Babies R Us: *HOT!* $5 Diaper Sale = Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers ONLY $1 per Package?!

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Wow! I just got an email from Babies R Us about a *HOT* diapers sale going on! Through July 25th, ANY Fisher-Price jumbo pack (23-50 ct.), Babies”R”Us brand mega pack (40-66 ct.) and training pants, Seventh Generation jumbo pack (26-44 ct.), Earth’s Best jumbo pack (26-44 ct.) and training pants, Huggies Pure & Natural jumbo pack (20-33 ct.) and Huggies Little Movers Jeans jumbo pack (21-29 ct.) are ALL on sale for just $5!! Yep… only $5! Even better, you can us manufacturer’s coupons to sweeten these sale prices further (search the coupon database here)!

And get this – I was looking at the Babies R Us ads online and came across a Huggies Pure & Natural promo in the Huggies ad (you can see the ad online here). It states that when you buy any 2 Huggies Pure & Natural diapers (22-33 ct), you will automatically get back a $5 Toys R Us gift card during checkout. This promotion is valid through 8/11/2011, so it seems that you can combine with the $5 sale price above to score a really *HOT* deal on diapers! If you can (and please note I haven’t tested this, so I can’t guarantee it will work), then you may be able to score the following deal…

Buy 2 packages of Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers (22-33ct) on sale for $5 each (thru 7/25)
Total = $10
Use 2 $1.50/1 Huggies coupons found in the 7/17 SS
Pay $7
Get back a $5 Toys R Us gift card
Final cost only $1 per package?!

Come back and let us know if this works for you! And even if it doesn’t, you should still be able to snag packages of Huggies diapers for $3.50 per package (after the $1.50/1 coupon) – which is still an awesome price!

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  1. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Please be careful when using the coupons from the packages most of mine had exp in Dec 2010!!!!

  2. kristi

    I’m trying to order online. I have 2 coupons for $1.50 off a pack of huggies. I am purchasing the huggies pure and natural but it will not accept my coupon. it says the code is invalid. I have entered all the numbers i can find. Help!

    • Melissa

      can’t use manuf coupons online.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      is that you mrs m?

  3. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I went to my local store and the label had reg price so I went tp scan it and sure was only $5 a pack on my seventh generation diapers as whre the huggies pure and natural but didnt have any extra coupns but still a great deal

  4. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I understand that babies go threw diapers fast, but a don’t need to clear the shelves! I couldn’t even get one pack for my daughter. I wasn’t going to get 10+ I just wanted 2! And all the people saying u go thru them fast, so does everyone else! But u guys would be complaining if the person ahead of u took 10 packs & left none for you! Let everyone get a chance to take part of the deal!!!

    • Patti

      That happened to me this morning. I went for four packages, I didn’t think that was alot, but I would have just gotten two. I was there a few minutes after opening and saw a woman that had 2 carts full…she had cleared the shelves. I asked a manager and she said there were no limits and they had no more in the back. They would not be getting them in tomorrow either as the truck doesn’t come till Tuesday. I’m so angry I could spit….I was going to help my daughter out and get a couple extra packs for her. I just wish the manager had some backbone and said that wasn’t right. Why can’t people let others get in on a good deal once in a while. The thing is I traveled 40 minutes for this deal…I guess I should have been there at 6am??? I wasn’t the only one upset, there was a woman who was so irate I thought they were going to call the police.

    • Elizabeth

      I saw the same thing and some woman on here chewed me out saying I should be so judgmental. Truth is if your taking all of the deals in excess, your hoarding. People are soooo stingy!

  5. Niki

    I’m surprised to hear so many of you had stores sold out. I went at one pm and my store had TONS of $5 diapers! I bought 8 and gave two to my sister. I am debating going back tomorrow to see how out store looks, seems to me that we should have plenty even tomorrow. Mentor, Ohio

  6. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    There are also 3.00 coupons for these huggies. At our store they did buy 1 @ 5.00 get the second 1/2 off. I paid 1.50 for two packs of diapers.

    • Kelly G.

      where are the $3 off coupons?

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        they were in the July 17 Smart source newspaper add.

    • Amanda

      Im so glad that you are useing coupons that are not for what they are. They 3.00 off coupon if for 60ct+. makes me sick…

      • Gina

        They don’t have a quantity indicated on them.

      • linda

        I also got a 3.00 cpn for the pure and natural huggies without a size restriction..maybe this coupon was regional

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You shouldn’t assume things.


    I just called the one in Orem Utah and they are all out.

  8. Erin

    Don’t forget to price match at Walmart 🙂

    • Kelly G.

      you won’t get the gift card deal though, right?

    • trailmama

      how are you price matching at walmart? would love to but i thought you need an ad.thx!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You shouldn’t need an add to price match–if your Wal Mart has a Babies ‘R’ Us in it’s competitive market area, they should be aware of the sale and have and you would only need to mention that you are price matching (I would probably go to customer service), but yeah, you wouldn’t get the gift card. That’s not part of their price matching policy.

        • Gina

          Click on the picture on the Hip2Save post that should be good enough for the price match confirmation of price.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Correction: I just went to Wal Mart and they DID NOT price match, because while you do not need to bring in an ad USUALLY, they DO need to have a physical copy at the store–usually they have it and no problem, but since this deal was emailed out to customers, they don’t (at least mine doesn’t)–don’t know if they’ll honor it, but if you’re going, I would print the sale for proof. Wish I had. . .

  9. Ta

    Hi! Does anyone know if you can get a raincheck if they do not have anymore? I called to ask to put them on hold & would not!! Has anyone been to the south jersey stores & where they stocked? Also ,I saw Walmart price
    Matches it! Do they give the gift card too? Thank u


      No, they won’t do rainchecks (normally). I complained a lot one time because they never even got in a product they had on sale and the manager agreed to give me one…but that was pretty circumstancial. Normally, they will just say no.

  10. Bbonawitz

    I saw the great deal and rushed to babies r us but unfortunately all the Huggies I was in hopes of buying were all sold out. So, I went over to toys r us in hopes of finding huggies pure and natural diapers there since usually they run the same promotions as babies r us but there too, huggies was all sold out. However, I did find another good deal at Toys r us and they were pretty stocked up in supply. The Huggies jeans diapers are part of the promo 5 dollar deal, and on top of that toys r us was also having buy one huggies jean diapers get one 50% off. So, the first pack is 5 and the second only 2.50. So ONLY 3.75 each without coupons. So if your’re interested in the deal check with your local toys r us to see if they have the same promotion.

    • Nadine

      Plus there is a $2 coupon inside of these packages!

    • Christine

      Thank you so much for posting about the jean deal! My store was cleared out of Pure & Naturals too but thanks to this comment I got the jeans ones and used the Qs inside the packs. Thanks!

  11. trailmama

    has anyone been able to use a coupon on babysrus website? if so, how do you do it?

  12. mommy

    anyone in the burnsville MN area know if they are sold out yet?

    • Ashley

      I was at Richfield, MN Toys R Us @ 2:00 and they only had the Huggies Jeans left (as far as Huggies $5 diapers go, they had tons of the other brands) I clerk I talked to her said just about every other store in the Twin Cities had called her today looking for them so she assumed they were out too.

  13. ariana

    I was able to score the Earth’s Best Trainers (pull ups version) for $5!!! this alone was a great savings. I was also able to get Huggies P&N and Earths Best diapers. 7th generation diapers were wiped out! 🙁 the cashier made a comment about how all the moms had been leaving with carts full and how some even had some on hold for when they came back with their gift cards! I was bugg eyed and said, WHAT?!? you hold diapers with a deal like this?!?

  14. rachel

    I found a 50 cents off coupon for seventh generation not a great coupon but every bit helps. My store had tons at 1 pm in west valley utah. The giftcard takes 6 hours to activate. I am going in the morning and buying four seventh generation if they have em for 20-2 in coupons and my 10 giftcard pay 8 and then have a 10 giftcard to go back that night when hubby get s home for two more bags

    • Char

      Thanks for posting that it takes that long ot activate. that really really sucks. I planne don “rolling” my transaction. So much for that idea. I really do appreciate you posting!:)

  15. tanya

    To clarify the 3.00 off huggies pure & natural, some who signed up with the gift registry at target, got the $3.00 off any huggies pure & natural mfq!

    • Momof2

      I recieved mine in a mailer from Huggies themselves.

  16. kim

    who cares!!
    Getting a great deal is like buying papers. You got to get there early and if youre not, you lose!!!TOO BAD!!

    • Mike


  17. rana.a

    The BRU near me doesn’t carry P&Ns and the TRU had a limit of 1 $5 GC. That’s probably the only reason that I was able to find any! Even with the limit on the GC, there were barely any diapers left!
    Wish I would’ve seen the comments on the jean diapers b4 I went, though!!!

  18. Kristen

    Anyone know if I order online to pick up in the store and go to the store to pick them up, if I can get the $5 gift card promotion? Will I have to return them and repurchase at the store??

    • Kayla

      I was hoping it was online too.. because I was going to order online but the ad on babies r us states its instore only 🙁

      • Kristen

        I bought 2 packages online and did the store pickup- they only had 2 of the size I wanted. I went to pickup at the store, and the woman returned then and rebought which then allowed me to get the $5 gift card. You can do this to save hte hassle of seeing they are available, going to the store, only to find out they had been bought since you last checked. Just an idea, though online is the same as in-store stock, so they may not be available.

  19. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    I am so bummed. I read this post a tad late. I am going in for my c-section in the morning so I am completely bummed I can not go get this deal!!!!

    • ella

      Good luck girl 🙂 do not know if is your first one but I had two if that makes you feel better 🙂

  20. Mary

    How ironic I just started using cloth and I have a bunch of 3 dollar coupons! Almost makes me want to go back…almost 😉

  21. Shann

    Has anyone tried the price match at Walmart? Will they do the buy 1, get 1 50% off for Jean Diapers too?

    • ali mae

      I just tried and they said they could only find that it was an online only deal–which it isn’t, but whichever–and they don’t do those. You might have better luck, but my store didn’t have proof of the sale, so I couldn’t do it.

  22. Candice

    I bought 10 packages! I know that’s a lot and someone can call me names all they want, but I have a baby and I will go through them all! I normally miss out on every deal so to score on this one is AMAZING for me. I missed out on all of the P&N ones for the gift card. My store said they were open for only 1 hour when they were gone. I got the jean diapers. They kept loading more and more on the shelves. I couldn’t even believe it when I saw them ring up for B1G1 50% off. I had 4 of the $1.50 off coupons. How are people using the $3 coupon…I thought that was for the 60+ Huggies.

    • Christine

      I had a $3 Pure & Naturals mailed to me from Huggies, no size restrictions.

    • Maria S.

      Glad you were able to get some since you are using them for your family. Who cares if anyone says anything negative, you got what you wanted, and will use, so you don’t have to be looking for the next diaper deal right away. All the negative about someone buying what they want/need for personal use is ridiculous, whose to say the next person to walk in isn’t going to buy all they can just to resell them.

    • Amy

      Good for you. I bought 4 packs of the pure and naturals for a dollar each after coupons and giftcards. Then I went back again this morning right when they opened and got 8 of the huggies jeans diapers, used coupons and my gift card from the other day to pay the rest. Might check back tonight…. if they still have some stock I’ll get more. Don’t listen to the neg. comments!

  23. Jennifer

    I just went to Walmart. I didn’t ask about the 50% off b1g1, and they didn’t stock P&N. I still got 6 Jean diapers for $3 a package.

  24. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    You had this deal posted way before any other blog that I check, which is awesome! THANK YOU! My husband and I were able to get some amazing prices on diapers early Sunday afternoon!

  25. Isabella

    Awesome Deal!! Anyone tried this in Richmond, VA? I wonder if it will be too late to go after work today – but I can try.

    Collin, I just wanted to make a small correction that the gift card on the website for Huggies Pure and Natural is for 20-33ct (you put 22-33ct). The only reason I noticed is because I need size 5 and those come in a pack of 20.

    Thanks Collin!! You’re awesome!! And also to everyone who provides tips, like the Jeans Diapers!

    • Julie

      I’m interested in richmond too. It’s an hour drive for me and I don’t want to waste my time or gas if they are sold out.

  26. Melissa

    On my way now…. time will tell if it is going to work 🙂

  27. Michelle

    I think I will just go to Wal-Mart to price match tonight. They should have plenty. Please don’t clear the shelves of the training pants if you go first, LOL! Thank you!

  28. Caroline

    I’m wondering how to PM at Walmart? Is there an ad floating out there? What should I bring in as proof? TIA!

    • Gina

      Supposedly you don’t have to have an ad. I tried this once for price matching Target’s .10 pictures and they wanted “proof” even though their policy states they don’t need the ad. I am going to go in a little bit and try to get the $5 jean diapers + the Buy 1 Get 1 50% off deal! I’ll update if I have any problems which I’m sure I will!

      • Gina

        UPDATE!!! It worked WM matched it without an ad no problem 🙂 I even go the b1g50%

    • willis4always

      Walmart states in their price match policy, “We do not require customers to have the ad with them to honor a competitor’s ad”.
      So, you shouldn’t need to take anything with you. I have never personally pm at Walmart though, just wanted to share what the policy says. Good luck!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        Usually that’s the case, but my Wal Mart wouldn’t because since the “ad” was emailed, they didn’t have a physical copy on their files to match it with, and I didn’t bring a copy of the email, so they wouldn’t let me do the deal. . . just something to watch out for.

  29. Robin

    Caroline, just click on the picture of this post and print the first page. That should be enough proof.

  30. Brandy

    Has anyone tried the Fisher-Price Happy Days brand? Pampers were the only brand that didn’t cause a rash on my son when he was little so that’s the one that we stuck with. These say that they are fragrance free and hypoallergenic…since he is a LOT older now and his skin has lost some of it’s sensitivity I thought I would give them a try for 5 dollars. I thought I would get a few opinions before I open them. Thanks!

  31. Sarah

    Thank you for the post!! Wasn’t able to get the huggies but got the seventh generation diaper packs that came with a free 70ct soft pack of wipes.

    • Amy

      are the wipes attached to the pack or is it a promotion they are running at BBrus? Please let me know I might grab some

  32. Jamie

    Will Walmart price match this if I bring in printed add?

  33. Smile!

    check toys r us if babies r us does not have them! Great deal! I got what I needed…and for all those complaining, remember – the next good deal will be around the corner….there are always deals! 🙂

  34. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    You can order online and use a trial with shoprunner. That is what I did. Then you don’t even have to hassle going to the store and get them shipped to you free of charge. You do not get the $5 gift card this way though.

  35. Kristin

    I just HAVE to vent!!!!!!!!!!! I almost never have a problem price matching at Wal-mart. I told the lady $5.00 for the first pack of huggies jeans, and then when I said $2.50 for the 2nd pack she was confused. I told her it was B1g1 50% off… she then stated they dont do b1g1 promotions. WRONG!!!!!!! Right in their price matching policy, it states that AS LONG as the price is advertised, then you can do b1g1. She then gets a “manager’ who comes over and tells me the same thing. He also asks me if I have the ad… I told him no. ALSO in their policy it states you DONT have to have the ad. And dont worry… the real store manager was on his lunch break for another 45 minutes so there wasn’t anyone else I could take to to fix the problem. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have their price matching policy memorized and know it better than their stupid employees.
    The funny thing is… if I had just said the price was 3.75 a pack, the girl wouldn’t even had questioned me. So much for trying to be honest.

    • Me

      Well Apparently you dont know the ad like you think you do… if you notice it says..They take….Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price

      * Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)

      They DO NOT take..Buy one, get one free (BOGO) ads with no actual price given…

      In this case.. first off.. its not buy one get one free.. secondly it just states 50% off… no price given… so in all they were right… You could not have been happy enough for them just to match them at 5 dollars.. you had to act like you were right.. and well you got what you deserved.. nothing…

      • Gina

        There is a price clearly stated… $5.00
        Buy 1 at 5.00 get the second for 50% off (2.50)
        I just went to WM and did this deal and they matched it and understood no problem. I didn’t even have an ad, they just did it. So actually Kristin was in the right and whoever “ME” is you are in the wrong. It’s really not nice to call people out. just saying…

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The Walmart price matching policy CLEARLY says that they can only honor prices with a specificed price not just the BOGO.

      • Amanda

        I dont know if you were talking to me.. but if the babies r us ad stated buy these for 5.0 and get these 50% off for only 2.50.. then yes you can argue that all day long.. but you have no argument when you just say yeah its buy one get one 50% off.. so please Kristin know the ad before you go saying you do..

  36. Jennifer

    Called my local Babies R Us and they sold out yesterday. I will be printing my email off and taking it into WalMart, just hope they will not give me a hard time about it.

    • Deborah

      Did they honor it at Walmart?

  37. Araceli

    I just want to say i went to toys r us and got the huggies jean diapers buy one get one 50 % off
    great deal plus 10 1.50 off coupons
    so i paid 20 bucks for 10
    packages of 21 diapers im happy cause all the pure and naturals were gone

  38. Hayley

    My store was sold out by 12. Heard that people were walking out with carts full in the morning. How sick is it that people do that? You aren’t the only ones that need diapers!

  39. Cheyenne

    Did ANYONE get the opportunity to price match this at WM? My WM gave me a hard time and they were rude. I don’t know if they were in the right or not but either way I’m calling corporate tomorrow! No reason to be rude on a mom of 2 babies trying to save money! 🙁

    • Gina

      I did with no problem!

    • NJ mom

      I had the same rudeness problem as you at Walmart regarding the ad match policy. I didn’t have a physical copy of the BRU ad, but showed the flyer on my ipod touch. I had to remind 3-4 Walmart employees several times (the cashier, customer service, the assistant manager) that I didn’t need to bring a copy of the ad. They kept on finding ways to refuse to do the price match, but I kept on pushing. Finally, the store manager agreed with me that I didn’t need the ad. She price-matched the Huggies Lil Movers but refused to honor my Huggies manufacturer coupon. I’m not doing that again, too much hassle.

  40. stephanie

    I ordered this morning online to be picked up in store. I got an email later in the afternoon saying my order was canceled. How frustrating!

  41. selma

    i missed the deal :-((( well i will still go in tommorow to check ,, never know

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