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Steals and Deals: Handbags, bras, sweaters and more

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Coupon codes from Jill’s Steals and Deals segment broadcast on Nov. 29 have expired.

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Every Tuesday Jill Martin tells TODAY viewers about great deals offered exclusively to TODAY viewers by retailers. Deals expire after 24 hours. If you have an idea for her, send her a tweet at the handle @JillMartin.

Neither Jill Martin nor TODAY profits from these recommendations or from sales — we’re just looking to help you find the very best deals. Conditions and restrictions may apply.

If you have any specific questions about these details or your order, please check with the retailers making the offers.

Here are the companies’ websites, contact information and a delivery timeframe that they provided TODAY:

Lola Bernard Handbags
Email address:
Phone number: (310) 857-4423

Rock Your Hair 5-Piece Gift Set
Email address:
Phone number: (310) 589-9165

Adina Reyter Pave Diamond & Sterling Silver Necklaces
Email address:
Phone number: (818) 904-2900

Sweaters by Calvin Klein Jeans
Email address:
Phone number: (561) 594-8638

Breeze Comfort Bras
Email address: (Updated on Dec. 7.)

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Comments 349

  1. Derrick

    I ordered 4 watches from Allen Lyle through the Today show Jills Deals and Steals on November 15th and my card was billed for them on that day plus almost $18 in shipping cost. First it doesn’t seem as if this is a deal as the watches are still available for $25 all over the web. Second I have not received a single word on them nor have I received them. Is this a SCAM? They were promised within 3 weeks and having not received any information from the comany that they were shipped means they won’t be here in time. Am I going to get my watches or a refund or just screwed? The lack of any notification from the company or the Today Show on this is what is causing to wonder if it was a scam or won’t get here by Christmas and certainly not by the promised delivery date.
    On a good note I did order the Philosophy gift set and it came with no problems.

    PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

    • TODAY

      Hi Derrick!

      Sorry you are frustrated. This is the last thing we want to hear.

      Allen Lyle sport watches promised that all watches would arrive before Dec. 16. You can reach out to them here:
      Phone number: (978)-255-3659
      Email address:

      If you are still having problems after that date, please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you!

      Thanks —
      Steve, editor for

      • Derrick

        I ordered my watches immediately on November 15 during the show so I technically should have been shipped my order early in their shipping but I still haven’t seen any information from Allen Lyle. They said I would get the information and it would be shipped by today yet I have nothing at all except a bank account minus the money. Is this a scam or just an example of a company who doesn’t know what the are doing and grisly doesn’t give S**T about its customers. This doesn’t look good for NBC or The Today Show either. Please let me know what is going on with my order and just don’t worry it will get there is not good enough.

      • Beverly

        Same for me! I want to scream!!! I cannot believe the Today Show is just ignoring this problem. I’m seething every time I see the next “STEALS and Deals” segment being advertized. “Steals” are exactly what these orders amounted to for Allen Lyle! Exactly how much money did they make off of Today Show viewers?

      • Eleanor

        I just called the number you listed and it is an answering machine, asking you to email them. Been there, done that.!!!!! I want my watch, or my money back!

      • Stephanie

        STeve with Today,
        we need to hear back from YOU if we are not hearing back from Allen Lyle.


        • D Budden

          Yeah, Steve hasn’t bothered to respond to any of my comments. Can’t figure out why he ignores so many of us. He gave Derrick the phone number and email. I have repeated stated that that has done nothing for any of us. We only get computer generated responses and they don’t answer their phones. Steve needs to contact Allen Lyle watches himself and handle this. Christmas is right around the corner and geez, the 16th will be here in 3 days. How many of us do you think will find watches delivered to our addresses when we get home? Ha!

          • Rhonda

            I actually was on here to try to find a number to call about my watches also. I just called the number above and a lady answered and asked for my transaction ID#. I gave her that and she told me is is actually on the UPS truck to be delivered by the end of the day today… I guess we will see.

    • D Budden

      I’ve had the same problem. I ordered on the 15th as well and, although I got a receipt I got no notice on delivery date. I emailed the company on Dec. 1st and they wrote that they would be sending shipments (not my shipment) from the warehouse “into next week”. Which means what?! It continues on to say “look out for a shipping confirmation email” etc. etc. I am pissed. This was suppose to be a Christmas present. I still don’t have an email. Won’t be using Jill’s Steals and Deals again. I think the Today show has a responsibility to recommend companies that are reliable.

    • Stephanie

      Same issue with me on the allen lyle watches. It’s been a month since I ordered. I have emailed and called them and have heard nothing! Someone needs to help us!

      • Eleanor

        I thought I was the only one. Promised a tracking number within a week, that was 3 weeks ago! This is my daughters Christmas gift. This is ridiculous. Replied to my first email, and that was it. Still waiting. I agree completely with D Budden. It should be Jill’s Stealing from Today Show watchers. Of course, they didnt take but 24 hours to charge my credit card. I am so MAD! At least tell us, so we can buy other gifts, and refund our $$$$. RIPOFF!

  2. rose stewart

    jeez what a scam….i probably won’t be able to post this, once again…can’t buy the scarf, first time, they couldn’t supply me with the amt. i ordered (1), second time, they didn’t have my color choice (changed color choice, now once again, they didn’t have the amt. i ordered (1). This is the first time i’ve moved on a promo from the Today show, I don’t believe you ever had ’em to sell. Today show, stop promoting Jill’s Steal and Deals!

    • TODAY

      I’m sorry you’re frustrated, Rose. We’ve been on the phone for the past hour trying to get more scarves to sell! I can assure you that thousands have flown off of the virtual shelf already — it was a really popular deal! Check back later today for more details on a back-up offer.

      Thanks —
      Steve, editor for

      • rose stewart

        no, i won’t….if you show these deals on the today show, make sure you have enough in stock to meet viewer demand. somebody dropped the ball…or maybe, like i said, this is just a scam to get people to look at your other scarves ($200+)??

        • Donia

          My credit card was charged three times due to the same issues you described above like it isnt available for the color choice, then at checkout it wasnt availabe after a different color was added, then I got an invalid avc code? WTH…. The scarf thing was awful.

          But my discover card acct shows three charges pending. I had to dispute them and now God knows what will happen. I called for service but was shuffled around to many people all of whom were less than helpful. This is a terrible thing. I hope you are better prepared with better sites, better stock, and better customer service in the future or you will lose more and more viewers and buyers.

          • TODAY

            Hi Donia! Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you to try and settle the problem!

            Thanks —
            Steve from

    • Diane Tetley

      I ordered four scarves (one of each color). It took more than six weeks for them to arrive, so I was nervous, but all is well now!

  3. Michelle S.

    I have been online the moment Jill announced the IDM71 – Ipad charger/speaker. I have been unable to order or to phone in to place an order. Didn’t the seller know the traffic this story would generate. Totally frustrated in St. Louis.

  4. Brenda

    I have had very good luck with Jill’s Steals and Deals. The companies come through. Only once did I have to wait over what I thought was a reasonable time, but the merchandise came within about a month. Thank you Today Show for this segment. I appreciate the bargains.

  5. Kristina C.

    Does anyone have the thank you promo code that was received with the Cuore Pelle handbag? I misplaced the dang paper. BTW I love my Amelia bag. I am very pleased with the quality of the leather. You pay way more for a Coach bag, MK bag, Dooney bag and half the time they are not even leather……Today Show do you think you can feature the Christine Price bags again. I would love to have one of those. I love all handbags. You are not going to find another all leather bag for this price at the size of the bag.

  6. Vicki

    after seeing these posts I am very nervous. I am a “first timer”. I ordered 5 neclaces today and 4 wallets!! I am praying I am not gettin ripped off as well as getting them by 12/23! I spent a lot of money today as I trust Today Show and Jill!

    • rose stewart

      good luck, vicki…i really hope you get your order on time….as for me, i’m never ordering from these people again.

      • Vicki

        I love the Today Show and is that Matt cute or what???? He needs to come to Texas next time he does his “Where in the world is Matt”
        !! ( sorry off subject- just wanted to say something positive)

    • Stacie

      I have orderdc various products from “Jill’s Steals”. It really is a hit or miss. More often than not, a miss. Yes, the deals can be terrific but quite honestly, I don’t think the sites they are promoting for ordering can handle the influx of orders. It is truly disappointing as I have been a viewer of the Today Show for decades and have trusted them. They really need to rethink what thay are offering their viewers and the companies included in these “deals” need to know what to expect with so many people watching. I have been more frustrated than happy. Good luck to you!

      • Vicki

        I am so worried now- do I have christmas gifts or not?! This is crazy! i wish Jill and/or Today would respond or at least give us peace of mind. The order page asked for email address but i have no meesages from them either!! oh I did get Thanks for the order!
        BTW ( not that this matters to anyone but me I am sure) I am a single self supporting mom, just wanted to get “nice gifts” for family members and at an affordable price! Now I am sad and my hard earned money and gift thought may be a waste.
        signed sad.. yet hopeful ?

        • Vicki

          dont know if this is good or bad……… I just checked my bank account and yes, my acccount was charged for the necklaces (promo 12/2) but not the 4 Kenneth Cole wallets (promo 12/2) I ordered!! so…….. i am guessing I am not getting them!! I am disappointed and now stressed out to behind again on shopping!
          signed, Done for good!

          • TODAY

            Hi Vicki!
            Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you to try and settle the problem!

            Thanks —
            Steve from

            • Laverne

              I sure hope my Kristin Bell Erica Anenberg bag is great (whenever it gets here–ordered Nov 1). Most likely I will not order another thing if this is a piece of JUNK!!!!! How disappointing that will be. I think you (the Today Show) really need to check out these companies and their products before advertising them.

  7. Barbara

    Traffic was heavy on the iHome page and all pages at the site loaded slowly just after Jill’s segment on the show. I waited a couple of hours and ordered very successfully with the Promo Code.

    Thanks very much Jill and Today Show!

  8. Deborah

    Thank you Jill for your Steals and Deals! I ordered the iHome Portable Speaker System and while it was frustrating trying to complete the process due to website overload I am very pleased with’s customer service! Kathy was very nice and she was able to tell me that my order was processed. I even received a confirmation email while I was on the phone with her!

  9. Nancy

    I don’t usually order online but my sister was so excited about the iHome Speaker System. It was super easy and quick. No problems with the website overload that I’ve been reading about. What else should I purchase?

  10. jessica

    Thank you jill for your great deals! I ordered the ihome portable speaker system it was really easy and quick. I hope i get it before christmas and hope my husband loves it. I’m a first timer and a little nervous too.

  11. Janina

    I ordered the IHome Portible Speaker on line a few min. ago and had no trouble at all. This is my first time to order off Jills Steals and Deals and plan to do it again. I just waited a few hours after the show in hopes the item was still available.

  12. Carol Tanjutco

    Hi Jill, where can I get those designer notebook/portfolio cover you showed this week? (Gucci, etc…)

  13. Bev

    Like Derrick, I ordered one of the Allen Lyle watches and I haven’t heard from them since they charged my card; the day of the offer on Today Show.
    Considering the enormous shipping charges for a light weight watch and the fact that their email address,, is apparently bogus, I’ve come to understand that this was literally a “Steal” for ” Allen Lyle Watches”!
    I too trusted the Today Show.

    • TODAY

      Hi Bev!
      Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you to try and settle the problem!

      Thanks —
      Steve from

  14. Teresa

    wow, the negative feedback, I thought I was the only one. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date, but I order 2 beautiful purses. Not the ones last week, but about a month ago. I have been charged, but no bags. I was becoming anxious and after reading the above comments, I really am concerned. They are gifts. I hope that I get them

    • Teresa

      I ordered these bags on 11/01/11 and they were bags by Kristen Bell for erica. I don’t want my money back. I want the bags!!!

      • debra devine

        I ordered them as well for Christmas–Very frustrating–When will we get them?

  15. Sue Fox

    I am wondering if the Today Show will stand behind their promotions, or ruin their good name. Have they said?

  16. Judy Coffey-Hedquist

    I ordered 2 JF totes on November 22nd and did not receive a confirmation number – I sent an email to customer service immediately and subsequently left a voice mail and have not heard back – my discover card was charged Nov 24th

    I am now appealing to the today show – do I need to dispute the charge ?

    Please get backnto me ASAP

    • TODAY

      Hi Judy!
      Please send us your order details and contact info and we’ll get back to you to try and settle the problem!

      Thanks —
      Steve from

  17. Cheri McNeiley

    Glad to see I am not the only one that had problems. I tried and tried to order the cashmere scarf and never did get in. I thought it was just me. I had to go to work so missed out on it. Quite frustrating.

  18. Sonya Snizek

    I am a first timer I ordered the necklaces with the hororscopes for me and my daughter. I was charged, I hope I get them in before X/mas!!!! PLEASE!!! Sonya Snizek

  19. Kathy

    Does anyone have the coupon code for the 11-22-2011 LOLA BERNARD handbags & did anyone receive them; what is your opinion?

    • Pat Allen

      Don’t bother!! I ordered a handbag from Lola Bernard Nov 29th while it was still on TV with Jill, My credit card was charged and I received 1 e-mail thanking me for the Order, and 1e-mail offering more of the same deal that they had an excess of the bags. I still have not received any information about shipping of my order. Lola Bernard will not answer my e-mails or my phone calls. All calls go to voice mail and they never respond. Steals & Deals is a good name! they steal the customers money and don’t come through with the merchandise.
      I even e-mailed The Today show and still no answer from them either.
      Upset In Texas

      • NYmoge


        I agree with you 100%. I just emailed the company and gave them until the end of the week to contact me. Otherwise, I will cancel my order and will be very publicly chastising the supposed “deals” that NBC is pushing. Although NBC claims not to receive any benefits from these offers, they have a responsibility not to misdirect their audience when they have no idea if the companies they are pushing are solid or not. These companies could not have ever scammed the consumers to this extent if the Today show had not peddled the products.

        Really frustrating.

    • NYmoge

      I ordered the Lola Bernard bag on Nov 29th and did not even receive an email confirmation. As of today, 12/13, I still have not heard anything from the company and have not received the bag. I just called the company and left a message. If I don’t hear back from them by the end of the week, I will call my credit card company and void the transaction.
      I also ordered a Calvin Klein Jeans sweater which I have no confirmation email for and have not received yet. Left a message there too.
      I think the Today Show needs to stop pushing the products of companies who are over their heads in fulfilling their orders or are scamming the public.

      • D X

        Now 12-15 and still no Handbag — post cust phone number mail box is full — NOT HAPPY at all with my 1st and LAST Jill deal purchase. JF Handbag order was place and charged back on NOV 22nd — oh well — lesson learn

        • Pat Allen

          I to placed an order for a Lola Bernard handbag on Nov 29th GOT CHARGED NOV. 29TH same thing mailbox full!!! and no answers to e-mails. I am going to report them to the BBB and calling the Attorney General and all the local TV stations to warn all everyone not to order anything from the Today Show – Jills Steals & SCAMS

          • Kristin Owen

            I ordered the Lola Bernard handbag also, the only thing I have gotten is charged! I don’t even have a confirmation of my order, this is a Christmas gift hello that is how the segment was advertised great gift ideas!

    • KKgatorgal

      I just contacted the Lola Bernard customer service number provided by the Today show and I was informed that my order(s) should ship today or tomorrow. All items are in stock and the orders are currently being processed. The customer service agent was very polite and very helpful.

      • Pat Allen

        How did you get thru to them? I have sent several e-mails & phone calls with no response. The Today Show didn’t even answer my e-mail.
        Could you post the phone number maybe it’s different than what I got from my bank.

        • NYmoge

          I sent an email stating that I would cancel my order by calling my credit card company if they did not respond to me by the end of the week. I just got an email from them stating that the bag was shipped today via UPS! They also provided a UPS delivery number. Their email address is

          I also emailed the NBC general email address and have not heard from them.

          • Rita

            I also ordered the Lola Bernard bags. I have called and their inbox is full and the email address is not working. Has anyone received ANY information from them about when they will ship? I need some kind of confirmation that I will get what I paid for.

  20. xanna

    Yes..they offer again for $45 for the bags..

  21. Bill Smith

    Steve you were fast with your reply on how to get in touch with Pure-Fiber regarding the bamboo throws! Still have not received. As I stated I am out of work and any help I can get on discounted Christmas presents is a big help. I was hesitant but I ordered the candles today and I am hoping I get them before Christmas. I am just wondering who makes these deals with the companies to insure they can fill orders and does Jill ever see these comments

    • Pure Fiber

      Hi Bill,

      Can you contact us at so we can get your transaction number and track your order for you.

      Thank You!

      Pure Fiber

  22. Melissa Freund

    Hi I ordered a bracelet from Kensico Boutique back in October and still haven’t received it. My credit card has been billed but nothing yet. What’s the deal?

    • Ginny

      I ordered the Kensico bracelet on October 25. I have sent them a few emails and they are not very helpful. They just keep saying they will arrive before Christmas, which is much longer than the 6 weeks advertised. They also told me I would receive an email when the bracelets ship, which I have not. It’s looking like they might not arrive before Christmas. I don’t mind waiting but this is just a little too long. Plus, if you look on their website, all of the bracelets are $25.00 now….

      • Sarah

        I also ordered bracelets from Kensico and actually just received them – they are the WRONG bracelets and one came broken. I desperately want to return them but cannot get ahold of anyone despite many phone calls and emails that I have made/sent. I hope when you actually receive your bracelets they are correct and not broken!

        • Mary

          I ordered 3 of these, and I think they look cheap, and I want to return them. No way am I giving these as Christmas gifts! They don’t answer their phone number, and there was nothing in the package on how to return them. I did send an email, and hopefully they will answer it.

          • Mary

            Finally got someone at Kensico on the phone. She said these are non refundable. She said it was all over the Today Show website and on their order form. I am a very careful shopper and I saw nothing like that. I can’t believe the Today Show would have this type of thing if no returns are offered. Now I am stuck with 3 bracelets that look cheap! Lesson learned, don’t buy anything from Steals & Deals!!

            • Sarah

              I never saw anything about those cheap looking bracelets being non-refundable either. I am sooo disappointed! I still have the WRONG product and cannot get a response from Kensico through phone or email. What number did you call? uhhhgggg! I hate being taken advantage of!

  23. Eileen

    I have to say I am a little taken back on receiving an email today that the “overstock inventory” on Lola Bernard bags deal for $45 shipping included is being offered one week after I purchased 2 bags@ $65 each plus$14.95 shipping. I spent $144.95 on 2 bags one week ago and if I bought just one bag last week and got this email today, I could have bought two more bags and saved money. I can understand the price being less for “overstock special” but what about everyone that paid more for the bag last and had to pay shipping also? They should have not charged so much for shipping last week and now nothing this week…not cool !

    • Pat Allen

      At least you got your merchandise. I havent and they won’t answer e-mail or phone calls
      Pat in Texas

  24. D Budden

    I’ve had the same problem with Allen Lyle Watches. I ordered on Nov. 15th and, although I got a receipt I got no notice on delivery date. I emailed the company on Dec. 1st and they wrote that they would be sending shipments (they didn’t say my shipment) from the warehouse “into next week”. Which means what?! It continues on to say “look out for a shipping confirmation email” etc. etc. I am ticked!!. This was suppose to be a Christmas present. I still don’t have an email. Won’t be using Jill’s Steals and Deals again. I think the Today show has a responsibility to recommend companies that are reliable. Perhaps someone should do a little research before hand.

  25. Kerry

    For the people on the verge of meltdown for scarves and candles –

    I can empathize with how frustrating it is to sometimes have inconveniences with the retail world.

    Typically, the Steals and Deals promoted are small companies trying to get exposure, therefore the ordering process can be difficult.

    If you call the company directly, versus post raging negative complaints, most companies whom work within the realm of good conscience will work to resolve your issue.

    Furthermore, I find it helpful to keep these situations less upsetting by keeping them in perspective.

    Everyday we see poverty, American families waiting for soldiers to come home, cancer & violence – I can’t help but feel blessed to have family, friends & health.

    Let’s try to remember the important things in life.

    Take care.

    • DBudden


      Just because we are venting (and many of us HAVE called the companies to no avail) and believe that we should receive the services we paid for doesn’t mean we have forgotten about what is really important. But, it is important to hold people accountable for their actions or nothing will change. If a huge corporation like NBC doesn’t take the time or spend the money to make sure that the companies that they recommend are indeed capable of dealing with demand or at least have the professional courtesy to let their patrons know they can’t fulfill an order, then they shouldn’t be recommending them. I don’t know about you but I work hard for my money and don’t want to be charged for something I don’t receive.

      • Pat Allen

        I whole heartedly agree!! I have tried repeatedly to contact them and still no response.,
        Steals & Deals shouldn’t be on the Today show, if they are going to promote scam artist
        Pat in Texas

    • Derrick


      I have contacted Allen Lyle on several occations but they just say it will be shipped. I ask to track my specific order and was told “NO”. So what the heck are we supposed to do other that VENT to the Today Show who sponsored this product. Also we were never given any contact information till I made a plea for help on here on December 2nd after waiting weeks with our hopes dashed as to the promised delivery date. These companies should be vetted by NBC and The Today Show before the promotions are offered and contact information should be given for the individual company with the receipt confirmation. That it what should happen and it is not so people vent here to find out what is going on.


  26. Julia

    Placed order on Nov 22, 2011 and to date, I have received nothing???? what is the Customer Service phone number???? anybody knows? they cashed the check right away !!!!!

  27. Kristen

    Hi. I too ordered, was charged for, and have already paid my credit card company (!!) for a Kristen Bell for Erica handbag and have yet to receive it. I ordered the bag at their website that I arrived at through Today’s link. I never received an e-mail confirmation, shipping notification, or any indication that I placed an order, save for the charge on my credit card statement. Four week delivery is indicated, and I have now waited more than five. Anything you can do would be appreciated. Thank you.

    • Teresa

      Hi Kristen
      I ordered 3 of the Kristen Bell for Erica handbags on Nov. 1.. My credit card was charged on Nov. 1. I still do not have the bags.

  28. Jamie

    While the timing was great, just received my Adina Reyter jewelry (ordered on 11/29), the quality is extremely poor! I’m in tears and sick to my stomach that I spent over $75 (with shipping) for what I thought was going to be a very nice Christmas present. To be honest, I don’t think it’s even gift worthy. The silver is so thin and appears to have finger prints that I can’t clean off. Please think twice before ordering from the Adina Reyter site. Wish I did.

    • Amy

      I received my Adina Reyter necklace today, and wish too, that I had never bought it for the 75 dollars. Mine too, has smudge marks on it I can not get off. And diamonds!!! What diamonds?? Very poor quality. Worth more like 5 dollars. This is my first and last time buying one of Today shows deals.

      • Jamie

        Amy – Is it bad to say that your comment makes me feel a little better. It’s the end of the day and I still feel horrible that I wasted this money. I could probably snap the heart in two if I tired – it’s that thin.

        I actually emailed the company, noting I knew I wouldn’t get money back, and this is what the note said…
        Thank you for your email. Please know that as part of our deal with the Today show Steals and Deals segment, as is the arrangement with all of the other vendors that are featured on the show, we can not offer returns or exchanges on these items.

        We were very clear with this policy and made sure that it was clearly stated throughout the site. To be able to offer this product at $75 which sells to retailers at $375, we can not offer returns or exchanges. All sales are final.

        Thank you and Happy Holidays!

        Guess they collected their money and sent out ‘a’ product and that’s that. Bummed that it’s not the product you think it would be for $300+ or even $75. I learned a lesson, never order from a company if you don’t know their product. Hope that you have a great holiday!

        • Rebecca

          I also received my item today and I am VERY VERY unhappy. I am filing a dispute with my CC company. There is no way we should not be able to return this piece of garbage!! I would not even consider giving this to my Mother as her gift!!!

        • Rebecca

          Here is where sent a complaint to the CA Better Business Bureau. Don’t know if it will help, but it is worth a shot.
          Also, disputing with CC company.

        • Tammy

          Jamie, I too was excited to get my Adina Reyter heart shape necklace that I ordered on 12/1/11. When I received it on Friday, December 9 my heart was broken. It was the cheapest thing I had ever seen and would NEVER consider giving it as a gift to anyone or wearing it for that matter. So, I emailed the company and low and behold received the exact email that you did! I thought it was a personal response to my message but now I know it was only a form letter. I know I will never receive my money back but do not want anyone else to have the same negative experience that I did.
          I will be contacting the BBB and want the Today Show to know that some of their loyal viewers are getting ripped off!!!

          • Rebecca

            Hello Everyone,
            After complaining to the BBB, filing a dispute with my credit card company, and complaining on the Adina Reyter facebook page (they keep deleting my comments), they agreed to accept my return for a refund.

            I have returned the item with the RMA# and they are yet to return any of my money!!!
            I will keep you posted!

  29. muffy

    Did anyone catch the Today show that had the pillows created from a photo? They were small and I think the one the showed what the cut out of a persons head? I can’t find the website can anyone help?

  30. Derrick

    I ordered my watches immediately on November 15 during the show so I technically should have been shipped my order early in their shipping but I still haven’t seen any information from Allen Lyle. They said I would get the information and it would be shipped by today yet I have nothing at all except a bank account minus the money. Is this a scam or just an example of a company who doesn’t know what the are doing and grisly doesn’t give S**T about its customers. This doesn’t look good for NBC or The Today Show either. Please let me know what is going on with my order and just don’t worry it will get there is not good enough.

    • Derrick

      I have contacted the phone number and email given to me from my Dec 2, 2011 comment and still have no answer other than don’t worry.


      • D Budden

        I contacted Allen Lyle watches AGAIN on Dec. 8th and received another email saying they finished shipping and to “look out for my email confirming my order has been shipped. The email will also include your tracking number with UPS.” Of course I still have no tracking number email and if they’ve finished shipping then I should have a tracking # right? I wrote them again yesterday and let them know that I would be contacting the Attorney General and the BBB regarding their shady practices. They have been using my money for 1 month and I have nothing to show for it. Nice job NBC, keep it up. Your corporation continually rips off hard working Americans through this scam and I, for one, am going to do something about it. Jill, if you REALLY are the one finding these companies than perhaps YOU should be paying all of these hard working people their money back. I am sure you are making a nice salary at the Today show and since you don’t seem to care that people are repeatedly being ripped off (are you getting some sort of cut for every item you sell?) maybe we should be asking you to pay us back. Hmmmmm.

  31. Nancy E

    I odered the world’s best bras on 10/13/11. I ordered both available color combos. I did not receive 1 set of the bras . My bras were delivered on 10/20. I called immediately and told them I had only received half of my order. The person I spoke with informed me
    that the missing items would be shipped. To date I have not received them. Called them on 11/16 and 12/5. They would fax me a form to sign before the would credit a refund back to my credit card. The form they emailed me is a “Postal Insurance Claim Form” asking me to attest to incorrect statements including that I did not receive the package, that it was not delivered to my address, and have no knowledge of the whereabouts of the package, and this is a claim for replacement of the “lost” parcel. The parcel was delivered to my house, had not been damaged in shipment or opened before I received it. Under penalty of law they want me to sign this form. I have told them repeatedly that I will not sign the form because it woud be lying to do so. They reiterated that this is company policy and that I would not receive a refund without
    signing the form. His parting shot was that this is a Today show special and could not be returned. I told him I wasn’t trying to return the item I had received. I don’t know why he brought up about returns. That was never part of the conversation. All I want is a refund for the items not received. “I am sorry Mrs. ….. we cannot refund your money if you don’t sign the form. This is company policy” is all they say. I can’t make them understand that I will not perjure myself by signing the form. Since this was a Today show deal I wonder if they can put any pressure on the company. I will continue to call them every afternoon until I receive satisfaction.

  32. melody Walker

    Like many of the complaints above, I am still waiting for my Allean Lyle watches. I also had my credit card charged for 8 watches that I ordered.
    I was hoping to use them for business gifts. I may have to go out and find something else while waiting for these to come. I called the company and just got voice mail.
    Yikes, I will not order anything else from Jill’s Steals and Deals.
    I also agree the the Today show needs to back their offered products.
    I am very frustrated.

  33. emily

    I also was charged for the Erica bags (2) and 6 weeks later have not received the items.

    I was charged double for the Pure throws.

    And I was charged almost 50% of the cost of the Baby Genius for shipping.

    There is nothing said about returning the productsduring the ordering process if you do not like them/think they are poor quality. This basically gives the companies the right to shaft us which it sounds like a good deal of them have.

    While I think that Jill’s deals are a good idea perhaps they should check the companies out before presenting them.

    I think that Jill and her staff should either VET the companies or suspend this segment.

  34. Rina

    I’ve just received the Adina Reyter necklace. It looks horrible. What’s called ‘diamonds’ are so worthless and looks like uneven dull shavings of glass, the silver has more shine than these so called diamonds.
    The silver is very thin and have blemish specks.
    I wouldn’t even go near it if it is in the store.
    It looks like the ones that get to be shown on the Today show were of different quality than the ones being sent out.

    Let’s sue Adina Reyter if we can not get our money back.

    • keven lindstrom

      I also ordered the Adina Reyter necklace and I 100% agree! I was going to give it to my girlfriend for Christmas but after recieving it it just looks like a piece of tin with tiny little bumps on it with NO DIAMONDS WHATSOEVER!!! So there is no way I could give this embarrassing piece of crap to her! I’m very upset and of course it says on the invoice that all sales from this “Jill’s Steals and Deals” are final! Ha! The only “Steal” was mine and other peoples money from falling for this SCAM!!!!

  35. Darla

    I have ordered 3 products, the Kennth Cole Mens Peacoat,Breeze Comfort Bra’s and Lola Bernard Handbags. My cr card was billed same day I placed my order. I have sent emails to each co. requesting information on the delivery dates and NO REPLY from any of the 3 companies. Hope this is not a scam!! These companies should reply to emails. Ticked in St. Louis, MO

  36. Tonya

    I order two sets of the Rockit Hair Care Distribution on November 29th, 2011.
    The money of 84.95 was immediatly taken out of my bank account .
    I have not heard a word from the company and promised it would be at my
    door within 2-3 weeks, we are now at three weeks!!!
    What is going on??!!!
    When I try to email the customer service – delivery failure notification

    • alicha

      Tonya….Im having the same issue. My Rockit Hair Care is still NOT here! Im nervous!

  37. Tonya

    Ad Apparel Group, I ordered two wallets they immediatly took out 37.95 out of my bank account and now unable to contact them to find out what is going on!! I looked at the webstite and it states “Most orders will not arrive by December 24th” What the heck, why do steals and deals and they can’t deliver on the merchandise!!

  38. Tonya

    Leila Jewerely
    I order my daughter a aries Neclace Silver for Christmas, still have not recieved any info from the company. Unable to contact them, but they sure did take out the money of 38.95 the same day that I ordered it!

    • Vicki

      I ordered 5 of these neckalces as gifts. How sad I wont have anything to give. How sad TODAY show continues to promote these deals like they are miracles and they are actual rip offs to the viewers 🙁 VERY SAD IN MANY WAYS

    • Gretchen Ewer

      I also ordered the leila horoscope necklace and have not received it yet, but they did say 2 to 3 weeks… so here’s hoping it will arrive either this week or next. Trying to stay positive.

      • Vicki


        LEILA Jewelry []

      • Vicki

        I just got this email from them: Thank you for your recent purchase! Orders for the Zodiac Pendants will start to ship on Wednesday Dec. 14th and continue thru Monday Dec. 19th via USPS Priority Mail (3 day). You will receive a shipping confirmation to the email address you provided at the time your order was placed once it has shipped.

        As stated at the time of order placement, backorders will not start to ship until Jan. 2nd.

        • Gretchen Ewer

          Thank you. I got the email too. Just received the Allen Lyle watches, maybe things are looking up. Happy holidays to all!

  39. Tonya

    World Class Knife Set- Ordered two set… I did get a message that the order was completed they gave me a tracking number, but when you enter the tracking number… No such number listed! They took the money out of my bank account same day!

  40. Tonya

    So, there you go!
    Leila Jewerly-World Class Knife Set-Rocket Hair Care Distribution-AD Apparel Group and Bhart & Harish Internatial!
    Steels and Deals total price taken out of my bank account $ 360.70! Merchandise received zero- Contact from company zero!!

    Don’t be ripped off, times are tough and we are all looking for a great bargin! But, just go to the store you are guaranteed to walk out with what you purchased!!

  41. Meewa

    Please update about the Rock Your Hair products. I, too, have been trying to reach them but the phone is out of order, the email bounces and the FB post goes without a reply. Any more ideas? I ordered 2 packages of these products but don’t know if I’ll have them to give as a Christmas present.

  42. sylvia mascarenhas

    I have the same complaint as everyone else about Allen Lyle watches. My order # 6741911650, place on Nov 15. These were supposed to be Christmas presents for my children.

  43. stacey

    I ordered a “Lola” Bag for a ‘steal’ at $65.00 PLUS tax. That was on November 29. They naturally took the money right out of my acct, and no matter where I go to check, there is NO info on when I might be receiving them. Worse yet, when I went to the Lola Handbag site a couple days later hoping to get some sort of confirmation, they were selling the same bags for $45 WITH shipping? WTH? I feel so scammed, whether it comes tomorrow, or two weeks from now.. I don’t know what I was thinking, and seeing HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE feel the same.. I agree, something MUST be done!! Any ideas folks?

  44. Meewa

    My Kenneth Cole coats came today. They had updated me with a delivery message. This was a great deal! Still looking for some info from Rock Your Hair products.

  45. Derrick

    Update on my Allen Lyle watches. They promised all order would be sbipped by the end of the week last week with a tra king number. On Saturday at 9 at night I received an email sayin it has sbipped and I will get it by Tuesday or Wednesday. but there was no tracking info i emailed back but big surprise no response and no produ t came. I called the numer everyday since and noone ever answered till yesterday afternoon. The girl was very nice and she said its going out today. she alzo gave me a tracking number. I explained that I got the email on Saturday and she said thats interesting but she didnt know anything about it and that my order was due to vo out today. I tried the tracking number but it is invalid as of today. I am still hoping it just hasn’t been processed into UPS yet and I’ll get it, but all we have gotten from Allen Lyle so far was LIES so I just don’t know. The girl I spoke to did say they were going out yesterday for me. Good luck to us all that we will get them in time. Someone from the toxay show should be on all their companies to make sure these things dont keep happeneing.

    • Derrick

      Sorry for the mispelling on my posts, but I’m doing it from my cell phone. I just tried the tracking number again and it is now magically in UPS due to be delivered today and was picked up in late yesterday in NJ. I live in CT and it will be here in one day. So they did ship it as the girl told me yesterday. Now lets hope its a quality product and that all the other orders go out for the rest of you. I would suggest calling the number given to me by Steve from Today until someone answers. The girl is nice and will give you a correct update if you give her your Transaction ID at the bottom of the receipt. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all.

  46. Jennifer Eldridge

    On November 29th, I ordered the Calvin sweaters and The Rockit Hair product. I have placed many orders through Jill’s steals and deals. I received email confirmation from the sweaters in my eamil but did not receive ant from Rockit Hair. No order #, nothing YET my credit card was charged on December 1st in the amount of $44.95. I have tried to contact the number listed on this site, which the mailbox is full as well as send an email BUT the email was indeliverable and rejected. I believe this product is a scam and I want an immediate credit to my card since it was presented by the Today show as a deal. No it is just a steal.

  47. D Budden

    Finally got a tracking number today from Allen Lyle watches. It took 4 emails and a threat of going to the BBB and the Attorney General. Delivery is SUPPOSE to be tomorrow so we will see. Wish me luck!!

  48. Melinda

    Still waiting to hear about my Calvin Klein sweaters I ordered on Nov 29. I know the e-mail said 2-3 weeks for shipping and its only been 2.5 weeks-but I thought this might be an “under-promise and over-deliver” case. This is ridiculous! Not hopeful that I will get this by Christmas, although, like everyone else, my CC was charged right away on the 29th. Needless to say, I will not be ordering from Jill’s Steals and Deals again.


      same thing has happed to me !


    I ordered the Calvin Klein sweater on Nov 29 from Steals & deals from A D Apparel, it is now 3 weeks later still no comfirmation on shipped date. Called today they do not have a CLUE if the order has been shipped or is going to be shipped. NBC Today Show should be responsible for the things they show. Does Jill get a KICK-BACK on these items. And of course my credit card has been charged, still NO SWEATER.

    • Kate McCormick

      I have the same problem. I want my sweaters that I ordered on the 29th. I have been charged for them. How do I go about getting my money back? How can this be legal? All of these posts about people who are getting their money stolen from them this holiday and the Today Show still continues to have this segment on their show. Can anyone give me any direction on where to go from here?

  50. D Budden

    Apparently threatening the BBB and the Attorney General works because my watch arrived yesterday and I only got the tracking number on the 14th. Seems like they shipped it pretty fast to me since I am on the West Coast and they are in New York. So, all of those who are waiting for your Allen Lyle watches take heart, they should come but if they don’t then raise holy heck until you get them. These companies are just so unprofessional it was not worth the stress. No more Jill’s Steals and Deals for me. I buy things on sale instead. Merry Christmas everyone!

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