Bath & Body Works: $10 off $10 Code Still Available (Gift Sets Only $5.99 Shipped!)

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The Bath & Body Works $10 off one product priced at $10 or more coupon code is still available to use. Just add one product priced at $10 or more to your cart and then use coupon code F102785 to get an additional $10 off. *Note: You will have to pay $5.99 for shipping.

There are quite a few gift sets available here priced at just $10, so only $5.99 shipped after the coupon code! Not too shabby!

…AND make sure to go through! You’ll get 4% cash back from your Bath & Body Works purchase. Just go here and click through the link they provide to start shopping and earn your cash back!

(Thanks for the reminder, Cents Less Deals!)

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  1. maritakrsna

    i tried this but my estimated shipping is 9.99

    • JonnaBeth

      Shipping I think seems to be $5.99 only for gift sets. I tried to get a pair of socks and it said that shipping was $9.99 so gift sets it is! I bought 3 😉

      • sharla

        i just bought 2 pairs of socks and shipping was 5.99

  2. Emily

    Is this valid only online?

  3. LaToya

    They fixed the $10 off to come off any purchase and not just one item.
    I got (2) sets of the Reindeer Pocket Bacterial bundles…total of 10 bottles…$5 each, took off $10…paid $5.99 shipped.

  4. Jessica R

    These are really small by the might want to read the size..i almost got one earlier but didnt..might be good as stocking stuffers though..

    • Eunsil

      Yeah, I agree, I went to Bath and Body Works the other day and surprised to see how small it is! It was the smallest bottle that I’ve ever seen at BBW…I didn’t check the price though,is it $5 for each? Wow, that is way too much for that small jar..

      • Amanda

        It’s 5 for $5.00

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      They are small, intended for use with the holder to attach to your keys.Great for Mom’s , teachers etc. I love them!

    • LaToya

      You know, I didn’t….but they are just for my kids to take along with them on their hikes, so it’s OK….they weren’t supposed to be anything special really…just cute lil’ somethings.

      • Jaylaskye

        We definitely use these on hikes or if a bathroom sinks are too wet to hold our daughter up to a sink to wash her hands (she is 3)… Life saver because they fit in a pocket!

  5. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Last time I got some of their 14.5 oz candles that aren’t in stores.
    All I had to pay was shipping. I forgot but you can also get free gift bags with order.

    • Anonymous

      how do you get gift bags? Also I want to send this as a gift to soemone…….can anyone help me how it works?

  6. KnoxvilleVal

    YAY! Got a gift basket for 6.54 with tax and shipping. Fabulous!

  7. Amanda S

    thanks!! I just ordered a $5.00 small sweetpea gift bag and $5.00 sweet pea sent thing.
    this will be a great addition to my sister’s gift basket!!

    • DP

      Hi MB-

      Did you get he last thing we ordered? The air Freshener? It’s cute -thanks for the heads up!!

      • mamabear

        yes! i got it yesterday… i am a fickle pickle and ended up ordering the eye cream. i havent used it yet but i cant wait to try it.

  8. Chelsey

    ok, I need a gift for my aunt and was thinking of getting a gift set but they don’t have any in the scent she likes, cucumber melon. I haven’t been in there in a while. What are some of their good scents?

    • Diann

      Japanese cherry blossom is their most popular scent. I asked a clerk last week so I could buy some gifts but I can’t use it due to allergies.

      • Donna Mc.

        I assumed that scent was popular as most of the stock of it sold out last week when I used the $10 code. I don’t want to abuse the code and use it a second time, but I will try the other code posted here (FREE4U). 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      you could buy one and exchange in store for another scent!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I love moonlight path

      I got a nice set for only 5.99 for shipping!!!! Thanks Collin!!!!

  9. eden

    can’t get this to work for me! added two of the foam soaps ($5 each) to my cart, then put the code in. its taking $10 off, but the shipping says $0. and then it won’t go through at all…anyone else having this problem?

    • Tarin

      tried with foams too. Didn’t work.

      • Drew

        I ordered 4 of the twisted peppermint foam soap around 10 am, & it worked fine.

  10. amanda m

    They also have some bigger gift baskets clearanced at $11.25.

    • Betsy

      Thanks for the tip! I snagged one of these…only $1.25 more than the $10 ones but they look bigger and also include a lip gloss.

      • Linda Ritchey

        They are actually the same size, but you get a lip gloss too! They are very cute however.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Where were you able to find those?

  11. nomi

    the antibacterial foam soap (vanilla smells great) is 4x 15 with the promo code is 10.99 with shipping =2.60 ea not bad considering is full size item

  12. Carolyn

    Thank-you! My 1 year old still needed to get ‘mom’ a present. He is getting ‘her’ 3 pair of fuzzy socks! 🙂 Regular price would have been $22.50 (for all) Got them for $1 plus $5.99 shipping. What a savvy shopper he is. 🙂

  13. Jana

    Aww, they don’t accept PayPal. I wished more companies used PayPal, it’s just so convenient.

  14. Lisa

    I ordered a $10 item plus a cute reindeer antibacterial thing and it comes to $11.50 plus shipping and when I put in code it says it doesn’t meet the qualifications for this offer. My item is $10 plus more….. I don’t get it.

    • Jen

      Me too! 🙁

  15. Amanda

    Thanks Collin! I’m adding this to the gift basket for my sons teacher 🙂

  16. Jess G

    I got: 9 pocketbacs and 1 pair of the fuzzy socks for 6.99 shipped. Yes!

  17. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Yay! 10 of their new 2oz fragrances for $6.35 shipped!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Good idea….I bet the Hawaii Coconut is good. I am excited 2 try that one!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Are you talking about the $1.00 body lotion??

      • mamabear

        i wish it was mist instead of lotion, i would have been all over that lol…

    • liz

      that’s what i ordered too! $6.41 for 10 2oz lotion! perfect for card club prizes in january in indiana!

    • Christy G.

      I’m in Indiana too (Indy) and ordered the same $1 lotions. Can’t beat that! Great way to try the new fragrances and perfect gifts when you just need something extra to throw into that gift bag. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning this!!

  18. Janet

    I just got 4 pair of the solid red fuzzy socks for Valentines day gifts for 8.67 shupped with tax!

  19. Rhonda Y.

    Is this online only? I need to get wallflowers as a gift for a co-worker and I don’t think I would get it in time for the party next Wednesday!

    • SSJ

      I also need to get gift for a co-worker for year-end party next Wednesday and was wondering the same thing, if there is a printable that can be used in store!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      My order said expected ship date of Dec 13-16th…so one day after Wednesday. It is my experience that shipping methods are often off a bit, coming earlier then originally planned. So, I would bet you would get it by Wednesday!

    • Jen

      I was wondering the same!

      • Jaylaskye

        Don’t bet on it. All but one of our packages have been on time to the day for the last few weeks:(

    • Ellikate

      I was in the store this weekend they have several of their gift baskets priced down and some of their wall flower scents on sale there are coupons to print for a free item with any purchase and they are giving away a $10 of any $30 purchase coupon, so if you have a store near by you can score a better deal (Minus gas instead of shipping) HTH

      • SSJ

        Are the prices for gift baskets in store less than what they are online? Thanks for sharing.

  20. Heidi

    Thanks for the reminder…..snagged one last little gift.

  21. ellen

    when i went through shop at home my shipping was 11.98, when i went directly through bath and body works it was 6.99? but I am happy to get 2 large 3 wick candles shipped to my door for 18.00
    still a good deal when they are 2 for 20.00 in the store and i don’t have to brave the mall

  22. Monica

    Thanks to the poster above for the gift baskets for $11.25 tip, those are really nice. After the coupon code my total was $7.24.

  23. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I only paid thirty six cents for the set I bought. I got free shipping on mine.

    • Tiffany

      how did you get free shipping?

    • Crystal

      how did u get free shipping,,please let me know


    • eden

      how did you get that?

      • SSJ

        From which section/set you bought that gave you free shipping? Appreciate if you can share your order details. Thanks.

    • Tracy

      how did you get free shipping?

    • mamabear

      yes, do tell!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      how did you get free shipping? It will awesome if you can share with us!

  24. Sherry

    Awesome! Thank you! I’ve been wanting some pocket bacs but our nearest store is an hour’s drive and it would cost more in gas to get there than what I planned to buy. Now I am getting 10 for $6.50 shipped!

  25. Latisha

    I got one of the gift sets for $6.48!!

    • Jeri

      I got one of the gift sets for $6.48 shipped too!

  26. Jen L

    Can’t find the clearance gift baskets? Do you have a link? Thanks 🙂

    • Crystal

      go to sale and you will see 25% of gift baskets

      • Jen L

        Thank you so much! …got one. I also went through for 5% back.

        • Crystal

          no problem Jen..

  27. Melissa

    yay travel sized secret wonderland!! got that FOR MEEEE.

    I have bought so many bottles of Bath and Body works stuff I dont even know what to do with them all now! (i made some up into gifts since my works shops for local familes in need in lue of a Christmas party). Im just so addicted to this stuff!

  28. LaToya

    Anyone tried doing multiple orders….?

    • Dorie

      i only got it to work when i tried a different computer. So if you clear your cache, it might work to try the code again on the same computer.

      • Lisa Kalstrom

        Just restart your computer after each purchase. You can do as many purchases as you like with this code!

        • mamabear

          ooh thats a good tip ty!

          • Tarin

            Thanks worked for me

  29. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Ah, yeah when I tried to get a candle, it made shipping 9.99

  30. Donna Mc.

    Just fYI, I ordered a gift set and paid the $6 for shipping the last time this was posted, and when I received the package and opened it up, the cap on the lotion was off and lotion was all over the place. I contacted their customer support about this by email, to return and get a replacement on the whole kit, since everything was gross, and they never did respond. I sent a second email today asking for a response. I have no idea if or when they will respond.

    • Crystal

      call them this happen to me and so i was given a $10 gift card..just explain how bad it was.

      • Donna Mc.

        I will call them, but I have been so busy at work. I am just wondering why they don’t respond to any emails. That’s some really crappy customer service!

      • Donna Mc.

        I called them tonight, and though I had to wait on a line a bit, because they were so busy, the woman I spoke with was very nice and eager to help me. She searched for a replacement, but all the remaining sets that were in stock of equal value were not scents that I cared for. I mentioned that I would pay a bit more for a higher priced set of a scent I liked, and she did find a similar set with the lip gloss for $15, but on sale for $11.25, so she said she would send that as the replacement and I was more than willing to pay the difference, but she said not to worry about it. The lotion in my first shipment is 3/4 empty, but she told me to see if I could salvage the other two items covered in the lotion and that I could keep them. They are both completely covered in lotion goo, but I will see what I can do to clean it all off. I am guessing I can just use dish washing soap to clean them?

    • Paulette

      FYI if you r near a store just bring it in with your receipt and they should replace it…Probably a better way to go than waiting in line at the post office to send it back. Good Luck!!

      • Donna Mc.

        Actually, it’s more work for me to drive all the way to a location, find parking, battle the shopping crowds, and wait in line to exchange. It’s easier to just have them mail me a replacement and if they need the empty lotion bottle and the box of lotioned mess back, I can certainly ship it back to them if they provide me with a shipping label or account to charge, or reimburse my shipping costs. There’s a mail run from my office to USPS and a UPS pick up too, so it’s far easier for me to do all my shopping by mail.

        • Paulette

          lucky you…I think their customer service rocks and you are just expecting too much??I do agree that it is easier to go through the mail but it doesn’t always work that way!

          • Donna Mc.

            I don’t feel that it is at all expecting too much that when I order a product, that it not be shipped in such a poor manner that it arrives exploded all over the inside of the box. Companies that continue to send liquid products with loose caps do not at all have my sympathies and can sometimes lose my business if it is a continual problem.

            Yes, when I called tonight, their customer service was amazing, but they still have never responded to the two emails I sent on Monday and yesterday, which is indeed a serious customer service problem on that end.

            BTW, what about people who do not have cars and have to rely on mail service? You can’t just expect everyone to get to a store location to rectify a problem with an online/shipped order that the company caused to begin with.

  31. heather

    I got a small bottle of lotion, shower gel and body spray for $6.54!! YAY! It will be an awesome present to add to my friends gift basket! I got the Sea Island Cotton one for her!

  32. Mari

    Thank you so much for finding this Collin!!!! I really wanted one more set to give to someone (I purchased one last time for someone else) and I was dreading having to head to the store to get it and having to figure out a good deal. This is awesome!!! I just ordered one of the 11.25 ones, you made my day!!!

  33. Stephanie

    Anyone else notice there’s a glow in the dark pocketbac called “Vampire’s Blood?” 🙂 I’m thinking about ordering a bunch because I know my stepdaughter would get a kick out of that. They’re marked down to .75.

    • Jessica R

      I got ten of these and the 2 of $1 lotions 6.99

  34. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    how are some of you scoring free shipping?

    • Tracy

      I’d like to know too.

  35. Mom of 3

    I just placed 2 separate orders and now the code is not working for my third (same item for each order). Any thoughts? Should I clear my cache? Thanks for any help you can provide!

    • Kelly T

      Perhaps it is the safeguard that the company has put in place to maintain maximum use of the coupon per customer. My advice would be to not place a third order. They always have great sales at this company, I am sure they will have another soon.

  36. Melissa

    Also wondering how to get free shippping plus the $10 off?

  37. Carrie

    I know there is a free shipping code if you spend $50. it is SHIPFREE50

    • Jessica R

      but on their checkout page it says you can only use one code per purchase.

  38. Lisa Kalstrom

    Thanks a ton!!! Got the Peach Bellini 14.5 oz Filled Candle (on clearance for 9.75) and the Hawaii Coconut 2 oz. Body Lotion for a total of $6.79! WOOHOO!

    • Susan

      I smelled the Peach Bellini candle at the B&BW store a few days ago. WHEW – really smelly, although it does not smell like a Peach Bellini drink. Even the cashier said it was really strong when it burns.

  39. celticmommie

    FYI – the tote that Collin posted last time as an example of what to buy with the $10 code is TERRIBLE. It’s so fake looking and the color is totally off – the beige is more gray and the pink is just dull. Plus, it’s vinyl – not fabric! I’m definitely taking it back. I don’t want anyone else to be disappointed! Happy shopping!

    • Jenn

      I actually loved the tote. I teach and got the tote to put papers in to transport between grading. It’s perfect because it’s vinyl (so my student’s papers don’t get wet) and option to use either the handle or the extended strap is great depending upon the weight. I think is more a matter of what you plan to use the item for. For me it was an ideal purchase. BTW, I also happen to like the style (which is just a matter of personal taste).

  40. mommy247

    I called the store and you can buy anything and they put a $10off coupon in your bag!!! so you can these FREE in store!!!!!!!!

    • TD

      I also called my store and said they are only giving out $10 off $30.

  41. jennifer

    the shipping is calculated funny. i originally had $5.99 for 3 items in my cart. i kept shopping and when i went to check out, it went up to like $12 for the same 3 items.. i kept trying the same 3 items over and over again until i got my 5.99 shipping again. so keep trying until you get $5.99 shipping!

  42. dannonb94

    Awesome!!! I think we have all be wondering if you can use it in-store 🙂 Thanks!

    Also, if you ARE going to order online, another great code to use is FREE4U — which gets you a free item *up to $13 value* with any $10+ purchase.

    I couldn’t get the code to work on 2 gift baskets, but I scored a gift basket ($11.25) and got the Eucalyptus Spearmint Body Wash & Foam Bath ($13) FREE — I couldn’t believe it gave me the more expensive item free!! Total after shipping was $17.24.

  43. JULIE

    You can use code F102776 valid thru 12/12 for FREE SHIPPING on orders over $50, it will also give you $10 OFF

  44. Barbara A. Pahutski

    I bought two anti-bacterial soaps for $10 and went through (yes, you have to pay a fee to join) so I’ll submit to have my $5.99 refunded…all I paid was sales tax 🙂

    • fay

      I have been a member of free shipping for 4 years now and love the site. I know the fee is a little high at first but I always make money by being a member.

      • mamabear

        what whoa!!! ive never heard of this! so why hasnt collin ever posted anything like this? it would save me so much money because i shop online all the time and would be perfect for times like this when we dont have shipping codes…. have you girls ever had any problems with this site?

  45. Debbie

    Just spent $7.43 (including tax and shipping) for 3 bottles of aromotherapy hand soap (8 oz.). These are buy 2 get 1 free. Great deal. Thanks.

  46. Erin

    Ugh….so frustrating….to ship to Hawaii is $20!!!! Boo….I can ship it to my moms but then it costs me to ship it here. 6 more months and I will be back to normal shipping rates and normal prices.

  47. Jen

    I noticed now by the 5 for $5 pocketbacs, it says + Free Cello! but I can’t find anything about it…. Hmm…

  48. joie

    So sad kept saying my order didnt meet the requirements for that promo offer code???? I ordered a gift set for 10.00 and it wont let me apply the code. thanks hip2save for all you do and congrats everyone who the promo worked for 🙂

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