Scorching *HOT* KitchenAid Professional 6-Qt Mixer Only $195.99 Shipped (Reg. $499.99!)

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(Note – Fire Not Included πŸ˜‰ )

Wowie!!  If you’ve been waiting to snag a deal on a KitchenAid mixer, you definitely won’t want to miss this smokin’ *HOT* deal!  Currently, Amazon has this KitchenAid Professional 600 Series 6-Quart Stand Mixer in Silver priced at just $259.99 (reg. $499.99) + FREE shipping.

And if that isn’t sweet enough, you can also submit for the $40 mail-in rebate + FREE subscription to either Travel + Leisure or Food & Win Magazine found here!  However, if you would rather not receive the magazine subscription, you can choose to request a $24 refund! Requests must be postmarked no later than 4/24/12.  That means you can snag this mixer for as low as ONLY $195.99 shipped to your door after all rebates and discounts.  That’s the lowest price I’ve seen for the large 6 quart mixer!

Please note that the fine print on the rebate states that purchases must be made at an authorized Kitchenaid retailer. I called the 1-888-474-2457 Customer Service number and did receive confirmation that Amazon is considered an authorized KitchenAid retailer as long as you are not bidding on a specific item. Also, please note that the KP26M1PSL model number may not be listed in the exact way on the rebate form, but I received confirmation from their Customer Service that this model does qualifies for the rebate. Wow! πŸ˜€

**You’ll definitely want to hurry to snag this deal if you’re interested, as I’m guessing it won’t last long!

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  1. Mary Becerra-Parrish

    Great Deal but I do not like to use the 600 with the lifting of the bowl I had no idea what a huge difference being about to lift the head versus just the bowl.. Good Price though

    • jackie

      funny, I am a bowl-lift only snob!! (I never used to care but my husband converted me). πŸ™‚

      • Cortney Van Weerdhuizen

        Ok I am in the market for one of these…can you ladies please explain what you are talking about.. lifting bowl or lifting the head? Please explain the pros and cons! Thanks so much!!!

        • lj

          The smaller models, the motor part or “head” of the mixer is like on a hinge. It flips back. The large model has a handle on the side that “cranks”, raising the bowl up so the beater fits in the bowl. I have this model and love it! I don’t think it would matter to me which method, I just needed the large one. I do a LOT of baking and this model will mix up to 14 cups of flour with no problem. (just did it last week when I made cinnamon rolls) Also the 6 qt bowl is awesome, compared to the 5 qt. If you won’t be doing big batches of cookies, or bread, or mashed potatoes, etc, the smaller mixer is probably ok. I have a smaller hand mixer I use for small batches.

        • Toni

          I’ve had this mixer for about 6 years and I LOVE IT! I guess I’m a bowl lift snob too πŸ˜‰

        • Marns

          Note, this one is much more powerful. If you like to use the attachments (pasta maker) and make heavy dough often, then this one is better for you. The artisan has 325 watts of power and this one has 575 watts!! Funny thing, when I saw the post for the artisan a few days ago I checked this one and bought one of these instead! It arrives tomorrow. πŸ™‚ Thanks Hip 2 Save!!

          • jackie

            totally agree. this thing could probably mix cement. My husband does a lot of our cooking and therefore all our appliances have good “Engines” (eg we have a food processor that could probably grind a cow and a blender that can chop a BLOCK of ice).

        • Pip

          If you are looking for a great stand mixer I suggest checking out the Viking Series of Mixers too. I have used Kitchen Aid and Viking and much prefer the Viking (I have the Viking Professional 5qt mixer). If you go to the Viking website you can watch a demo on their stand mixers:

  2. Amy

    Lol I LOVE the fire!!!! And the deal is great too….if only I could afford it!

  3. Amber

    this is a heck of a deal since my father in law bought one for my Mother in law for Christmas and paid $400 on clearance at best buy.. it was originally $699!!!!! This is an awesome deal!

  4. Ashley57

    I love the fire!!!! You are awesome Collin! I have a sunbeam stand mixer…maybe not as awesome as a Kitchenaid, but my mom got it at a garage sale for $10. Maybe someday I will upgrade. πŸ™‚

  5. Tammy

    Collin, I don’t think this model is eligible for the rebate.

    • Tammy

      Oops never mind πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Tammy,
      I called the Customer Service number and the rep told me that this exact model may not be listed on the form, but it is a newly added model that is eligible for the rebate. I highly suggest calling the number and getting the reps name/number if you’re in doubt! Hope that helps!

  6. Jenny

    Great deal if I had $200 laying around……=D

    • shannon

      i agree. i wish so badly that i could afford this. i have one that i got at walmart, i can’t even remember the brand. it was like 90.00 and it is a year old and it won’t spin by itself anymore -.-

  7. Cecy Jimenez

    booo!! I just bought the one from last week!! lol, either way, I’m getting a KA!! whoo

    • Janice, Maui Coupon Network

      I got the one from the week also. I don’t feel too because because I’m loving the Platinum color over this Silver one. That’s how I’m justifying myself on the price difference anyway, hehe.

  8. G

    I got this mixer at almost the same deal on Cyber Monday… I never received the $24 from the magazine but I am not complaining! All of my Christmas baking was a BREEZE with this!!!! Love it!!!

    • jackie

      I got mine as a wedding gift. We made 12 dozen cookies in one go with this baby. Also made bread baking enjoyable instead of a marathon workout. It is possible that I love this mixer like a family member.

    • Ashlee

      I also purchased the Cyber Monday deal. I sent in for my $24 rebate from the magazine subscription and haven’t received it yet either. Does anyone know anything about this? Has anyone received their rebate that purchased the one back in November?

      • plantoprepare

        I haven’t gotten my magazine rebate yet either. Guess I will have to dig out my copies and start calling too!

    • lj

      I did the same deal on cyber monday. I got my KA rebate, but not the magazine rebate. I kept calling them, and faxing my rebate info (If you submit for either of these rebates, I highly recommend keeping copies of ALL info you send them!! You will probably need it) The last time (my 3rd) I called Time customer service about the magazine rebate, she told me that they received more requests than they expected and are several months behind. She said if I didn’t receive anything by the end of April, to try back. (I think she thinks I’ll forget. I won’t, because that 24.00 is half a tank a gas lol) πŸ™‚

  9. Leisa

    Want want want

  10. Shelly

    i guess i’m a little lost…how does the price get down to 195-? Even after the $40 rebate, it totals 219-…will someone help explain?
    On another note, i called my local Kohls & they will price match the Amazon price (as long as you can print it out). This is great if you have coupons &/or Kohls cahs πŸ™‚

    • Nickie

      If you choose not to get the magazine subscription, you get another $24 back.

      • Shelly

        OK, OK, now I follow!! HAHA, thanks πŸ™‚

        Do you know if you would be able to get the $40 rebate plus the $24 magazine refund if it’s purchased from Kohls??

    • Marcy

      Shelly, If I follow your post correctly, just have to print the info for price and model and they will match it? Wow! At least with Kohl’s I have a Kohl’s card. And there is no waiting to get it….now just to convince hubby its a good idea!! lol

      • meghan

        Just a heads up…I called 2 Kohls in my area and they said that they will not price match Amazon. Just want to make sure you call before you head there!

        • Shelly

          Yes, do call. Mine told me they would though. I’m in Dothan, AL

        • Cat Hunter

          I wanted to let you know that I verified that my local Kohl’s WILL do a price match on this too. Plus..I can use a 20% off coupon. With the coupon and rebate it will take the price down to $168.00 and then possibly a $24 refund but we shall see if we receive it. AMAZING! Thanks Collin!

          • Melissa

            Wow! Would they price match the magazine rebate too though? Or just the cash refund? Either way, that’s great that they price match AND do the coupon!

        • Robin

          Kohl’s website says they will match competitors prices as long as you bring a copy of the ad with the date on it to the store. I would print it out and take it to your store!

          • Tiara Draisey

            Wow…I need to call the nearest Kohls! How did you get the 20% off?

  11. Nickie

    I just bought this same exact mixer on Thursday!! Sweet! It’s supposed to arrive today! πŸ˜€ Even happier that I get it for cheaper!

    • Marcy

      Nickie, where did you get it for less? and can I ask how much?

      • Nickie

        I bought the same exact mixer listed. I’m just saying that with the rebates Collin posted, it will be cheaper. The husband was very happy when I told him I can possibly get $64 back! Ah ha.

        • Marns

          Me too!!!
          Mine comes tomorrow

          • Nickie

            Nice! I JUST got it (I’m last on my delivery guy’s route) and my kids danced around asking me to make cookies. Bwahahaha! I’ll probably find any excuse to use this for the next week. πŸ˜€

  12. MelB

    How do we fill out the rebate form if the model isn’t listed on it?

  13. Wendi

    I sooooo want one of these, but just can’t bring myself to pay that much for a mixer…..

    • Angel

      I know how you feel, but I can honestly say that we love our KA! We have the smaller one and have used it for over 16 years without problems. And it was a refurbished model when we bought it. And we use the heck out of it! My hubby loves to bake! If you take the $195 over 16 years that is just 12.25 a year not too bad that way!

    • nancy

      i tell myself that its not only a mixer but also a ice cream maker, pasta roller and cutter, ravioli maker, fruit and veg grinder and strainer, juicer, ice bath, food grinder, slicer, and sausage slicer. LOL

  14. melanie

    I did this deal on Amazon last Christmas and DID receive the rebate. So, no worries about that.

  15. Nik

    I got the Artesian during the Kohls deal at Thanksgiving.
    Never reeived the magazine rebate.

  16. Jen Snyder

    DANG girl! You definitely do find the best deals around! I just bought a Pro 6 literally 3 weeks ago because I thought I had found the best deal…and I paid $270. I can’t stand finding out that I could have gotten a better deal and saved and additional $75! I bought mine from and they price match, so if you are worried about ordering from amazon, you could always use that option. Keep the great deals coming!! πŸ™‚

    • Nickie

      You can still get the rebate! It says on the form that it had to be purchased between January 1st and March 24th.

  17. Whitney Harding

    I cant see figure out where to find the form to submit the rebate for the magazine, the only thing I can see on the Kitchenaid rebate form is that if you dont select one they will automatically send you one, I dont see anywhere that you can opt out. Please help!

    • Salli

      It was on the bottom right of the form when I downloaded it from the KA site. It has to be postmarked by 4/24.

  18. Sara

    I just ordered one and am so excited! I got a 4.5 quart one for Christmas and use it all the time. I like to make double and triple batches of things to freeze so this six quart one will be awesome! I’m hoping I can sell the 4.5 quart one on Craigslist.

  19. Jennifer W

    Price dropped again to $257.95! Only a couple dollars, but still…

  20. Rachael

    I just called two in my area and they both said that it was against Kohl’s policy to take a print ad from a computer and that it had to be from a local store. Poop on them!!!

  21. Brandi

    THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!! (for posting this deal!!!!) or steal? I have wanted one of these for SO LONG! My husband told me to order it earlier when you posted the deal and I didn’t. I just don’t like to spend $$$$ on myself. Tonight he told me again to go ahead and order it because he knows I really have been dying for one. I just ordered it πŸ™ squeeeee!!!!!! I also ordered the red cover for $21 and free shipping with Amazon Prime. This is my Mothers Day gift. My husband bought me the Sunbeam Mixmaster a couple of years ago and said if I really did like a stand mixer we would upgrade. I really appreciate you posting this, you have NO IDEA! I love to watch the Pioneer Woman show and have been using her website for a couple of years and am always so jealous when she uses her KA mixer! lol

    • Brandi

      That was supposed to be a happy face!

    • Kim

      Thank you so much for mentioning the red cover! I wanted to hold out until a red mixer went on sale, but didn’t think I’d ever see a deal like this again. I’ve been dying for a KA mixer for years also, and my husband convinced me to buy it as a birthday gift for me. I can’t wait….I cook for seven people and this will definitely make it a lot easier.

      Thanks Collin, I love Hip 2 Save!!!

      • Brandi

        You’re welcome Kim! I hope you love it! My mixer is scheduled to arrive tomorrow. I can’t wait!

  22. Ruth

    Just got back from Kohl’s and they didn’t honor the computer print ad from Amazon… Anyone have any luck at Kohl’s??

    • Cat Hunter

      I did get mine at Kohl’s tonight and it was no problem to price match and I used a 20% off coupon. Total with tax was $222.00. Then a rebate printed automatically with the Kohl’s receipt too. Hope everyone has the same luck. I live by Valpo ININ

      • t draisey

        Where did u get a 20% coupon? Im heading to one tomorrow.

        • Cat Hunter

          I got it online…but you can get some great ones too if you have a Kohl’s card.

  23. Megan

    Ordered it for a friend who is an amazing cook! Can’t wait! Have had mine now for 6 years and LOVE IT!

  24. Toni

    YAY!!! I’m so excited!! I just ordered mine! I’ve been wanting a KA for awhile now, everybody tells me how great they are. Now I get to experience it for myself! I called Kohl’s before i ordered and they would not price match any online price, including Amazon, in Fenton, MO. I’m still excited!! Thanks!

    • Toni

      I called another Kohl’s the next morning and They pricematch! So I cancelled my order on Amazon and headed to Kohl’s with my amazon printout! I used a 20% coupon, it printed out the $40 rebate, and I got $40 kohl’s cash. With the $24 magazine refund that I’m going to get and all the rest, including Kohl’s cash, my KA cost me $102. Oh, and I got a red one too! Woohoo!!

  25. Gina

    I’m doing the happy dance! Placed my order late last night. I’ve wanted one of these for YEARS!! Can’t wait to try my Grandma’s famous yeast roll recipe with this bad boy. I’ve never been able to replicate it exactly, kneading by hand.

  26. cynthia

    I am in the market for a mixer. I worry though if this will be too big for my needs. Some people complained in the reviews that it did not do a good job with mixing small batches of things. Any one have any experience with that? Thanks! Just got a bonuis at work and this might be what I get with it!!!

    • Salli

      You can adjust the beater/bowl clearance on KitchenAids. I have a tilt head one right now, and there is a screw you turn to do it. The manual should tell you. I know they also have a smaller bowl and whisk you can buy for it as well.

  27. Larissa

    Thanks so much for posting this deal! I just bought it and am so excited!

  28. cynthia

    alright..I ordered!!! Should be here Fri. Oh how I love Amaaon prime! Thanks Collin for the deal!

  29. Britt

    I was SO happy to see this πŸ™‚ I have been keeping an eye out across the Internet-sphere for a deal on a stand mixer. It’s been ordered! Thank you Hip 2 Save!!!

  30. Denise Reilly

    Please help..I am confused about the $24 rebate for the magazine. How is that done? Just write it on the form or what?? HELP!!

    Thank you!

  31. Tiara Draisey

    I want this….but I’d rather have bedroom furniture! My husband says get it…it’s an investment he says! lol Someone convince me! I almost think I could just get a smaller model? Help!

  32. Michelle

    I did the deal today as a price match at Kohls, used a 30% off coupon (brought it down to $182), the rebate form printed out for $40 back, received $30 kohl’s cash, and hopefully will get the $24 back for the magazine. If I get the magazine money back I will pay $88+tax (including money off for kohl’s cash)!! AWESOME DEAL πŸ™‚

    • t draisey

      Holy cow! Where did u get thecoupon? Im heading to the city bright n early in the am. Aond what do i bring infor proof of the sale price?

      • Toni

        You have to print the page of the deal from amazon. But call first, I called one Kohl’s by me and they wouldn’t pricematch, so I called another by me and they did. All I had to do was print it out and show them. Coupons you normally get in the mail from Kohl’s, but I’d you don’t have one, they will normally let you do a scratch off. But you have to use your Kohl’s charge.

  33. Lisa

    Thank you. My local kohls price matched and my 30% although the manager said they don’t normally do it with amazon. I paid $187 but ended up getting $40 kohls cash since I threw in a pair of running pants. And it printed the $40 rebate.

  34. milly

    Where ca I get the Khols coupon? Thanks.

  35. milly

    Do I need to have the Khols Charge card? Is it a Khol’s credit card? Thanks again.

    • Tiara Draisey

      Yes you need the charge card. I applied today and got one, saved the 30% off of everything plus got $40 in kohls cash, a printed rebate form for the $40 off from kitchenaid, and then the magazine rebate will be $24 for a grand total of….. $78 plus tax!!!! I should have spent $20 more (I also bought a cpl work shorts for my husband) and would have gotten another $10 in kolhs cash…….DARN! lol I could have gotten that scaping blade I wanted! lol

      I went to 2 different kohls and the first one price matched…second one was a bunch of snoody non smiling and non helpful to a 9 month pregnant woman! I had to carry the thing myself. First store was awesome.The second one didn’t let me have the price match. I was going to get one for my sis in law since she can’t make it into the city today. So call and ask! And tell them that you were told that they do price matches and just wanted to double check.

      • milly

        Aww, I don’t have a charge card=( I don’t think I’d apply for one just for this particular reason, because there is no Khol’s within 10-15miles from u so I know I won’t be using the card. Thanks for the info, though. That would have been a very awesome deal!!

        • Tiara Draisey

          Do you know someone who does?

          My sister in law doesn’t have the charge card but just told me a friend gave her a coupon that is for in store or online for 30% off!

          • milly

            I do, but probably not a relative, a friend who lives far a away from me. Probably not a good idea to hassle someone to get my discount=(

            • Tiara Draisey

              Okay, well you can try asking on fb? Maybe someone has an extra you can take in store. Or take in the 20% off online code into the store. I also asked on fb and a neighbor actually has a coupon and so does the dj from my wedding lol. If someone isn’t going to use it then you may as well!

      • Denise Reilly

        You’re lucky…I called our local Kohl’s and the guy told me it specifically says that the coupon discount cannot be applied to Kitchen Aid products. It is against their policy. The first Kohl’s I spoke to said they would honor it but they didn’t have that particular model in stock. I was so disappointed…wanted to buy it as a wedding gift:(

        • Tiara Draisey

          The coupon my sister in law has says no exclusions! And this kohls didn’t check the model number….just the name of the model! I would almost just go in and try it. If you are able to that is.

  36. Tiara Draisey

    I went to 2 different kohls in Des Moines Iowa today, the first one gave me the price match and the second one didn’t. I used a kohls card and got 30% off of the $259.99 (-77.99= $182)….then the rebate printed so an extra $40 rebate from kitchenaid ($142)….then an extra $24 rebate for denial of the magazine offer ($118)….. plus I received $40 in Kohls Cash!

    Before tax and after rebates…………… $78!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!! Absolutely unbelievable! Thank you Collin and everyone else who commented on the offer!!!!

    I tried to get my sister in law one but the second kohls wouldn’t price match Amazon : / Don’t understand how one 5 miles away would but they won’t. I am goin gto try again for her Saturday at the first one I went to.

  37. Cat Hunter

    You can also go to and see what coupons they might have listed that are current. It is my go to site to check out different retail coupons that I could use.

  38. christa

    So very grateful for this website! Got my mixer today at Kohl’s! They price matched it to Amazon’s, let me use my 20% off coupon, and I ended up with $40 in Kohl’s cash! Plus I got the receipt to send in for the $40 rebate and it has the magazine info. on there (which I will decline) so I can get back the $24! So happy!!!

  39. milly

    I got the part about the $40 rebate, but where do I get the $24 off from?

    • Tiara Draisey

      I got a print out from kohls plus I printed out the one from online (link above). Read the fine print. You have to send a copy of everything into another address. And someone suggested keeping copies of everything just in case. I am not sending the originals in. Says you can send a copy.

      • milly

        Thanks SOOOO much! Yey!

  40. LeAnn

    Rebate form asks City where purchased??? It was online! What do I put there?

  41. LeAnn

    The rebate says to mail it to El Pass, TX 8875-1816
    Must be a typo for El Paso because El Pass does not exist. Also, the zip code is only 4 digits and is not valid. Hmmm….

    • Denise Reilly

      I wasn’t sure about the city to put either!!! But, I have El Paso, TX 88575-1816 for the city and zip.
      Let me know what you do about the city!!!


      • LeAnn

        I did the Live chat with KA. They said El Paso, TX 88575-1816 like you said. Wonder how many rebates will never be delivered because of their error??

      • LeAnn

        I ended up putting Lewisberry, PA for the city purchased. That’s where it was shipped from @ Amazon.

  42. Rachel

    Has anyone else received the magazines instead of the rebate for the magazine? I submitted the rebate form but never got the $24 rebate. Instead they are sending me magazines. Any suggestions on how to follow up and see if I can get the rebate, or at least a portion of the rebate?

    • LeAnn

      I would call the magazine and request to cancel and receive the remaining credit back!

  43. Sarah

    I spoke with customer service about what to write for “City Where Purchased” if you bought this item online like I did. They said you could just write “online” in the box for “City” and said that portion isn’t something that will prevent you from getting your rebate.

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