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Walgreens: *HOT* Pepsi Next 12-Packs as Low as Only $0.49 (After Register Reward)

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If you are a fan of the new Pepsi Next soda, you are definitely going to want to head on over to Walgreens this week! The Pepsi Register Reward deal that I mentioned in the Walgreens weekly deals is even better than I thought because the Pepsi Next is still ringing up on sale for just $2.99 (may not be marked on sale, so make sure to do a price check). And if they do ring up for $2.99, you can score a very sweet deal! Check it out…

Buy 2 (or 3) Pepsi 12 pk 12 oz cansΒ  = $3 RR (IMPORTANT Note: In some regions, you actually have to buy three 12-packs in order to get the RR, so make sure to check your local ad)

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 or 3 Pepsi Next 12 packs on sale for $2.99 each
Total = $5.98 (for 2) or $8.97 (for 3)
Use the $1/1 Pepsi Next Walgreens coupon found in the April coupon booklet (will deduct $2 or $3)
Pay $3.98 (for 2) or $5.97 (for 3)
Get back a $3 RR
Final cost as low as $0.98 for two 12-packs OR $2.97 for three 12-packs!

So, after the Walgreens coupon and RR, you are snagging a Pepsi Next 12-pack for as low as $0.49 OR if you’re in a region where you have to purchase three 12-packs, then you’ll pay $0.99 for each 12-pack – still a *HOT* deal! πŸ™‚

(Thanks, Melissa & Jennifer!)

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Comments 74

  1. stephanie

    i know they will be gone in my area πŸ™

  2. pcothran

    Anyone tried this stuff yet? Just wondering how it tastes.

    • Brandy Hill

      I love it! It’s actually pretty good.

    • Suzan

      I’m not really a fan….it doesn’t taste like real Pepsi and has too many calories for Diet Pepsi. Hubby tried it and it’s a no go for him. However, for the price, I’ll drink it.

    • Deb

      My Target was giving out samples of it on Saturday morning (and Q’s).
      It tastes a little off. DH wouldn’t go for it either.

    • terri

      there is a free 20 oz (?) bottle this week…buy that, try it, and if you like it, buy the cans πŸ™‚

      • Gloria

        its a no go for me

  3. Angela Willoughby

    It tastes similar to Pepsi Max. It’s not that bad. I will definitely be doing this deal several times over this week, because we are Pepsi lovers, and well….I can get a two liter for $0.99, and it go flat in a day, but with a 12pk, I can take my time drinking them. Thanks Collin for the heads up!

  4. Lisa

    The lady that checked me out on Saturday told me that they will be on sale until the end of the month. I sure hope so because this is a great deal! It tastes great to me. I’m not sure if I would be able to tell the difference between this and regular Pepsi.

  5. kari

    it tastes really good.

  6. sherri

    ok so this is off the subject but I did the vitacost deal that was posted about a few days ago..and my mom signed up under my referal link,,now I’m wondering when does my $10 i earned for referring her expire? It says 60 after I get the email they expire from my account if I don’t get the code right away?..Help I’m new to this???? πŸ™‚

    • Kathy

      I never did get this to work for me and my referral link. BUT, your mom does have to place an order before you get the $10 credit. Not sure how long after an order is placed, but placing the order is the key. Signing up will not be enough. HTH

      • mel

        make sure she places her order through your referral link. If not, you won’t get credit. After her order ships, then you will get an email about the referral credit. When you are ready to use the credit, you need to go to and activate the reward. They will send you reminders until you use the credit.

        • sherri

          Ok thanks! Ya my mom made an order..I got the email with the credit, I was just trying to figure out if I need to activate the code right away. (it says it then expires in 60 days) I did’nt know if it means 60 days from when I got the email or 60 days from when I activate it? I just don’t want them to expire on me πŸ™‚

    • Yoko

      I believe referral credits will not expire as long as you redeem for a coupon/discount code to be emailed. The code expires in 60 days after you redeem it.

      • thelostpond

        That is correct. You can keep the credits forever, but one you redeem for a usable code, that will expire in 60 days.
        I am trying to save some up for my brother and his wife’s new baby, due in 3 months.

        • sherri

          thanks so much!!!!

  7. Adrienne Sotuyo Jaynes

    In orem utah we have to buy 3 packs to get the $3 reg reward

  8. Nicole

    I love it! It still has like 60 calories per serving but it beats regular pepsi!

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    You can vote once per day and you can use the promo code 971, 965, or 967 (one time each) to get 5 extra votes for Ella. Thanks so much!

    • Ashley

      placed my vote for Ella πŸ™‚

    • GiGi

      voted! =) god bless..

    • Crissy


    • LuckycharmsX3


  9. Lori

    Ok, I just checked my ad online, and it says 3/$12 is the sale price so does that mean I would pay $9.00 for 3, then get back $3RR?

    • pcothran

      Lori, there’s also a $1/1 cpn in the April WAGS coupon booklet, so that’s an additional $3 off wyb 3…so you’d be paying $5.97….and earning $3 RR.

    • lily

      have them check the price. should be 2.99

    • Beth

      Lori – my ad is also 3/$12 so I’m thinking we will pay $9 after using the $1 April Wags coupon – then get back $3 RR – do you think this as well?

      • Mitzi

        My ad said 3/$12 also but the Pepsi Max rang up $2.99 ea. After checkout I used the $3Register Rewards plus a $1 Ice Mountain coupon (found in Sunday’s paper) to purchase two cases of the Ice Mountain water on sale.

  10. jen

    2/$10 in my area

  11. linda

    one quick question…can I use 3 of the $1 off 1 coupons in the april Wags cou
    pon booklet. I need to pull out three booklets?

    • lily

      just one q takes off $3

  12. christal

    Thanks to my hubby who is a driver for pepsi I can make this a money maker… they get $1.00. (4 of them once or twice a month) after rr if I just get two.. ill make $1.02 an if I get 3 only 2 cents

    • thelostpond

      They get a $1.00? A coupon? My friend drives for pepsi and I could tell him but I am confused as to what you mean. Sorry, and thanks in advance for explaining.

  13. Caroline

    My ad says 3/$12 and get back a $3 RR making them 3/$9. Using the WAGS booklet to take off another $3 – that makes them 3/$6 – so $2 each 12pk. Is the above deal just a regional – how do I know if my WAGS has them at $2.99 to start? TIA

    • lily

      have the cashier scan it

  14. Kathryn

    Do you think they would let me return the ones I bought on Saturday night to buy these? I knew I should have waited to see if the price was the same, but I didn’t want to miss out on the $1.99 price if they price shot up the next day.

    • Kate

      I’ve never had problems with returns at Walgreens as long as I had my receipt. I’ve never tried it without one, though.

  15. juli

    Can u roll this deal?

  16. Ashley

    Ok so my ad says 3/$12, get $3 RR = 3/$9. Can anyone confirm that their ad says this to yet they are ringing up $2.99 anyways?

    • obsessedwithcoupons

      The Pepsi Next is on sale for the entire month of April for $2.99.

    • obsessedwithcoupons

      The Pepsi Next is on sale for the entire month of April for $2.99.

  17. Liz

    Just fyi: pepsi next does contain aspartame and sucralose (sugar subs)

    • Jayna

      Thats what I was wondering if it contained aspartame..Thanks for letting me know I will be skipping this deal than I wish it was on regular Pepsi.

      • IA Runnin Momma

        And HFC! YIKES

        • Kara

          I’m pretty sure all pops except for the “throwbacks” contain HFCS or sugar subs…

          • kate

            I LOVE THE “THROWBACKS”! =]

  18. Mike

    They are 3 for $12 here Columbus GA- then you get back 3 RR and use the Coupon book for another $3 off so you get them 3 for $6- not so great

  19. Lisa

    Here add states 3/$12 ringing up 3/$8.97, after $3 from April q book, 3/$5.97, got back $3/rr so about .49 a 6 pack i used my $6 rr from the $6 rr Nasal product & grabbed a .12 Easter bag or u can have them reduce the $6rr to $5.97 & will only pay bout .82 tax. I’m n Oklahoma.

    • Christina

      from my understanding, they cannot reduce a RR only an MQ, If I dont reach it I have to add something, usually a clareance item, great to find still after easter.

  20. Rachel

    Just got back from my local walgreens in upstate NY they still ring up $2.99 (there was a huge display) and used the $1 off coupon in the april book -bought 2 and got back the $3 rr. also all the easter candy is 75% this morning so I got the larger packages of m&m’s (all different types were there) they ring up .99 and used the $1 off 2 coupon in the april book to score the larger bags for .49!

  21. Momgriz

    There are working here in Oklahoma! Yea!!

  22. Crystal

    My Walmart was completely out of the 12pack. Oh well. They did have the 20oz bottle though so I grabbed that for FREE after RR. Thanks for all of the great deals Collin. I absolutely love this site.

  23. Crystal

    oops.. I meant Walgreens

  24. Tina

    I bought 3-12packs for 5.97 here in Ca after the 1.00Q x 3 the register did not print out the $3 RR so the manager had to print one out for me. I paid 11.00 for 3-12 packs pepsi,2 kids aquafressh toothpaste, 2 similasan nasal sprays and 1 nasal ease spray and still have $9.00 in RR to spend. so it comes out to $2.00 for all products listed above. Yay !!

  25. Rhonda Doherty

    It’s yummy. I love it. I got 3 12 pks today for $6 and received a $3 RR so final cost $1 per 12 pak. Thank you Colin. I never would have seen this one. The pop may be my new favorite too!!

  26. edy

    I never shop walgreens! I only go to get my boss medicines. But, I decided to try it so, I bought 3/12 packs pepsi next and used the april cpn tooked 3 off and I found tear pads cpns lysol 1dlr cpns (family dollar) of 1 lysol bought 2/6 and used 2/1dlr cpns paid 4dlrs got 2on Rewards plus my 3 rewards for the pepsi. So, I bought 3/12 pepsi used 2rewards fron lysol paid 4plus tax and got 3 rewards. So, I’m going for the thermacare 2/5 get 3 rewards. we have 1dlr cpn thermacare and I’m going to do more pepsi it works :(Houston,TX)

  27. Mary

    I bought 3 12 packs of Pepsi Next today at Walgreens for $2.99 each and used the $1.00 off each from the APRIL WALGREENS SAVINGS BOOK. i DID NOT RECEIVE ANY REGISTER REWARDS FOR BUYING THEM. I am in Missouri.

  28. edy

    I always check the yellow tags @ walgreens to make sure and highlight my notes to make sure, I get my bucks and rewards. Also, lysol toilet bowl cleanears 1.99 or 2/3 $1.50 each. Look for tear pads cupons 1 off 1 @ a FAMILY DOLLAR they have cpns .50 for fabuloso, .50 cpn for suavitel, and 1cpn for airwick it says family dollar but, it doesn’t say to redeem there and its a manuf cpn! Thanks ladys!! I bought

  29. Rachael Swan

    I got this deal!
    they were 3/$9 – $3 off with coupon in April booklet, $3 RR, $1 off 2 peel off coupon on 12 pack. Final cost 3 12pk = $2.00!!

  30. Patty

    Worked today in western NY – .49/12pack! =)

  31. Janet

    Went tonight and only one 12 pk on shelf. Then after I grabbed a 20 oz. I found an employee checking out and rolling over RR for 6 – 12pks and around 10 bottles. I think she clocked out already but it looked like she put the items away for when she got off. I could have bought 3 – 12pks if she hadn’t done that. : (

  32. Renae

    I tried this deal and the RR did not print. Our ad says 3/$12 get $3 RR.

  33. tracy

    I hardly ever go to Walgreens anymore. They are always sold out of sale items. Is it just my store or does everyone experience this? CVS always has sale items stocked.

  34. michelle

    Wow, I wish I could get that cheap! My store is on sale for 2/$10, and u get $3 rr back. After rr and coupon mine would be 2.50 each:(

  35. edy

    The mountain DEW is 3/12 get 3 rrwrds also, bought 3/12 packs and 10 lysol toilet bowl cleanears used 1/1 cpns paid .50 cents each. Got 2 double lysol wipes used 1/2 wipes paid 5 got the rewards. Had rewars for thermacare 5 mucinex rewards , and 2rewards colgate paid 13 cash got 3 rewards sodas and 2 for lysol

  36. Lisa

    Not sure if it’s still working??? It didn’t spit out the $3RR, after I bought the 3 12-packs. Although $1.99 w/ the April cpn is still a great price πŸ™‚

  37. Av8r

    How do you know if your in a region that needs to buy 2 or 3? My ad just says 3/$12. Has anyone done this in NC?

  38. lmwynn

    My ad (in MA) says Register Rewards on 3.

  39. Annette

    Anyone know if the pepsi deal is still working at Walgreens? It worked for me on Monday but I am planning on going back today and was just wondering??

    • Crissy

      I was just looking to find out the same thing! I also did it Monday & wanted to go back today for more now that I know I liked it. πŸ™‚

  40. houwac

    It is still working, i just tried this morning for 2 trac s. $3 RR printed and $1 Coupon worked.

    • Crissy

      Thanks for the update!

  41. Sandi Witmer

    Pepsi 8 pack or 12 packs r on sale.

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