*HOT!* $20 Amazon Gift Card ONLY $10

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Update: From reading the Comments it appears that some of you were in fact able to use your $5 in deal bucks last night to purchase the Amazon gift card for only $5, however, it now appears they are no longer allowing this. If that is the case or if you already have an account, just go directly through this link to snatch up a $20 Amazon gift card for only $10 – which is still an awesome deal!

WOWZA… do I have a *HOT* deal for you! Living Social, a daily deal site similar to Groupon, is offering up a smokin’ HOT deal for all you Amazon shoppers! Currently, the Living Social nationwide deal is valid for a $20 Amazon.com gift card for just $10!! Even sweeter, if you’re new to Living Social, you’ll receive a $5 credit which means you can score this gift card for only $5!!! WooHoo!

Fine Print: Limit 1 per person, no gifting allowed • Amazon.com Gift Card does not expire • Voucher purchase is valid for US-based customers only • LivingSocial Terms and Conditions apply •

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  1. Cheryl C

    Thanks Sam. I found a link too on how they paid celebrities to tweet. https://blog.zap2it.com/pop2it/2011/01/living-social-sponsored-celeb-tweets-are-making-us-angry.html

    in my opinion thus far, this company is a scam. They pulled a marketing/advertising scam. Notice how they show off the amount purchased? Over 1 million? Funny though because in actuality “gamers” were able to order hundreds through their server. They fixed it this AM. Also the $5 deal bucks they renigged without notice because they are greedy. All this is to gain publicity, advertising from that etc. Which they have done. They want to pass by groupon!

    Tell you what, this company is horrible! They lack integrity and I will never trust them again.

    Haven’t you heard of companies using false promotions in order to get more traffic?!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I agree with you. I did this deal thinking I was using the $5 sign up bucks towards the purchase. I never saw anything telling me my $5 would not apply until AFTER I was charged the $10. It is now noon the next day and I still do not have my Amazon code I needed for my diaper purchase. Hope I get it today! I saw a bit on CNN this morning regarding this offer. It said both Living Social and Amazon (which has a stake in Living Social) lost money in order to generate business. Apparently Amazon had previously tried to buy Groupon but failed so I guess this is their attempt to overtake Groupon. We shall see.

  2. minerva

    A BIG THANKS to the H2S’ers that helped me out. I appreciate it.

  3. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I haven’t even gotten a confirmation email from them. Do they send you a card in the mail or a code through email?

    • E

      I got a confirm email at 11:30pm yesterday.

      Thanks for getting in on this sweet deal from LivingSocial:

      $20 Amazon Gift Card*

      We’ll send you an email tomorrow letting you know how you can get your Amazon Gift Card* code

      Don’t want to print out your deal? Install our LivingSocial iPhone application to redeem right from your phone!

      Thanks for LivingSocial!

      – The LivingSocial Team

  4. patty

    Has anyone received a confirmation?
    When I look at my account it says my cc will be charged within 24 hours.

  5. angie

    did anyone get the code yet?? does it come in a seperate email?

  6. Jessica

    Does anyone know when the code or card arrives? I have not received an email from them.

  7. Mary S

    So… I know I had multiple people buy this deal through my referral link and I have not gotten credit for any but 2 for people I didn’t even know. I even tried signing up my husband through my referral and didn’t get credit. Hmmmmm… do they keep you at 2 people so that you cannot get it for free. I think I will stick with Groupon in the future.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Wow, same here. They didn’t give me credit for two leaving me at 2. One shy of the FREE one. Gotta wonder! I still haven’t received my Amazon codes and its now noon. They should have sent them out already. Getting a little leary of them already.

      • Jessica

        I am still waiting for my code as well. I sure hope this was a legit purchase.

        • kar

          I dint receive my code yet.

          • sara

            Me and my husband both got our codes but it wasnt sent through email…it shows the code on our living social account..the only thing is they charged us twice but I got my 3 referrals so mine should be free! My reciept shows the discount but they still charged me for it but maybe they are still processing things.

      • Mary S

        So I have been checking and not a single referral was added to my account. I’m glad of the discount, but not sure if I will be buying much from Living Social in the future.


    Off Topic, sorry, but If anyone has an extra Amazon $10 off Baby item code, please message me. I will send you 3 of the 20% off diapers coupons!
    Thanks so much.

  9. Cara Morris

    just wondering if anyone actually got their code yet ??

    • anonymous

      I got mine this morning. I think they are just backlogged.

  10. jennifer

    Amazon.com has the All You magazine renewal or new subscription for $10 right now. This Amazon deal was great and now it will allow me to provide further for my family with this wonderful magazine. One happy shopper here!

  11. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Couple things–first, I haven’t received an email today about this, so I’m wondering what that’s about. Also, yesterday after I went to the living social website my computer got infected with a nasty virus. Maybe a coincidence, but I’m wondering. Anybody else get the “Antimalware Doctor?”

  12. Jessica

    HAs anyone gotten their confirmation email yet? or the email with the code? My account says card will be charged in 24 hrs but that was yesterday? Strange….

  13. nicole

    I just checked both my husband’s and my living social account and it doesn’t even show that we purchased the Amazon giftcard but our credit card is showing the pending purchases..?? I wonder what is going on.

    • Alisha

      SAme here! I checked this morning and it was there but now it isn’t even showing up at all!! And I did receive an email this morning about purchasing this deal so what is the deal are they going to screw us all and not give us the code?

      • Alisha

        Strange how my entire order disappeared from my account and so I filled out the ticket form and sent them an email and now all of a sudden my purchase is back in my account again. Of course it is still unavailable, but what the heck is this company doing? I got 3 free tickets to see Little Fockers from them before Christmas and had no problems whatsoever and now they are screwing everything up!

    • Lacey

      I called b/c I always purchase for family member’s using their names/info./e-mail. I have their permission to do this. It has never been a problem on any site. Well, today I logged into all those accounts. Same here…no deals bought now. I called and they cancelled all the other people’s ordered for them b/c I had to use the same credit card. Of course, I wasn’t going to wake them up at 1 a.m. to get their credit card information. I will say that I am pretty upset and will not be using this site again! These were legit people with legil e-mails. Had they prompted me to get a different credit card, I would have called each of them. But, since it looked like all was bought, I did nothing. Now, I cannot get those giftcards for them. So disappointed. It is not Collin’s fault. She is great. I think we have learned alot from alot of companies out there during the Christmas season and even now. I would not recommend them to anyone!

      On a positive note, I have been having loads of fun shopping with Land’s End. They have great customer service, great products, great prices (especially right now) w/ an extra 30% off everything now, and an awesome return policy!

      • Alycia

        I agree with you about buying for other people. I guess they don’t actually want new, repeat customers…

  14. Lauren

    I only purchased one since that is what it specified on the site. I received the email that confirmed my order, but I still haven’t received my code. I logged into LivingSocial and it doesn’t show any orders…??

  15. Jessica

    Have they sent out the gift cards yet?

  16. cloudend

    looks like most of the multiple buys got canceled.
    Still no gift card for single purchases either.

  17. Shauna

    Has anyone received their gift card yet? I ordered mine (and had my husband order one through his account), and neither of us have received anything. Didn’t know if they would be emailing us, or if they are actually sending the gift card to us in the mail?

  18. Maria

    Has anyone gotten their code yet? I’m getting a little ticked since I ordered mine Tuesday night.

  19. Heather Walters

    Has anyone gotten their amazon $10 code yet? Are their any restrictions on what you buy with it?

    • sara

      Me and my husband both got ours…..check your living social account..they didnt send us an email…it was on the account and it just goes straight to your amazon account like a credit and it automatically deducts when you buy qualifying items…doesnt say what qualifying items are

  20. Janae

    I have received about 10 emails or more from them… many stating that I got a free deal from my referrals… BUT I have yet to see this deal go thru or a code sent to me. On my account it still says pending. Then, they have the nerve to send me emails advertising more deals… HA! Like I would waste one more minute or cent on their deals if this doesn’t go thru… They MUST be joking!

  21. Nichole

    So has anyone gotten their code yet?

    • debra

      I am so disappointed I have not received my code yet. I saw a segment on CNN this morning about this deal and I’m hoping since so many people bought one they are just behind. They could at least send an email letting everyone know whats going on. For a company trying to drum up business this is definitely not the way to do it. I would be hard pressed to purchase anything else from them with this kind of service so far. It would be really sad if they canceled the deal after they got all of us to sign up.

  22. Janice

    I haven’t gotten my code, but they charged my credit card TWICE!

  23. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I got this deal for $5 and they charged me $10. I called and they said that is was an error on their part and that the $5 credit could not be applied to this deal. They will leave the $5 credit on your account, but charge you $10 for this deal. THEY SHOULD HAVE BEEN HONEST FROM THE BEGINNING!

  24. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I went to their website and there is a banner on the top stating that they are still processing all of the orders and asking everyone to be patient. I’m guessing they were just a little overwhelmed with order, especially since so many people did multiple orders when only one was allowed so if they have to sort through that whole mess of cancelling multiple orders it’s no wonder that it’s taking a little longer. I don’t mind waiting a day or two so long as this goes through in the end.

  25. mouni

    What the heck is going on with this company?! Most of us ordered the card on Tuesday and we have yet to get our GC code! The only e-mail I got was the one I got this morning thanking me for the purchsae. Very vague, nothing about how much thy’re charging me, how I’ll be getting the card. At first I was charged 5$ now it seems that they decided to charge everybody double without our consent and didn’t even send out e-mails before putting extra charges to give us the option to cancel or go through with the deal. If they wanted publicity they got it. Very bad one as far as I’m concerned.

  26. Maria

    I finally got my code – and they only charged me $5!! Very happy! Thank you so much for posting this, Collin!

    Well I’m not so happy now – on my Living Social receipt it shows that they only charged me $5 and applied the $5 credit, but according to my credit card, they charged $10. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!! Last time I use this company.

    • Alycia

      Agreed. Make sure to print your receipt out in case we need to dispute it.

      • mouni

        I checked my account and finally found the code! Already applied it to my Amazon account! My receipt shows that they charged me 5$. It’s in PDF so I saved it to my favorites and just in case they don’t honor the original price I’ll dispute it. Weird that they haven’t charged my card yet!
        For those of you who didn’t get the code make sure to check your accounts if you haven’t already because they never sent me an email with the code. I had to go to my account to find it.

  27. Nichole

    Got my code, it says $5 but I got 3 friends to sign up… heading to see if my CC was charged at all.

  28. Melanie Y.

    I got my code!!! I didn’t receive an email but just checked my LivingSocial account and it’s in there WITH A RECEIPT. The receipt shows they honored the $5 deal!!! The charges haven’t gone through on my credit card (still shows as $10 pending) but I’m optimistic at this point :o) Just wanted to update everyone!

    ETA: If they DO charge the $10, it will be easily disputable with the receipt.

    • sara

      my receipt shows that it was free because i got 3 people to buy but it still charged my account so i am hoping it is still in process!

  29. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Won’t buy anything else through them. I haven’t receive any emails, even just to let me know that their backlogged! Very poor business practice. This is a hugh marketing mistake on their part.

  30. Cheryl C

    Hi everyone. I think they are just behind on the million plus orders and dealing with the fraud issues. A lot of people were able to order hundreds on one account because of the sites server error. I wish they would have sent us an email to update us so we don’t have to constantly check blogs, our bank accounts etc. It is really annoying.

    However, it looks like they decided to honor the $5 deal bucks (after first allowing it, then taking it off and charging us double). I am glad they are doing this because I am sure thousands ordered that night that were under the impression that it would only be $5. I need to check my bank account though! Here is what my account on LS read.

    my deal bucks

    01/20/2011 -5.00 Spent on $20 Amazon.com Gift Card (expires in 11 months and 30 days)
    01/19/2011 5.00 Credit for your first deal (expires in 11 months and 28 days)

  31. debra

    Finally received my code. I didn’t receive an email, however if you log into your Living Social account it is there. Unfortunately my DH’s account is empty. It doesn’t even show he bought it at all. He received the confirmation email and it showed up earlier today but now its just gone. It is showing up as pending on the credit card so hopefully they are just slow. Used my credits for diapers!!

    • Melanie Y.

      This is my exact situation as well. Here’s hoping the transactions show up again!

    • Faith

      I’m almost positive they won’t honor it if you made the transaction on the same computer (with the same IP address). I did this deal for a couple of my friends and my husband on my computer and the only account that shows that I bought one is my original account. I got the code this morning for mine, but NOTHING in my husbands email…just the advertisement for the daily deal. It makes me upset because it said one per person, so now my friends and my husband are screwed over. They could have said “one per computer” when we signed up so my husband could have done it from his work computer and my friends could have done if from their computers. UGH. NOT HAPPY.

      • Anonymous

        Mine showed up and so did my husband’s…applied his to the account already, have the number and plan to apply mine soon…so I don’t think it’s an IP address thing…

      • sara

        I also got one and my husband got one under my link which went toward my 3 people and I got mine free..but we used the same computer and same address and same card just dif name and email so dont think that had anything to do with it. Also my husband didnt an confirmation email like i did but he still got the code

        • Lacey

          I called b/c I always purchase for family member’s using their names/info./e-mail. I have their permission to do this. It has never been a problem on any site. Well, today I logged into all those accounts. Same here…no deals bought now. I called and they cancelled all the other people’s ordered for them b/c I had to use the same credit card. Of course, I wasn’t going to wake them up at 1 a.m. to get their credit card information. I will say that I am pretty upset and will not be using this site again! These were legit people with legil e-mails. Had they prompted me to get a different credit card, I would have called each of them. But, since it looked like all was bought, I did nothing. Now, I cannot get those giftcards for them. So disappointed. It is not Collin’s fault. She is great. I think we have learned alot from alot of companies out there during the Christmas season and even now. I would not recommend them to anyone!

  32. Trey

    I got mine tonight. The receipt says $10 – $5 Deal Bucks = $5 charged to Visa ending in XXXX. So hopefully the $10 authorization charge drops in a few days and I’m only charged the $5. Great deal either way. For people who haven’t received theirs yet, be patient as I’m sure they have a lot to deal with.


    I just received my gift card and applied it to my Amazon account! It says that I was charged $5 since they applied my $5 bonus. I checked the bank and it hasn’t been charged. I guess I will give them a minute to check all 1.3 million orders before I go calling CS bc I know that 3 of my friends bought through my link so It should have been free!

  34. Christy

    I did get my code and applied it to my Amazon account and it shows a $20 credit. The receipt in my Living Social account says $5, but I don’t see the charge on my credit card yet. All looks well so far though.

  35. Roxanne

    I got an email saying I can find my gift card in my account. I checked it and there it was. I’m really glad it went through. And on the purchase receipt it says total $5…. My payment is still pending so we will see. If they decided to let us use the $5 towards it, then I guess they must have read this blog 🙂 We are pretty powerful… they should know. Customers can get you up or put you down if you are not a serious company!

  36. Roxanne

    Ladies, if anyone is around, do you know anything about Mastercard Marketplace? Looks like you link your Mastercard and you get access to amazing deals. But they seem too good to be true. Today that had a $50 Chili gift card for $25. Tomorrow’s deal seems to be 50% off a WII!!! That sounds great – $98 for a WII. Im trying to find some reviews on this website, but was interested if anyone in here tried it.

    • christina s

      I have not bought through them, but the way it works is you pay full price up front. They will credit the 50% within 2 business cycles (2 months) once the purchase has been authorized and charged.

  37. Nikki

    I did get my code late this evening, but warning the link in the email does not work. I had to log right onto Living Social’s website and login and go to my deals and there is was. Not in a rush to use the code, just glad that it was not a scam. Thanks Collin for the deals!!!!!

  38. Anonymous

    Got it! Now, it said one per person, so I got one and my husband got one, we are each a seperate person…but can we use them in our combined amazon.com account (under his name), or will we have to make a second account for me?

    • sara

      We were able to put both of ours in our one account we have together..so we have a $40 credit..hth

      • Anonymous

        Thanks! That does help…lots!

  39. Melindatx3

    Ok this is how it worked for me. I never recieved an email with a code. I dont think that is how they are giving them out. You have to go back to the living social website and sign in and under “my deals” you can choose to “get gift card code” and also you can “view receipt” (its in pdf form so be sure and save it for future reference). When you click “get gift card code” you will then be able to load it onto your amazon account for future purchases. I bought one and so did hubby. We used different credit cards so we both got codes with no problem. They have to be loaded to seperate amazon accounts though (as far as I can tell). So now I have $20 credit and so does hubby. They are charging us each $10 for the codes and not $5 as we were hoping, but 50% savings is still a great deal. Thanks Collin 🙂

  40. Stephanie

    Ok, so 5 different people in my family ordered 5 separate gift card deals. We all have separate emails but we all used the same card to pay (because we were lazy and only wanted to dig out 1 card). They cancelled all our orders except 1 because we all used the same card. So I call and talk to someone, they tell me that they cannot honor the deal for use because they can no longer get the same price from amazon. So basically 4 of my family members are getting screwed over and they can’t do anything about it. We will not be ordering anything else from this company. They don’t seem like they can get it together. What’s the point of having customer service if they can’t fix the things they mess up?

    • Stephanie

      I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful because I am. I was the one in my family that actually got the deal. I just don’t think that it’s right for my family members.

      • Alycia

        I’m in a similar situation. Their customer service sucks. It didn’t say one per credit card or address. I’m thinking about filing a complaint with the BBB, even though it probably won’t do any good, just because they suck and maybe it’ll help someone else in the future.

  41. Daniela

    My receipt says $5, but they actually charged me $10. Does anybody have a number I could use to call them? Thanks

    • Daniela

      Update: I e-mailed them last night, and this morning $5 has been credit back into my account. I don’t think I’ll be doing business with this company again.

  42. Lindsey

    I still haven’t recieved my gift card, they have charged my card and it shows I bought it in my account but when i click the link at the top of the site it says I didn’t purchase it. Hmm if i didn’t purchase then why have they charged my debit card?

    • Alisha

      Same here! It show it under my deals but when I click the link at the top for amazon gift card buyers it says sorry can’t find a purchase! What?!? Then y is it in my account and my card charged? I sent them an email yesterday because it had been over 48 hrs since my purchase and I still had no code! Haven’t gotten any response! I will never do business with this company again!!

  43. Britt

    Well, I’m quite confused… I emailed Living Social to see if I could get my gift card for $5, since that was what the transaction agreed upon. They told me no flat out, and said I could use my deal bucks next time. I looked at my bank account tonight, and I had a $10 charge from them earlier today, then a $10 deposit tonight, and a $5 deduction…. so I guess I got it for $5. Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Trey

      I haven’t been deducted the $5 yet but here’s how my statement looks from my bank.

      -$10 Pending to livingsocial
      +$10 Credited back to my account

      I’m assuming the -$5 will come later this weekend.

  44. Tammy

    Mine is still sitting there pending…. no voucher yet. I called yesterday and they said it should be processed soon. Well another day and still no process. Isn’t this stuff kind of automated???

    • Alisha

      I’m having the same issue!! I emailed them yesterday and they just sent me a stupid generic response about all the emails and codes have been sent out and that I should check my inbox!! I replied back and told them that no they did not help me, mAybe if they would ACTUALLy REAd my problem and FiX it!! My purchase has been pending now since Wednesday morning!! I will never do business with this Company again!!!

      • Alisha

        Of course RIght after I emailed them, it took about 20 minutes and oddly my email appeared and I was finally able to get my code!! How Ridiculous to have to email them like 10 times and have to wait like 3 days to finally get your purchase! HORRIBLE CS!!

  45. Roxanne

    I am really mad with them. As I can see, several people got 2 gift cards – one for them, one for their husband. SO I think it is only fair that they do this for everybody. They didnt for us, and they didnt even bother to let us know until I emailed them like 3 times. I have been waiting for this since tuesday and they only answered today…

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