$1 McDonald’s Valentine Pack = 12 Free Items

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If you want something different than the standard candy hearts or red hots to hand out on Valentine’s Day, consider a Valentine Friend Pack from McDonald’s. Each friend pack is $1 and contains 12 coupons for FREE items that can be used by kids ages 12 and under. Below is a list of the coupons included…

* FREE Apple Dippers (3 of these)
* FREE Apple Juice or Milk Jug (3 of these)
* FREE Small Cone (3 of these)
* FREE Hamburger (3 of these)

** One FREE item per certificate. Redeemable by children ages 12 or under. Coupons are valid 2/14/12 to 5/29/12. Limit one certificate per person per visit. Keep in mind that these coupon booklets are only available at participating McDonald’s locations, so you may want to contact your McDonald’s ahead of time to see if they are participating.

(Thanks, Queen Bee Coupons!)

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  1. Linda

    I bought a similar pack at Halloween and wished I would have bought several, they were great! I have two kids, so they can each redeem one coupon each time we go. If we go to get ice cream cones one time, using the free coupons, we’ve paid for the book and have extras for fun special treats.

  2. suzy

    anyone know which mcd in the NE atl area is carrying these?

  3. Victoria Archilla

    Really cute Valentine idea, Thanks 🙂

  4. Vikky

    Every time when i ask for those in MCDonalds they act like they don’t know what i am talking about. Should i call? I mean we don’t eat at MCDonalds, but for a treat and milk i would buy those and for kids to take as a goodies for Valentines Day to school would be great.

    • Ruth Sumner

      Me too, they don’t know what I’m talking g about

  5. Cassie

    I love that apples and milk are free options!

  6. GA Mommy

    I would love for someone to buy these and mail them to me! The MCD’s is 45 minutes from me and they don’t have these! I am willing to pay for them plus shipping! If so, please email me and I’ll send you $…steedley2007@hotmail.com

    • mary g.

      would they accept the Qs if they don’t sell the books? my mcdonalds doesn’t have them either and i am thinking about having a friend in different town send some to me, but i am not sure if my store will take them….

      • Melody

        I picked the Halloween ones in AZ on a trip and used them here in VA with no problem. If they are a corporate issue coupon, I think they will usually take them (as opposed to a local coupon).

      • amanda

        I bought these last year and they DID have specific locations listed on the back of them. I don’t know if that’s the same for this year or not.

    • Michele

      I’d be happy to – my neice works at McDonalds and is in high school. Our McDonalds runs a competition with the employees to see who can sell the most, she gets a paid day off and a nice bonus so I’m always trying to help her out. I know the coupons vary a little – like the apple dipper one is something just apple dippers or sometimes it offers a choice of apple dippers OR a small fry. If you or anyone else want some purchased and mailed to you let me know – Each sheet is 1.06. I purchased a bunch from her before Christmas and the ones I purchased then do not expire until 2013 so the expiration date varies. 🙂

      It would be nice to help her out to win again and help all my fellow “hip2save” followers! 🙂

      • Staci

        I would buy from her also and pay the shipping. My email is dads_ girl_32180@yahoo.com

      • saruess

        I would love to purchase four. You can e-mail me at saruess@gmail.com, thanks!

      • Lori Smalling

        I would love to purchase 4 also!!! Please email me at ladybug7718@yahoo.com. Thanks!

      • julie

        as long as there is no issues on where you can use them at I want 20 please email me at mrsjmward@yahoo.com…..

      • Damon

        My son has 25 kids in his class. I would love 25 if possible!! Damon.reno@gmail.com

      • Laura

        I would love to get 10, please, as long as I can use them anywhere 🙂 Thank you!!!
        Please email me at laura15@cox.net

      • Mandy

        I would love to purchase 65, I have 3 boys in school and would like to give each of their friends one for Valentines. Thank you so much! Please email me at mrsphan@yahoo.com

      • Heaven

        Michele, I’d love to buy 6. Please email me at heaventhepope@gmail.com if you’re still interested in selling on behalf of your niece!

      • dianne

        i would love to purchase 10 i have 2 kids and 8 niece.. please email me @ dianne160914@yahoo.com.. thank you so much

      • Susan

        I would love to buy also. Can you check them to make sure they are valid in California (CA)? Thanks!!

        • Ashley

          I would like to purchase 5 ! I’d be happy to pay via paypal. please email me at ashleylheinl@gmail.com Thanks in advance (:

      • Rebecca Webb

        I would love to purchase 7 of these from you as long as you think I can use them in Utah. If you are willing please email me at rafjwebb@hotmail.com. I would be happy to pay shipping costs too. Thanks a ton! Rebecca Webb

        • Jenna

          Can you please tell me what the expiration is on these please? I know different regions have different dates sometimes… thanks in advance. freeforall1122@aol.com

      • Rebecca Webb

        Hi Michelle, I just read your additional comments below. My McDonald’s has no clue about the coupons. I have read comments from other blogs by people saying that they are not accepted by a lot of McDonalds, so to save you the time of having to contact me, I will get back to you if I can verify a Utah McDonalds will accept them. Thanks for being willing to do this! I hope your neice wins! Rebecca

        • Becky F

          did you verify Utah ? 🙂

      • mary g.

        michelle! you rock!! i would love to get 10 from your niece – if possible. my email addy is croaker1669@sio.midco.net and i will gladly pay you for S&H….thank you!! mary

        • mary g.

          just read your comment about wanting the paypal email (VERY smart, btw!) so you can use mgrandi76@yahoo.com instead of the one i listed right above this comment. and to clarify, i would like 10 “packs”. thanks again!!!

      • Sarah Hansen

        I would love to purchase four. You can e-mail me at s(dot)musaitif@gmail(dot)com, thanks!

        • Regina

          I would love to purchase some of these too. You can email me at regi423@bellsouth.net. Thanks a bunch!

      • Linda V

        I would love 20 of them. You can email me at lindaevera@yahoo.com. I contacted several Mcdonalds in Utah and they said they will accept them, they are just not selling them. Thanks

        • Becky F

          thanks for verifying utah 🙂

      • Missy Lewis

        I would love 25 if they are good in IL. Do you know the expiration date? My email is Brocksmom98@hotmail.com Thanks!! My kids will be so happy. Let me know what the total is and I will be glad to pay for shipping

      • Sheri

        Hi, Michele. I hope you can still get some. I would like to have 20. Thanks for helping all of your fellow couponers. My email is shelynmoc@yahoo.com. Thanks a bunch!

      • LaDawn Riggs

        I would love to buy a bunch of these. Im thinking about 20 coupon packs. please let me know if you can get them, Thankyou

        • Michele

          Yes I can get these and have been sending them out to those who have sent requests – if you sent me a request and I have not responded I may have missed your email so please send another. If these are not available for purchase in your area and you would like me to purchase some for you and mail please send the following to me at shell2662@aol.com:
          1 – number of sheets you want
          2 – you paypal email address
          3 – your shipping address


      • Mai Van

        Hi Michele,
        Will these coupon work in TN? If so, could you please order 30 sheets for me?
        My email is tttmvan@yahoo.com
        Thank you.

      • loretta

        I would buy 50 of these books call me at 6415043490 i live in iowa. I can pay via paypal. Thanks Loretta

  7. Durinda Wilkinson

    wish they had them arounf here!
    they used to but they stopped. Don’t they realize they MAKE money from them because u can’t just stop & buy one little item!

    • Laura Ellison

      I buy just one item all of the time!!! The kids interchange between who gets the one item each time we go! 🙂 They share the one item and using up the free Halloween coupons, it went really far! 🙂

  8. Laura

    Love the idea… But dont understand the age restriction… Isnt a cheeseburger a cheeseburger no matter who eats it?

    • swirlypop

      I agree about age restriction. Weird. I have 2 teenagers who stop at mcdonalds almost daily on their trip from school. Would make a nice addition to their valentines.

    • mommyspendsless

      It’s an easy way to require a second paying customer since kids under 12 can’t drive themselves to McDonald’s. My guess is that they’re hoping mom or dad will decide to go ahead and get a combo while they’re there and the free apple dippers will turn into a $20 order when the whole family ends up getting lunch.

      That being said, it may have been a little more fair to offer them as “free with any purchase” and leave off the age restrictions.

  9. Paulette

    In case anyone lives in Tx..There is none in Midlothian,Mansfield, or Waxahachie Texas…Figures 🙁

  10. Valerie

    I just called 3 locations in Connecticut. One is getting them, but not until next week. I wrote to corporate on their website asking if they could advertise which McD locations would be promoting the $1 Valentine Books. Let’s see what happens.

    • jc

      i called corporate and the lady said they do not know which locations are promoting the $1 Valentine Books because this promotion is voluntary so it’s up to the owner.

  11. Vikky

    If smb from Chicagoland would find some, please let me know where they sell those coupons. Thank you!

    • Melody

      Can I please get 10 books?.. Thanks in advance 🙂 my email is melodyt2011@yahoo.com. I would gladly pay S&H 🙂

  12. Michele

    I’d be happy to purchase these for anyone who needs them – my neice works at McDonalds and is in high school. Our McDonalds runs a competition with the employees to see who can sell the most, she gets a paid day off and a nice bonus so I’m always trying to help her out. I know the coupons vary a little – like the apple dipper one is something just apple dippers or sometimes it offers a choice of apple dippers OR a small fry. If you or anyone else want some purchased and mailed to you let me know – Each sheet is 1.06. I purchased a bunch from her before Christmas and the ones I purchased then do not expire until 2013 so the expiration date varies. 🙂

    It would be nice to help her out to win again and help all my fellow “hip2save”
    followers! 🙂 My cost would be 1.06 (state sales tax), plus postage. I know in some areas these sell for more than 1.00. I bought 10 of them from her before Christmas.

    FYI – you can use these regardless of age – tell them you have a kid at home or whatever. I asked my specifically about this and they don’t care at least not where I live. I am a single mom with a high school senior and a 20 yr old son – they use them, my parents use them and I use them – I love the apple dippers and the milk; its a cheap, quick healthy snack and I normally get 2 apple dippers at a time so I can keep one for when I’m not near McDonalds.

    I doubt most are so particular they are going to say no because you don’t have a kid under 12 trust me – I had the same concerns. 🙂

    • dianne

      love to purchase 10.. my email is dianne160914@yahoo.com… thank you so much your helping a lot of hip2save reader..

    • Sam

      Hi Michele,

      I’d like 10 of them too please, hope it is not too much trouble for you. My e-mial id: nswats@hotmail.com
      Thanks so much!

    • Pam

      I’d do 20 as long as they’re good in il. Pls email me parado97@yahoo.com

      • Janet

        If they are good in ID, I’ll do 10 booklets. My email is janetcox @ gmail.com (no spaces)
        Thank you!

    • LaDawn Riggs

      Hello, I would like to buy 20 coupon packs. Please let me know if you can get them for me. I live in MO.

  13. Michele

    FYI – there are different books out – with different expiration dates, you might just has if they have the 1.00 winter saving book or a 1.00 book similar to the Valentine’s book – these are carried most of the year under different names depending on the season/holiday.

  14. Roger

    None of the restaurants in Wilmington, NC are getting them.

  15. Amy

    Anyone know if they are sold in Wisconsin?

  16. K

    Anyone know of any in Minnesota? Last time I saw this I couldn’t find any. I wish Corporate would put out a list of who has these….

  17. Chlyde

    Can anyone use these coupons even though they say for kids 12 and under?

  18. Kristi

    I called the local McDonalds in Albany, NY and was told they were going to be coming out on the 27th! I’m glad they knew what I was talking about because I called two others and they had no clue about the booklets.

  19. Lesley

    All 3 McD near me (Tampa, FL) said they didn’t have them and they didn’t know if they were getting them. I bought the winter and spring books from one location. I would guess they will be getting them soon.

  20. neysha

    Michele I would love this if you can email me we have 9 kids 15 and under so this would be a great savings for our family. barefootmomy@yahoo.com

  21. tacomesa

    It is $1.99+ tax at the following location

    EL CAJON CA 92020-1818

    • Laura

      Hey neighbor, I just called them, too! They seem to be the only place around here who carry them.

  22. julie

    I was just told here in pensacola that the gulf breeze store is expecting their shippment of them any day…Cinday said they are on an auto shippment….so whoot whoot…yes I will be having the husband stop by…lol

  23. Amanda Henry

    Just a heads up, I just got back from purchasing some Valentine booklets at my McDonalds in central Indiana, and the cost is $1.79 per booklet. Another McDonalds that is in my same town is selling them for $2.00. When I asked about the price going up from $1.00, they basically said it’s about making money and undercutting the other McDonalds. I just wanted to make everyone aware that they might not be just $1.00 at your McDonalds:-(!!!

    Also, in regards to the number of coupons you can use and the age restrictions. All of the McDonalds around here say that I can use as many coupons as I have people with me in the restaurant/van, and yes, sometimes they ask. (I actually had someone recently lean out of the drive-up window and look into my van:-) I have also had them ask the ages of the kids before, not often, but I have had them question. It sounds like it depends on what McDonalds and who is working that day.

  24. joy

    I went to the local McDonalds in Downers Grove, Illinois this afternoon. The manager told me that they would not start to offer them for sale until February 1st…I will try another location tomorrow but was disappointed

  25. Angela

    I would love 15 please email me we have four kiddos and that would be great! chrissgirl23@hotmail.com

  26. Dee

    I called numerous McDonalds in the Des Moines Iowa area and none of them had even heard about it…Very frustrating! I know a lady who called corporate and they said they didn’t even know who all was doing it. That there was no list. Possibly only select individual McDonalds. (Maybe the independently owned ones) If someone gets an update and hears of any selling them in Des Moines area in the next week or so please update and post which ones. Thanks!!!!

  27. Michele

    For those of you that would like for me to purchase these and mail them its not a problem (as long as they do not sell out of them – LOL) I’ve had a LOT of requests. I’m going to go tomorrow and buy a pack of 10 and weigh them so I can let you know what shipping will be.

    I am asking that you pay me through PayPal for your security and mine. Please send me the email I should use for your PayPal account. When I ship unless it is standard first class postage I will include a tracking number; its an extra .20 but I have found it to be well worth it.

    Please let me know when you email me how many SHEETS of these you want. Remember there are 12 coupons per pack – I need to know how many PACKS you want. Thanks!

    My neice was estatic when I told her I was coming in to buy a BUNCH – she tried to get me to buy more for myself but after buying 20+ around Christmas I didn’t really need more but I’m happy to help all of you out. 🙂

    • Ginger

      Hi Michele,
      Thank you SO much for helping us all out with this. I would like 5 please. harveygm01@yahoo.com

      • Ginger

        I haven’t heard from you, so I imagine the supply ran out? I was lucky enough to find some in Fredericksburg, VA, which is great! Good luck to your niece with her contest and if more should become available I am no longer interested.

    • Em

      I verfied with the Mcd’s in my area, they don’t sell it. But, I can redeem the coupons with no problem. I would like to have 15, please. my paypal email is greentea800@aol.com

  28. Michele

    FYI – I cannot verify if these will be good at the McDonalds locations near you; I would guess they should be as they are issued by McDonalds corporations but better to be safe than sorry please call your local McDonalds where you plan to use these and verify that they will accept them.

    • Susan

      You are awesome. When you get them tomorrow, can you post what states they ARE/ARE NOT valid in? I’m in California and I work in a special ed. classroom and the kids would LOVE a treat like this. Thanks!

  29. mary g.

    These books are NOT available in Sioux Falls, SD. I did call one of the stores and the manager on duty confirmed that they will redeem them, tho 🙂 Also, a classmate from HS is a general manager for McD near Mexia, TX and they don’t have them there either….

  30. joan look

    Does anyone know when the Halloween ones expire? My booklet doesn’t have an expire date on them.

  31. Stacy Dorshorst- Morris

    I would love to buy 20 of these from someone, I don’t have any mcdonalds here in wisconsin in my area too!! let me know if anyone can help?? smorris007@centurytel.net

  32. kay

    i would be greatful if you could get me 10 of them… please e-mail at ..

    blessingd, k

  33. yolanda

    Has anyone found them in Raleigh NC?

    • Jami

      I have called around to over a dozen locations around Raleigh and they all have no idea what I am talking about.

    • nwheeler

      I’ve called to several in the Raleigh area with no luck as well. If you find them please let us know.

  34. Victoria

    These are awesome. We buy 24 booklets each Halloween and Valentines Day as the kids can use them whenever. Our McDonalds allows me to use one coupon for each child whenever I come through the drive thru. You need to verify that your McDonald’s will take these, as the coupons are regional. I saw some on Ebay once that were different and when I called my McDonalds they told me they didn’t accept those particular ones. If you can get & use these at your locations-I highly recommend!! The value is HUGE!!!

  35. Michele

    Fellow Couponers – I have purchased FIVE of these so that I would have them AND be able to weigh them to get an idea of shipping.
    The postage for five of these depending on your zip code seems to be about 2.00 this INCLUDES a tracking number for delivery – I will charge you only for what it costs me, I’m not even charging supplies!

    I can also tell you the specifics on the coupons:
    Coupons are valid 2/14/12 – 5/29/12
    3 Free Apple Slices
    3 Free Small Cones
    3 Free Apple Juice OR White Milk
    3 Free Hamburgers

    IF you want these I need the following from you:
    1) number of SHEETS you want to purchase
    2) your paypal email so that I can bill you through paypal
    3) your mailing address

    NOTE – I CANNOT verifiy if these are accepted at your local restaurant that is up to you! I am only doing this as a favor and I had a much larger response than expected so please understand that I’m just purchasing these and taking my time to mail.

    If I have have ALL of this information I will send you a request for payment through PayPal – I plan to make purchases tomorrow afternoon and Thursday – so if you have made payment that has cleared I will have your certificates mailed out Thursday or Friday. If your payment has not cleared by Thursday it will probably be Monday before I get another batch sent out.

    • Heaven

      Hi Michele,
      I would like to purchase 7 sheets.
      My paypal email is heaventhepope@gmail.com
      My zip code is 85719 if you want to calculate shipping.. when you send me a paypal request you’ll see my full address, I don’t want to post it here in the open comments 🙂

      • Charlotte

        Hi Michele,

        I just sent you an email with all the info.

        Many many thanks that you’re doing this for all of us 🙂

    • Sharyn Lambert

      I would love to get some of the booklets too. I live in the Ft. Lauderdale area and they don’t have any idea what the coupons are. I was in Palm Beach this morning, and they give me a blank stare when I asked about them. I would like 10 booklets. Thank You! Sharyn 2monsterz@comcast.net

    • Missy Lewis

      I would like 20 of the books please. My payapal address is Brocksmom98@hotmail.com. My zipcode is 62837 to figure shipping. I really appreciate this. You sould have my full address when I pay with paypal. If not please let me know. Thanks!!

  36. Victoria

    FYI to anyone interested in these coupon booklets….Local McDonald’s in my area also sells these for $1.00+tax. I know from experience these booklets sell out super fast so if anyone wants any but can no longer get them from another source, I would be willing to buy & ship with payment via Paypal to help anyone out with this fantastic deal. I sell on Ebay and have 100% positive feedback so I am a trusted source if you need one. Badbandit4 on Ebay.

  37. JD mom of 3

    I was told at our local Mc D that the coupon books don’t expire even though they have a date. I buy a ton at Halloween and Valentine’s day every year. We keep them in the car for good kid treats.

  38. Michele

    I put an update about these on facebook.
    If you want me to purchase these please email me DIRECTLY at shell2662@aol.com.
    I need the following information
    1 – number of sheets you want
    2 – your paypal email
    3 – your mailing address

    If I have sent you a request for money and you have paid they are shipping today. I try to ship within 1-2 days of receiving payment. If I requested money and you changed your mind please tell me so that I can cancel the request on my PayPal account.

    FYI – the sheets I purchased last night are only showing they are valid started 2/14/12 they do not show an expiration date. I’m not sure why but I’m hoping the rest I purchase will be this way – I CANNOT guarantee they will be like this, I have no control over this. I will attempt to get the ones without expiration dates if possible.

    Remember I am doing this as a favor I am not making money and it does take time. Please do not ask me if they are accepted at your local McDonalds you need to find that out.

    Also, shipping truly varies by where you live – it seems that 5 or 10 sheets; an AVERAGE price is about 2.00 for 5 and about 3.00 for 10. This is total fees as PayPal does charge me per transaction. It also includes tracking and delivery confirmation.

  39. LaDawn Riggs

    I have called 5 locations in st louis and non of them sell them, does anyone know if there are any locations in MO, around Florissant or even St charles , St Peters ?

  40. Jodi

    I live in manteca , california and i have called several mcdonalds for the valentine kids pack coupon book , any ideas where they are sold here ? No help with emailing mcdonalds either

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Bummer! It does seem the new coupon booklet availability may vary by area. Hoping they might still pop up at a location near you soon! 🤞❤️

  41. Debra Miller

    Is there way to see which locations are participating???

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Debra! It seems it varies by location. You could always call in to yours before heading out to be sure. https://hip2save.com/deals/mcdonalds-coupons/ Hoping you can snag one! 🤞💞

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