Old Navy SnapAppy App: Win FREE Jeans, Boots, Socks & More

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I just want to remind you all about the Old Navy FREE app that you can download to your Android, iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone. Just go to the app store on your device and search for Old Navy, then download this FREE app. Once downloaded, you will be able to get Old Navy SnapAppy! πŸ™‚

Just point your phone at an Old Navy logo to play the Old Navy SnapAppy game! I pulled up the Old Navy site on my MacBook, then put my iPhone over the Old Navy logo and “snapped”. I was then able to spin the wheel to try and win great prizes!

Reader, Brittany, just won a pair of Incrediboots! … And other readers have reported winning FREE jeans, boots, socks and more! Good Luck! πŸ˜€

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  1. Jessica

    What is “Snap Five”?? Does that just mean I won $5 off any purchase? TIA!!! πŸ™‚

    • ashley s

      yes! its $5 off any purchase with a very few limitations.

  2. kara

    Didn’t win anything today πŸ™

  3. Nikki Jones

    I know you can snap more than 1x daily but once you’ve snapped once and not won, will you just continue to get non-prizes and should just try again tomorrow?

    • Nikki Jones

      Well, looks like I’m all “Snapped Out.” I have an Iphone and Itouch going and have yet to win anything. I guess I’ll download it on my husband’s Iphone to see if I have any better luck.

    • Brittany

      I snapped about 3 times before I won… and then I got boots! I also tried it again today. I snapped all 10 times, and on my 5th snap, I got $15 off $75.

    • Ember carter

      I’ve been playing everyday for nearly a month on both my iPhone and my husbands android. I got snap ten and snap five several times but it wasn’t until last night that i finally got lucky. I won free jeans on my first spin a snap ten on my third a snap five on my sixth and free indeed I boots on my final spin. Keep at it and it will eventually pay off I promise!

      • Tamara M

        You’re so lucky! Mine makes me stop after I win anything…and even refuses to let me spin the next day sometimes, saying I’ve won all the surprises…in fact it’s doing that to me today. The only way I’ve found to fix it is to uninstall and reinstall, but then it erases what you won, so…anyone else know how to fix it? maybe force it to update itself?

  4. Crystal

    I got the tic tac toe game

  5. stacey

    I just won boots too!!!

  6. Candice

    I just won a pair of boots! Thank you sooooo much Colin!

  7. Michelle

    I just played a bunch (probably 10 times) before it said I was snapped out for the day. I won $10 off a purchase πŸ™‚ Thanks!

  8. am

    what do you win with the tic tac toe prize- i saved it but how do i retieve it and do i play the game to win something? help

    • Jennifer

      No it’s just a game that you can play. You don’t win anything from it.

  9. cheryl holden

    I just won incrediboots ~ thanks for reminder Colin, you’re the best!

  10. Kristen

    I just won $5 off a purchase πŸ™‚

  11. Christine b

    yahoo own boots!! thanks so much for the reminder : )

  12. Christine b

    oops typed too fast..won boots!

  13. Jaime

    I won $5.00 off a purchase. Thanks this is alot of fun!

  14. Emily

    Woo hoo! I won boots!

  15. rainbear251A

    I’m not able to get it. It says that too many people are snapping. πŸ™ Will try again later!

  16. Amy

    I got the boots!!! Woohoo! Thanks Colin

    • Amy

      I just went to Old Navy and got my free boots!!! Yipeeee!

  17. Kelly

    What are incerediboots? Are they any boots? Between 2 iPads and 2 iPhones I won 2 pairs of incredibOots and a pair of jeans, but I have no clue what the boots are! Help, lol!

    • Brittany

      Any pair of boots in the store!

    • ashley s

      Any pair of winter boots in the store- not any of the spring pairs.

  18. Laura

    I just got my iphone yesterday so I had to ask my hubby to help me, but I won $5! Thanks Collin!

  19. Brittney

    I can’t get it to work… every time I try to take a pic it says “Your request was unable to be handled at this time. Please try again”

  20. Katrina

    i won $10!

  21. lee

    I keep getting the “snap overload” message every time I try, no matter what time I try. Seems strange that their servers would be so consistently overloaded.

    • Jaime

      I kept getting it last night also. I tried again around 7am this morning and it worked for me. I was only able to play twice and then I started saying overload again.

  22. Melissa

    I won boots!

  23. Lori

    I am curious, are all the people winning on Iphones (or Isomethings)? Have any
    Andriod users won anything? Even in the app store, there are many reviews saying
    it is always overloaded.

    • Jaime

      I won $5.00 off a purchase on my husbands Android phone this morning. It only let me play twice before it started saying overloaded. Maybe try early tomorrow morning I did it around 7am.

      • Lindsay

        I won $10 off a purchase on my Android phone

    • Tamara M

      I have an android and it works (mostly) for me. I’ve won multiple times. When it first came out the android version didn’t work, hence the bad reviews, but they have done some updates and it’s mostly stable now.

  24. Sara

    I got $10, but after I’m snapped out, I can’t find how to get back to the main page to access my prize… Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Laura

      Same thing here. I don’t know what to do.

    • ashley s

      you can either click the go to styles button that pops up when you snap out and then click the surprises button at the bottom, or you can exit the app and reopen it. It will say you have X number of surprises expiring in X days, and give you a go to surprises button.

  25. ashley s

    My husband and I have been using this app daily for few weeks now. We have won free pants twice, free incrediboots twice, free cozy socks twice, $10 off any purchase 3 times, $25 off any purchase, $5 off any purchase 4 times, $5 off $25 twice, and $15 off $75 once.

    Everyone needs to download this app- its so worth it! Things expire in groups, so you can wait a bit before you run out to get your free stuff- you might get more the next day and the day after that. Yesterday I redeemed free cozy socks, free jeans, free incrediboots, $5, $10 and $15 off of $75 all in one trip πŸ™‚ Stocked the kids up for warm stuff while it was on on sale.

    • mary g.

      you have convinced me! i am going to download it now – thank you πŸ™‚

  26. Brittney

    What category are the boots and jeans under?

  27. Melissa Javier

    Between the 3 of us in my household that has an Iphone, we have one 4 boots, 4 jeans, 4 cozy socks, several $10.00 and $5.00 wins. My only problem is before I was told you will not need internet access to redeem the prizes, but once I get into the store, we are not able to access the wins on my son’s Itouch. Everytime I redeem a prize, the cashiers do not know what it is. I have to walk them thru the process.
    Overall, this is a great App. I am stocked up on jeans and have plenty of boots to last a long time!

  28. dirtkween@yahoo.com

    I am using the Droid Incredible 2 and I won absolutely nothing! Just like in Vegas :)!

    • Tamara M

      That’s funny! On the bright side, you didn’t lose your shirt :p

  29. Lori

    Well, good news, after giving it one last try before I gave up (cause all I ever got was
    the snap overload message) and guess what, it worked! I could do it all ten times,
    and I won $5 off! I will take it! Last time I was in the store, they had long sleeve
    thermals for my son for only $6. Will try again tomorrow πŸ™‚

  30. Hickshopper

    I won a free pair of jeans last night, the coupon said they expired on 12-31, so I picked them up today over my lunch hour! No specifications, and everything worked smoothly at the checkout! I’m so excited, I’m not one to win things, so was super pumped about a free pair of jeans! Thanks so much Collin!!!

  31. Kuma

    Can anyone explain how it works in store for ipod or tablets that cant go online?

    Should I click redeem now and copy the code or take a picture of the bar code? Or just like Tamara mentioned, the code saved in phone as long as you click SAVE? No wifi needed when the cashier click “Redeem Now”?
    Thank you!

    • Karen

      Just hit redeem now, a barcode shows up and take a picture of the screen ( top and home button) and the pic will be in ur pictures and show that to the cashier. They just need the barcode with he code on the bottom.

      I had to go to Barnes and noble to get free wifi and run back to old navy while tapping the screen so I wouldn’t lose the screen with the barcode, but I took a pic of it and it worked fine! πŸ™‚ got me some boots for Free with no tax!!!

      • Tamara M

        I would listen to her. I don’t have an Ipad, we have iphones and androids. I don’t know how different it is. (You need wifi to use apps on them?) I would feel bad if you listened to me and it was wrong :/

    • hickshopper

      I saved my redeem now button until I was ready to check out, it revealed a bar code for the cashier to scan.

  32. Sam

    I won on my iPad and Touch so what I did was took a screen cap of the “coupon” since I won’t be able to load it in store. Does anyone know if this will work alright with the cashier when I go to check out? Also can I redeem more than one free deal in the same transaction?

    • Karen

      did this today and yes it works!

  33. Mindie P.

    When I played, I got the TIC SNAP TOE and underneath it said jeans. Does that mean I won jeans, or is this just a game? Kind of confusing in my opinion.

    • Kuma

      I think someone mentioned earlier that you may win more than 1 prize at the same time, so I guess you won both the game and free jeans? NICE! =)

      • Mindie P.

        If that is right, how do I redeem for the jeans? I can’t find a code or coupon or anything. Help!

        • Tamara M

          I could be wrong, but my kid won a few tictactoe games and she said that when you play it they are different. One will be jeans vs leggings, one was sweaters vs coats..I think you just got the (jeans vs ?) game. I know that hers did not come with another prize. I think it’s 1 prize per spin, but you can spin 10 times a day.

          • Mindie P.

            Thanks Tamara. That makes sense.

    • hickshopper

      It sounds like it’s just a game. I won a pair of jeans, but it was totally seperate than the tic tac toe game. The free jeans was a pink box with a gift bag and a pair of jeans coming out of the bag in my surprises on my phone. I took my phone to the store and picked out my jeans and then pushed the redeem now button at the checkout and it revealed a barcode for the cashier to scan.

  34. Kelle Barbarisi

    I won a free pair of boots!!!! Thank you!!!!!!

  35. Whitney

    I won $5, and when I went into the store today, they’re having a big post-holiday sale. I got a shirt that’s originally $20 for 75% off ($4.97) completely free, no problem.
    I totally wish I’d known about this sooner!!
    Hopefully it doesn’t end too soon!

  36. Sheila

    I tried this last night and won a pair of jeans on my first spin! I went to the store today to redeem it and the cashier was totally clueless. He had the manager come over and she gladly acknowledged my code. πŸ™‚ Got one for 29.50 absolutely free! I’ll play again later. Btw, my hubby won $5 off last night too. Thanks Collin!

  37. Brenda Holland

    wish I had a smart phone, ya’ll have fun with it…I copied to my facebook for all to see…start apping

  38. laura

    can you take pics from the old navy website???

    • Melissa Javier

      Yes you can. That is what I do. I just use the logo on their facebook page.

  39. Kathy

    For some reason it gives me “surprises” but they just say silly things. I don’t understand!

    • Tamara M

      Those are just little cute things, consolation prizes or whatever. Just instead of winning nothing. You know Old Navy, always with the cute, kinda campy sayings and stuff.

      • Kathy

        Good to know! Thank u Tamara! But I don’t even see any prizes ON the spinner as an option?

        • Tamara M

          I don’t know all of them, but I know the jeans and the socks are the Pick A Pair one, the Droid logo is pink, a box with jeans coming out of them. (Yes, even the socks shows jeans, it confused me at first when I won the socks.) And I think the Goody Bag is another…then of course the Snap 5, 10, etc..I don’t recall what the boots logo looked like.

          Hope this helps. Keep in mind, I played for a few weeks before winning anything, except a few $5 off of $25, coupon type things, then suddenly won tons of stuff, so don’t give up on it.

          • Kathy

            Thank you Tamara! Super helpful!

  40. Heather Avilla

    This app does not work for me at all. Every time i snap a pic it either says it doesnt recognize the image or tells me server error, try again later :-\

  41. hickshopper

    Won $5 off a $25 purchase

  42. Mary Beth

    So, I won $10 off and used it yesterday, but it is still showing up on my phone. Can I redeem it again? Anyone else having this problem?

    • Eve

      I don’t think you can use it again. It is a unique code for one time use.

  43. Carolyn

    I just snapped the Old Navy logo and a picture of someones daughter standing next to a table came up.

    • Tamara M

      Wow, that’s just odd. Maybe you should reinstall. (My only guess is somehow it crossed into the customer styles thing. They have that part where you can submit fashion ‘style’ pictures to their site, and it’s in that app as well…)

      At least I hope that’s it…otherwise that’s just a little creepy.

  44. Carol S

    I feel discrimination here. Where is a game that includes using your computer? πŸ™ Not all of us are as fortunate as some to have all the new gadgets. Just saying…

    • Sarah

      Not everyone is fortunate enough to even have a computer, count your blessings not your problems.

  45. Jennifer

    Redeemed my free boots today. The first pair I picked didn’t qualify. It was the only ones in my size! then I found some in my size that qualified, but one boot was missing. UGH! So i settled for a pair 1 size too small πŸ™ Oh well. Free is free. Just was really looking forward to getting some boots

  46. Eve

    Incrediboots are those specific boots that look like mukluks and they are marked 75% off in store right now — not many left on the shelves. If you win, better hurry.

  47. Joy

    My husband and I have only played for 2 days and have won $5 off, $10 off, $5 off of $25 and $15 off of $75. Thank you Colin!

  48. Wendy

    I hit shop on my ipod and im stuck – I can’t get out of it. Any ideas?

  49. Bailey

    Is it me or the $5 and $10 codes can be used more than once….?! They are not unique like the boot codes

    • Joanne

      i wondered the same thing. my code was 05SNAPDEC and the girl didn’t delete it after but i did so now i can’t try it again and see if it works.

  50. Joanne

    thank you so much! i got a $5 code and used it yesterday to get free pj pants (marked down from $16 to $4 and change). the girl just rang in my purchase. typed in the code and then my pants were free! awesome! and she didn’t delete the code so i wondered if it can be used again?

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