroom furniture coupons in hand. I was a little apprehensive as I put 3 of the over the toilet shelving structures in my cart and 2 towel racks!!! I went and checked out and the three coupons for the toilet shelving went through with no problem, but then the 2 for the towel racks beeped and my cashier did an override on them with no problem. I left with almost $100 worth of things for my new bathrooms for $21. I am half tempted to go back today or tomorrow and see if I can find anything else. I truly dont know what else I would need, but it almost seems too good to resist!!!

  24. Tracy

    That’s odd Amanda i live in MI to i got the towel rack yesterday and it didn’t beep at all. It depends on your cashier.

    • Tillish

      I work for Target and believe me the cashier isnt to happy with the coupon system either. Target carries alot of bonus size items and the system doesnt recognize the bar codes. We do have the permission to override as long as everything applies to the coupon.

      • juliezoutendam

        I was told today by a cashier that cashiers aren’t allowed to push the item through anymore. I know which line to avoid when I go next time…

  25. Smitha

    Ever since Collin posted the picture of the flip flops, I was hoping against hope that my local target will have at least one in my size. I am a size 9 and it runs out pretty fast. Luckily I was able to find one today. If it hadn’t been you, I would never have looked twice. Thank you Collin! I forgot to take the bath furniture coupon. I will have to again later this week..

    • tawny9753

      I got the cute sandals in size 9 too! I was so excited because I waited a few days to go so I could organize my coupons and buy everything at once. My store (Federal Way, WA) had a TON of clearance sandals left in all sizes.

  26. amelia

    great buys at Target. Thanks Hip2Save!! Thought I’d share this…found the 7th Generation detergent on markdown for $5.98 and used the manufacturer’s $3 cpn. Great deal!!

  27. Craig

    Oh boy, does anybody ever have a bad day w/ getting their deals? I thought I had all my ducks in a line and forgot that in order to keep the OOP low, I needed to only buy a X amount of goods. Nooo. I/E, the AIrwick with the BOGO q. Well I had 2 of the Target qs to which would have put these at free if I bought only 2! I ened up w/ 4 wondering why my bill was so high. Also had issues with the $2/2 Shout Wipe N Go’s. That q. didnt go thru and the cashier couldnt figure out how to run it thru since the items were .97ea. After me trying to explain this part of the issue with him and another mang. coming over I did get those added correctly (2/.97) Geeze. What a pain. Luckily I was able to sell one of these Airwicks to somebody at work. Now I only have 3/4. Uuugh. LOL. If I sell one more for a $1, then I’ll be back to where I thought I was at if I actually had 4 of those Targ. qs. LMAO!!

    Its weird, the $2/2 didn’t go thru smooth, but the Tides (@.97c) q that were $1 off went thru as $1 instead of automatically adjusting/or beeping for them to adjust down to .97c.

    Oh well, not my best Target trip. Got to remember that when ya got a BOGO q (manf) ya can use 2 Targ. q’s with that deal to get a really cheap or in this case, free deal. LOL

  28. Ellae

    I went to Target the other day and didn’t really find any good deals with the clothes. I found one Dora DVD for $5 (The Pirate one) and I used the $3/1 Dora DvD Printable, so I scored that for $2. I got a plain T-Shirt formy hubby for about $2 as well. I also used the Hanes coupons from last month and got two packs of socks for $4 each. Other than that, there were some Bounce Dryer Bars on clearance and TONS of Febreze, Glade, and Air Wick clearance, but working within my budget, they were out. I have a tendency to stick with things that are $1 or less. Out the door I save $20 and spent $24.

  29. luckygirl

    I got two bath towel shelves for $3.49 and the $10 coupons didn’t beep. Thanks for posting Collin these will be great in my bathroom.

  30. Camara

    Today was the day from HELL at Target. I tried to use the shout coupon for $2/2 purchasing 2 trial sizes which would total $1.94 the coupon scanned for .97 I informed the cashier it needed to be adjusted she wouldn’t so she called over 4 other people they all made excuses as to why they couldn’t or wouldn’t adjust the coupon then some idiot said that I couldn’t use it because the trial sizes were not PICTURED on the coupon. WHAT? I told him a. it is pictured on it and B. that makes no sense. I told them to take off the shout products and return my coupon. I returned home only to realized I paid for my 3 degree trial sizes because the cashier took my coupons off of the register. That was it! I called corporate. I spoke with a wonderful rep name Yolly who informed me that I was correct and that store would be contacted as well as the district manager and upper management because those FOUR cashiers should be better versed in their policies and obviously weren’t. She’s sending me a gift card for $10 for my aggravation and being charged for my 3 products. I feel better now. The store was in Marlborough, MA.. Yolly told me if I ever have an issue like this again have them bring all of my items over to the service desk and call corporate during their business hours to rectify any situations. Yolly was so great! My point of sharing is when you occur problems with your coupons contact corporate AND get the name of the cashier who is giving you grief and/or attitude and anyone else involved to report them. Yolly said that is why they have the number for customers to contact them when issues arise

    • juliezoutendam

      I also had a hellish day at Target today (it’s posted down below). Long story short, my cashier said that they were no longer allowed to push through coupons that beeped. It only happened once for a $1 savings, so I didn’t push that issue, but when I got home and really looked at my receipt, I noticed that I had used 3-$1/1 produce items and the coupon got adjusted way down! I bought 2.1 lbs of bananas for about $1.10 and it rang up as a $0.44 deduction rather than $1!!! If something like that happens again, I will call corporate.

  31. Camara

    I wanted to add that I then went to my other Target nearby and was treated wonderful. I bought 2 Shout trial size wipes which were adjusted as they should’ve been, 2 trial size deodorants and a wall shelf with a towel rack that was on sale for $15.00. I don’t know what happened at the register but after all of my coupons my total INCLUDING TAXES came to $.94. I should’ve paid at least $6. This couldn’t be right, but I figure it was good karma coming around because of my horrible experience from earlier. Lucky me.

  32. Janet

    Wow. So happy that tonight I snagged the deal on the “bathroom furniture”. 10.00 scanned just fine for the rubbed bronze finish 2 shelf towel rack. So glad they still had a few. $3.49 whoo hoo!!! THANKS!!!!!!

  33. Mrs.Hall

    SO..I was laying in bed this morning thinking about my receipt the other day where I was jipped a few bucks and wondering what could be happening. I’m sure you all have figured this out lol..I’m a bit slow so now that I know this..I’ll have to adjust how I use some of my coupons.

    Target, as I have been told, is adjusting their registers to “adjust coupons” so that no overage occurs. BUT..I have found that their system also does not recognize a coupon that is of high value, but you have to purchase more then one to get savings. These coupons are being placed with the price of ONE of the items. So if the savings is MORE then ONE of the will adjust for no overage.

    I had the coupon for $3.00/2 Right Guard Deodorants for men..each priced at $2.54 ea.
    I grabbed the 2 and it totaled $5.08….with my $3.00/2 coupon, clearly NOT any overage.

    Register matched $3.00 coupon towards only ONE deodorant of $2.54 thinking overage it adjusted.
    Making my receipt show BOGO instead of $3.00 off 2. 2@$2.54=$5.08 MFC $2.54 – = BOGO

    I had the Con Agra coupon for $1.50/4 participating products. I choose Chef Boyardee at .87 ea.
    I grabbed the 4 cans and it totaled $3.48…with my $1.50/4 coupon, clearly NOT any overage.

    Again, register matched $1.50 to ONE can Chef Boyardee thus adjusting for no overage.
    Making my receipt show I paid full price for 3..4th matched to Q..adjusted for “no overage” saved only .87 on deal instead of full $1.50

    I’m guessing to assure you are given the right amount off with these kinds of coupons (until they fix this glitch) you will have to save these high value coupons wyb more then one until last to show the cashier there is no overage so no need to adjust the coupon down. Maybe they can hand key it in. Or do them in a separate transaction and show the cashier..or maybe at customer service.

    I hope they fix this. Even though it could cost you only a few dollars, they really do add up if you have a lot of coupons where the amount is MORE then the cost of ONE of those items even though you have to buy 2,3,4 or more of them to get that savings.

    ALSO..cashier told me sometimes the register is “lazy” and doesn’t try hard enough to look for the match for the it just says “can’t find” where as long as the cashier seen the item, they press to except. BUT sometimes it just matches it with whatever amount is closer..which is weird. I had a Q for $2.50 off one Luv’s Diapers priced at $6.99. And a .50 Q for Crest Toothpaste priced at $2.11 (clearance). My receipt showed the .50 Q match to the Crest..but no sign of $2.50 Luv’s coupon. I (don’t know why lol) decided to write down all Q’s on paper..amounts…AND bar code numbers to help me match on the receipt. And there was the numbers for the Luvs coupon..with the price of the $2.11 Crest right under it. Apparently it adjusted for whatever reason and credited it to the toothpaste thus giving me free toothpaste, but still shorting me the difference between the $2.50 Q and the $2.11 toothpaste. But in all..I’m glad I was only jipped a few pennies then dollars like usual.

  34. juliezoutendam

    I’ve never had an issue shopping at Target UNTIL TODAY!!! I’m not sure if I’ll go back, but I love going there when I have a ton of Target store coupons and mfr q’s. I picked a cashier whom I thought would be the easiest to get along with – a young-looking man, probably late high school, or college-aged. He was very nice and friendly until one of my coupons beeped. The screen above the cash register said “Item not found”. The item was Quaker granola bars (I purchased 2 boxes!). I had a mfr q AND a Target q for that item. The mfr q went through without a problem, but the Target q beeped and said “Item not found.” Instead of looking back at the screen to see if I had purchased the item, he simply handed me back the coupon! I told him that it was a valid coupon and I had purchased the granola bars and he said that cashiers are no longer allowed to override the coupon and he was sorry, but there was nothing he could do and he didn’t want to lose his job over overriding a $1 coupon. That was my only coupon that beeped, and it was the last one that I had, there was a long line forming behind me, and I didn’t push the issue or ask for a manager for a $1 savings. However, if it’s going to be that difficult to use coupons and save money at Target, I don’t know that I’ll be going back anytime soon. Has anybody else had a cashier tell them that they’re no longer allowed to override a coupon??

    • Camara

      No, I haven’t had that issue… yet. I went back again today (I shop twice a day everyday don’t judge me lol) I purchased 4 Air wick sprays for $1.99 each and used (2) $1 off Q and 2 BOGO Q’s and 3 sticky post-its with (3) $1 coupons. My cashier scanned all of them and they all went through or so I thought until the total was $3 and change. I told her one of the bogos didn’t scan she looked through the screen and adjusted the coupon without an attitude or any problems bringing my final total to $1.98 for everything (no tax this weekend). My point is I think we should watch the register closely and by that I mean I am going to hand the coupons over 1 by 1 and watch the price deduction. After yesterdays debacle I’m also going to purchase smaller amounts so I can watch my savings because once you leave the store and a coupon has not been used properly they won’t give it back. I still love Target I’ll just avoid the bad seeds and I’m sure they will be glad to see that I am no longer going through their aisle as well. Happy Shopping

      • Mrs.Hall

        I think it must of been just your stores manager rules type thing. I went to Target the other day here in WA. and the cashier (a young man in his early 20’s) was absolutely WONDERFUL. I have never ran across such a happy,easy going cashier. I wish there was more like him.

        Anyway, one of my Q’s beeped and he just looked at the screen and said “I know you bought that” and pushed it through. I asked him why it does that, and he said he really didn’t know. Other than he figured it was because the register doesn’t look hard enough to match the coupon to the it just flashes that on the screen and “beeps” just to notify the cashier that..”hey..I didn’t see it…and I’m too lazy to look any harder. Can you take care of it for me?” So he said the cashiers were informed just to make sure item was purchased and put it through with no problems.

        I hate how some stores are cool..while the other on the other side of town is horrible. Its like that now with my Walmart. Ones awesome..the other wants me to NOT clip my printable Q from the sheet..and bring them all in attached THEN chip them? WTH?? I told her NO THANKS!

  35. tawny9753

    I’m having the same issues as many of you at Target. Glad to know I’m not the only “crazy coupon lady” that holds up the lines until people start steaming at the ears and has to hold the cashiers hand along with a manager to get through my order. I haven’t had any issues with the coupons ringing in incorrectly because usually all of my coupons have the be put in manually since they ALL BEEP. Trading one evil for another…

    I shouldn’t have to, but I usually do wait until I need something that’s full priced or only has a small coupon so I end up paying SOMETHING to avoid the “you’re a thief” looks. Also always hoping the cashier doesn’t notice and gives me the overage (that hasn’t happened yet, but we can dream).

    Maybe once my store gets the magic software update I’ll want to go back to Target more than once or twice a month. I have horrible Walmarts (I’m basically on strike) so Target is the only other reasonable option and it makes me sad that it’s difficult at Target too.

    One piece of advice, here’s the order of choice for cashiers that I use:
    1. young male cashier
    2. male cashier
    3. young female cashier (early 20’s or less)
    4. older females who look happy & nice
    5. if you must, anyone left

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