Staples: Back to School Deals 7/8-7/14

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Staples is offering up lots of great Back to School deals this coming week, starting tomorrow, 7/8! Also, if you plan to purchase most or all of your school supplies at Staples over the next couple months, you may want to purchase the Staples Back to School Savings Pass for $10 which gives you 15% off school supplies, backpacks, batteries and more through September 15th (look in the weekly ad for more details).

Check out the deals you can snag at Staples beginning tomorrow, July 8th (NOTE – Be sure to check your local ad as NOT all ads have the same deals!). Also please note that all deals are available in-store only and many are limited to a certain number per customer (see the ad for complete details).

Extreme Deals (Require a $5 minimum purchase & are limited to 2 per person)

BIC® Round Stic ballpoint pens, black 8-pack
Only a Penny with $5 minimum purchase!

Staples school glue
Only a Penny with $5 minimum purchase!

RoseArt® crayons, 24 pack
Only a Penny with $5 minimum purchase!

Easy Rebate Deals

Staples® 2013 desktop calendar, 22″ x 17 $4.99
Submit for the $4.99 easy rebate (limit 2)
Final cost FREE!

Scotch super glue gel $4.29
Minus $1.30 instant savings at checkout
Plus, submit for the $2.99 Easy Rebate (limit 1)
Final cost FREE!

Staples® 8.5″ x 11″ multipurpose paper, 500 sheets $6.99

Submit for $6.74 Easy Rebate (limit 2)
Final cost only $0.25!

HP Everyday 8.5″ x 11″ photo paper $9.99
Minus $0.50 instant savings at checkout
Plus, submit for the $8.99 easy rebate (limit 4)
Final cost only $0.50!

Keep in mind – Staples Easy Rebates are just that, easy! Go on over here to read more about them. Basically you’ll be able to submit all your info online. You won’t even have to mail anything in– the best part in my opinion! You’ll receive your rebate/rebates within 4-6 weeks after submitting them.

25¢ Deals

* Paper Mate® Sharpwriter® 0.7 mm mechanical pencils 5-pack (Reg. $3.49!)
* Really Useful 0.14 L box (Reg. $1)

50¢ Deals

(Only $0.50! Wow!)

* BIC Great Erase dry-erase markers, fine tip, assorted 4-pack (Reg. $4.29!)
* Staples pink block erasers 3-pack (Reg. $2.29!)
* Staples 3.25″ x 4.25″ side-coil memo book (Reg. $1.99!)
* Slider pencil case, assorted colors (Reg. $1)

$1 Deals

* Sharpie permanent markers, fine tip, black 5-pack (Reg. $4.79!)
* Staples glue sticks, .26 oz. 4-pack (Reg. $2)
* Westcott 5″ scissors 2-pack (Reg. $2)
* Scotch Gem Magic Tape (Reg. $2)
* Writing Pad 5″x8″ (Reg. $1.49)
* RoseArt Classic Washable Markers 10-pack (Reg. $2)
* Staples 3-hole binder punch, assorted colors (Reg. $4.29!)
* Staples Postscript mechanical pencils – 0.5 mm-gray 12-pack (Reg. $4.99!)
* Westcott Preferred 7″ scissors (Reg. $6.29!)
* Staples mini stapler, assorted colors (Reg. $3.49!)

And a few other deals worth noting…

* 50% off ALL High Sierra Backpacks
* All Staples Strata Pens 5-pack only $2 (regularly $7.99!)
* Zebra Sarasa retractable gel pens, medium – black 5-pack only $2 (regularly $6.49!)

You can also find the following Staples coupons inside the ad…

* $2 off Vanity Fair single-fold napkins, 400/pack
* $3 off Brawny Big Roll paper towels, 12/pack
* 40% off any one Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery product coupon

Happy Shopping! 😀

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Comments 59

  1. Joette Jones

    Does Walmart match Extreme Deals?

    • Mara @ Super Savings

      Yes they do – at least they did last year! It was so much easier to grab glue at Walmart than to hope there were still some on the shelf at Staples. =)
      (I don’t know that they’ll match “store brand” items, but they did match Elmer’s glue without a problem)

      ~ Mara

    • fatima

      they no more do on web site… but if u show the paper ….

  2. Stefanie

    Yay! Does anyone know which office supply stores allow teachers to buy more of the items that are featured with a limit like the 1 cent deals?

    • patti

      i know that office depot will let teachers buy 25 of an item (classroom set). i also know that you can go back another day and get more…..sometimes, if you sweet talk them, they will let you have more than 25….they are very teacher friendly at my store!

      • Kristy

        Staples has changed their policy for this year. Teachers will pay the extreme price for the limit same as the public. They then may purchase the extra at the regular price. They will receive the difference in the regular price and the extreme price in the form of a staple rewards later in the year.

    • teacherthatcoupons

      In the past Staples has. You just have to show your teacher i.d. and I think you can get up to 25 there as well.

      • Debra

        I received an email from Staples. What Kristy is saying is correct. You will now get back the difference in staples rewards. This year, I will pass. I need my money to purchase big ticket items like a copy machine and ink.

        • Cw

          I totally agree Debra! Just went to a Staples in S FL and was told the same thing. No more higher limits for teachers, which stinks. We always buy copy paper and other items to raise their profit – no more!

  3. cynthia

    Is this in store only

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes, most of these deals are valid in-store only.

      • shannyn

        The crayons, glue and Bic pens are available for 1 cent on-line. There is also Easy Rebates for HP Everyday 8.5×11 Gloss 50 pack item#809757 making them just 50 cents each (max.quantity4). There is another Easy Rebate for a Staples desk pad item#445845 making them FREE (max.quantity 2).

        • shannyn

          Sorry, didn’t see you had that posted. I’ve been back to school shopping to long!

        • esha

          thank you Shanny for listing the online deals. That way I could get atleast some of these fantastic deals since i don’t have a staples near me. Thanks once again

  4. Stacy

    Gosh, my son just got out of school!

    • Shanna

      Mine is 3 weeks away from going back!

  5. juli

    If we don’t have a staples can we print the ad and price match at Wal-Mart?

    • marlene

      i know they wont price match the items that have easy rebate or the ones that say you need a club card. i tried with a buy one get one free and that certain cashier didnt and another one had told me yes the day before. i guess it depends on the cashier.

    • Leana

      I was wondering that as well, but I remember last year I printed a target ad and they didn’t honor it because it wasn’t a flyer like the ones you get in the store (I was wondering if I went to the store to get the ad why would I need to price match it…I thought it was ridiculous, maybe try a newspaper I know those tend to have lots of ads at times ). And also my sister works at Walmart and it has to a certain distance away for it to be price matched, I think its a 50 mile radius, but this could have changed. Maybe call ahead and ask your Walmart if they would honor the print out …HTH 🙂

      • thelostpond

        You would think they would be happy to have a print out. If it were my business I would want to keep the customer as far away from another store so I get the sales. I’d keep them from walking into another store if possible. You know most stores have internet, to recieve their corp emails, so they could just verify prices.
        My old walmart in Florida used to have every ad from every store at each register, so you would just tell them what store and what price, and they would open the flyer from that store and adjust, but that was in 2000, before coupons became what they now call “extreme”.

  6. tara

    Does anyone know about the rebates? Say if I bought the paper last week for the rebate can you buy it again this week? It says it has to be a different rebate number but I’m not sure where to find that except on the receipt AFTER you buy the item.

    • Debra

      I am a teacer. I purchase tons of paper from Staples. The limit is for the week of the running sale ad. The limit is usually two. For Example one sale runs from July 1-7 and another runs July 8-14. I can purchase two on July 7 and another 2 on July 8. Those purchases are made during two different pomotion week. I do the same during the holidays for the batteries.

  7. Kris Snyder

    Can someone help me on the math here? For the 15% card @ $10. You would have to spend $67.00 before it would pay for itself? Is that correct?

    • sharon

      Yes, that’s correct. Sounds like a lot to make it worth it, but it’s valid on so many items. They have paper towels and cleaning supplies now so with mf coupons on top of the savings pass you could get some super great deals.

    • Ali

      Yes, that’s exactly what they told me today when they tried to sell me the card. I passed.

  8. Cindy H

    Staples emailed me a $5 off $25 coupon

  9. CA

    When I looked up my local Staples ad on there was a $5 off $30 on the side of the ad page.

    • Abby

      THANKS! I went and checked and found the same thing.

    • ali

      I was just going to say that! Also, there was a $5 off $30 coupon on the front page of the Staples ad I got in the paper today.

  10. Deb

    Can anyone tell me…when you receive the rebate is it store credit or is it an actual check? Can you use some of the rebate items to go towards your $5.00 minimum to get the 1c items?

    • Makayla

      Yes and yes. You receive a check to deposit and some of those can be used for the up to $5 purchase and even for the $5 off $30 coupon. Just went thismorning

  11. Brad

    I was at my Staples about 5 minutes after they opened and it was SO busy. I Definitely wouldn’t wait to go there.

  12. Brittany

    Just got back from Staples and used my $5 of $30 coupon for a total of $27.38 and once I get back my rebate checks I’ll have spent a little over $4!!! Love Staples and Hip2Save! 🙂

    • Kathy

      I am not sure but a year or so ago I was told that you could not get the easy rebates is you used a dollar off coupon for the purchase. I was told it was better to do all easy rebate items in an individual transaction to avoid this problem. This may not be the issue, but what an employee told me awhile back. Just a thought.

      • terri

        Kathy, you CAN get easy rebates, you CAN NOT get staples rewards if you use rewards. Same with coupons. You get the full value on rebates, but if you use a coupon on rewards, you only get back what you paid (and Staples gets reimbursed by the manufacturer…so they win).

  13. Ali

    I went to Staples this morning and they had everything in the ad, a rarity for me. They had all the 1 cent items and all the dollar items.

  14. Valerie

    I ended up getting the 15% off card for next to free. I had a coupon for $5 off my $30 purchase so with the deals I was getting it added up to $20 (before tazes). I bought the $10 discount card, used the coupon to knock the price down to my $30 purchase down to $25 and then she took off the 15% so my total was around $21.25 plus tax. So according to my calculations I got the discount card for around $1.25. With back to school shopping just beginning I know I will get that much savings from it!

    • Rose

      Thanks for the idea. I did the same thing.

    • Yvette

      Are you saying that we can buy the school pass along with other items for a total of $30. And then we can use the $5/$35?

  15. Dawn

    Does anyone know if you use Staples Rewards can you still get the full amount back in a rebate check? Thanks in advance!

    • Mara @ Super Savings

      Dawn, yes you can use Staples Rewards or coupons toward a rebate item and you’ll still get the full amount.
      If you’re purchasing a Rewards item though, using a coupon or Rewards will come off of the value and you’ll only get Rewards back for the amount you paid. HTH! =)

      ~ Mara

      • Dawn

        Thanks so much Mara! 🙂

  16. Sunny

    Does anyone else have problems with their Staples not having much in stock? Mine never seems to get anything extra for these deals, so if you’re not there when they open on Sunday, you’re out of luck! At least that’s how it has been in the past. I’m not going to waste my time shopping at a store that doesn’t stock up for these super deals, when they assume that people are going to stick around and buy higher priced items. Yes, I buy other things as well usually, but I don’t like it when they bait you with something they only have 2 of!

  17. Valerie

    Comment: Hello again:) Just to let you know that Staples has totally changed their policies on Teacher Rewards and Back to School shopping supply deals this year. Here is the note (in fine print) from their website: Get 100% back in Staples Rewards when you buy any Extreme Deals during Back to School (July/August) 2012. Valid for Teacher Rewards members only. In store only. While supplies last. Maximum quantity eligible for Rewards is 25 including items purchased as part of the Extreme Deal. Items purchased over Extreme Deal limit will be charged at reg. retail price. Price eligible for Rewards is the amount paid at checkout after application of all promotions, coupons, instant savings, and Rewards redemptions. Purchaser is responsible for paying applicable sales tax. In order to get the rebates, coupon prices will not count, and the teachers will have to pay taxes on the full amount, instead of the reduced price, and have to wait 6-8 weeks for the refund which is only good to use at Staples, not a check:( There is a start of a protest on their Facebook page. We will see if the teachers and their supporters can change things:)

  18. Jenn

    The Staples change is crazy. Myself and about 10 other teachers who were there had our carts full of our limits and several other things. All the employees saw us counting things and putting them into our carts. However, they didn’t say a single word to us until we were at the checkouts unloading. They could have easily said something earlier or at least put up a sign. We all just left everything on the counters and in the carts and left. They knew what we were getting. They could have told us. A simple announcement would have saved everyone a whole lot of time.

  19. Dianne

    You should have received an email from Staples earlier this summer about the change, out of 10 of you, I would think one of you had received it.

  20. Mitch

    I love Hip2Save.
    My question was if I use a coupon, will I get the full amount back from my photo paper purchase.
    You guys already answered fror me!
    I hope it works!

  21. Trinity

    Has anyone filled out the staples rebate yet? I bought two of the multipurpose papers but when I submit it online for the rebate how do I know that I will be given back a refund for TWO of them?

    • Rose

      On the staples website it says
      If you purchased multiples of the same product with a rebate or if you purchased multiple items that fall under the same rebate offer number, you only need to enter the rebate offer number once. The system will use your Easy Rebates® ID number or order number to verify the rebate products you purchased. Then it will update your status to reflect the multiple rebates.

  22. Rose

    According to the $5 off $30 coupon, it says Minimum purchase requirement of $30 must be met with purchases to which no other coupon or instant savings offer applies. For example, if I buy the Scotch super glue gel for $4.29
    Minus $1.30 instant savings at checkout, does that mean I have $2.99 toward my $30 purchases?

    • Ashley

      Yes the $2.99 is what counts towards your $30 not the $4.29.

      • Rose

        Thanks for answering. I brought the glue today and only $2.99 went toward the $30. I don’t understand why they have the instant savings. When the cashier scans the glue, it says $2.99.

  23. Jackie

    Ok so if Walmart price matches, do they limit quantities? I am so bummed about the changes at staples!

  24. Ashley

    I went to Staples today! I ended up getting 2 packs of paper, 2 caldenars, 2 of the small coil memo books, 4 packs of the BIC dry erase markers, 4 packs of the mechincal pencils, 2 boxes of crayons, 2 bottles of glue, 2 packs of BIC pens, 4 blacks and white comp bookds, and 2 packs of the Sharpies. It was $32 and change. Used my $5 off $30 coupon and my Teacher rewards that I had totaling $19.90. So I out of poket $7.19 and submitted for my rebates of the calendars and the paper already. I dont know if they will adjust down my rebate amount but either way I am happy! I have two boys in school and I am a teacher myself so this was a great deal for us!

  25. Elizabeth 'Biz' Ocampo

    So can I make 2 different transactions of $5 to get 2 sets of the extreme deals? I need 4 glues and 4 crayons for my son. Or should I just bring someone with and have them buy one?

    • Kath

      depends on your store associate. Sometimes they are great and sometimes not. Safer to have a second person ring it up. I have my 8 year old do a transaction. How can they tell him no lol

  26. Tarri

    Got 2 pks or Printer Paper, 1 Photo Paper, 1 super glue, 2 glue, 2 pens, 2 crayons, paid 23.xx out the door and will get back 25.46 in rebates. Fun to get paid for shopping.

  27. Jen

    Walmart price-match question: Staples has the Paper rebate right now — pay $6.99, get back $6.74, for a total of 25 cents in the long run. I would take it that Walmart would NOT give a price match on that … correct?

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