Regal Cinemas: $1 Raisinets (8/13 Only!)

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Are you heading to the movies tomorrow, August 13th?! If so, head on over to the Regal Cinemas Facebook page, “like” them, and click on the coupon tab. You’ll then snag a coupon good for $1 Raisinets at the concession stand (only good on August 13th).

Alright, so now the honest part… I don’t think this is a great deal, however, Raisinets at the movie theater are usually around $5– no joke, so when you take that into account $1 doesn’t seem so bad!

(Thanks, Miami Mommy Savings!)

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  1. Rachel

    we don’t need a coupon like that for out theater, all their candy is a $1.00 and pop is 1.25! and yes they have the recent released movies!

  2. Tara

    i just bring candy and drinks with me and just pay for a small popcorn

  3. Anonymous

    I was gonna say the same thing as Tara…lol I dont need a coupon because I get it for a dollar at the store and take it in my big ol mom purse!!!

  4. Christine Jauch

    If you sign up for the Rewards Club, its $1 candy on Tuesdays and $1 popcorn on Mondays and you rack in points which gives other free items, like last week I got a free small popcorn after only being a member for like 2 weeks

  5. me

    Movie theatres barely make money on movies. My boyfriend is a GM of a theatre—so i know this is true. They make their money from the concessions.
    I know its expensive–but its kind of rude to bring in non theatre food. There are signs everywhere saying no outside food. This is how they are able to stay in business! You people sneaking in food are the same ones who would complain about people using coupons when its questionable. It seems a bit hypocritical. Just my opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I use all coupons…..I never question coupons…Dont put assumtions on people. I have always taken candy in and buy pop and popcorn. Our movies are almost $12/show that is why they make no money because noone can afford to go!!!

      • Renee

        You should question some coupons because there are fraudulent ones out there! She was only making a point about the movie theatre charging alot for the snacks because they don’t make money on the tickets- the studios do! How else do you think the “stars” make millions a picture- by charging Joe Blow $12 a ticket!

    • Anna in NC

      Yesterday I took my children to the last summer movie ($1 each) of the season. The family of 5 behind us got caught with sodas. The theater girl came up with a flashlight and shined it on the cans and said she had to take them. I don’t know how they got found out. They were in the last row. I always bring our own candy. I refuse to pay the concession prices and my children know that. I will buy a large drink to share with my daughter and bring a water for my son. I was able to get a bucket of popcorn one time for $6 and the bucket can be refilled every time for the rest of the year for $3 (equal to a small/$5). They should have more deals like that or coupons available. PEOPLE WOULDN’T HAVE TO SNEAK IN THEIR OWN FOOD AND DRINK IF THE CONCESSION PRICES WEREN’T SO RIDICULOUS!!! Also… the theaters can’t make money off the ticket prices?? Are you kidding me??? I wish we had a drive-in closer to us. Much better deal.

  6. Michelle

    LoL… theres ALWAYS a complainer in the bunch!! I go the the movies and bring my own bottled water (about $0.12 a bottle) and my own snacks (usually very cheap or free). And save at least $10.00 doing so, which pays for the ticket itself!! ๐Ÿ™‚ If movie theaters want ppl to buy their snacks, they need to lower their prices! If stores can make a profit selling candy at $1.00, movie theaters can too!! There is no excuse for a $5 candy bar…in MY opinion ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Renee

      Why did you feel the need to label “me” a complainer when she was only stating her opinion? I guess LOL and happy faces make you not seem snarky…….

      • Michelle

        Cuz it makes me laugh. Especially when someone calls us (the ones that bring in outside food to save money) rude and hypocritical! Complainer or not, I just meant there is always someone to bring on some negativity in the comments. Thats a better word… NEGATIVITY! It is what it is, no need to call people rude and hypocritical, etc. So ๐Ÿ˜› Let people bring in their own food to movies, let people make their FREE LEMONADE at restaurants, it our choice!! I guess I’m one rude hypocrite than lol ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. DP

    @ ME

    It’s one thing to make money, its quite another to fiscally extort money from a family every time we see a movie. I find it hard to beleive the theater does not make any money for the movie alone, my family of 5 costs over $55 for just tickets.

    We people are just trying to support movie theaters, but many of us would not be able to go, if we also had to pay the exorbitant prices they charge for a .50 candy bar.

    Just MY opinion

  8. sue n

    We are spoiled here in Pittsburgh. We still have a drive-inn. Adults $6 and kid $2. Load the cooler with food and enjoy an inexpensive night out.

    • Julie

      We too are spoiled our drive-in is 2 movies for $5 a person! New released movies and they have an awesome “snack” bar with burgers, fries, bbq, popcorn, drinks, nachos and much more and it is very reasonable!!

  9. Noelle

    I won a gift basket on the raisinets facebook so i have more raisinets then i know what to do with!! (and yes i’ll be sneaking some in to the movies this evening… while i use my free ticket from the tampons deal)

    • Ann Dee

      Ha, ha. Now that’s my kind of night out!!!

      • Michelle

        LoL thats awesome Noelle…!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Free night out!!

  10. cynthia

    food lion has the rasinetts for a doller a box, just took my 6yr old grandson to the movies and a bottle of water was $3.00. i almost had a stroke,i have never paid that much for 1 bottle, i could have bought a case for that

    • Hilary

      Last week we went to the movies and a bottle of water was $5!!!! My husband tried to justify it by pointing out that it was a 20 oz bottle and a “small” one!

  11. Erin

    I’ve been taking my son to the free movies every week this summer. My husband–who is not a rabid couponer but thinks I am–almost passed out when I told him I paid $12 for a medium soft drink and medium popcorn. First, he thought I was mischarged. After some fact checking on the Internet, he realized that’s just how much it costs at Regal. He said he–who really doesn’t worry about money–would never pay that and he couldn’t believe I would. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t, but it was a special treat for my son, plus I figured it was a little bit of payback for all the free movies we’ve seen this summer. I would never *pay* to take a four-year-old to the movies–I know how many movies we walk out of midway through–and I appreciate the free movies that he’s had the opportunity to “cut his teeth on.”

  12. me

    No–theaters dont make their money off of ticket sales. It takes millions upon millions to make a movie. Low budget films at movies need at least 2 million to make it into a theatre.
    Alot of the time, studios just break even. Ticket sales mainly go to production studios–only a small amount if any goes to theatres. Thats why 3d movies cost at least $2 more—because they are more expensive to make. Its called inflation.
    Im not criticizing anyone–do what you want. I just think its messed up to do that. Movies are expensive-Im not saying they arent. However–if ya cant afford a movie, then stay home and rent one! Simple as that! PS-Renee–you ROCK!

  13. amanda cc

    i work at regal and we usually charge 3.75 for these. the concession items are expensive because they don’t make a lot of money off the ticket is somewhere under a dollar a ticket they make i forget the exact amount…

  14. Rachel

    This deal makes me laugh. The raisinets at the Regal cinema here are $4.50, but the theatre is attached to a Wal-mart and the raisinet boxes there are ALWAYS $1.00. I don’t care what anyone says…paying 4.5 times as much is just ridiculous. I can’t even believe that anyone would pay that for a small box of candy. The theatre concessions are a joke…they already charge $8.00 for a movie, if they can’t stay afloat with that…too bad. I’d just as soon wait for the movie to come out on DVD for $1 at the redbox. There’s a difference between being a bit over retail price and being absolutely ridiculous….$4.50 for a small box of candy is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS! So is $5 for a soda.

    • Rachel

      The funny thing is that we have newer, cleaner, bigger movie theatres in our area that are less expensive (both movies and concessions) and they don’t make a big deal if you bring in your own food.

      • me

        If you cant afford to go to the movies—DONT GO!!!!
        And Im sure if management knew you were bringing in outside food, they would have a problem. Just because some lazy employees dont care doesnt mean that its ok.

  15. Rita G

    I find these comments amazing… where I live there are theatres that allow outside food, drink, candy etc… so please explain this to me again that Theatres only make money off concessions when some allow this and these theatres are always busy and ticket prices are the same as others in the area… So I call BS!!!

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