CVS: Inexpensive Nature's Bounty Your Life Vitamins & Wisk Detergent

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You can snag some cheap vitamins at CVS this week…

Nature’s Bounty (select products) Buy 1 Get 1 Free
Buy 2 Nature’s Bounty Your Life Multi Adult Gummies $9.49 each
Minus BOGO sale = $9.49 for both
Use 2 $3/1 coupons from the 8/29 RP
Final cost ONLY $1.75 each!
(Thanks, Abby!)

You can also snag some inexpensive Wisk detergent…

Wisk 2X Ultra Liquid Laundry Detergent 26-32 loads Buy 1 at $8.99 Get 1 Free
Use 2 $3/1 coupons from the 8/29 RP
Final Cost ONLY $1.50 each!
(Thanks, Krazy Coupon Lady!)

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  1. maura

    My cvs marked the wisk up to 10.59 and then did the b1g1 not as good a deal. Boo hoo! I am getting mine at shaws for 4.99 – 3/1 so its 1.99 for me. Could be worse I guess.

    • Rachael

      WOW! I hate when they do that! I few weeks ago they did that on the BOGO Purex sale, even though it still ended up being an OK deal, I refused to buy it on principle!

  2. Rachel

    hey colin, thanks for laboring every day so we can get great deals.

  3. Cindy

    Does anyone know if Collins Wisk detergent Walgreens scenario will work on Wisk HE (high efficiency)? I don’t know if Walgreens carries Wisk HE and I don’t have any Wisk coupons to make sure they would work on HE. If it will work, I’ll order the coupon. Thanks!!!

    • Heidi Leigh

      Yes, the Wisk coupon is for any so it will work with the HE. I also just looked at the ad for Wags and the deal includes the HE so you should be able to do the deal =).

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I got Whisk at Wags and it was larger and ounce for ounce a better deal!

    • Anna R

      This is for Cindy or anyone else with a High E washer.. CVS has Wisk High E on clearance for less than $7. It is in the deal B1G1!! So, u can get it for less than .50 cents a bottle!!!

  4. Erin

    i know the vitamins are adult gummies, but can kids take them without harm?? i’m just curious… i can never find good deals on kids’ vitamins, so i thought i’d ask. thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Kids and adults have different daily requirements. I would ask your pediatrician before giving them to kids.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I would check with your ped, but my kids take adult vitamins; they are 3. The serving size for the adult is 2, so I just give them one. They are just vitamins, and your body will only absorb what you need, and pee the rest out ๐Ÿ˜€ But I would still ask your ped.

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Actually, vitamins A.D,E and K are fat soluble vitamins and take longer for your body to get rid of what it’s not going to use. They get stored in the liver and fatty tissues and take longer for your body to get rid of them so can lead to toxicity! Water soluble vitamins are more quickly passed through your urine. I am a nurse and just don’t want any little people getting hurt. Always check with your peds MD first!! ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Erin, good news! Check out your local Kroger, if there is one near you. I just went there tonight after visiting CVS and they have ALL their vitamins BOGO. Also, they carry the Nature’s Bounty Your Life, teen gummies. It’s for kids 2 years and older. They price is $8.99, so I payed $3/2 after my coupons. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got 8 Whisks for $1 a piece yesterday and today. I love Whisk!

  6. AlisonR

    Family Dollar has their Whisk for $4.00. With the $3.00 coupon, you could get it there for $1.00. that is, if you have a Family Dollar around. But that sale goes off today!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      My Family Dollar doesn’t sell whisk ๐Ÿ™

  7. Christylee

    I got the Wisk He at CVS yesterday and it was $8.99 no mark ups. Also their Summer stuff went on 75% off it included Kingsford Lighter fluid so I got lighter fluid for $1.34 each. I also got a soft sided rolling cooler reg. $29.99, $7.49 after sale, I am going to give them as white elephant gifts for Christmas. Guess that means I offically started Christmas shopping scarry!

  8. DP

    I just got back from CVS-they are out of Wisk, no more until Thursday. But here is what I did get:

    6 Bottles Sobe (of course)
    4 Bic Soleil Razors
    1 As seen on TV fruit Tupperware
    2 Dove Shampoo
    2 Shampoo on clearance for .24 (good for the kids!)

    The machine spit out a $3/ off $10 and I had a $5 off $30 and the cashier let me use them both. It also gave me another $3 off As seen on TV coupon.

    Grand total after tax $3.05!!

    • Alea

      Woohoo that’s awesome!! Our CVS is pretty good with coupons but won’t let us combine the x amount off of x dollars purchases.

      • Krystal

        Ours does it, but as long as you spend the combined total, like say you have a coupon for $10 off $50 and then another $3 off $15…you’d have to spend $65.00 to use both.

        • DP

          I asked the cashier if it was ok – and she said if the register allows it – it is smarter than I am…umm..ok ๐Ÿ™‚ It worked out for me though..

  9. DP

    My CVS had Flip Flops 75% off..

  10. Christine

    My CVS in Ohio had the Wisk marked up as well. Boo! I hit the jackpot with summer clearance though, it was 75% off and I got all the stocking stuffers I could ever want for my girls. Disney Princess and Barbie stuff galore!

  11. Shannon

    The wisk was $10.49 here in Rock Hill, SC. I wish they had them marked what the price was since I didn’t notice it till I was checking out (They didn’t have any on the shelves only behind the counter).

  12. Rose

    I got a $3/$10 off a Grocery Purchase when I checked out yesterday. Went back today and got 2 Wisk ($8.99) and 1 bag of Tostitos (2.50). Used 2 $3 Wisk coupons, the $3 crt and a $1 ecb that was going to exp this week. Paid a little over $2 with tax (don’t have my receipt handy, but the subtotal was $1.49)

  13. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I went to CVS, first got the Excedrin OOP 0 used GC,and got $5 ECB then got 3 12 Pack Dr. Peppers, 2 75% paper plates off, a snickers , As Seen on TV heal shoe horn, 2 Sobes and 2 Tridents. Used $6 ECBs, $3 off $10 groceries CVS coupon, $1 off 2 CVS paper products coupon, $3 As Seen on TV coupon, 75 cents off Snickers, and $1 off 2 Trident coupon. Paid OOP $2 plus tax. Got $4 ECBs for Dr. Pepper and then bought a $16 cooler for 75% off for $1.00 plus tax. Got the paper plates, Sobes, shoe horn, 2 Tridents for free! (The rest almost free!)

    Good day at CVS! Done for the week!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      PS not sure what I am going to do with the shoe horn but maybe a gag gift :). It was the only thing under $3.

  14. Phyllis

    The vitamins that CVS has BOGO this week are not the Natures Bounty brand. It is the Nature Made brand that is BOGO. The deal will not work.

    • Abby

      I did this deal last night and checked the price with the coupon/ price scanner they ARE ringing up BOGO. They didnt have signs for it but it’s the price I paid. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • bali

      Both Nature’s Bounty AND Nature Made are on BOGO this week. The deal does work ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Destiny

    I wanted to share my CVS experience the other day. I went and got Dawn soap— 8of them! They were on sale for .97. I had 8 Dawn soap coupons and I used them– to get free soap. I ended up paying like 1.20 in tax!! I walked with 10 Dawn soaps and 2 packs of candy for my kiddos…..The sales lady asked me if this was legal! ๐Ÿ™‚ The coupons even took off $1 and not .97! Soo I got a little bonus ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you Collin for giving me the idea to sign up for the coupons they send to my house.. the P&G books… ๐Ÿ™‚ LOVE them! I think they are called Home Made Simple.. or something like that!

    • DP

      Awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚ – How did you get so many coupons?

  16. Rachael

    For the Schick Razorsโ€ฆ My CVS had a peelie on the razors for a FREE shaving cream (up to 3.99). The shaving cream was priced at 4.29, so I paid .30 after the coupon! Soโ€ฆ .27 for both the razor & the shaving cream after coupons & ECB!!

    Also, I found Dayquil & Nyquil 10 count packs on clearance for 1.37, free (or overage depending on your store) after the 1.50/1 Vicks Nyquil coupons!! :-))

    • Nicole

      Mine too! Free shaving cream as a bonus!

  17. Krystal

    Has anyone tried these gummy vitamins? I use the one-a-day gummie vitamins, how are they taste wise?

    • Donna

      They’re really good!

  18. Kathy

    I was just at a CVS and they had a tub of NIVEA lip products that said “Try Me for .99” I got four and had 2 $2off2 coupons. They rang up 2.99 each, I showed the cashier the display and she changed the price. So I got four of them for free. I found this tub in one of the cosmetic display shelves at the front of the store. Hope others can get these also. I plan to use one and save the rest for great add-ons for Christmas gifts at work.

  19. Becky

    I just got 16 sobe and 2 bottles of Wisk HE a jar of Kraft Parmesan cheese for $3.01 and that includes the CA redemption deposit of .80. I used 8 bogo coupons for the Sobe ( no limit) $3/10 food CVS coupon, 2 $3 off Wisk coupons and a $4/20 CVS coupon form the mail

    • DP

      My CVS didn’t have the HE as part of the sale. I didn’t scan them to check though. Can you use HE detergent in a regular washer?

  20. robyn

    TONS of summer clearance. 75% off. i got napkins, silverware, sippy cups for kids, skewers, marshmallow skewers, and kids flip flops all for $.49 a piece! lawn chairs for $2.50 and a $40 cooler for $8.75. and lastly they didnt have any aqua globes to use the $3 as seen on tv coupon but the snuggie varsity blanket was on sale for $14.99 so i used it on that with the $5 man. q. so $7 for a snuggie (i tried to get that at target when collin posted them as being $2.99 with coupon, but my target didn’t have them that cheap!) anyway, HTH someone!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      wish my store would go 75%. Ours is still at a measly 30%

    • Nicole

      I checked a couple stores around me and they are all stll 50% but thanks to you ladies i know to keep an eye out. Maybe this Sunday they will srop it to 75%

  21. mouni

    I looked in my redplum insert but can’t find the ”your life” coupon anywhere. I did find a 2 $ coupon online so i printed 2. I also have a 2 $ cvs coupon off any nature’s bounty vits so that’s the same deal. I’d still love to find the 3$ coupons to make the deal even sweeter. ๐Ÿ™‚

  22. Christine

    The Nature’s Bounty 45+ vitamins are a better deal than the gummies. They are $10.98 but you get 90 tablets per bottle instead of 75 with the gummies. Plus the serving size is 1 tablet for the 45+ and 2 tablets for the gummies. Ends up being $.12 a serving for 45+ and $.26 a serving for gummies.

    The 45+ are bogo and you can use the same $3 off coupons.

  23. Coupon Ninja

    Yeah I dunno why the Your Life vitamins aren’t marked on sale, I had to check mine also. I also only had the $2 from… AND the coupon printer was out of paper…and with a 2yo and 4yo with me I didn’t feel like asking the disinterested cashier to replace it ๐Ÿ™‚ Only one bottle of Wisk HE left, I’m interested to see how well it works. AAAAND, I don’t know about the rest of you folks, but my store says they accept ECB up to a week after expiration. I’m kicking myself for throwing some away in the past that got lost in the shuffle. Super bitter about $14 of Wags RR that creeped past so I was happy that I didn’t lose out on the ECB. Obviously I’m not gonna get cut any slack on the RR’s.

  24. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Guys, I just came back from Kroger and noticed that they had ALL their vitamins BOGO. This includes the Nature’s Bounty Your Life gummies. The price is $8.99, so $3/2 after the $3/1 coupons. Also, they carry the ones for teens which is good for children 2 years old and up if anybody is looking for gummies for their kids.

  25. Priscilla

    Pay attention to the regular price of the Sobe bottles. My local CVS (Kenosha, WI) has had the Sobe drink for 1.89 and the Sobe coupons (I’ve seen in the past say) maximum 1.69

  26. sunflower

    FYI- at my CVS, they had the 3X WISK on clearance for 6.36 and it was BOGO so only .76 after the $3 MQ.

    Thanks for all the great info Hip2Savers!!

  27. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Magic coupon machine today gave me $3.00/$10.00 groceries along with $3.00 off any “as seen on TV” item. I stacked it with my $5.00 off Snuggie coupon….Cvs had on sale for 14.99 so paid so paid 6.99 for my Snuggie!!

  28. DP

    I love my CVS! The managers are so nice there!! (VERY coupon friendly now)

    I got:

    28 Sobe ( I did not wipe the shelf, an order)
    1 water bottle
    4 Wisk
    1 toilet paper wipe


    For some reason, they say the $3 coupons are beeing, no problems though!

  29. lisa

    My cvs put 1 limit per household on the wisk and they didnt even have any! The gummy vitamins were a no go either.

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