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What Are Your Holiday "Buy it Now" Prices?

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How many of you are planning to host Thanksgiving dinner this year? Much to my husband’s delight ;), I will not be in charge of cooking this year as I am at my mom’s house in Idaho.

Check out these 2 emails I recently received from readers…

With the holidays quickly approaching, I was wondering if you have suggestions on “buy it” prices for things such as Libby’s pumpkin, turkeys, etc. Thanks again for everything!

Okay, so I have been driving all over town trying to figure out who has the best prices on everything one would need for a Thanksgiving meal. It would be awesome if you could compile a list of all the different prices each store has on hams, turkeys, and all the other goodies. Or perhaps a list of the best prices around. It would totally help me out and I am sure others as well!

So once again, I am asking all of you to help out these readers (and me!) by providing your “Buy It Now” prices for some popular holiday items like turkey, canned pumpkin etc. If you have recently found a great deal on a holiday food item, feel free to leave a comment below listing the store where you purchased the item, the purchase price, and any other helpful information. Thanks so much!

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  1. Angelia

    So this is what I’ve bought this year:
    Turkey 23lb = $0.35 per lb at Safeway
    Del Monte Green Beans/Peas/Corn = $0.45 ($1/10 Target Coupon) at Target
    Stove Top Stuffing = $0.79 ($0.50/2 Target Coupon & B3G1 Free Coupon) at Target
    Betty Crocker Potatoes = $0.79 (lots of coupons) at Target

  2. Lizsaves03

    At Target you can get Stove Top Stuffing on sale for 0.79, then use the Target coupon and MFR coupon. It will the total to 0.08 for both boxes. Also Kraft cheese (Sherds) on sale for 1.80, use the store coupon 0.75 and the MFR for a 1.00 off bringing the total to 0.05. If you like Olay for can get it for a penny!! I bought the big bottle for 5.04 and then the trial suave for 0.97, and use the PG coupon for 5.00 off, and 1.00 off Olay.

    • Chrissy

      Our Target has been out of Stovetop stuffing pretty much the whole time they’ve been running this deal 🙁 I’ve checked 3 times and been told no rain check and they don’t know when they’ll get it in.

      • Jennifer B.

        Have you considered taking the Target ad to another store (like Walmart) that price matches? I know you cannot use the Target coupons somewhere else, but that is REALLY a great price and is even better if you happen to have the manufacturer’s coupon as well.

        • heather stokes

          walmart has a double pack of stove top for 1.50 so techincally walmarts deal is better 🙂

        • Willa

          Check with your Wal-Mart. Some of the Wal-Marts in the Tulsa area will take competitors coupons. So the Target and manufacture coupon would both work.

    • Mom21girl

      I was just wondering if you used the Kraft $1 shredded cheese (with Philidaphia creaminess) Q on regular shredded cheese? I didn’t want to be denied at the cash register 🙂

      • lori

        I did at Publix this week. They didn’t have the Phillie cream kind so I bought regular. The scanned no problem!

      • Shopper

        I did at Publix and they took it with no problem

    • HaydenRossi

      I used store and man. coupons for the stuffing last week, store coupons for marshmallows and cool whip, and man. coupon for the evaporated milk at Target.

      Dollar General has Libby’s veggies 3/$1 this week. I used the 8/29 man. coupon and got 3 can of green beans for a few pennies this morning. Good luck to all!

    • Jocelyn

      FREE tag junior leap frog
      .04 stuffing
      .25 cent cream of mushroom
      .80 Minute Maid fruit punch (instant substitute for the eggs deal)
      $10 vtech learn and discover toy normally $20
      .98 kraft cheese shred
      .79 heinz
      FREE sleepwear (but he overcharged me for a $7 shirt twice so I’ll get that part removed.
      Total was $70 but turned into $26.27 🙂

      The line behind me was annoyed with the bumbling cashier but I smiled and left feeling like a million bucks THANKS HIP2SAVE 🙂

  3. Takako

    If you live near Save A Lot, they have Sara Lee Pie is only $1.99 !! That’s surely “buy it” price and you also can buy extra for later. 🙂

    • heather stokes

      awesome deal will have to check it out!

  4. Erin

    Right now at Dillon’s with your card, a Jennie-O turkey is $.59/lb…sweet potatoes are $.42/lb Philadelphia Cream Cheese is $.99 @ Wal Mart right now.

  5. Lizsaves03

    Sorry guys there was a typo in my last post. Its Secert not Suave.

  6. Bee

    I live in East TN and haven’t seen too many shockingly great turkey deals. I bought Butterball for .98 which is just fine with me (about the same price as in years past). I used my $4 coupon. Some of the area stores had turkey promotions but I shop almost exclusively at Kroger and couldn’t build up enough points/justify the expense of trying to get it elsewhere for cheaper/free. As it was I only paid about $8. Canned items seemed to be extremely reasonable this year. Got loads of cream soups, veggies and evaporated milk for anywhere from free to .50. I am tempted to go crazy buying canned veggies considering how high they are the rest of the year.

    Some things were just non-negotiable as far as purchase. For instance, we make our own dressing, so no Stovetop. We also make homemade creamed potatoes, gravy and sweet potato casserole. So, I just looked for the best price possible, although I did see 10 lb bags of potatoes for 1.97 at Wal-Mart. Pecans seemed to be very high no matter where I looked.

    I was pleased to be able to use double coupons on my French-fried onions and turkey bag.

    Incidentally, wholesale frozen turkey is over $1.00 per pound this year, so all the grocery stores are basically selling turkey at a loss.

    • krgcolt

      Just wanted to let you guys know that if you like the French’s fried onions or use them on your traditional green bean casseroles. Sam’s usually has them each year around the holidays in a large bag (24 oz.) with zip closure for $5.98 (NC price). We love them and use them a lot, last year I bought 3 bags they stay fresh in the bag until opened and I store mine in Tupperware just to be sure of freshness. The large can in the grocery on sale is about $3.99 normally, big savings.

  7. Jenny

    .this is what i spent on some items (without coupons):
    69 for brown and serve rolls
    .69 canned pumpkin
    .79 sour cream
    .89 philadelphia cream cheese
    .49 celery
    1.79 butter
    .79 fresh cranberries

    • Colleen

      where did you shop and where do you live??

      • Jenny

        I got the celery and cranberries at Aldi and the rest of the stuff came from Piggly Wiggly (which I only shop at when they have really good sales!).

    • Ashley

      Would love to know this as well!!!

    • Amy C.

      What! Canned pumpkin for .69 cents?? celery for .49?? and the cranberries?? Wow! Where do you shop?

      • Jermaine

        At Akdi they have Celery for .49 each.

        • Jermaine

          I meant Aldi Sorry. They have the best produce prices around.

  8. Dawn

    I wish I could find a turkey that cheap. The lowest price around here I’ve seen is .89lb for the store brand. Everything else is about the same price.

    • Courtney Gordon

      We found Jenny-O turkey at Super Walmart for $0.68/ lb today.

      • Betty Jo

        Fiesta, which can be priced matched at Wal-Mart has Jenny-O turkey for 25 cents a pound. 39 a pound is my absolute highest price I will ever pay and I always find it for that or less. Now, you have to spend $25 to get it at that price, but then one store has Blue Bell ice cream 2/$7 and another has it 3/$11. Using the $1 off coupons and price matching gets the ice cream for cheap and 10—15 toward the purchase, before the price match and coupons. Sweet Potatoes are 17-22 cents a pound-depending on the store (price match at Wal-Mart) Canned pumpkin, I ususally get at 39 cents a can or less. The canned veggies—–Meijers in the fall will have them 5/$1.00 so we stock up then for most of the year. Right now, the Dollar General 3/$1 is good—-especially if you have some of the $1 off of 3 coupons.
        Having a friend that is a manager at a grocery store, we often get a turkey or two after Thanksgiving (we like it during the year and it extends the budget). He calls when they are marking the turkeys half of the marked price, or a couple years they sold them for a flat $4 or $5 each—–which is too much for a small turkey, but for a 20 plus pound turkey, that is about right. I prefer the half price off of the lowest price—–always cheaper. Last year we got a 24 plus pound turkey for $3.25. The other was a little smaller, and less than $3. Try to learn your store and get to know the manager. If you learn the times, day, etc of the meat and dairy depts, you can save big and use coupons.

        • Lydia

          Turkey prices are up this year. My dad works at a grocery store and they are selling their turkeys at $.89 and the store is taking a loss at that price.

          • Michelle

            I purchased my Jennie-O Turkey from Jewel. Jewel is a SuperValu owned storein the Midwest. They have a store coupon if you spend $20 (pre-coupon) you can get $10 off your turkey. So easy to do! Jennie-O is $1.01/#. I picked up a 12#, cost $.16/#

  9. Jaclyn P

    Publix has butterball turkeys for .99 lb or a publix brand turkey for .59 lb. 🙂 I shop wayyy in advance for as much as I can so I dont have to spend as much closer to thanksgiving!

  10. ashlie

    Right now at Publix and Kroger they have their frozen turkey’s for $.59 a pound which is a GREAT price!!!

  11. Joy

    If you live near an albertsons (I am in FL, so I think that we have different alberston’s than elsewhere…), their flyer from last week has Honeysuckle Turkeys for $0.49/lb. I took that to Publix and got our 13 lb turkey for $6.xx. Sweet potatoes are $0.39 at publix. Cranberries are b1g1 as well. Use 3 of the $1 Target produce coupon on all 3 produce items (even though 1 is already free). A 5 lb bag of red potatoes is 3.99 at publix (again, used the $1 target produce coupon), and the bag of potatoes has a coupon for $1/1 breakstone sour cream. The sour cream was $1, so free after the coupon.

  12. carrie33

    If you live near a winco, they are running their .59lb butterball when you buy 50.00 in groceries. That is before coupons.

    They have challenge butter on sale 1.88lb limit 2 and there is 1/1 butterball turkey q out there as well.

    Eggs at target .99 each and use the ss q for .55/2

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  13. Megan

    walmart here has jenny-o turkeys at .68 cents a lb, and they are generally very good @ having all their supercenters in a region the same price. I am in indiana.

  14. Natasha

    Wow I need to move. I live in South TX and all we have is HEB. Their turkeys are .88/lb which is what it costs for Butterball at Target. The best deal on ANYTHING thanksgiving is 6lbs of sweet potatoes for $1.00. And the Target Stovetop deal.

    • Lana

      I just picked up my turkey from HEB today and paid $.35/lb with purchase of $10 worth of groceries.

  15. Kelli

    We don’t get stuff that cheap here in Alaska. But I will stock up on evaporated milk for .75 after coupon, $1.50 for libby pumpkin and free stuffing last week.

  16. JAM

    I live in IN and got my 18 lb Jennie-O turkey for .30/lb at Meijer. You can get Meijer brand for as cheap as .25/lb. This is with a $20 purchase, but still a super deal!!

    • Anonymous


  17. Emily

    At my local grocery store, Shoprite, they have such good deals! They have a free card, the price plus card. From october 21st to nov 25th, if you spent 300 dollars in groceries, (which is WAYY less then what I actually do spend in that time frame) then you get a FREE 18-21 lb turkey, or an 8 lb turkey breast, or tofurky, or a ham. and they have the 45 oz marie callendars pies for 3.99, and I have a dollar off coupon online, so 3 dollars for 45 OZ OF PIE! They have such amazing deals!!

  18. Avonia

    Wegmans is .39/ lb for Turkey. I only buy fresh or frozen veg. .99 bag at Wegmans. I bought several boxes of mashed potatoes from RA – Free after q’s and ups. Stove top from Target came out to be .29 a box today (would have loved more qs). I plan on stocking up at these prices.

    • Lynn

      LOVE me some Wegmans!

  19. Lynn

    Just got a Costco fresh Butterball turkey for .99 a pd. Everywhere else around here has fresh (not frozen) turks for 1.29 and up a pd.

  20. Christy

    Total for Thanksgiving dinner this year:
    4 boxes Stove Top Stuffing = Man. coupon and Target store coupon = 4/FREE
    10 lb bag potatoes = .97
    24 lb turkey @ .29 lb = $6.96
    Ocean Spray Cranberries = $1.50
    Libby Green Beans = .11 can
    Cream of Mushroom soup = FREE
    Rolls = HOMEMADE (less than .30 cents for ingredients)
    Sweet Potatoes grown in garden = FREE
    Marshmallows = .25
    French’s Fried Onions = $1
    Sara Lee Pie x 2 = Man. and store coupon = .68 ea

    Thanksgiving for 10 with LOTS of leftovers for less than $15.00!

    • Rachel Durfee


      • Christy

        Tucson, Arizona @ Fry’s Market Place

        • Brenda

          That’s funny Christy, I was thinking…she must be in Arizona! Those prices sound a lot like what I just spent. I bought 2 10 pound Turkeys for .29 cents a pound! I love the Fry’s Market Place on Tangerine! Happy Thanksgiving!

          • Christy

            @ Brenda…The Fry’s Market Place on Tangerine is my favorite!!! They are soooo coupon friendly!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

        • gina

          Awsome Job!!!!!!!!!
          There were alot of great deals on canned foods last week I have tons of soup, all different kinds.

  21. Janae Otto

    With any $10 purchase at Giant Eagle you can get a “HoneySuckle White”turkey (limit 3) for $.19 cents a pound. I just bought my 21 pounder and paid a little over 4 dollars

    • heather stokes

      yes that is probaly the cheapest and the limit of 3 is awesome you could stock up and use it to make dinners later on

  22. allison

    we just recently bought 2 to experiment with on the smoker, and one for Christmas (which I will have my dear hubby smoke since the first one was SO good!). We could not pass up the deal at Kroger. They had the Riverside turkeys on special for $0.37/lb with any $10 purchase. We bought a 14 lb+ for a little over $5 and then a 19+ lb one for a little over $7. I figured I can always use the extra meat (if I have any) in casseroles or what, so I couldn’t pass them up! 🙂 I LOVE reading about all these deals!

  23. diane

    I’m in california and this year so far my stock up prices are as follows (this is the first year I’ve couponed for the holidays)
    carnation .35
    canned veg. .25
    stove top .04
    philly cream cheese .44
    25 lb. turkey $10
    coffee mate peppermint goes great with the free swiss miss .25

  24. Melissa

    I did meijer and rite aid for most of my thanksgiving. They had the $16 off any tom turkey when you spend $20 or more (before coupons) last week. I paid:
    Turkey $4 or $0.23 a pound
    Stove top $0.32 per box
    Campbells Cream of mushroom soup $0.09 a can
    10 pounds of russet potatoes $2.77
    sweet potatoes $0.25 a pound
    kraft cheese $0.66 a bag (won’t use for thanksgiving, but to get my total over $20)

    Rite Aid
    Canned Pumpkin- free
    evaporated milk- free
    canned green beans- free
    frenches fried onions- $0.50 a can

    Sister Shuebert rolls (my husbands request)- $2 for the family size bag
    Cranberry Sauce- $0.73 a can

    I bought some more evap milk at meijer today for $0.49 a can along with Del Monte green beans for $0.32 a can.

    Our total spent for our Thanksgiving meal (not including things like seasoning, oils and things like that already on hand) will be less than $20 including turkey.

  25. jennifer

    stop & shop in rhode island, got turkey for 47cents/# with $25 purchase
    target had libby’s pumpkin $1.25 a can, cheapest I’ve seen it around here.
    trader joe’s has great prices on produce & nuts

  26. Alli H

    At Food Lion I scored the turkey for 27 cent a pound since I spent $35. They had Libby’s cans 2 for $5 stuffing was buy one get one free, and a 5 pound bag of potatoes was $2.49. I think I made out pretty good. I got a 21.5 pound turkey for $5.77 🙂

  27. gina

    Here in Az @ Fry’s a Kroger affiliate: All manufacturer’s coupons are $1 & They accecpt all competitors coupons from all stores including Target, Safeway, Fresh & Easy…ect ect.
    you can use a printable from F&E website for $5 off any order of $20 or more.

    Jenny-O Turkey .29 cents per lb when you spend 25 dollars
    5lbs of potatoes .57 ea.
    Heinz gravy $2 for three jars after Mq
    Mrs. Coubbisons stuffing .99 ea after MQ
    Pam cooking spray $1.49 ea after MQ
    Kraft shred Chz $.00+ overage ea. after sale price, target coupon, & MQ
    philly cream chz .50 for two bars after coupons
    gallon of milk 1.59
    18ct large egg 1.50
    c&H powder or brown sugar $1 after MQ
    cranberry sauce .76 for 2 after store coupon
    Coke products 1.63 a 12pk after coupon
    general mills cereal .49 ea after MQ

    Good Luck shopping, and if you haven’t done it yet you better start thawing your birds…….
    Happy TURKEY DAY..

    • bmblbee100

      Hi Gina,
      Where did you find a coke coupon? I know 4-12pks for $9 is a good deal, but I love your price better!


      • Tasha

        There is a coupon in the Pro’s Ranch Market ad for $2 off any 3 12 packs of Coke products! There’s also a coupon in there for 50 cents off 2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese. Both are manufacturer coupons, and when I used the Philly coupon it doubled to $1. Pair that with the target coupon for 50 cents off 2 Philadelphia Cream Cheese and that’s 25 cents each!

      • gina

        Also, reg. mountain dew & diet are included in that sale so you can use $1/ 2 from target web coupons as well……..

        Also, you can use the coupons for free suave deodorant and shampoo from 11-14 insert to help you get our total to $20 so you can use your $5 off from F&E………………..

  28. Brittany Erickson

    I know this doesn’t help much for this year, but plan for next year…I bought a bunch of canned pumpkin last year because they went on clearance after Thanksgiving. I bought each can for 10 cents! Its a good thing to keep your eye out for! I also bought a bunch of paper plates and napkins that were fall themed too on clearance! I am set for this year for a lot of things!

    • gina

      Smart CHIC!!!! Never thought of clearance plates…….

  29. heather stokes

    Walmart has a double pack of stove top stuffing for $1.50 i think that is a great deal it is .75 a
    box and if you have any q’s which i did not it would make it sweeter!
    pies as low as $2.50 in the bakery depending on which you choose. (walmart)

  30. katie jo

    i got a Jennie-O turkey at food lion .. they are 39 cents per pound with $35 purchase.. i ended up getting a HUGE turkey for $5.83!!

  31. alia

    At Frys in Arizona you can get turkey for .29/lb. Also stovetop for .75 and a 5 lb bag of potatoes for .57

  32. SenoraE

    In the Northeast, TOPS has .38 per lb turkeys and Wegmans has .39 per lb. Both great deals!

  33. Alyssa M

    I didn’t read through all of the comments, so I don’t know if anyone has posted this deal yet. But, Hy-Vee has a deal going on where you buy a ham for $2.99/lb and get a free 10-12 lb. turkey! I ended up spending about $14 both a ham and turkey!

    As far as the pumpkin goes, I’ve been buying the Hy-Vee brand for .99 for a 14oz can.

    • Lacy

      I also did the hyvee deal and spent about the same! I had a $1hormel cure 81 q that I got from all you magazine. This is my first year doing thanksgiving dinner so I thought I did fairly well for a ham and turkey!

  34. Joy

    If you have a Sprouts near you check out their produce. We go to the Cedar Hill, TX store.

  35. melinda k.

    i found that .49lb for my turkey was the best I could do. Stuffing was free at kroger. I stocked up on swansons chicken broth for .25 a can. Potatoes were 1.50 at aldie’s. I got 2 sara lee pumpkin pies and 1 cool whip for $2. Those were my favorite holiday deals.

  36. tilla ham

    i do not host thanksgiving , but i like to have two turkeys to cook throughout the year, my buy it now price is costcos day after thanksgiving sale, you get a 20 pound bird for around 8 bucks. should be able to get evaporated milk, pumpkin, cranberry, chicken stock, stuffing mix, all for less than 50 cents with coupons

  37. Lizsaves03

    I used the kraft with Philidaphia creaminess coupon along with the Target coupon. They didn’t have the Kraft with Philidaphia creaminess cheese. But both coupons scanned.

  38. Sarah

    We managed to stock up on 3 turkeys for $.37/lb by using the Kroger ad to price match at Walmart and spent about $16 total. We didn’t want to buy it at Kroger because our Kroger is over-priced on everything else and we didn’t want to spend the $10 minimum pruchase that Kroger was requiring. All the other stores in our area seemed to have their turkeys priced anywhere from $ .69-$1. (We live in central AR)

  39. Takako

    Few weeks ago my local store had a special sale of cream cheese for only 50 cents. Of course everyone bought in bulk so it was out of stock really quickly. I’m glad I got their rain check then I used it today because the price became up to 99 cents. Score!! 🙂

  40. Kristen Hunt

    .39 -sweet potatoes !!! Publix -in FL

  41. Kathy

    Ingles has Honeysuckle turkey for $.68/lb and there’s a $1/1 coupon. Also had sweet potatoes for $.49/lb. Celery was $.88.

  42. Carolyn H.

    Walgreens had a great deal on Libby’s Pumpkin a couple weeks ago.. Collin posted it herself (thanks, Collin!). Walgreens had a store coupon making it 99 cents a can and then there was a $1/2 any Libby’s canned fruit printable, making each can 50 cents!!! Most of the other stock up prices for me in Florida have been what others have listed. Target had great deals last week, especially on Campbell’s condensed cooking soups.. I think after sale and coupons 25 cents a can, which I gladly stocked up on! Just wish I had more computers available so I could print more coupons!

  43. Susan G

    Sweet Potatoes 18 cents a pound (in MO).

    • Susan G

      at WalMart

  44. Courtney

    I was on the hunt for a tiny turkey. Found a 7lb (if you call that tiny..) Butterball at Wal-mart for 1.42/ lb. The bigger turkeys were only .98/ lb but it’s just going to be my husband and I this year, so I didn’t want to deal with turkey for days! We’ll still have plenty for leftovers but won’t feel like we’re overwhelmed with it as we do some years.

    Wal-mart also has sweet potatoes for .16/lb! Wooty woo.

    I’m in Houston btw.

  45. Pamiam412

    Win Co in Salem, Oregon has a deal for store brand turkey (just about anything other than butterball) for 22 cents a pound if you spend 50 dollars.

  46. joscobey

    Kroger in TN has canned sweet potatoes for $1.49! For things like chicken broth and staples, Aldi’s wins handsdown!

  47. Neverfullprice

    If you have a Save-a-Lot they have Butterball Turkeys for .39 lb. I was able to price match at Walmart with no problem. Walmart had them at .89 lb

  48. Carolyn A.

    Jenny O Turkey for .32 a pound at Fresh and Easy in Las Vegas, NV.
    2 frozen Sara Lee pies + Cool Whip all for $3.00 at Smiths.

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