*HOT* FREE Udi’s Gluten Free Foods Gift Bundle (1st 10,000 – Facebook!)

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Hurry on over to the Udi’s Gluten Free Foods Facebook page, “like” them, then scroll all the way down to send 3 friends a FREE Udi’s Gift Bundle ($15 value!). You’ll even get to choose the gift bundle, as you can see below. Hurry – only available to the first 10,000!

(Thanks, Free Stuff Times!)

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  1. Nandry

    Is it possible 2 get one of these for yourself?

    • Jennifer Pitts

      Yes. Have someone else give you one.

      • elizabeth

        I sent it to my husband’s account and then logged into his FB (shhhhhhhhhhh he doesn’t know I know his password!) and accepted it.

        • jody

          lol, that’s awesome πŸ™‚

  2. Toni

    would love to get this but the page is not loading. My daughter has celiac disease and has to eat gluten free foods

    • elizabeth

      Toni- email me you address (eas0720atyahoo.com) and I’ll mail you the coupons if they get sent to me- hopefully I got it in time. I don’t have celiac but my mom is mildly gluten intolerant and works with a LOT of celiac patients. I was going to pass the coupons over to her to give to her clients, but I’d happily send them to you if you’d like. Happy Holidays! PS- if you live near a Jason’s Deli (all over the country) they have a gluten free menu and serve Udi’s GF breads- great place for a family to eat out because even the GF peeps can enjoy a sandwich. I used to work for them- the staff is trained to handle the allergies propperly etc.

  3. Sheila watson

    This is exciting, so many of my friends have to easy gluten free…

  4. michelle

    Nothing shows up?!!!! Just a white page… oh well. Must be overloaded right now. :O

    • Alisha

      Same here πŸ™

    • Jesse

      same for me. I keep hitting “refresh” to no avail. Bummer- this one is a good one for us with celiac disease!

  5. Jennifer

    Mine isnt loading =(

  6. Danielle

    White page here too, hmmm.

    • kristen

      same here

  7. Laura

    Although free food is awesome, we don’t need gluten free, so I’ll pass! I know gluten free is expensive, so hopefully someone that really needs it will get it!

    • RWJ1018

      Agreed! Hopefully it will allow someone who really needs gluten free!

    • stephanie

      That is so nice of you. BEing someone with a gluten intolerance, it is nice to see others being considerate!

    • Tara

      Ditto! It’d be cool to try it, but not worth it for those who actually NEED gluten free stuff! πŸ™‚

  8. maura

    I have no friends on my list (made up account) i can send someone a gift bundle if you like

    • Sarah Gray

      I would love one! sarah gray on facebook. Thanks!

      • Sarah Gray

        i suppose there’s lots of sarah gray’s…from boise, id…I’m hugging my hubby on my profile pic….thanks, my austitic son does so much better when he eats gluten free!

        • maura

          Sarah, i tried soo hard and kept looking for your profile and couldn’t find it πŸ™ the only sarah gray i saw that lived in Idaho was some place called shelley

        • HI

          I would love to send you one sarah but I am having a hard time finding you………………………………….there are a ton of sarah gray’s. can you give any other info………………… i have one spot left on the friend list

          • Kelly

            If you would like to send me one Kelly peacock-Szlabonyi from buffalo, ny. My mother would love this and the page is not loading for me she has celiac disease. Thanks

            • HI

              I am sorry guys, I sent invites to all of you inga Foksha, sarah gray etc for friends and no one accepted yet so udi’s will not let me send anything until all three are in my list of friends to choose from. What am I missing. How is everyone doing it so fast.

    • Dana

      I’d love one Maura – and I have one left to send!

    • swirlpop

      Me too. It’s a “dummy” account just for couponing and I have no friends. Ha ha. I tried but it wouldn’t work.

    • shalini

      i posted the same comment. send me a friend request if you like.we can send the package to each other.

      shalini raina
      picture of a lion cub.

      • Kalia

        I will send one to you, please send one to me! Kalia Atchley, I have a picture of my dog on FB dressed up as Raggedy Ann.

        • shalini

          I can’t find you on search. if you want you can send me a friend request. I am still short one.

          • gail mercer

            I sent you one but sd you had already been sent a gift….will you send me one?
            Or somebody please?
            gail edwards mercer

            • shalini

              i did send you one. hope you got it.

    • wendi

      I’ll take one – Wendi Langstaff

    • Jennifer R.


      • Nandry

        I will also take one… Nandry Guffey πŸ˜€ thanks

    • Claudia

      send me one name Claudia Neptune

      • Kalia

        Claudia, I will send one if you send me one, please reply back so that I can know what to do!

        • shalini

          I can’t find you on search. if you want you can send me a friend request. I am still one short. will send one to you in return.

          • gail mercer

            sent you a request sd you already had one I should be in your file now

      • Randee

        Me please Randee Alford

        • Jaclynn

          I also have a dummy face book and do not have any friends if anyone could send me one so happy πŸ™‚ My name on there is Elizabeth Vance and the profile pic is of coke bottles

  9. tonja

    It must be gone because I cant figure out how to get it

  10. Kalia

    The page already seems to be having problems…hope I can send mine!

  11. shalini

    I don’t have 3 friends on my facebook acc. this acc is just for freebies. anyone wants to be my friend?

      • shalini

        i send you one if you send me one too! let me know if that works for you.

    • Annette

      My sister is on a gluten free diet and I would love to get some for her! Nateandneti Hawk is my facebook name. thanks! You are so considerate of others!

      • shalini

        can’t find you

        • Kelly

          Please if you would like to send my only I can’t get the page uploaded and my mother would love this. Kelly peacock-Szlabonyi. From buffalo, ny. Thanks

    • Karen Ramsay

      I sent my 3 out. If anyone has an extra one to send me I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  12. rae

    My facebook is “Rae Coupon” I sent my three to coupon buddies – but hopefully someone here will send me one?? The sweet bundle looks sooooo, well, SWEET.

  13. Adrienne B.

    clicked submit and told none of my gifts got sent. :/

    • Alisha

      Mine said some of my gifts weren’t sent but then posted the links that I sent them a gift on there page so I’m not sure if it worked or not?!?!?

  14. Danae

    After I select the people i want to send it to and the product….it says hit sent….i’m not seeing the “send” button. Anyone else having this problem? How do fix it?!

  15. Daisy

    I am Daisy Mathison its a pic of my daughter and I πŸ™‚

  16. Amy

    I was able to select item and friend and then site crashed πŸ™

  17. Sheila watson

    Can’t seem to figure this out so I can get the free goods

  18. Sarah

    Is this for the first 10,00 who accept, or the first 10,00 to get sent?

    • Thuy

      I think 10,000 who accept.

  19. carrie

    I had everything filled out but then the “send” button wouldn’t respond. Oh, well!

    • Holly

      Mine either! I’m kinda sick of these facebook deals….they never seem to work for me.

    • Inga

      i know that happened to me 2 times!!!

  20. shalini

    1 more friend required.

  21. Laura

    One of my very close friends has celiac disease and she and her hubby are really struggling financially. This would be great for her, but it won’t load!

  22. Suzie

    Ok, so I sent to my friends and I see the link on their pages. It looks like the first 10,000 people who fill out the app get the packages. So your friends have to be one of the first 10,000 to fill out the link form.

  23. Nicole

    I sent an invite to my hubby πŸ™‚

  24. Inga

    I got in 2 times, but it wont let me send!!! ugh

    • Thuy

      I sent it, but now my friend can’t accept b/c the page is blank!

      • Inga

        whaaat? really… ugh. 3rd time trying lol

  25. cdawnt

    blank screen! They’ll be all gone by the time their page comes back up.

  26. sarah

    The site is slow..But i am trying to get this for my sister who is gluten intolerant, so if anyone could send me one that would be awesome!!! My facebook name is Sarah Clayton

    • HI

      I can send you one……………..my facebook dummy name is Hi Jan and I sent you an invite. I think it will let me send you package once you accept the invite. I have one spot left. I hope you can get in before they are gone…………..

      • Inga

        hey can you send me one!

        • HI

          I have one spot left, its gonna have to be fast. whoever needs it please post your face book name.

          • Inga

            inga Foksha

          • shalini

            shalini raina
            pic of a lion cub

          • Inga

            thanks you!

          • Inga

            who did you get?

            • shalini

              not me. inga if you want to send me a one, i’ll send you one too!

  27. Megan

    Really hope I can get one. I have to be on a gluten free diet.

  28. Caroline

    I’d love one if anyone wants to send! Caroline Guntur Thanks!

  29. Rei

    sent it to my hubby and was finally able to complete it…I think

    • Erin

      Whoops! Wrong post. πŸ™‚

  30. Ashley57

    I sent mine to my friends, but its not on their fb page??

  31. Rebecca

    I sent one to my hubby on FB. I then logged into his account and clicked on the link. It came up as a blank page, BUT…..I kept hitting refresh for about 5 minutes and it finally went to the screen where I could enter the address information. Clicked on Send and it said they are processing the order. So don’t dismay, just keep hitting refresh on the FB page and you should be able to get it.

  32. Adrienne B.

    submitted address to accept gift, and it says thank you and processing…but then all these error things pop up saying fields not all filled in

  33. Holly

    Says i have already redeemed this offer, so maybe it went through….

  34. Inga

    eh im gonna stop trying. i dont think they sell this product here in MA

  35. Amber

    You have to send it to facebook friends. *NOTE…they have to have their settings set so that friends can post to their walls or it won’t send. Then they need click on the link on their facebook wall, allow the app and fill out the form. I was able to send one to my hubby, my mom and my mother-in-law :)….FYI Google Chrome works best.

  36. candi mitchum

    anyone who has an extra they can send to me i would greatly appercaite it. i have been restricted eating from raw veggies, dairy, gluten and greasy foods. And everything is so expensive. i live in jacksonville nc

    • Suzy

      I am sending you a friend request (Suzanne Duvall). Lets see if it works.

      • candi mitchum

        thanks so much i added you

  37. Kim

    Yeah I got one

  38. jac674@hotmail.com

    WOW–what a generous offer! Looks like I may be too late, but if anyone is able to send, I’d love one for my celiac daughter. My dummy facebook addy is jac.674@hotmail.com.
    Congrats to any who got in on this, and thanks for sharing, Collin!

    • Amanda

      Just friended you.

  39. Karin

    Got a link on my wall & clicked it, then just got a blank page. hit refresh but it says I already redeemed the offer which wasn’t true. so I guess I missed it. πŸ™

  40. shalini

    Any one wants one and can send me one too? my fb name is

    shalini raina
    pic of a lion cub


    • gail mercer

      Ok shalini I will my fb is Gail Edwards Mercer…thanks

      • shalini

        I sent you one!

    • axhilli

      I sent you the breakfast one

  41. Emily

    I got one and so did my mom and sister! Hopefully my friend will request hers before its too late. Yeah!

    • Amanda

      I friended you.

  42. MalibuBeachBum

    I sent the Sweet Snacks one to my hubby! Thanks!

  43. Sarah B.

    I keep getting a blank page. ): I wanted to send one to my boyfriend.

  44. Pinky

    I think it went through sent one to the hubby and all my gluten free friends.

  45. Julie

    womp womp, can’t get it to load to accept the gift

    • sarah

      Me neither! something about a domain thingy…

  46. Kathleen

    got one!! yay!

  47. gigglingkema

    please send gigglingkema (brooklyn, ny) one please someone

    • jaimie

      Trying to friend you (joeschmoe johnson on facebook) & would be happy to send you one.

      Also, I can send to one more friend if you’ll leave your facebook addy here.

  48. cdawnt

    I got one and my husband and father did too! Hope they will send my husband’s and mine, same address. Anyone know?

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