Walmart: 2 FREE Glade Air Fresheners

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Darn! The coupon is no longer available 🙁

I posted about this coupon in the round up last night, but thought it was worth mentioning again today as the coupon is still available…and you can score FREE Glade Air Freshener Sprays or Solids at Walmart!  Here’s how…

Buy 2 Glade Air Freshener Sprays (9oz) or Solids $0.98 each
Use the $2/2 coupon found here
Final Cost 2 FREE!

(Thanks, Freebie Shark!)

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Comments 71

  1. Jason

    I dont care if that pic shows it, these are definitely not $1 at every Walmart

  2. Cheryl Mortensen

    I signed up, but when I tried to actually print, I got this “Sorry, this coupon has already been printed the number of times allowed or this coupon link is no longer valid.”
    Anyone else?

  3. Stephanie

    Awesome!! These are great for bathrooms, thanks.

  4. Krissy

    So excited for this:?) I heart free!

  5. kim

    Am I the only one who has issues EVERY time I try to use coupons at Walmart?!! Today I was told, by the manager, that they don’t print free item coupons over the internet. I had the free idahoen potatoe bits coupon that I had printed and as she was holding it she told me they don’t have free coupons. So pretty much she was trying to say im a thief or scammer???! Then I can only use 1 B1G1 coupon at a time on another item. THEN, in the same shopping trip, I had a price match item for fish sticks. They were on sale at Piggly Wiggly… No restrictions on the fish sticks… I grabbed the Giant fish sticks… and they wouldn’t match.

    • kim

      The ad said fish sticks. So you would think that Giant fish stick are indeed FISH STICKS, I would have been able to get the price match. I was pretty nice about the whole situation considering they were being pretty ignorant to me. I said “Im not trying to scam anyone or anything like that, Im just trying to get the best price for the product.” I just don’t get it

    • Ashlee

      oh my!! sounds awful!!! I sometimes have issues with coupons, usually it takes like 5 or 6 walmart employees to figure out what to do (lol). It is quite frustrating when you know you have a good coupon and they refuse to use it. I am so sorry you have to go through that at your walmart.

      • Jennifer

        Hi Kim – I’m sorry you had that experience at Walmart. Did you bring in the ad for the fish sticks? I know their policy says you don’t have to, but I find that it’s always easier if you bring it just in case. About the Idahoan potatoes coupon, Walmart does not accept printable coupons for free product (with no other purchase requirements), so the cashier may not have been too far off on that. Maybe try writing to the Idahoan spuds people to see if they will send you a mailed copy of the coupon. Walmart should take that with no issue.

        • Ashlee

          My walmart accepts printable coupons for free products. Humm.

          • Jennifer

            Hmmm… if you look up their policy, in the lower right hand corner it specifically prohibits this (Google “walmart coupon policy”). Maybe yours is especially coupon friendly. Lucky you!

        • kim

          Jennifer, I did bring the ad and did the right size. She told me because they were GIANT fish stick and the ad just said fish sticks that she would not be able to do it. Thats what I don’t get! Its still a fish stick right??!!?? Otherwise it would be called something else. lol

        • Gil

          Hope you have a Publix nearby-they have TRUE CUSTOMER SERVICE & happily take every free Q I’ve ever presented @ ckout 🙂

          • Laura

            Absolutely Gil! I have NEVER, EVER had them deny my coupons. I only use legitimate coupons and use them correctly so it’s not like they should deny them so it’s kinda sad that I get excited about a store who actually knows what’s going on!

            • kim

              Laura~ That is what makes me so upset! All my coupons are legit and I use them correctly! For the manager to look me in the face and say that they don’t print free coupons on the internet, it’s like she was flat out calling me a scammer or something like that.

            • Laura

              I totally understand Kim. The same thing happened to me at Walmart. I completely understand your frustration!

            • Jan

              It’s in walmart’s policy….walmart does not accept print-at-home coupons that says FREE (no required purchase). I remember the FREE milk coupon…I used that one at Publix with no issue.

            • kim

              Jan~ She didn’t just say that they don’t take them, She said there are NOT coupons that are FREE from the internet. She was saying it like I MADE the coupon myself because there is no such thing as a FREE coupon on the internet.

    • Kelly

      With price matching there needs to be a product size stated in the competitors ad. Not sure what you mean about the B1G1 coupon.. were you trying to use 2 of them on 2 products to get them both free??

      • kim

        I had the B1G1 Coffee mate Creamers. I had 4 of them and they told me I could only use one B1G1 coupon. Even though I had enough creamers-to-coupons.

        • kim

          I will do the same thing and not go to Walmart for anything that would take a coupon but it had been a while since and was hoping for a different experience. NOPE! It was worse. I wish we had a Publix by us! The closest thing we have it a Piggly Wiggly. Otherwise 25 minutes away there is Pick-n-save or Sentry. We DO have a Target but not a SuperTarget. They have a small area of foods. That is where I get alot of my coupon stuff. :o)

          • mel

            Wow, sounds like a fiasco! I only PM @ WM if absolutely necessary. I would rather give another store my business than WM any day. I never try to PM BOGO free, b/c the product name must match, along with the size AND the price has to be stated in the ad, or mine won’t match. They will not accept Free product IPs either, but BOGO Free is Ok.

            I have read that a lot of posters are having problems with coupons scanning. If its the NEW GS1 Bar Code (with just the long upc), the cashier needs to scan the coupon with the handheld gun. Swiping it across the counter will not work. Now, this will only work if the store has been updated. I had a problem last week with a coupon (that I had used the week before no problem) and the cashier said since it won’t scan, she can’t accept it. I had her void off the item. It wasn’t until I got to the car and put the coupon in my organizer that I noticed the coupon had the New bar code. Went back in, got the product, and went to a different cashier. This cashier new to use the handheld gun and the coupon went through. So I think it is a lack of training.

            • Jan

              I’ve used these NEW GS1 Bar Code @ Dollar General before and even with the handheld gun they wouldn’t scan. Perhaps, the store’s system is still outdated.

          • justice

            I really, really, like Publix. They are very nice and always takes my coupons. I am soooo ETCITED that we are getting one in Tifton. They have good ground beef and their fruit stays fresh a very long time. Some people think they are too high, I think every grocery store has something in it and their cashiers are very, very nice.

        • Mika

          I’ve used coupons at Walmart and I haven’t had any problems so far. You should have told her to enter the barcode number manually if it would not scan, that’s what they do sometimes when I use coupons.

          • Laura

            Many cashiers at Walmart do not like doing that. I have NO idea why

            • Laura

              This was supposed to be a reply to Mika.

    • Jacquie

      I took these coupons to my walmart this afternoon and they would not take them. I think a lot of it has to do with the cashier you get. Too bad for Walmart…I left without buying anything and went to Kroger instead.

    • mar

      Try Target especially in the morning they never say anything. Yes Walmart can be pretty ignorant sometimes unless you vow to take your policy for Walmart you are in for a long battle. I usually state that I need to talk to the manager and I don’t back down till I get wha I came for. However, with that said to much of a bother when another store will gladly take them.

  6. Ashlee

    if you press the back arrow you can print again!

  7. Jennifer

    If you live near a Wegmans, the price of their glade sprays and solids is $0.99 ea. So two for free after the coupon.

  8. amanda

    I have problems everytime I go to walmart, I printed these coupons off and walmart will not except them because it does not have the right barcode.. I think Im about fed up with going there. Im never satisfied after I leave that place.

    • kim

      I told them that I have problems every time I use a coupon and Im done shopping there cuz its not worth it. Im not trying to steal, scam, or get away with something. But thats how they treat me!!

    • misty

      Where do you guys live? I live in jacksonville nc and ALWAYS have problems. It’s so common that sadly I’m almost used to it, people start cussing in the lines behind me and it’s not my fault I’ve done nothing wrong. I’ve had the manager ask me where I got the printed coupon, which it clearly states ex: redplum . com. And they’ll say stuff like these are the exact same coupons when I’ve printed two (accusing me of scanning them). I have to point out the them the different numbers on their bar code. I’ve been asked how I’ve gotten the coupons etc etc. It’s always a problem!

  9. mar

    Thanks Collin for reposting, I did not notice it the first time.. Appreciate you considering us :0

  10. cindy

    thanks jennifer…I hate our walmart…so very dirty…i will go to wegmans ;-)Thank you Collin for keeping all your hip2savers houses smelling so good

    • Gil

      TOTALLY AGREE about the d-i-r-t-y.
      It’s rare to find a clean one here in the Atlanta ‘burbs.

  11. carol

    thank you very much

  12. mel

    Is the coupon without the old baarcode? My walmart doesn’t accept the new scanning system..even the ones from the Sunday paper. If they can’t scan, they won’t accept. It’s frustrating shopping at Wal Mart with coupons.

  13. missy

    i agree with all of ya’ll. I hate shopping at walmart and using coupons. I had some “bogo” coupons and i swear the cashier wasnt even paying attention and i had to tell him several times about them. and just to vent – We had to return something the other day and the cashier screamed (literally) across the front of the store to get her managers attention.. then the manager said “no!” and we had to wait! Then the manager came over to the service desk and started talking about her candy to the cashier and did not even acknowledge us. I know i should contact home office, but i have done that before and nothing ever happens. Most Walmart employees seem to be lazy, not trained, and obnoxious and that is not going to change.

  14. Agnes

    to bad they don’t have those at TARGET, we could buy 5 and use a target coupon from this weeks paper for free candle lighter…

    • swirlypop

      They do have them at target, I bought them today. Regular price .99. Had no problems.

    • Kristy

      Where is the target coupon for the lighter located? Thanks

  15. cdawnt

    My WM here in my town have been pretty good about coupons. I went in a WM in another town and the cashier refused to take any of my printed coupons, she said they will not scan. I asked her to please try and scan it and she rolled her eyes and did it crooked real quickly just to prove her point. I left all my stuff on the counter. I’ll never go back there again. What a waste of time PLUS I lost my sunglasses somewhere along the way out. 🙁

  16. Agnes

    Everytime I go to Walfart with coupons to get the “DEALS” those products are GONE! for over a month or more I didnt find one single breathe right strip, since the PG insert came out I havent seen OLAY soap there either… just fiew examples… I gave up I wont bother with them WASTE of my precious time!
    ALSO they cheat on prices, I was buying pillow pet for a gift and the huge sign above was $19.88 or $19.99 but when they scanned it it was $25.00!!! So if people don’t check the receipt or each scan they make they might be paying way more they they should and they have NO IDEA!!!

    • misty

      Yea, and people say they work at walmart and they dont pull products. That may be a different walmart, but not mine. Back when the disposable razor deal was hot and ky. I found a cart with products pulled from the shelf. There were like 20 bags of the razors and maybe 10 ky’s and other random items. It wasent anyone’s cart, so I gladly helped myself to it. And people PLEASE pay attention at checkout. I’ve had soooo many coupons scan but not reduce from the total. I try to not get distracted and focus on them scanning them. They wont even pay attention to see its not came off. They just need to upgrade their computers or something I’m not sure..

  17. A.

    Hi Everyone, totally off topic, but in the spirit of trying to be frugal, I entered my daughter’s photo in a facebook contest, and if she gets the most number of likes by 3/31, we will win a free semester of dance class. There are only 2 likes now. If you are feeling generous, please like Cookie Joe’s Dancin School, find God Bless Texas 2012 Album, find the picture of Haley waiting patiently to get on stage, she is wearing a cowboy straw hat with a blue/white/striped scarf, and also wearing blue jeans and brown shoes, tagged Audrey Du. Like it, and hope that I will win! Please please. We are going throw some tough times now, and are hoping that we won’t have to take her out of dance class yet.
    God Bless ya’ll.

    • rachel

      I liked it.

      • rachel

        Hope you win, I will always help out a fellow couponer. Come on everyone lets help her win!

  18. april

    I don’t know why but it still urks me when a cashier tries to tell me that one per purchase = one per transaction. I have to stop myself from laughing at their serious expressions when they say it. Its so sad how no company will take the initiative to properly inform or train employees on coupons. I mean it goes with the business. Sorry just had a bad shopping trip today.

    • mar

      April and Marjie, first off don’t feel alone we all had coupon negative experiences, I literally at Walmart have to shop for welcoming cashier faces before I pull out my coupons. Also if it doesn’t scan they can manually put it in and I usually ask for the Manager when the cashier refuses. Also sometimes and I don’t know why the hand scanner will work on the coupons when the other counter scanner won’t. I usually ask them to try the hand scanner before they start their nagging. However, in lieu of that said I even go to the point of telling the manager to search the coupon if they feel Im doing something wrong. Because it does urk me that much, and I want them to understand that if they are taking my precious time away then I will confide myself to taking my time and making sure all resources and t’s and I’s are crossed out by them. If I don’t feel completely satisfied I ask for the region manager and I will sit and wait for him. I don’t take numbers down and I don’t call hotlines and I always tell the manager they were the label for a reason I request they resolve my problem instead of ushering me to the nearest 1800 # or waiting on a call from the region or district manager.

  19. Marjie

    Had my first walmart issue today. They refused to take the $2 glade coupon and the u by kotex coupon, they said it wouldn’t scan? Is this a new policy? They always manually put in the deduction before if it wouldn’t scan…… confused…. =-(

  20. norma

    I love these for my car. They sit perfectly in the useless bottle holder(cup holder) in the door. why they put one there….i have no clue.

    • SH

      That is a great idea!

    • Jan

      I got them coz they were free, but I think they don’t smell strong enough for me.

  21. Jill

    Telling me I already printed it when I didn’t.

    • swirlypop

      Did you sign up for emails from them? At first I didn’t check that box and it said I had already printed. I tried again checking the email box and it went through.

  22. Denise

    I got 4 free today at DG with no problems.

  23. Danielle

    Looks like they ran out of prints 🙁 It says the coupon promotion has ended.

    • Cheryl


  24. Gwen

    i got mine today @ walmart !

  25. juneau76

    program ended ;(

  26. Kimberlyk1


  27. michaeline

    The coupon offer is expired !!!

  28. melanie

    Thanks, I bought 4 today they were only .88 cents. I had $45 in coupons and my cashier took out a magnifing glass and read every coupon, I about died she took forever. Then she said I couldn’t use the $2/2 bandaid coupon because it states not good for trial size, I bought the ones for .97. I showed her they were not trial size and they didn’t say trial anywhere on the coupon. I told her to scan them and they should go thru, and they did but she was clearly not happy. What a pain, but overall I got tons of free stuff and saved a bundle.

  29. Krystyna

    i went to walmart last week and the cashier was all rude and mean b/c i seem so young 2 know what i’m doing (i’m 16) and after she rang up and the total came to 0 she was all like OMG that was amazing, lol people

  30. Julia

    Printed 2 coupons and stopped at Target- they have them for .99 each. So 4 FREE after coupons!! And the cashier told me, “good job on the savings today”!! Plus, I had gotten a few games with the coupons Collin posted a few days back = a successful day at Target!

  31. Joanna

    I had two coupons and got two different scents and two apple cinnamon. The apple cinnamon rang up at .75 each! The cashier actually gave me .30 back! ..and this was at Wal-mart, definitely not my usual Wal-mart coupon scenario.

  32. Jenn

    4 today at Walmart for freeeeeeeeeeeee! Thanks!

  33. Azal

    It is still available as of today, i just printed 2 right now…

  34. tasha

    The coupons are printing again! I just printed mine!!!!

  35. Gloria

    Why does it say no longer able to print?? i got 4 like 2 min ago..

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