*HOT* Fandango.com Movie Tickets Only $3.50

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UPDATE: The site appears to have crashed! πŸ™ Hopefully it will be back up and running soon.

Yay!! Check out this *HOT* movie ticket deal!  Tippr, yet another group buying site, is currently offering up a deal to score 2 Movie Tickets on Fandango.com ($24 Value) for just $12. …And, even sweeter, when you sign up for a new account through this link, you’ll score a $5 credit – which means you can score 2 movie tickets for only $7 – just $3.50 per ticket! Now that is a killer price!

To get in on this deal, sign up for an account here and then click on the “Today’s Deals” tab (top left) and you should see the Fandango offer. Click on it and then click on “Buy Now” and a box will pop up to complete your purchase.  Yay for cheap movie tickets!

Fine Print: Limit per person: 10 (+10 as a gift). The promotional code expires on January 12, 2012. This offer excludes IMAX or 3D movies. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Both tickets must be purchased together in the same transaction for the same movie and showtime. This offer will be fulfilled by Digital Doorstep. Value for use toward two tickets with maximum value of $12 per ticket (maximum total value $24). Promo/Redemption Code is valid only for Internet purchases made at www.fandango.com for Fandango partner theaters located in the U.S. Valid for one-time use only. Promo/Redemption Code cannot be redeemed directly at any of Fandango’s partner theaters, via Fandango’s telephone service, or through any other website operated by third-party merchants accessible from the Fandango website. The redemption of Promo Code is subject to Fandango’s terms and conditions at www.fandango.com/termsofuse.aspx and www.fandango.com/PurchasePolicy.aspx

And, keep in mind, if you plan on going to an AMC Theatre, head on over here to print a coupon valid for a FREE small popcorn, good 12/2, 12/3, and 12/4!  Also, get a free $5 concession card for every $40 in gift cards purchased. Available in theaters only.

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Comments 108

  1. Jamie

    Collin, the link for the new account isn’t working

    • Kristina

      I just typed in tippr.com and it took me to the site and I got my tickets! The deal ends Monday so you won’t get the code until then.

      • Molly

        Did you still get the $5 credit?

  2. tarin

    site has crashed I think

  3. stacey

    I cannot get the link to work either

  4. nena

    it appears that none of the links r working, bummer…i was going to the movies tonight this would have been awesome.

  5. Lisa

    Nothing doing for me either πŸ™

  6. Christan

    The site must be down…problem loading page error…

  7. Collin (Mrs. Hip)

    Sorry, all! πŸ™ The links are correct… it just appears that the site has crashed due to this deal being so *HOT*. I would suggest trying back in a little bit if it’s not working for you now.

  8. Hannah

    I made an account but I don’t see the deal anywhere.

  9. BrookMom

    I put my cc information in and then it went to the loading page error. I’m not sure if I got it or not?

    • Savannah

      Mine did the same thing but I received a confirmation email for my purchase so it must have gone through. I would check and see if you have an email as well.

      • BrookMom

        I didn’t get one so it must not have gone through. I guess I’ll try again. πŸ™‚

  10. Karen

    Worked great for me! Thanks Collin!

  11. Heather

    I signed up, but didnt receive the $5 credit πŸ™

    • Hannah

      you have to confirm your subscription by clicking a link in your e-mail

  12. Lenay

    I was able to purchase one. Hopefully it starts working for more people!

  13. Ramona

    The new account, $credit and movie deal worked for me! Slow – but worked! This will make for a cheap activity to do with the kids over the holiday break! You rock Collin!

  14. Dorota

    I’ve never bouight these. How does it work? When does it expire?

  15. Tina

    I got signed up and the $5 credit (you might have to click the link in your confirmation email they send to get the $5 to show). There was no “today’s deals” for my city (Indianapolis), but I selected Atlanta, and the Fandango offer showed up. But, now the site is having trouble, guess I’ll just keep trying.

    • Christy G.

      Hey, neighbor! I’m in Indy too! πŸ™‚ Noblesville. Anxious to score this movie deal too.

  16. jessica

    What theatres do the movie tix work for?

    • fran

      Check out fandango.com to see the participating theaters in your area πŸ˜‰

  17. Savannah

    Thanks so much! The website took a while to load but I was able to purchase the two movie tickets. This will make for a really cheap date night!

  18. Ashley

    I hate to sound like a downer, but I wonder how much free stuff Collin gets because we all sign up under her referral link? Best scheme to get free stuff ever… Especially with the websites with referral deals…. Great business model.

    • Michelle

      Whatever she receives is only fair for her taking time to find and post the deal. And, as you know, we don’t have to take part in any of these deals. It’s completely our choice to do so, and I personally don’t mind at all if Collin benefits from it! We all have the same option she does by referring our friends as well. Collin shouldn’t be punished because she just so happens to have more friends!!

    • Nina

      Give me a break, she does all the work, so why shouldn’t she get something out of it. This is like a full time job for her to post all this stuff. She should get paid like it’s a full time job in my opinion.

      • Kim

        I have to agree with Nina and Michelle, you wouldn’t be getting these deals if it wasn’t for her (unless you can spend your days scouring the web for these deals) and we ourselves aren’t even paying her. These companies are paying her for us. Using her link is just a small way to thank her, and she even discloses how to do most deals WITHOUT using her links, which she doesn’t have to do. If you are jealous, mimic the business model and start your own blog.

      • Lisa

        I totally agree with Nina!

    • Heather

      If it worries you that much, then don’t come on the website. End of story.

    • RB

      What’s wrong with using a referral link? With most of these we get a discount and she gets a kickback. Everybody wins. And it’s not like anybody’s being forced to buy anything they don’t want to!

    • keliann

      Of course she gets a ton of stuff – but she works hard for it. If you don’t like referral links don’t use them. She may be getting a $5 credit but so are you for signing up. Once you sign up you have the option of getting people to sign up through you.

      • Nicole

        I agree! There is nothing wrong with her getting the perks. She works hard to help us save. She does this on her own time with no pay. I think she deserves a little something in return for working so hard!!

      • Lisa

        Are you even kidding me to make a post lke that!!!! What are you even doing here? This women has shared many savings with us all…I am so sorry for you having to live with your negativity! She has helped people in so many way’s especially with the economy the way it is..She has made it so life is less stressfull financially for my family and I and if anyone can do that the more to her! Thank you so much Collin!!! With you and getting savings through your website you have made a better Christmas and life for my family! Happy Thanksgiving and Have a Merry Christmas!

    • irene

      She benefits. You benefit. And you’re complaining?! We all well aware of the “deal.” If you have issues with it, don’t sign up!

    • Ellie

      Really? There are always people in this world that think “its just not fair πŸ™ boo Hoo – I want the same benefits as the person working their butt off as I sit on mine!” She offers you a service that you wouldn’t otherwise receive for FREE..

      I just bought 2 tickets and I hope she gets some good stuff from that!

      THANKS for the Site! I LOVE IT and have saved so much from it!! YOU ROCK!

      • Ketsy

        Love it …
        “I want the same benefits as the person working their butt off as I sit on mine!”

    • Kris

      Colin puts a lot of work into this site so she deserves the payment she gets from sponsors and referals. I love that her site has personality and heart and soul with all of the great deal listings. I have saved so much money from this site!

      I appreciate that she often puts in the fine print that she is using her referal links in the post. I do hope that she (and other deal sites) always disclose if they are getting any type of comepensation from their referals. I think that transparency is important to keeping the trust between readers and the site owners. Some less credible sites might hype things that aren’t such a deal simply to get credit.

      I don’t know if Colin is making $5 for each signup on this deal but if that is the case, I hope that it would be disclosed as well. I don’t see that listed on this post so maybe she isn’t getting credit?

      I think the fact that Colin sometimes allows people to post their own referal links on facebook or in the comments is wonderful and one of the reasons I love her site and feel she is in it for her readers. In those cases she will probably still get the lionshare of the credits (as she deserves) but it allows other readers to benefit as well.

      Thanks for all you do Colin!

    • Toni S.

      IF Collin is getting credit, it would not be enough to repay her for all she does. Just be thankful for all the great deals you get and all the money you save instead of worrying that Collin is getting more than you.

      • Kelly T

        She also has used a ton of her credits to purchase items for charity such all a ton of stuff that she took to hurricane victims. I think it goes without saying that she isn’t running around bragging about all her “free” stuff, but rather doing her part to pay it forward.

        • Kelly T

          Oooops…tornado victims.

    • Kirsten

      Collin does all the work to find the awesome deals that she shares with us. You always have the option to not go through her links. She also does such an awesome job to break all the deals down so that it’s easier to understand. That takes a lot of work! Whether she get money or not she still posts the awesome deals. Good Job Collin, I hope you make money off of the great deals you post for me!

    • Catherine

      Collin makes that disclosure here: https://hip2save.com/about-me/legal-disclaimer/ She is very up front and honest about everything. Yes, she does get perks but this is MORE than a full-time job for her. As mentioned by Kelly, she also donates a lot of what she gets. She has 154,855 fans on facebook and she is saving us all TIME and money. She does deserve everything that she gets and you don’t have to use her links if you don’t want to (or as Heather said, this site). It’s Thanksgiving time and we should all be thankful for Collin and this site and the difference it has made in our lives! I know I am πŸ™‚

  19. Michelle

    Worked great for me!! Thanks!

  20. chris

    Just got the deal, but the $5 link wouldn’t work. They also don’t send you the code until after Monday when the deal closes which is a bummer.

  21. Kaitlin

    Worked for me! Disappointed that I won’t receive the tickets until the promo has ended in 5 days but thank you for sharing this great deal : )

  22. Hannah

    After I selected Atlanta it worked!

  23. Candace

    worked for me, I just had to go through groupalicious and refer myself with my work email address.

  24. Jayna

    Thanks Collin for posting this deal other wise I would have not known about it! Thanks for all your hard I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving.

  25. Lisa

    Worked for me….I clicked on “sign up for an account here”, got the $5 credit and bought the tickets! Thanks SO much Colin – my daughters want to go see some movies during xmas break!

  26. nonebetter

    I was able to sign up for an account & it looks like I got the $5 credit, now just trying to get the Fandango deal to load

  27. Janette Sanders

    For anyone who has made the purchase did you receive your codes right away? I want to take my family to a movie tomorrow but not sure when we will get the codes. I don’t want to by extra tickets if we won’t be able to use them tomorrow. Thanks for your info.

    • Lisa

      I haven’t received mine yet, it says you’ll receive the code within 24 hours.

    • Christy G.

      Tix and codes won’t be sent out until after the deal ends (Monday). Hope this helps!

  28. Courtney

    Its up now but no credit even going through your link.

    • Kara

      Did you go to “buy now”? I didn’t think there was a credit but when you go to buy it mine showed up.

  29. Monica

    Worked perfect for me!! Thanks for all that you do Collin!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  30. Kara

    It’s back up, got it! Thanks so much (and I hope you get tons of credit, just ignore that Debbie Downer!) I never used to go to this site and now I must visit it about 30 times a day! You are always the first to hear about deals…

  31. amber

    Worked great thanks Collin!!!! Cheap tix are the bomb πŸ™‚

  32. tricia

    Does anyone know how this works? So, does it have to used by Jan 12th or can it be used any time? I was thinking it might be a good gift for my teen but not if it expires so fast. I don’t get how it works.

    • RB

      I’m pretty sure that the ticket credit also expires by January 12th.

  33. Andrea

    i signed up for an account but it didn’t give me my $5 credit. am i missing something? Is there a trick i didn’t knwo about?

  34. M.A.

    Got them for free because of credits already existed in my account! And I’m planning to pair it up with free popcorn coupon for AMC! Love it!

  35. Christan

    I went through my Swagbucks account to get 360 bucks and I got the $5 credit. The site is so slow now and it didn’t work that way for my mom. She didn’t get the $5 credit. Don’t know what’s going on…

    • Terri

      Christian, wondering how you went through swagbucks? Thanks πŸ™‚

      • Sanne

        I saw it on the trialpay wall under daily deals

        • Kathy

          I looked all through the trial pay deals and couldn’t find it listed. Can anyone help? Do you think if was taken off?

        • Christy G.

          Can’t find it on my Swagbucks page. I think it shows different offers based on where you live. That’s okay, still a really great movie offer.

    • Miriam

      me too

      • Terri

        Thanks Ladies! Found it! Got my $5 credit….360 swagbucks (got me another AGC whoo hoo!) and 2 movie tickets for $7! Sweet!!!!

        • Kathy

          Where did you find it listed on Swagbucks? I can’t find it anywhere πŸ™

          • Terri

            Left hand side of main page…Daily Deals.

            • Kelly T

              I don’t have Tippr available in any of my daily deals. I also only have “Denver” deals, but I don’t live in Denver. Is there anyway to chance my city?

  36. Laura

    Too bad I already bought 4 of these yesterday. Oh well!

  37. Christy G.

    Picked up 2 tix. Anxious to take the kids to see Arthur Christmas. Thanks Collin! I appreciate ALL that you do for us. I am very “thankful” to have found you and Hip2Save. πŸ™‚ And Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of the Hip2Savers out there!!!!

  38. Jen

    Finally got through and picked up 2 tickets! Thanks so much!

  39. Emma Freeman

    Just got my tickets! we love the movies and with so many coming out near Christmas this is ideal! Thanks Collin!!!

  40. Becky

    Thank you Collin! This is great and even sweeter, they let you buy 10 sets! So for every person who signs up you get a $5 credit which you can use toward the purchase of another set of tickets! Also today on Fandango, you can bogo free through a Wendy’s deal! This week only! Buy a movie ticket at Fandango & get one free – courtesy of Wendy’s! Details: https://fandan.co/6034RiRj

  41. Mishayla

    I was able to get in & purchase 2 sets πŸ™‚ I think you just have to be patient. It took awhile but I was able to get in

  42. Kari

    Just an FYI gals, you need to confirm through your email after signing up to get the 5$ credit. πŸ™‚ Then you can buy the tickets.

  43. Guest

    I can’t find this deail πŸ™ I click on “check out today’s deals” but it only shows past deals…. πŸ™

  44. Michelle

    I keep getting redirected to Yollar. I have the credit in tppr but not yollar. Is this happening to anyone else?

    • Kris

      Me too!

      • Kimberly

        Me too!

      • Rachael

        Me too, and it charged me $12 through Yollar. I don’t even know how I ended up on Yollar since I clicked on the link for Tippr. GRRR!!!

      • Kris

        Okay, Michelle, I figured out how to make it work.

        I went back to Tippr from my confirmation email and then changed the city to San Fransico and bought it through that. If I try to use my city it takes me to Yollar where I don’t have the credit.

        • Catherine

          Thanks Kris- that worked and saved me a lot of time instead of me going in circles πŸ˜‰

        • Tiffany

          Same thing was happening to me. Thanks Kris for figuring it out! Lifesaver!!!

    • chelsea

      mine does the same thing, redirecting me to yollar and not apply my $5 credit that i confirmed thru email, any thoughts anyone?

  45. jackie

    Thank you Colin!!The site is running very quickly now and it worked perfectly! So excited….we’re going to go see The Muppets!!!

  46. Nathalie

    Thanks Colin for posting this awesome deal. It would have been great if I could have used them tomorrow. I am sure I will be able to use it next week though with so many movies coming out.

  47. Janice

    i signed up but don’t see the fandango deal. do i need to change the city? i have it set as honolulu.

    • Janice

      nevermind. i found it by changing the city to san francisco.

  48. eu

    instead of clicking on the link type on your browser and it will work.

  49. Becky

    Thanks Collin! You’re the best! Working as of 4:30 CST. Perfect for the long weekend! πŸ™‚

  50. DEB


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