Walmart: Dora’s 10th Birthday Celebration Event!

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Did you know Dora the Explorer is turning 10?! In honor of her 10th Birthday, Walmart is hosting a celebration this Saturday, August 14th, from 11AM-4PM at select Walmart stores. When you arrive at Walmart, head over to join the adventure at the Bright Ideas event station in Toys, where you’ll snag party favors like cupcakes and a free 5×7 photo card with Dora in her special birthday dress. Click here for more information and for a list of participating stores.

(Thanks, Super Coupon Lady, Combat Clippers and Christina!)

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  1. betty

    Sound like something dd would like.

  2. Robin

    Yay! There are two stores in my area doing this! DD’s are going to love this!
    Thanks for posting!

  3. Liz

    DD would love to do this, but our walmart stores are never participating.

  4. Olivia Smith

    Awesome! I am going to take my nieces with my sister, I hope! 🙂

  5. Andrea

    Thanks for posting. My daughter loves Dora!

  6. amanda

    I’m taking my three year old daughter and she can’t wait. My store (Jacksboro, Tn) never particapates in anything so i was shocked to see that they are having this event. So excited!!

  7. Takako

    Thanks for the info!! I was happy to hear that when my local Walmart will participate this event.

  8. Sarah

    Thank you for posting! We will definitely be heading to the birthday party here in Illinois as my daughter LOVES Dora!

  9. Erin

    My niece loves Dora – I told her Mom

  10. Tara Kate

    I plan on taking DD, she LOVES Dora (and Diego) and will be turning 2 on Sunday. I also have the DVR set to record Dora’s birthday movie that airs Sunday night. Though probably much to her dismay, she isn’t having a Dora bday party but a Princess one. I can only tolerate so much haha

  11. CA

    I called our WalMart to make sure they were participating – the lady in Toys had no idea about it. She had to check with several different people and finally called me back to say that they were participating. Yea!

    • CA

      We showed up at 11:00 for the party (or lack thereof). A table of Dora merchandise and a table of cupcakes were all that greeted us. The employees tried to play it off that they didn’t know anything until 20 minutes before we showed. If they didn’t, then poor planning on WalMart’s part (and that was why I called yesterday to check). You could do the Dora photo if you had an existing photo in your camera or phone and they would put a Dora border on it in the photo lab (they did give a coupon so that we could do it later). My daughter was very disappointed. The only thing that made it somewhat better was that Coca Cola sponsored an inflatable jumping tent outside for the day. Overall a BIG disappointment.

  12. amanda

    well i am dissappointed. my store was listed on the events page and i got there a little after 11 and of course everyone at the store had not heard anything about it. I guess that’s a typical walmart for you. My poor three year old left the store in tears bless her heart so of course i had to drive to the next nearest walmart almost 30 minutes away and there my daughter got to attend dora’s party.

    • CA

      What was the “party” like?

  13. Jennifer

    My son and I traveled to two of the Walmart’s in our area who were listed as particiapants. They both had cupcakes but no Dora. The second one didn’t even have anyone to hand the cupcakes out. So if you didn’t know about the event it just looked like someone from the bakery left a cart in the toy section with packaged Dora cupcakes on it. A friend went to a third Walmart and they had absolutely nothing. What bad PR for Walmart. If you’re going to widely publicize an event, follow through! I just told my son that we Dora didn’t have time to visit all of the Walmarts. 🙁

  14. Trena

    This was a disaster!!!! I looked up our zip code also to make sure our wal-mart was participating & we have 3 locations here that were listed. We show up & mgrs say they didn’t know anything about it til last night when customers started calling. Yet they still did nothing-but one of the other locations tried to put something together even though they said they didn’t know about it before hand either. So we traveled there b/c I had already to daughter about it & I felt guilty. There was a small stand & lady handed out cupcakes w/dora ring on it & free 5″x7″ dora phone card good til 9/12/10. Veeerrrryyyy disappointed!!!!!!!!!!

  15. peever

    It was disappointing. I asked a few of the greeters where the Dora party was and they had no idea what I was talking about. After wandering around the store for a while, we finally saw a cart by the toy area with cupcakes and a sheet of paper for a free 5×7 photo, but you had to bring either in a photo or your memory card to basically make a Dora photo card – your picture with a Dora border. I was under the impression that Dora would be there and my daughter could get her picture taken with her. That was not the case. So my daughter was bummed that Dora wasn’t there and I know she wasn’t the only one. Definitely not worth a special trip.

    • Alaina

      Same here. I thought Dora would be there. My daughter was totally bummed. I guess I should have read it more thoroughly on the Walmart Website 🙁

  16. Carrie

    Went to one in Neenah, WI. There was a nice lady handing out the cupcakes, and then handed me the coupon with promo code for me to get a free photo card made with a Dora border.

    My daughter enjoyed her cupcake while I shopped, Even though there were no Dora decorations or anything that even resembled a party, it still put a smile on my daughters face and that is all that counts

  17. Angela

    This was very misleading of Wal-Mart and I was quite disgusted. They made it sound like Dora would be there and we too, found at our store what y’all found at your’s. Shame on Wal-Mart. . . AGAIN!

  18. Charity H.

    Same deal in Florida. When I go back and read it I realize that it could either sound like Dora was going to be at the store in her birthday dress, or that they could get one of these pictures printed. I think we should all email/ write Walmart.

  19. manny

    I work for the third party company that is doing this event
    Walmart miss understood what was really going to happen

  20. Shelly

    Same here. I went to Walmart and no one new anything. I was directed to the manager who said that Dora was not there but we could have a free cupcake. We came there to see Dora not get a cupcake. My daughter was heart broken. Stores always seem to advertise kids event but when you get there no one knows anything about it. Last I heard false advertising is ILLEGAL!

  21. Carrie

    OH thank goodness i’m not the only one. My 4 and 2 year old were in tears. I thought it had said Dora was going to be there. But when I got back, it doesn’t say anything about Dora. Did I misread or was something deleted. What a horrible adventure!

  22. Britt

    I read the post when they first put it on their events page… it has been changed. First off, the reason so many people were misled is because it said “free photo WITH Dora in her special birthday dress.” Now, if it had said “free photo OF Dora in her special birthday dress”, that would have been a whole different story.

    My store had the cupcake stand and 3 dolls on the stand. That was it. The lady handing out the cupcakes looked at me like I was stupid for asking for a cupcake for my almost 2 year old son. My son loves Dora and Diego and he was so excited to see the dolls and other toys. The lady ignored me and I had to reach over and get a cupcake myself. Then, she turned around asking me lots of questions about Dora and if my son even knew who she was. I was so mad and was about to make a scene. Who cares if he likes her or not… it’s not your place. Then she handed out coupons to everyone with a little girl, but did not give me one. I had to go back up there and ask for one, and she gave me the strangest look, and hesitated at first. She said it was really only for little girls. I snatched it out of her hand, and stomped off. Then got to the photo department and they wouldn’t even try to help me. Finally someone said I had to come back with a picture of my son for the frame. I just gave up. Thank goodness my son isn’t old enough to understand what was going on. I feel sorry for all of those other children who thought Dora would be there. It’s a shame that Wal-Mart will get away with this.

  23. Lisa

    I live in South Carolina and our entire mommy’s group had this listed as a group event. Three different Walmarts were “participating” in our area and we were all eager to share this with the kids we loved. It’s such a thrill to watch their little faces get excited over things like this! My son is two years old and absolutely adores Dora. We had built this up as some big huge event for this whole past week! He was beyond excited.

    When we arrived at 11:30 there was one small booth stuffed in the toy department with a small box of cupcakes and one Dora doll in a box. The lady was cleaning the booth and you could tell she was still setting up. I asked when Dora was going to arrive and she kinda laughed and said no character was going to be there (or anywhere). She went on to say that they had just found out about it that morning and she was the only one who even “volunteered” to run the booth. She was also told it started at 10 am but the Bakery was told it started at 12 and thus she didn’t even have enough cupcakes. We gave her time to finish setting up and we returned for one little cupcake and a “coupon” that would allow us to get our OWN photo printed for free with a “Dora border” at the photo center. There were no decorations, no posters, no balloons, and no giveaways other than the cupcake and coupon.

    Both my husband and I were pretty ticked at the misleading advertising of this event. But. Yeh, what can we do? Absolutely nothing. Walmart could really care less about any of the disappointed kids that were in their stores today.

  24. Robin Feaster

    I don’t know if I’m glad or disappointed that I wasn’t the only one who went through something like this. I took my 4- and 5-year-old boys in to a ‘participating’ store only to find there was nothing there. We looked all over. I just figured we were going for a display, some cupcakes, and the photo frame (yeah, I wasn’t expecting much and even had my memory card ready just in case) but there wasn’t even that. I didn’t even want to try finding another store. My sons were devastated. I wound up promising that we’d do our own Dora birthday instead, with strawberry cupcakes. They were excited to get to help bake cupcakes, but they still left the store with a, “but we haven’t found Dora yet!” Heartbreaking! Next time there’s supposed to be something at Walmart, I’m calling in before telling my kids anything.

  25. Chey

    This entire event was a big disappointment! I have a 2 year old sister that went with my mom. No one knew anything about it… Not even management! WOW! The staff was rude, and the only way my mom could find anything out was finding it on her own! And all it was was just a cupcake and a piece of paper! I hope it wasn’t such a disapointment for everyone! 🙁

  26. CA

    I just wanted to offer an update on my experience after emailing Walmart corporate. I was telephoned by local store manager. He left a message because we were on vacation. It was in the back of my mind to call him a few days later. Instead, an assistant manager called me again to apologize and offer an explanation. She told me (as some here have also discovered) that an outside company/vendor was contracted to put on the event. The local Walmart stores knew little to nothing about the event. She wanted to understand from me how I knew about the event (Hip2Save!) and what I had read on the website. Since there had been more than one complaint, the store had tried to contact corporate and was getting little response so far. I did appreciate that they were at least paying attention to my complaint and trying to ensure it wouldn’t happen again.

  27. Miato

    Greatings, – da mejor. Guardar va!


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