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  1. Elizabeth C.

    Thank You Collin.

  2. Julie S.


  3. spacecasegirl

    thanks Collin!

  4. Tomoko

    Thank you so much. My daughter has eczema and just looking for products to calm the itchy patchy skin.

    • heather

      My son has eczema, here area couple things that seem to work on him

      put noxzema in the refrigerator and run into skin coldhelps take away the itching

      use olive oil before notions – helps to hold n moisture .

      and the only lotion I have found to hell is restoraderm by cetaphil, they have lotion and body wash. this was recommended by a pediatric dermotologist .

      • Alicia

        Thankyou so much for the link, Collin. And thankyou for the advice, Heather. My son has exczema and the only thing his pediatrician ever says is put Vaseline on it. Vaseline is so heavy and oily, I have resorted to only giving him baths once every couple weeks.

        • Dmkapotsy

          My son also has eczema and he is almost 3. We found out he had it just about the time he turned one. His gets so bad it would keep him up at night and the patches on his ankles would get so bad he would scratch it until he would bleed. I had to tape his socks on to keep him from scratching the skin off. The best recommendation I can give you is to take him to an allergist. My ped doctor (that I love) just told me to use the Cetiphil creme and limit his baths. The allergist we use is GREAT! We had my son tested and turns out he is allergic to milk and peanuts. The peanuts don’t have anything to do with his eczema but the milk does. Now that he does not get ANY dairy he does not have the outbreaks. He does get a few little itchy spots when the weather is real cold or real hot but the Cortizone 10 Eczema Cream (I believe that it also has the restoraderm in it that Heather mentioned) that came out last year is AWESOME! It helps with the itch. He was taking Allegra for the itch but after some time we found out it was giving him nightmares and causing some behavior problems. After we took him off of that and started using the Cortizone 10 he started sleeping at night and after a few days the behavior problems went away. The best cream we use is CERAVE and the allergist recommended it because it has the least ingredients that would cause someone to break out. It is an over the counter cream that you can get in a tub at CVS for about $16. Our allergist told us that a lot of doctors will tell you not to bathe a child as often BUT he said to bathe him EVERY night but let him sit and play in the water for a soak of about 30 minutes. Don’t use scented soaps. We use one we get online. Don’t rub dry, pat dry or better yet don’t dry and just slick him up with the cream. He said you have to do it within 3 minutes of getting him out of the tub to lock in the moisture and to use A LOT of cream. The nurse told me that it was okay if you could still see some of the cream on the skin. The really great thing about the CERAVE is that it is not greasy at all. It has been a long road for us. A lot of praying, crying and trying so many things. Each child is a little different and different things may work better than others. By if it is really troubling have him allergy tested. Just one bite of dairy for my son and you can tell.

          • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

            Congratulations, Dmkapotsy! You have been recognized by the Hip2Save comment fairy. As a result of your very helpful comment, you have been awarded a $5 Amazon e-card! Please look for this card in your email within the next hour. Thanks for being such a “Hip” reader!

            • Dmkapotsy

              Wow!! Thanks Comment Fairy!! What a nice surprise!

          • Jenn

            Have tried changing your laundry detergent? I just posted about a laundry detergent that is suppose to be great for people with eczema called Yoreganics. Their website is You can also read my post that has some reviews by other parents. I am not saying this is a cure all but maybe it would help!

            • Dana

              I do use a laundry detergent that is free of dyes and perfumes and I use it for the entire family. We started that when he was still a baby. Thanks for the info.

          • vmm

            very well deserved gift card!
            its so good to hear that a doctor is actually pursueing what allergies might be the cause of eczema! my daughter’s doctor told us that it tends to be an external sign of an internal allergy but then just told us to use a certain cleanser and cream and it’d be fine…ah, i don’t think so! we had taken our daughter to an allergist too but because of another incident and found out she is allergic to eggs but it didnt’ affect her eczema. we took her off dairy even though tested fine for it. no luck. debating eliminating gluten, soy, or casien but haven’t gone that far yet since we found out something else that worked wonders.
            i did learn from a nutritionalist that lots of people will get eczema from an Omega 3 deficiency(specifically EPA’s) because everybody’s body processes it different and may need different amounts. we started adding fish oil capsules(popped and squirted) into her bottles and within two weeks, saw major improvements. once spoonfeeding was not so messy, we bought the Twinlab flavored cod liver oil (I know, sounds gross, but totally worth it) and gave it to her on a spoon…she loved it. Another friend of ours just started it with her child and is seeing drastic changes too. Plus its just good for all around brain development too. Might be worth a try anyway. I find it especially interesting that so many kids start to get eczema after weaned from full breast milk(where they’re getting epa’s from their mom) or after going off formula(which has epa/dha’s added) so it makes sense that it’s an issue for some.

            • Dana

              Thanks for that info! I did breastfeed him until he was almost one year old when he started on whole milk. It was that time that he really started to flare. It was a few months later after a lot of crying and praying for help that we took him to be allergy tested. He was a year and a half when he was tested. A few months later the doctor wanted us take him for more blood work to see if he was lacking in some areas. We had a lot of issues trying to get the blood drawn. Because it is so under control at this point the doctor said we could skip it unless it starts to flare again. I do give him a children’s mulitivitamin and a chewable probiotic from the health food store and both of those help to keep things in check. Be careful with probiotics and dairy allergies though because almost all of them contain traces of milk. We did find one that is dairy free. Our allergist also said to be careful using Aveeno because sometimes children with eczema are allergic to oats and Aveeno has oatmeal in it. Did I mention how much I love our allergist? He is great and has been very helpful, spending up to 45 minutes at an appointment listening and explaining things to me.

          • momof4

            you sound like you have the same allergists as my son!! He’s got 9 food allergies (top 3 eggs, soy & dairy, then rice, peanuts,corn,tomatoes,oranges and assorted white fish) not to mention his environmental allergies….we discovered eczema at 1 mth old but our pediatrician wouldn’t test for allregies till he was 2…..he’s now 10yrs old and has minimal outbreaks!! Good luck to you!!

            • Dana

              Thank you.

              Wow! God bless you and your quest to find foods that are safe for your son! Not to mention the challenge of making dinner for the family! I thought I was having a challenge trying to cook and keep dairy out for my son! Sounds like you have things under control now. That’s great. Since you have been dealing with this so long do you have any ideas for teaching my almost 3 year old that he can’t eat certain foods?

          • Tiff

            Just to clarify…your doctor said to bathe him EVERY night for a half hour? Did he/she give you a reason for this? Sounds counterproductive, but maybe I’m missing you something…

            Thanks for all the info! I’ll look at CVS today for the Cortizone 10. My dermatologist also recommended Cerave moisturizer and Vanicream bar soap.

            • Dana

              Yes and no. He said to let him soak in water for 30 minutes every night and only bathe him with soap a couple times a week. Most dermatologists will tell you not to take many baths and so did our ped doctor. Our allergist talked about this and said that in many extreme cases when he has not been able to find the reason for a child’s eczema he will send them to UAB (University of Birmingham) and they will soak the children a few times a day as part of a treatment. They have even had some kids stay in wet jammies some during the day. Sounds terrible I know but when your child is so itchy and scratching until they bleed you will try just about anything that may help. We are very blessed that his skin looks as good as it does now. At one point his entire body was covered other than his diaper area (where the moisture is locked in) and I almost did the wet jammies. (Thankfully we didn’t have to do that.) The key is to slick them up right after they get out with the cream. He also said that Vaseoline or baby oil does not help because it is not a moisturizer. Now if you put it on right after the bath when you or the child is still wet (before toweling) then it will lock in that water that is still on your skin or so I have been told. But it is so greasy and heavy that we don’t like to use it. Oh, make sure you look for Cortizone 10 Eczema, not just Cortizone 10. The tube lasts a long time and it runs about $10 -$12 at CVS.

        • mat

          wow, really? thats the exact opposite of what our doc and our allergist said! “no petroleum jelly…it is not a moisturizer” was was circled on the paperwork they gave us, it just seals in the moisture you might already have, try aquaphor(walmart and target have generic) if you want to get some petroleum jelly but moisturizer too, seems to help for us.

        • momof4

          Oh My Gosh! Vaseline is horrible for eczema!!! Who wants to slather up their kid like a greased pig!! There is lots of better things….I would say start with an allergists….my son has 9 food allergies and his eczema hasn’t seemed so bad since we have been watching his diet…Cetiphil has nice gental soaps & lotions, watch for products that have alcohol in their ingredients……..check your health food stores………we use a baby bar soap from Healthy Time baby’s Herbal garden Aloe & Camomile scent ( Avalon Organics Baby ( I’ve purchased both got at either Mustard Seed or Whole Foods stores and like the california baby products too….I don’t see the bar soap on the website for the healthy times ….but they are NICE!!! I still use dreft laundy soap on all his laundry and never use fabric softner…I also read the book called “Is this your child by Doris Rapp (it’s HUGE but full of lots of info) Good luck & hopefully you find some relief for your child!

        • maddison

          My little boy got full body eczema at 1 month when we switched over to soy….well after trying literally every formula on the market, I said what the heck were going to try raw goats milk……within 2 weeks of the raw goats milk he was completely ezcema free. He is now 4 and still ezcema free!

      • Tomoko

        Thank you so much for the tip. My girl looks so miserable with eczema. I am so glad that I come back and found all the great posts!

  5. stacie

    My 2yr daughter has extremely sensitive skin,as well as coin shaped ezcema. We have took her to pediatric dermatologist and they told me to do vasealine but it broke my baby out in a nasty rash all over her body :'( there is only two soaps she can use cetaphil bar soap and aveeno baby wash. All detergents brake her out except the super ghetto brand extra…I hope this will work for her as well…thank you for a sample

  6. mrskcanino

    thanks, this is great!

  7. Lyndsey

    My son has a mild case of eczema, I have been using Bag Balm, and it seems to be helping him. Bag Balm is a mixture of petroleum and lanolin.

  8. michelle

    My son has eczema too. The cream we LOVE LOVE is California baby cream. It works SO well and it smells great!

  9. Linda

    I can’t find where to get the free sample, can anyone help? Thanks

  10. carolyn

    I am not seeing the free sample, is it gone or have I just not had enough coffee this morning?

  11. Barbara

    Where on the page is the offer for the free sample? I looked but am not finding it! Help! 🙂

  12. Berkolivia7

    where do you find the free sample part on the site?? i can’t see it?

  13. Robin

    I have a son who has eczema due to a milk, egg and peanut allergy. Elimination diet is most helpful but when he has breakouts we love the CeraVe cream that was mentioned it works really great. Our allergist suggested it. We use cetiphil wash for baths and then slather him with CeraVe right away. Thanks for all of the comments I took notes to use in the future.

  14. dlucas

    It says due to overwhleming response they have temporarily suspended the sample giveaway.

  15. Kandi



    Bummer 🙁 I have 2 kiddos under 2 who both have eczema and would have loved to try this product!

  16. Lynne

    Gone, bummer 🙁

  17. Carrie

    It is a bummer it’s gone! Sounds like we are all in the same boat. The ideas are fun to read…but to each def. his own. What works for one is not necessarily going to work for others, but fun to share. I have 3 kiddos w/ it and so far not outgrowing it. Would have loved to try this. Oh well, I can always buy it….but the sample would’ve been nice. Just curious…has anyone tried this before?

    • Dana

      You are right. What works for one may not work for another. My allergist even told me that. He said that there is no ONE cream that will work for everyone. It is trial and error. Based on the ingredients in this sample it looks like it would be a good one to try though. It sounds a little like the Cerave cream. On a happy note my friends nephews are slowly growing out of their allergies and they are 8 and 10 so there is still hope! 🙂

  18. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Ahhh, I’m too late I guess. Luckily, my daughters ped already has her on some great medication I was just hoping to have a back up.

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