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Walmart: *HOT* Two 15 lb Bags of Kingsford Charcoal Only $5.48 Total

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So I have received quite a few emails regarding this *HOT* Walmart sale on charcoal. When I received the first email, I thought this may be regional since the sale price is so incredibly low… however, it appears this is going on in various stores all over the country!

So what’s the deal? Well, the twin packs of Kingsford Charcoal (which include two 15 lb bags!) are on sale for just $5.48 total – making each 15 lb bag just $2.74! This is an awesome sale price considering one 15 lb bag usually retails for over $10! This sale is also advertised on the front page of the Walmart Sunday flyer (or at least in Boise it was), as you can see from the pic above. Make sure to price check if these twin packs aren’t marked on sale at your local store.

* Also, don’t forget that the buy Kingsford Charcoal & Lighter Fluid Get 1 FREE Hidden Valley Dressing coupon is still available on Coupons.com!

(Thanks, Raquel, Terri & Jessica!)

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Comments 52

  1. Cynthia

    This is such a great deal!

  2. Nicole Elizabeth

    they have a deal like this at home depot every year as well I still have 2 bags from last year in my closet

  3. Ashley

    Does anyone know how much the lighter fluid is at Walmart for the free ranch coupon?

    • Jessica

      The 64oz is around 7$.

  4. Karin

    Thanks! I didn’t pay attention to that part of the ad. Need to stock up on charcoal! My hubby loves to grill throughout the year even in the rain or snow.lol

  5. stephanie

    both of our walmarts were out before noon!! Do they normally restock them before the sale ends?

  6. Corinne

    Just told my husband! I guess he’s moved on and will only use Stubb’s now lol!

  7. Toni S.

    If you plan on getting this, don’t hesitate. Someone told me about it yesterday and I stopped this morning to get it & it was all gone. The clerk said they sold seven pallets of the charcoal yesterday. She said they were supposed to get more, but didn’t know when.

  8. zoe

    are rain checks available? or how does it work if they are out? thanks!

  9. Mel

    I tried to get this at our local walmart here in CA and I wasted 30 minutes of my life! I asked someone where they were located and I was directed to ‘garden’. I went to that department and no one knew where they were. I went back out to the store and found a worker by the grills and asked her. I was directed to garden again. I told her that they didn’t know and she remembered that they sold out. I asked if I can get a raincheck and was told to go to the cashier in garden and ask for one. I waited in their long lines only to be told they don’t issue rainchecks at walmart. I kindly informed the cashier that their ad showed that I can get a raincheck when they are out of stock. Then the cashier said I didn’t need a raincheck since they will be that same price when they get more in. I asked when they would get more in and she didn’t know. So i asked for a raincheck again, and this time she consulted another cashier. The two cashiers talk about it and send me over to customer service, since apparently they are the only ones who can issue a raincheck.

    I walked all the way across the store to customer service and no one seems to know how to issue a raincheck. They finally gave me an excuse that I can’t be given one because the charcoal is a “bonus” item. I then asked for a substitution, as per the ad. According to them, the manager doesn’t allow substitutions because it is a seasonal item. I asked for the store manager and they sent me a front-end manager and said there’s nothing they can do because it’s a seasonal item!

    I was very patient with them despite the run around as I’m trying to set an example for my 3 year old who was with me at the time. I don’t usually shop at walmart and now I know why. So sorry for the rant and I hope you all have a better shopping experience there.

    • Mel

      Wow what a hassle! Sorry about your ordeal.

      • kristi

        Oh I feel you. I wasted 30 minutes Sunday over another ad issue at Walmart. I had not been there in months…now I remember why. They suck.

    • Jes

      I totally can relate to that, this past sunday I was asking a cashier to check if my coupon can apply to the Cutter candle in the garden dept and she told me that I can’t use the coupon on that item. I know for a fact that it does, since the coupon blogs says it does work. Totally wasted 20mins of my time too, complaining to the manager and I think wouldn’t give a sh*t about customer care either.

      One thing I always get annoyed about is that every single cashier week after week doesn’t know their own company policy. I have to show them their own policy in order to get overage. It feels as though Walmart try to avoid giving people overage every way possible by making things difficult, so if you don’t have a copy of the policy, they will argue with you.

      As far as asking someone where something is, I have never gotten any help 150% of the time.

      • cdawnt

        I got the Cutter candle deal without any issues. Guess it was because I didn’t ask, I just put my stuff on the counter, they rang it up, and then ran my coupons. If I had asked, I’m sure they would’ve given me a hard time. I always try first and don’t ask questions unless THEY start asking or questioning.

    • Andrea

      I’m totally with you. I had the same experience many times before… This time though I read your comment first and decided to just call ahead to see if they still have the item. After having been hung up on 4 times I decided to drive to the store, where an associate directed me to a huge pile of Kingsford Charcoal twin packs.

      13.9 lbs for $13.44. Nope, that’s not it. Associates answer: Then it’s sold out. The ad is 3 days old after all. I did a run through the store to see if they had them stashed somewhere else, but no such luck. Didn’t even try for the rain check, but I did write in my experience (plus a few other ones). Still a useless trip, but spent less than 15 minutes.

  10. julie

    I can so relate to your comments. I never have had a customer service experience at a Walmart that takes less than 30 minutes! See if Target will price match if they carry the item. Otherwise call ahead daily to see if they got it in. This really annoys them because they say things like I’ll have to walk ALL the way over to that department. LOL. By the way if they have it be prepared to run there right away they don’t hold anything! Good Luck!!

    • Mel

      Thanks for the Target suggestion. I just called them, but unfortunately they only carry the 16.6 lb bags. I guess you win some you lose some.

  11. Sally

    Home depot and Lowes are other place to check for price matching. My Walmart was out; and after a brief talk with a manager, they may or may not get more.

  12. Karen

    I just paid at Meijer $13. something and free fluid for 2 – 20 lb bags and I thought that was a great deal Time to stock up

  13. sofatchick

    Off the topic, I just got back from walmart and I got some items for price match and also I have the coupons for the items but they told me I can not do price match and use coupons at the same time caz the coding won’t match…bla bla bla…. I can not find anything related on the coupon or price match policy and this is my first time using coupons + price match at the same time, does anyone know?

    • savedbycoupons

      Yep, you were lied to. I do it all the time. I hate WalMart and save SO much more shopping at Target. WalMart SHOULD take manufacturers coupons. They will not take any other ones, though.

      • sofatchick

        Hummm…sucks for me! My neighborhood walmart always have issue with coupons and the clerks are not familiar with coupons 🙁 I wish I had a Target near by….. thank you Ms. savedbycoupons

    • Christine

      Next time get a manager. They can use Vendor Coupon, which is to manually put it in if the coupon does not scan. They are just lazy or ignorant. I price match and use coupons all the time. My Wal-mart will only take internet coupons addressed to El Paso, TX. They will not take the Del Rio, TX ones so I take those to Target or Albertsons. Good luck!

      • Trinity

        Why don’t they take the ones going to Del Rio, TX? This is so strange to me!!

  14. Vida


    • Fun 2B Frugal

      I had the $2 coupons also! I just posted so all my friends can get it. I think that coupon is still available!

      • waszup

        where do I get this coupon?

  15. V.P

    so will the $2 coupon work on this deal.. coupon says for match light, mesquite and hickory..will this work?

    • vida

      Did for me and my coupons saving daughter, We Love the Deals….

  16. savedbycoupons

    When I got the WalMart flyer in the Sunday paper, I headed over there around 9:00 a.m. I grapped 6 of them to last us for quite a while! $5.48 for 30 lbs. of Kingsford charcoal is a GREAT deal and we cook out all the time. Being in Florida, the weather stays warm enough to grill year round! Awesome deal!

  17. Michelle

    Saw this in the ad yesterday and thought it was a mistake. Stopped in today since I had to pick up a few other things and sure enough, it was correct! The 16 lb single bags were $8.48 each! Bought 4 packs to last the summer! They had about 8 left. I’m glad I got them since I’m thinking it was one of their one time offer deals (even though it doesn’t state that in the ad), and they usually don’t restock those door buster deals.

  18. Jes

    One more thing, I printed a $2.00 coupon a week or two ago for this brand of charcoal but I don’t know if it works for this twin pack or not. Does anyone know or tried using it?
    It says this on the coupon: SAVE $2.00 off any Kingford Match light, Hickory or Mesquite Briquets (6.3lbs and up).

    • Yoko

      Well, if the coupon says what you wrote, it will be misuse of the coupon if you use it to buy Kingford original charcoal since it’s not included in the items the coupon is valid for.

  19. V.P

    i guess i’ll save mine for walgreens on 5/27 i saw in the ad its going to be on sale for 2/$8 and the matchlight is included 😛 2 dollar a bag is fine with me

  20. momof4spoiled1s

    A little off topic but I wanted to see if anybody else has had this said to them. The last time I went in to Kroger my cashier told me that they had been told not to take coupons for items if the coupon was over 75% the cost of the item. I didn’t have any but if I had bought something for 2$ and had a mfg coupon for the item that was 2$ off then he would have refused to take it. Anybody???

    • cara

      Each kroger has their own regional and then within that region, store coupon policy…makes it easy for us, right?!! In my town, one store will only take so many idential coupons and it’s different in the next town over. Anyways, their main general coupon rules are something about that 75% cost of, Regular price, not sale price. Call the 800 number and ask for the coupon policy or call your store and ask for a copy of their policy regarding this. HTH

      • Melony

        I had that issue yesterday at Kroger! I had a store coupon for $.50 off any bag of store brand fresh veggies. I found a bag on clearance for $1.49. I went to check out and the cashier told me that she couldn’t use the coupon because the item is already reduced. The coupon however, did not say anything about not using it on a clearance item.

  21. sheboygansupersaver

    Sale is for $ 6.48 here in WI. Still a good deal, but apparently the cheese and brat state pays more 🙁

    • vicki

      in portage, wi, its $6.24…weird!

  22. brancol

    $5.48 at my WalMart in Iowa for the above deal. They looked over the Q real close because it says “redeemable at Walgreens” but eventually took it and keyed in the $2.98 for the free Hidden Valley. I think the charcoal starter was $2.97 or something of the sort, so honestly, a GREAT deal for all that. I originally couldn’t find it and was going to pay $5.63 or something for the smallest bag….eventually I ran into the (30 pounds) big display of these!!

    • brancol

      Oh, and clearly the couponers haven’t figured this deal out….there were a TON of double bags on the display!

  23. Elise

    Wish it was the same price online so I could do store pick and cashback – but at least I can see that it is in stock at my store!

    • Melissa

      Be careful – when I checked the website to see whether or not it was in stock at my store, I noticed this message: “Stock status is approximate and was last updated on 05/13/2012 at 12:33 PM, Eastern Time.” That is over a week ago!

  24. cdawnt

    Is this charcoal sale still going on? My flyer says ends May 20th, so just wondering before I go hunting it down today.

    • cdawnt

      sorry, just realized it STARTS May 20

  25. Spring Hill, Fl

    I ended up buying (8) Yes eight of the twin packs. Stocked up for the year since I grill every weekend. That’s a total of 16 bags 🙂

  26. waszup

    All stores around me are sold out so I asked about a rain check (never hurts to ask, right?) The lady at customer service told me that they don’t give out rain checks while the sale is still going on. Wait… isn’t that the ONLY time you can get a rain check?????????

  27. Brooke

    I am in MD and just wanted to add that the sign above the charcoal said $9.48 but it scanned at the register for 5.48 – yay! And there were LOTS of bags left , just FYI!

  28. Kiki

    At Walmart baby food section there are “try me free” Gerber organic baby food (in packaging like plum organics). Didn’t know where to put this and not a huge value item but still worth looking if you are already heading there.

  29. jewels

    Home Depot has a similar deal. I just picked up a twin pack -27.8lbs total for $5.88 total. That’s still a really good deal and theres not a big hassle like Walmart…the walmart in Franklin and 27th street are all out. I’m in Bay View, WI the Home depot on Holt Ave has a couple pallets full and I was just there this afternoon

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  31. Betty

    This is 2018 what is the price for twin pack.

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