Steals and Deals: Handbags, bras, sweaters and more

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Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

Lola Bernard Handbags
Email address:
Phone number: (310) 857-4423

Rock Your Hair 5-Piece Gift Set
Email address:
Phone number: (310) 589-9165

Adina Reyter Pave Diamond & Sterling Silver Necklaces
Email address:
Phone number: (818) 904-2900

Sweaters by Calvin Klein Jeans
Email address:
Phone number: (561) 594-8638

Breeze Comfort Bras
Email address: (Updated on Dec. 7.)

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  1. Rebecca

    Hello Everyone,
    In regards to the Adina Reyter “necklace”:
    After complaining to the BBB, filing a dispute with my credit card company, and complaining on the Adina Reyter facebook page (they keep deleting my comments), they agreed to accept my return for a refund.

    I have returned the item with the RMA# and they are yet to return any of my money!!!
    I will keep you posted!

    • Sue Benck

      I also bought necklace, what a joke looks like a dimestore item

    • Dbrgr

      Rebecca please update us on the status of your return. I just received the 2 necklaces I ordered today. What a scam. These are in no way what was shown on the Today show. These aren’t even fit for walmart. Dime store quality at best. I will be reporting to the better business bureau for starters. Shame on the Today show for participating in this scam duping hard working Americans out of their money in this economy and this time of year. Jill’s Steals and deals? This is a steal alright. Stealing from the consumer. Today needs to post something in response to ALL the complaints and make it right!

      • dbrgr

        After reading Rebecca’s comments a few days ago on Adina Reyter’s facebook page, I commented on the quality and asked for a response. There were others doing the same. Adina Reyter deleted any and all with a negative tone, even the dialog that was between Rebecca and the company/person Adina Reyter.
        However, there are more comments this morning. Owning my own business, I can’t imagine not addressing and fixing a problem with an unhappy customer.

  2. M. Lisa

    I received my Lola Bernard handbag yeaterday. The leather is very thin and feels more like fabric. I’ll be very careful when ordering products I’m not familiar with in the future.
    Also, I can’t believe this bag is worth $375.00 retail, adding insult to injury after I paid
    $79.00 with shipping the company offered it to me again at $45.00 INCLUDING shipping!!! Lesson learned.

    • Alice

      Oh crap, I ordered one also but haven’t received it as of Dec.18. And then I turned around and order another at $45 including shipping. I ordered the first for a Christmas gift for my daughter and the second for my daughter in law for her birthday in March and now your saying its not worth what the orginial price. How disappointing to hear this. Why would the Today show do this?

      • S.

        I also have not received my bags and was super mad when I received the e-mail for the $45 bag special including shipping since I was suppose to be getting the best deal. I contacted the company demanding the difference, since it was deceptively promoted in the first place. They refused. I filed a complaint with the FTC and the California Attorney General online. It was easy to do and they should know what bad business practices this company is doing. I also complained to Today, but did not hear a thing. I have yet to receive the bag and would like my money back. All around a horrible experience.

      • Alice

        I am the daughter who received one of the bags and cannot believe they retail at $370. No one in their right mind would pay anywhere near that price. I have several very nice, high-quality bags from Coach, Tory Burch, BCBG, etc. so I know an expensive handbag when I see one. This is not one. When you look at the Lola Bernard website, there are very nice bags on the site; the one I received would never fit in with those bags. I am disappointed that the Today show would put their name on something so shoddy knowing that viewers value Jill’s opinion. It also sounds like the customer service for the companies offering these deals and steals is non-existent.

        • Alice

          After contacting Lola Bernard and telling them that the plastic packaging says “lala bernard” the lady told me that was a mistake by their manufacturer and that it is, indeed, an authentic Lola Bernard bag and that they sold over 8000 of them because of the Today Show’s segment and there were bound to be mistakes. She said there are no returns. So, it appears we are all stuck with the abysmal bags. I want to know how we contact The Today Show to let them know they are promoting items that are not authentic and are basically junk?? I have been searching for a contact listing for Jill but cannot find one. Oh, and all my negative reviews of the Lola bag on their Facebook page have been deleted.

    • Rita

      I ordered a Lola Bernard bag on the first day, Nov. 29, and got an offer from them at a later date offering another bag at $45.00. I got the second bag but not the bag I ordered first. I can not get them to understand that I ordered two bags at two different times. Is anyone else having this problem?

      • Jen

        I also ordered the bag and it was damaged! I have left multiple e-mail messages and I have yet to receive a reply. I also purchased another bag and they keep sending me the shipping information for the bag I’ve already received. I am very disappointed in the customer service. Does anyone have a working phone number?

        • Alice

          This number worked for me – someone answered after a few rings on the first call: (310) 857-4423

    • Shon

      I just received my Lola Bernard bag & it stinks!! It smells like pesticide. I have it outside hoping the smell will go away. If it doesn’t I will not be able to use it.

      • darla selka

        hi-I was just wondering who is the supplier of the bag? I think the sweater I got from a.d apparel (from steals and deals) is a knockoff

        • Alice

          Darla – I think the bag is a knock off as the plastic bag it comes in says “lala bernard” instead of Lola Bernard. And it is of very poor quality.

          • darla

            I guess i meant what company did you order the bag from? ie, who shipped it?

            • Alice

              It is my impression that it was Lola Bernard – I received the following response from the company after I called and let them know I felt the bag was a fake since it came in a lala bernard plastic bag:

              This is the exact bag that was on the Today Show. There was no bait and switch. The label is just a typo from our factory. We had over 8000 bags sold in two weeks so there were bound to be some small mistakes.
              I’m sorry but all sales are final and there are no refunds or exchanges.

              I have emailed the Today Show and hope someone will answer me. This is absurd.

    • lst

      As of Dec 20 I have still not received my Lola Bernard bag that I ordered as a gift. On 12/12, after the two weeks that LB told the Today show that the customers would have the bag, I emailed them stating I needed it by 12/22 and please cancel my order if that could not be done. They replied all shipments would be made by the 16th. That was cutting it close but what could I do? Yesterday (12/19), I checked and UPS still does not have it — LB claims I will get it Friday. (They made a lot of claims.) That won’t be any good since we are leaving town and driving north on Friday. Now I still have to shop and I will be left with — from what you said — a bag that wasn’t worth the cost never mind the hassle. I an surprised that the Today Show doesn’t look into who they promote on their show.

      • rhonda Strode

        I just called my bank..Lola Bernard is a rip-off! Never received an answer to my complaint and have no bag just days before Christmas, to say the least of extra money,

    • Lara Ng

      Got my bag….it feels thin but I wore it today only to find that the color rubbed off on my cashmere sweater and made my hands look like I have a nasty rash. I have coffee colored bag, I can’t imagine what the blue would do!!!!!! I will be contacting the company!!!

      • Disapointed Shopper

        Yeah same here 🙁 I really would like to return it. I emailed and she said wear dark cloths!Q!

        • Lara N.

          Hilarious!!! That is exactly what she said to me, so I guess I should just plan on using that bag only when I wear BLACK….REALLY? UGHHHHH!

      • SUSAN K.


        • Alice

          I did the same!

    • L Cash

      Also purchased that horrible handbag I will give it to Good Will maybe someone will enjoy it for a small price.

      • Susan Sabin

        I believe the Today Show should be held responsible for this misrepresentation of the Lola Bernard bag. We all believed that it was a wonderful deal since it was on Steals and Deals. Why would WE not believe THEM???
        Shame on you Lola Bernard, The Today Show, and Steals and Deals!!!!

        • Alice

          I agree Susan – I emailed them and will let you know if I hear anything. I copied the URL to this comments page so that they can see how many disappointed buyers there are.

      • Stellar

        I bought a lola bernard bag at goodwill this weekend. I still thought the $20 price was a bit steep. This is also the only lola bernard website I could access. Every other site warns that it may harm my computer, what the heck?

  3. Helen Mahon

    I was charged for my bras and NEVER received them… There is NO contact information for me to inquire about my order!!!!! I am furios!!! I want my money back!!!!

    • Trace

      Here is the email to contact them about the bra. I emailed them about my order yesterday on the Dec 20th and surprise I received an email saying my order had shipped on Dec 20th. I don’t think they were going to ship it if I had not inquired about it. I’m done with Jill’s steals and deals. I have had trouble with not receiving orders and poor quality. I’m surprised the Today Show allows this to continue.

      • Katelynn

        I also bought the bras. They charged my card immediately, but I didn’t receive them for a month and I had to contact them. The bras are garbage! The quality and fit are so bad and of course, they are final sale! I will never buy anything again from Ji;;’s Steals and Deals. The only “Steal” is out of your wallet!

  4. darla selka

    I am desperate to know where my order is from jills steals and deals from nov. 29th. I ordered the calvin klein sweater. I emailed many times and no answer, This is to be my godnieces christmas present. What makes me leery is there is no website for this company. I think I got ripped off!

    • JT S.

      Me too. Pretty sure this is a rip-off at this point. Didn’t realize that the “steals” in the name was referring to the customers.

      • darla selka

        I have called the phone number twice and left messages. No reply. I am so pissed. Try calling…the next phone call i will make I will threaten BBB

      • darla selka

        It’s a florida area code for those sweaters…probably china knockoffs

      • darla selka

        Hi, I finally got an email from these people….only took two phone calls, four emails and a bbb threat. It was shipped so I think i may get it today….we’ll see what it’s like

    • Melinda

      I also just got an e-mail today saying my sweater was shipped on 12/17.

      • darla selka

        dont expect much…got mine today…i dont really love it, plus…I put it on to see if it would fit my niece and a few stiches ripped. tiny holes but i am not giving it to my neice. Let me know what you think


      received mine today (19th) give them a call and they will get it shipped right out, called on Friday received on Monday 561-594-8638 leave message they do call you back.

    • Kristine

      I also ordered the CK Sweater from Dec 1 Steals and Deals but have yet to receive my order! It is December 21st! I was charged the day I ordered the sweater (Dec 1st) but I never received an email confirmation or tracking! Also, there is no way to contact the seller!

      Does anyone have any suggestions? I will not be ordering items from Jill’s Steals and Deals if this does not get resolved. Sellers should be checked for credibility before advertising them on The Today Show. I am very disappointed.

      • darla

        hi,,,i answered this earlier to someone::
        call the phone number above. (561) 594-8638…these are the same people who sold the sweater I ordered….after calling many times they finally shipped it….I dont even know if it really is a calvin klein sweater I was so embarrased by it I am not giving it as a gift. when AD finally shipped it from nj I looked up the address and there is no address for that city. Another person on this website found out that this company is also called “atlas north” in southern nj-she also said they are on facebook. good luck

  5. Tonya

    Has anyone recieved their Rocket Hair Care Orders?? I have tried to find them again and email again and call agian, but I can’t even find the listing on the Steals and Deals any longer from November 29th, 2011!
    I received an email after many complaint and all it says it the information was sent to USPS! No other information was given.
    What is going on?? They charged my Credit Card for 84.95 , but I get NOTHING???
    I will never do this again, it is not worth the hassle nor the cost plus shipping.
    I have recieved other items I have purchased and they are nothing less then very poor quality!!

    • Tonya

      I finally recieved my orders for the Rockit Hair Care sets!
      I have to say I LOVE it! They are packaged very cute and the
      box they come in is adorable, and it smells fabulous!
      I think everyone I ordered them for will just love it!
      It was worth the wait!

  6. rochelle

    i GOT THE NECKLASS and i was very dissapointed so small not worth two hundred dollars. Not even the 75 dollars I spent. ALL the stars wear them?

    • mary

      I agree, was really disappointed and was going to give it as a gift (actually ordered 2 of them) and am too embarrassed to give them now.

      • Jamie

        My sentiments exactly!!! I purchased 3 to give as Chistmas gifts, complete JUNK! I have nicer collars for my dogs!


    I received my Clavin Klein sweater, I called on Friday (16th), a very nice gentleman returned my call and said he would check on my order. Monday (19th) morning I received an email with tracking info (shipped on the 17th) and by 1:30pm my mailman delivered my new sweater, and I just luv it.

  8. Jennifer D

    I also am very unhappy with the Lola Bernard handbag
    I ordered two received one, the coffee color,it smells odd
    And the dye is running! Not a bargain at all.!

    • darla selka

      Hi, Jennifer-what company sent the bags? ad apparel is the company who sent the calvin klein sweaters and wallets (i think kenneth cole)-Anyway, that company was hard to get a hold of and also the address from the company is bogus. The phone number is florida but the “address” is new jersey but there is no such place. This today show needs to do better research. I wanted to see where the bags were from. thanks, darla

  9. Tonya

    I finally recieved my orders for the Rockit Hair Care sets!
    I have to say I LOVE it! They are packaged very cute and the
    box they come in is adorable, and it smells fabulous!
    I think everyone I ordered them for will just love it!
    It was worth the wait!

  10. Effie

    I ordered 3 bags from the Lola Bernand today special. I ordered them as Christmas gifts and one person said “It looks like a knock off that you would buy on the street from a vendor”. I was shocked. This is supposed to be a $375 bag! The Today show should do better due diligence when folks are making these type of claims on their show. I’ll have to give these to my baby nieces to play dress up with–if they’ll have them. By the way, they are 1 & 4.

    Also, I still haven’t received my bras or even an email to say what’s going on. I’m sure Jill is embarrassed by all of this…or she should be.

  11. veronica s

    I waited over a week for my necklace. I got a heart adina necklace for me and one for my granddaughter. One of them was a bit scratched on the back, fine on the front and I called them directly.. I thought I was stuck with it, but they had someone so nice on the phone, immediately sent me out a new one, and I got it yesterday. Looks amazing, so simple and sweet, and I love that we both will match. I gave one as a hanukah gift last night. she is 15 and loved it .

  12. Disapointed Shopper

    AHHHHHHHHHH !!! I am so angry! I received the “Lola Bernard” WHAT A JOKE !! what a disapointment, it does look like a knock off bag that you can purchase in any fleet market, but the most horrifying reason is the DYE on the bag is all over my hands and cloths, I emailed the info@ and she responded , wear dark cloths !!!!!
    I would love to return it, what a scam, you would think you get a good Item coming from a good source. I guess I will not be buying again from this deals…
    And on top of it I get an email to buy other bags for $20 less than the amount I paid!
    PLEASE BE AWARE>> +DO NOT order any of this bags .

  13. Annie Trottier

    Can the Todays Show help us out all all? Or do we have to file with our own BBB and Attorney General’s Office?

    Does anyone know?

    I agree, this is a sham and I will never follow the Jill’s Steals and Deals for online purchases.

  14. Milli

    Dear Steals and Deals,
    Thank you for the reminder the adage, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is” is still true. I purchased two of the Lola Bernard handbags as Christmas gifts for my mother and sister. I was leery to buy from an online source, but my friend had told me about a great deal she received through the show, so I felt confident following Jill’s advice. Now I know I will never recommend this show to anyone. In fact, I am already telling my friends buyer beware: this has been a terrible experience. The bags arrived this week, and like many of your other customers, I smelled the handbags before they were out of the plastic. On the outer plastic wrap there was a sticker that said “Lala Bernard.” The label says “100% genuine leather” and the hardware is cheap as well. Even my husband can tell they are cheap bags, he called them chintzy when he saw them. One of the zippers is broken. I haven’t even tried using them because I am so disappointed, so I don’t know if the running dye is a problem with my bags. Nevertheless, these bags are definitely not worth the money I paid for them, let alone their retail price! I feel duped and deceived that Today Show promoted a steal. I will no longer tune into Steals and Deals because another adage rings true, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”
    Unsatisfied in WY

    • Alice

      Milli – I just checked the plastic bag mine came in and it says Lala Bernard on it too – a complete knock-off!

  15. Janet McKay

    I ordered my Lola Bernard bag on the 29th and received it on Dec 16 before I got the email. It was wrapped in a nice cloth bag. The name is sewn on the bag. My LB smells good when I hold it close to my nose.thereis no dye runoff(I didn’t realize it was dyed until someone complained.

  16. Arnie

    I still have not received my Tan Lola Bernard bag…I did order others and they do appear less than high class. Very disappointed! I am so surprised the Today Show would assist in the marketing of such an item…very poor quality. On the other hand the JvdF jewelry, pearls are very nice. I guess I will never receive my tan bag…I called the company to find the mailbox already full.

  17. Stacey

    I have NOT gotten the Rock My Hair 5 piece
    hair care set! Ive called the number listed
    and the mailbox is full! Does anybody have
    any other info? I was really looking forward
    to this deal! I am a hair product “junkie”!

    • Stacey

      Just wanted to thank everybody that gave me advice! My problem is resolved! Thanx again!!

  18. Stacey

    Hey y’all! I got my Adina Reyter but I ordered
    the “tiny” cross necklace! I was really
    pleased! I’ve worn it several times layered
    with other pieces and have gotten soooo
    many great comments!!!!

  19. SUSAN K.


  20. Maria

    I have to admit I am disappointmented in the entire process. Mind you I am use to ordering online from reputable places. Where if you do have an issue it is address and you will either get your order replaced or a refund there are no surprises.

    Anyway, when my bags finally arrived because I order 2 bags from lola bernard one was the brown and the other black. To be perfertly honest the bags look really nice. But one bag has a really funny smell. My husband said that is because it was dyed black. The brown bag is didn’t smell like the black one so that was a big disappointment.

    I am trying to let the black one air out so that I could use it too. But after about 3 days I decided to email the company and that was when I was told the sale was final.
    See that is a problem for me like most people I don’t want a surprise because if I know up front that I couldn’t get a refund I may not have made the purchase.

  21. Sally

    For those of you having problems with your steals/deals orders, dispute your credit card charges with the credit card company if you can not reach resolution with the manufacturer. That is what I did with an earlier order I placed for a Maxine Couture handbag. I informed my credit card company that it was not the color/quality advertised and the color rubbing off was a defect. I had to ship it back, provide the tracking number as well as provide written documentation of the problem and my attempts to resolve directly with the company. I got a refund from the credit card company.

    The bottom line is that if you did not receive what was advertised, you can dispute with with the credit card company even if the manufacturer says “all sales final.” If they had sent what they advertised on the Today Show, there wouldn’t be a problem.

  22. Stacey

    Hi everybody!!
    Did anybody order: Rock Your Hair 5 Piece Set?
    Have you gotten it yet??? I haven’t!!! I have called and emailed until I am blue-in-the-face!!!!! No answers either way!!! No answers from the Today Show either!!! Does anybody have any info at all that might help???

    • Susan Sabin

      Don’t EVER count on the Today Show for Help!!! I was screwed out by a Lola Bernard purse that was totally defective and got no help at all from the people of the show. I am just hoping that people will see that we are posting these messages and this is getting through to them. I am so upset with The Today Show!!! Shame on them!!!!

      • Alice

        If you paid by credit call your credit card company and tell them what happened. I filed a complaint. She told me to deduct the two bags from the bill and that I will be receiving 2 letters in the mail. So to be continued…………………….

        • Jeanne Jacobs

          I just recieved 2 Lola Bernard bags, red and tan, yesterday, which were shipped on 12/29. They charged my credit card on 11/29! And that bill has been paid. Reputable companies bill when they ship. The red bag has a warning that it rubs off on clothes! This is a known defect, obviously. I sent it back today but they refuse to refund, only exchange for a camel one which I don’t want. Today should take note of these postings. Based on the fact that all the items on the company website are “out of stock” and the bags we received are of a lower quality, sounds like a company with little financial depth desperate to raise cash, at our expense! Today should check out the financial wothiness of the company before they offer items on TV. First time I ever did this and learned my lesson.

  23. Stacey

    Wow!!! Absolutely, shame on them!!! WHAT BIG, FREAKIN MESS!!!!!

  24. Stacey

    Okay u guys…. I am still trying!!! I am getting absolutely nowhere with this Rockit Haircare!!!!
    I even tried Michael O’Rourke himself…. A BIG FAT NOTHING!!!!! Anybody got anything?

  25. Stacey

    Wow….. Got a call from Michael O’Rourke’s office today! Dianna was very apologetic and sent an order receipt by email to me strait away!
    The order was sent UPS! What a good end to the day! 

  26. becky havener

    I ordered a handbag from Cuore and Pelle when I received the bag the zipper was defective. I contacted them and they said there was nothing they could do. i just paid 75.00 for a purse that is suppose to be 375.00. I am disappointed with the company and the today show. What a scam.

  27. Maria - update

    Ok… I commented on the 2 bags I ordered on 1/3/12 – anyway, I returned to update – I let the bag air out and I am using the black one. Actually, I used both bags since and received many complaints from lady’s at my job. I thought it was only right to update my post. I really love both bags.

  28. LLK

    I, too, ordered a Lola Bernard handbag. I was informed when UPS had printed the mailing label but were waiting on the item to arrive at the warehouse. It didn’t arrive. I emailed Lola Bernard and got an immediate response the same day. They were out of the coffee color I ordered. I could wait until more came in, or pick a different color. The customer service rep said she would email when she was notified they were getting more in. She did exactly that and asked if I still wanted to stick with the original order. Initially, I said I would. I wasn’t really surprised about the backlog of orders -that’s what happens when a deal is advertised on national television. When I got a new coat for Christmas, I emailed the same lady back about changing my order if it hadn’t shipped yet. Again, I got an immediate response, from the same lady. I was able to change my order. The lady emailed me personally when it was shipped to UPS and again with UPS’ tracking number. It arrived exactly when I was told to expect it. It came wrapped in a black cloth bag with the Lola Bernard logo on it. The purse itself has a leather embossed label sewn on the inside. I got a gray one. The leather smells like leather, it feels soft like leather and the zippers look exactly like they did on the web site. They are metal, not cheap plastic ones. Despite the hassle of getting it, I like the bag. It’s a great size and the interior pockets are excellent. Too early to tell durability, but I hope it stands up to the everyday rigors of a mom with three boys.

  29. Patricia

    I also ordered the Lola Bernard hand bag, in coffee, when the deal was initially aired on the today show. Having not yet received the bag, I ordered a second one when I was given the opportunity to order it at $45.00 via the email sent out to today show viewers.

    My “coffee” bag looks more like Merlot, it smelled like horrible pesticide. I had to put baking soda in it for a week before I could use it! The dye has rubbed off onto my clothing and my light cream down jacket! Just the other day, I noticed one of the “feet” pegs had fallen off! What a tip off! Very disappointed!!!

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