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Sep 07 2011
6 years ago
2:36 PM MST

And the Coffee Mug & Starbucks Gift Card Giveaway Winners Are…

Sep 07, 2011 @ 2:36 PM MST
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Thanks to all of you who entered the TODAY and HIP2SAVE GIVEAWAY and congratulations to the giveaway winners who have already been contacted via email! Please do NOT email me if you have specific questions related to the giveaways; instead, you can email bryn@hip2savedotcom (if you are a winner, I strongly encourage you to add the email address bryn@hip2savedotcom to your contacts or to be sure to check your spam folder as some readers have discovered the giveaway email in their spam folder). Thanks!

THANKS FOR ALL YOUR GREAT ANSWERS!!! Only one out of three questions is posted below for the sake of space!
Required Comment: In line with’s slogan “Don’t Miss a Moment,” what “moment” in your life do you NOT want to miss? Coffee Mug Winners (20 out of 6,585 entrants)

1. Christine Wri All the happy times because life brings alot of sad ones too
2. Corrie Bec My daughter’s laughter!
3. Dawn Lar My children growing up!
4. Elizabeth Fef Child’s milestones
5. Jean Mul Great deals!
6. Jen Mas Living life with no regrets
7. Jessica Dre My kids’ lives
8. Jill Ole Watching my daughter grow up
9. Julie Tan Joy
10. Kathleen Gro My children’s happiness
11. Mackenzie Bla My children growing up!
12. Marina Pea My child growing up
13. Minde Yor My children’s lives. I want to be there from their first step to the birth of their children!
14. Rita Tim Hip2Save
15. RuthAnn Bar Shopping deals!
16. Sara Mah My kids’ lives!!
17. Sarah Par Sleep tonight
18. Shawna Boy ...FUN while deal-seeking!
19. Tara Gyp Today
20. Tiffany Par The 49ers Football season!!!

$5 Starbucks e-Gift Cards from Hip2Save Winners (200 out of 6,585 entrants)

1. Ann Man My children growing up
2. Anne Han Hip2Save deal
3. April Eld My children’s lives
4. Ashley Gos Great savings
5. Ayla Bru My daughter’s life
6. Barbara Faz Child’s happiness
7. Bonnie Ker Cherishing my husband and treasuring each stage of my kids’ lives
8. Brandy Hil My children’s lives! I love my kids so much!
9. Brenda Nar My two little guys laughing and giggling
10. Bridgette Par My children’s lives!!
11. Carlita Gib Collin-n-Couponing
12. Carly Har When the Today Show invites Collin onto their show!
13. Carol Sch My grandson’s life
14. Carolyn Woo I hope I don’t miss a moment of celebrating life and living it to its fullest!!
15. Carrie Mat Savings
16. Carrie Per My grandbabies lives. Hugs & Kisses
17. Carrie Zan I hope I don’t miss a moment of my daughters’ lives!
18. Cathy Jon The Today Show
19. Cathy Kno Saving money the HIP2SAVE way!
20. Cheryl Coo Living today! Because life is worth living!
21. Christa Kin My kid’s childhood (due to being sleep deprived!).
22. Christine Sea Your freebies and sales
23. Colleen Ven Fun
24. Consuelo Sco Great savings from Hip2save and fun and insightful stories from the TODAY Show!!!
25. Cristina Tor My boy’s life
26. Cristy Sma My children’s lives!
27. Crystal Sch Summer!
28. Cyndi Cro Time with my family
29. Cyndi Ree Couponing
30. Cyndi Ven Excitement and great deals with Collin and!!!
31. Dale Fis My wife, this weekend!
32. Dana Bog Any coupon deals!
33. Dana Kap My boys’ lives growing up
34. Daniell Wel Sunshine – Oregon doesn’t get much of it!
35. Deborah Kub Finding a freebie or entering a sweepstakes
36. Desiree Joh That latest deal
37. Diana Wol Great deals!
38. Duan Gib Hip2save!!
39. Elaine Eva Living each day to the fullest
40. Elaine Gil Time with my family
41. Eleanor Ros I hope I don’t miss a moment of the joys of parenthood! My 3 year old can wear me out, but she is truly amazing!
42. Elicia Cot Family time
43. Elissa Phi I hope I don’t miss a moment of HIP2Save.
44. Elizabeth Cha My kids’ childhood!
45. Elizabeth Har A life lived deliciously in the moment
46. Emily Urb Of complete joy with my family!
47. Eric Bab The deals
48. Erika Hur My children’s lives!
49. Fariya Hos The Today Show!
50. Fedai Fou My kids growing up!
51. Fernanda San My children’s lives!!!! I want to be there every single time! 😉
52. Gail Man My life
53. Gina Cam Savings!
54. Gina Mor Time with family. Especially when most of them live far from me 😦
55. Ginger Jun My hot coffee:)
56. Ginger Sim My children lives
57. Hannah Bur Fun
58. Hannah Har My college experience!
59. Heather Bre Life!
60. Heather Dau Great deals to be had, and the feeling of community I get when I read the Hip2Save blog multiple times a day!
61. Heather Har My kids’ lives!
62. Heidi Swe Learning
63. Holly Bar Summertime State Fairs.
64. Jackie Kro My life
65. Jackie Rys JOY!
66. Jamie Ken Enjoyment!
67. Jamie Slo Fun
68. Jamie Sot My son’s development. I love seeing the new things he does every day!
69. Janet Har I hope I don’t miss a moment of my daughter’s life!
70. Jeanine Tra Being with my grandkids
71. Jeannie Kot Big savings!
72. Jennifer Cur My new married life 🙂
73. Jennifer Kel My sweet children growing up
74. Jennifer Res The Fall!!!! I love the colored trees!!!
75. Jennifer Sie Happiness
76. Jennifer Smi My future with my husband on our ranch
77. Jennifer Wri My kids’ development!
78. Jess Gis My nephews’ growing up!
79. Jessica Pha Jersey Shore!
80. Jessica Rid My kids’ lives!!
81. Jill Ben My daughter growing up!
82. Jill Vat Videos with Collin
83. Jill Was My daughter’s childhoold
84. Jillian Wor Laughter
85. Jo-Ann Bri This new partnership
86. Joanne Bar My kid’s life!!!
87. Julie Dan Smiles with my little sister
88. Julie Tay The great deals
89. Kaitlin Dub My children’s happy lives
90. Kaitlyn Mcd My son’s life (although I know I will someday have to let him go to school)
91. Kamy God This moment!
92. Karen Zac My son’s birth this week! [CONGRATS, Karen, from Collin & Hip2Save!]
93. Kari Sta The ongoing hurricane coverage
94. Kate Spa Living life to the fullest!
95. Katherine Kne My grandkids’ lives
96. Katherine Lee Being a mom
97. Katie Sin I hope I don’t miss a moment of life by being negative.
98. Kay Bor Watching my kids grow up
99. Kayli Car Fun at GVSU!
100. Kelly Blu My kiddos growing up!
101. Kendra Jef Savings
102. Kerry Whi Savings!
103. Kieu Pha College life
104. Kim Wat Life!
105. Kimber Ric Great deals 🙂
106. Kirsten Kro My own life! I don’t want to sleep through it all.
107. Kristi Ruc Rain!!
108. Kristie Gar My children growing up
109. Kristin Ash My children’s lives. They are so important to me 🙂
110. Kristin Kut My children growing up
111. Kristin Rob Life
112. Kristina Cin Relaxing with my morning coffee
113. Kristine Lut My life as a newlywed!!!
114, Lana Har My girls’ lives
115. Laura War Pure happiness with my babies!
116, Leah Sea Deals on Hip2Save!
117. Linda Hub Hip2Save posts!
118. Liz Bis Time with my hubby and puppy!
119. Liz Sim Of memories with my family!
120. Lori Chr My kids’ lives
121. Lori Gee Life
122. Lori Whe All the good deals you post on Hip2Save!
123. Lourdes Gar My kids’ lives
124. Lucy Lan Getting a good deal!
125. Magan Hun My daughter’s childhood
126. Mandy Bur Quality time with friends, family and my kitties!
127. Margaret And I hope I don’t miss a deal that I could use for my family.
128. Maria Hoo Enjoying each and every day
129. Marian Eva Fabulous deals!
130. Marianne Can Hip2save’s new journey! So excited for you, Collin!
131. Marsha Gue The Today show!
132. Mayra Rom HIP
133. Megan Gri I hope I don’t miss a moment of my new career. I’m in grad school for forensic science!
134. Melissa Luc Great Deals!
135. Melissa San Collin
136. Michelle Fra Family time!
137. Michelle Mur Saving money and scoring awesome deals!
138. Michelle Roh My son’s life
139. Molly Ros My children growing into self functioning adults
140. Nadda Bla My kids’ major milestones!
141. Nancy Gar Savings!
142. Naomi Ren My daughter’s life!
143. Nichole Jor My little one’s life!
144. Nicole Ric Savings!!
145. Noemi Cru Joy with my kids!!!!
146. Pam Ben Playing with my grandson Connor
147. Paola Vac Sharing fun times with friends & family
148. Patricia Boe Getting a free prize
149. Patricia Sim My loved one’s smile
150. Payal Sha A nice deal
151. Penny Spo The Today Show!!!! (ha) or my kids’ lives!
152. Rachael Gol All the deals on Hip2Save!!!
153. Rachel Lev My kids’ cute and amazing feats!
154. Rachel Mcd My kid’s laughter
155. Rebecca Ree Kathy Lee and Hoda
156. Renee Mac My daughter growing up
157. Rhonda Ale Steals & Deals
158. Rita Gar Time with my husband
159. Robin Amm Coupons and good deals
160. Rolonna Hil Being the best person I can be every day
161. Rosalee Dou My children’s lives!
162. Rose Joe The little things in life, which are the most important!
163. Rosella Rob Deals
164. Ruthie Wri My children’s growing up
165. Sadie Bee My kids growing up
166. Sakura Gal Joy with my kids
167. Samantha Boo My daughter’s life
168. Sandra Win My kids early years. It goes sooo fast…..
169. Sandy Qua Seeing God’s hand at work
170. Sanya Lol My children’s happiness…
171. Sara Mil Savings!!!
172. Sarah And My daughter’s growing up
173. Sarah Arn The fun on Labor Day weekend
174. Sarah Dum My first day of school. It always goes by so quickly, and I always want to remember the looks on their little faces when they come in the door for the first time.
175. Sarah Hen My son growing up
176. Shannon Joh Joy
177. Shannon Nov Today
178. Sharon Nel My kiddo’s lives
179. Shirley Buc Hip2save
180. Stacy Ric My children growing up spending time with them
181. Stacy Wil Joy with my children
182. Stephanie Cam Being with my family. I love them more than anything!!
183. Stephanie Hop “Hot” deals
184. Susan San Happiness
185. Susan Ste The great deals!!!
186. Suzanne Tho Moments in my children’s lives 🙂
187. Sylvia Mcl My children growing up!
188. Tanya Mag My babies’ childhood
189. Tara Vas Great deals from Hip2Save!
190. Teresa Hal Savings and great deals
191. Teryn Lef Cross-country season
192. Tina Asc My kid growing up!
193. Vanessa Hou My kids’ lives. Something might be small to me but in their minds everything is big and exciting. Don’t want to miss their moments.
194. Vikram Chi I hope I don’t miss a moment of this life because it is so beautiful with my wife and daughter…and of course cannot forget many other important people in my life and also Collin! 🙂
195. Virginia Dou Watching Matt Lauer
196. Viviana Fon Saving!
197. Wanda Hal My grandchildren’s lives
198. Wednesday Phi Life!!
199. Wendi Whi Spending time with my family
200. Yasuko Jun Spending time with my precious husband

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