Walgreens: New Infant Care Coupon Booklet

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Alright, so thanks to a few readers for emailing about this, I have a brand new Walgreens coupon booklet to tell you about. This new coupon booklet is called “Infant Care” and has a baby pictured on the front (just like the pic above). The readers who emailed said they spotted these coupon booklets by/near the registers. Theses booklets include lots of high value baby related product coupons and even sweeter, these are Walgreens store coupons so they can be stacked with manufacturer’s coupons for additional savings! These coupons are also valid all the way through 12/31/2011, so you’ll have plenty of time to make use of them!

Here are the Walgreens store coupons you’ll find in the booklet:

*$2 off Children’s or Infants’ Advil Suspension .05oz or 4 oz
*$2 off Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash 2oz or larger
*$2 off Walgreens brand diaper Jumbo Pack (Pair this with a sale and score some diapers on the cheap!)
*$2 off Any Enfamil Infant Formula Powder 22.2oz or larger
*$2 off Similac Advance or Sensitive 23.2 oz
*$2 off Any two (2) Playtex Infant products (you may find select products on clearance)
*$2 off any one (1) Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216ct.
*$2 off any 1 Pampers Cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers (Big packs or Jumbo Packs)

(Thanks, Monica, Molly and Julie!)

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    • JB

      Not in MS either. 🙁

      • renee

        you only get them in MS when you have a baby. they give them to you in a gift bag at the hospital. that’s where i got mine adn tried to get another and they told me that’s the only wayto get them

    • rvera_alexandrea

      im having a hard time learning how to print this out. im in need of pamers and this would really help me out since they are on sale this week

  1. Julie

    Help! I have been looking for this coupon booklet at Walgreens; any news of folks finding them in AZ?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      i have beeen looking for them everywhere too here in phx and no luck

  2. Rosanna


  3. Teal

    Can anyone send me the Wallgreens code on the back of the coupons for the Infant care coupons? We dont have any coupon books in our wallgreens however the cashier said if I had a code she would be able to use them. E mail me at leming4@frontier.com thanks!

    • Tara

      I can give you the codes, but corporate does not appear to have programmed them into the system to “filter” down to the store’s registers. Most of the employees at THREE Walgreen’s stores that I have been to visit say that they have never heard of the Infant Care Book.
      Here are the codes:
      Enfamil Infant Powder–$2/1–#5516
      Similac Advance or Sensitive–$2/1–#5517
      Playtex Infant Products–$2/2–#5518
      Huggies Big Pack or Wipes–$2/1–#5519
      Children’s Advil or Infant Drops–#5520(did not get the amount on this one)
      Pamper’s Cruisers, Swaddlers, Big Packs or Jumbo–$2/1–#5521

      I hope all of you got the raincheck on BOGO..I got my diapers for virtually $2.50 each this past week!! @$8.99/2 on the BOGO minus the $2/1 (x2) brought the price to $4.99/2. (Hopefully we can finish potty training before the new baby gets here in September!
      Triple paste for diaper rash–$2/1–#5522
      Walgreen’s store brand Diapers Jumbo–$2/1–#2844

      • daniel


  4. Natasha

    I would love one as well! I can pay for mailing it to me! i am having a hard time finding one in AL! please email me at natashafrantz26@gmail.com

  5. cassie

    I would like to see if anyone has a coupon book they would be willing to mail to me, I can reimburse if need be, none of my walgreens knows anything about those books 🙁

    • Mary

      Sounds like the Walgreens here in Western New York. They looked at me like I was dumb when I asked the assistant manager where I might find that book, I will try with the codes and see how far that gets me. Did get a couple good deals there tonight though. Almay mascara for around $5.00, had a $2 coupon from the paper a couple weeks ago and a $2 coupon from the beauty book at the cosmetics department and the SWEET part was that I also got a $5 RR as well. Also crystal Reach toothbrushes for 99 cents, $1 coupons and a $4 RR when you buy 4 so free. Love it.

      • lasean

        I live in Western NY and they don’t have the booklets either but i will use the codes that were given for the pamepers though because that is a great big savings.

  6. Gretchen

    Would love, love, love to get one of these!!

  7. Allison

    I caled the corporate number and they said the infant care coupon book was only a test at a few select stores. They took my phone number and are supposed to call me back if there are any in my state. The customer service person was very, very nice and suggested that have all my friends call-in too because maybe i enogh people called then Walgreens might extend the books to other states.


    does anyone in the dallas area know where to find these? I have looked at several different stores and had no luck.

  9. Katherine

    Our store had the booklets, they were in a stack at the top of a shelf in the baby aisle. Hope that helps.

  10. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Yup, went to three different stores by my house, and nobody had ever heard of the infant care book. Hopefully they will push this out to more of us!!

  11. Teresa

    I have some extra infant care book, if someone needs some.I just took out the Huggies Diaper Coupon to some of them

    • Manissa Crider

      I would like an infant care book if u still have one. let me know

    • Jessica

      Hi Teresa! I would love an Infant Care Booklet. Please let me know if you still have them and I can send you a self addressed stamped envelope for you to mail it in.
      Thanks so much!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The infant coupon book should work just like the walgreens coupon book and you should not have to hand over the coupon once you purchase, they should be able to be reused.

    • Lysandra

      I would love one! Please email me if you still have one available lysandra_m at yahoo dot com. I would really appreciate it!!!

    • Kayla

      I would love one of these books if you still have one, you can reach me at kayla.robinson2009 (at) gmail.com. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      HI Teresa!
      I would love one as well.

    • Mccaffreymom

      I would love a walgreen’s infant care booklet also. I have 5 kiddo’s could sure use these coupons. I can pay for shipping. Please let me know. my email is mccaffrey.family@live.com

    • Teggi

      I would love a booklet..

  12. Brianne

    Here are all the codes in it—
    $2 off Enfamil Infant Formula Powder 22.2oz or larger—5516
    $2 off Similac Advance or Sensitive 23.2oz—5517
    $2 off Any two (2) Playtex Infant products(picture of diaper genie, sippy, and bottle)—5518
    $2 off Any One(1) Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes 184 or 216ct.—5519
    $2 off Children’s or Infants’ Advil Suspension 0.5 or 4oz—5520
    $2 off Any One(1) Pampers Crusiers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers(Big packs or Jumbo packs)—5521
    $2 off Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash 2oz or larger—5522
    $2 off W Brand Diapers Jumbo Pack—2844

    You should be able to just give them the 4 digit codes. I called and got the codes and the amounts and did that. Then found out people are selling them on ebay(which is kinda jacked up since they were free) and got one for $1 plus the .44 to mail it. Its not really worth it, I should have just used the codes. Write them down and stick it in your binder (or what filing system you use for your coupons) in the Walgreens section. There is nothing to turn into the store so it isn’t a problem not to have it.

    • Amy

      has anyone tried just giving them the code…did it work?

      • kara

        I just came back from the store and they let me just use the code.

  13. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I just tried doing this deal but my walgreens (Geneva, IL on 38) would not accept coupons from infant car book because they say it is also a manufcturer coupon but only can be used at walgreens. Any suggestions?

    • Laurie

      Exact same thing just happened to me (Fresno, CA)! I am sooo frustrated! Cashier also said that ALL of the Walgreens coupons are now this way.

  14. orientmom

    where do you get the infant booklet they will not except codes at my store thanks

    • Brianne

      Thats a bummer. I got mine off of ebay for $1 and then ,44 for the shipping. It was listed for $2 but had a make offer button so I offered the dollar and told them I thought it was a good deal for them since it was a free item and all they had to do was pick it up. 🙂

  15. kristina

    The Pampers code worked great for me 3 times today at 3 different stores. None of them were familiar with the book but we’re happy to try the code. I was in cosmetics all 3 times too. They are always more helpful.

  16. Dawn

    Call corporate office it is 1800walgreens. Tell them what store and employee, they will resolve it for you asap or you can always try to call and hand the phone to the employee. Also, always travel with the coupon policy.

  17. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I haven’t seen any of these in the three Walgreens around me. Help I have new twin boys. I am going broke.

  18. Kristin

    I would love one of these books, I just found out we are expecting baby #2!!

  19. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Your local Walgreens should take the code that someone posted here. I just called ahead and told them they didn’t have the book and would they take the code I found online. Since they are not required to keep the coupon, most stores would be happy to put in the code. I had no problem today.

  20. Anna

    Quick question where can I find this coupon booklet at??

  21. Anna

    I searched high and low for this coupon booklet at the store and I could not find any! 🙁

  22. Lek

    I got mine on Ebay, kinda pricey but well worth it.

  23. MT

    I was told that once they scan the coupon, they have to keep it just like regular manifucture coupons. I only have one bookelet and really really like to keep it. Could anyone give me advise?

  24. ROBIN

    I would like to say that there are still wonderful people in the world. I really wanted one of these care books so I thought ok I will just ask.. Guess what I got in the mail today a book. No name or return address..Thank you to the person that send it….

  25. ROBIN

    I did try the walgreen code for the diapers before I got the book just showed the manager the code and she tried it and guess what it worked.

  26. ROBIN

    here are the codes
    * $2/1 Enfamil Infant Powder (22.2 oz. or larger) 5516
    * $2/1 Similiac Advance or Sensitive (23.2 oz.) 5517
    * $2/2 Playtex infant products 5518
    * $2/1 Huggies Diapers Big Pack or Wipes (184 or 216 ct.) 5519
    * $2/1 Children’s or Infants Advil Suspension (.5 oz or 4 oz.) 5520
    * $2 off 1 Pampers cruisers, Swaddlers, or Swaddlers sensitive Diapers big packs or jumbo packs 5521
    * $2/1 Triple Paste Medicated Ointment for Diaper Rash (2 oz. or larger) 5522
    * $2/1 W brand Diapers Jumbo pack 2844

    • Angelina

      Thank you so much, Robin, for posting the codes! I forgot I had a baby shower to attend tomorrow and I ran out to Walgreens and got 2 packs of the huggies wipes on sale for $4.99, and they allowed me to give them the numbers to take the additional $2 off for each of them using the code you posted on here and it worked!! $14 present for $5 WHOO! Great price for me being a grad student and all!

  27. shirl

    My Walgreens will Not allow me to use 2 walgreens coupons and a MQ on the same item. I can stack 1 Wags and 1 MQ. In their coupon policy it’s really not very specific. All it says is Walgreens/coupon/coupons… I wouldn’t want to push this one…

  28. kay

    could REALLY use and infant care coupon booklet if anyone has one they will not be using, please email me thanks

  29. nicole

    I got a booklet in the mail today for signing up with American Baby magazine when I had my daughter on 9-29

  30. Savannah

    I just went to a Walgreens and tried to use a code and the cashier said they don’t allow it anymore unless you have the actual booklet because the online codes are fraudulent. Well, if it came directly from the booklet, how can it be fraudulent? Sounds like a bunch of bunk to me!

  31. Helen Dussliere

    my daughter has been buying the walgreens brand formula for 1yr. now and all of
    the coupons inside the formula or expired!!! She is a first time mother and could
    use the $2.00 coupons. How can she get coupons for walgreens baby products?

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