JCPenney Salon: *HOT* FREE Kids’ Hair Cuts for the Month of August (Grades K-6th)

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Wow! JCPenney just announced that they’ll be offering up FREE haircuts for kids (grades K-6th) for the entire month of August at every JCPenney salon across the USA! How cool is that?! πŸ˜€ Just be sure to call or visit your local JCP Salon now to schedule an appointment for August. I am guessing these slots will fill up fast!

(Thanks, Coupon Katie, Jackie & Julie!)

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  1. Meg

    my mother in law told me about this yesterday after she came back from getting her hair done and the hair dresser told her that, i called today and got my girls in for the end of the month and i am spreading the word to all my friends with kids:)

  2. andrea

    we don’t have one close to us….so sad. πŸ™

  3. Colleen

    Be sure to tip your hairdresser thou..Keep in mind even thou its free she still deserves a tip.

    • Ann

      How much tip should we give, though sorry but I need to ask.

      • dealgirl

        I always tip my hairdresser 20%. So, I would assume to tip 20% of the regular price of a kid’s cut.

      • Tara

        4 or 5 bucks is nice, or you could ask how much a kids cut is normally and take a percentage of that.

      • Emily

        For a simple cut, I tip $5. For my haircuts, I tip $10. (my salon charges about $25 for a simple cut so $30 with tip)

  4. Anne

    Great news! I will call this morning.

  5. sara

    The closet JCP w/ a salon is 56 miles away. πŸ™

  6. salina317

    Just scheduled my lil girl’s appt. for the same day as our state’s TaxFree BTS day since we will already be at the mall shopping =)

  7. Kindra

    Got my 2 kids booked for the 9th! Thank you so much for posting!!

  8. Michelle

    I just booked my kids appointments!! YAY!! The nice lady even asked if I had gotten their email about the promotion of FREE Kids cuts in August!! I am so pleased…one less thing to have to pay for. Thanks Colin!

  9. Amanda

    Awesome! Just called and got my daughter her apt. She is starting school this year and is so excited! Thanks so much!

  10. kramsdell

    Just scheduled appts for both my kids. This is so awesome! And one less thing I need to worry about. Thank you!

  11. Barbara

    Awesome! Just called and got both my daughters their free haircut appointments! Because of you Colin I save so much money!! Thank You for all that you do!

  12. Debra

    just made an appointment thanks for this saver!

  13. Alla

    I just called my closest JCP and they said there are no appts it’s a walk in for the entire month. She said you could just bring him in and he’ll get his haircut. The first one starts Aug 1st. My lil bunny really needs a haircut and this is a great deal. Thanks, Collin πŸ™‚

  14. Brandi

    This is great! Got both my kids scheduled!!

  15. chrissy

    made an appointment even though the girl on the phone did not sound very happy to be scheduling me….oh well…free haircuts! yay!

  16. ash

    Chrissy are you by chance from the Michiana area? Lol I called and the girl was not very nice to me either. I just hope she isn’t the one who cuts my daughter’s hair!

  17. Char

    Awesome! Just scheduled my kids. Haircuts for just the cost of a tip for the hairdresser….great deal.

  18. sweetmom

    I called and got both my kids in also! Before I had a chance to mention the promotion the lady said “you must of heard about our August promotion” Very nice and I am so excited to save money on their hair cuts! Thanks so much Collin you truly are the best and I love your site! :0)

  19. Kelli

    Man, my son is going into 8th grade. They should do September for 7-12th grade. πŸ™‚

  20. couponmommt

    I really wish there wasn’t an age restriction. My son is starting Kindergarten in the fall, but we already got his hair buzzed. My 2 and a half year old daughter desperately needs a haircut though. πŸ™

  21. Jeannie

    Thank you so much! Just scheduled my daughters!

  22. Jennifer

    My JCPenny said they will only take walk-ins for this promotion. I wonder if I call a different day or if someone else answers the phone if it would be different?

    • Jen P

      for those of you being told walk in only, will you let us know where you are located? Thanks!

  23. Melissa

    Just got 4 of my kids scheduled for haircuts. Thanks so much!

  24. Dawn

    Not to sound like a total cheap-skate, but I”m assuming that a tip will be needed, which will in essence make this much less exciting. If they are going to offer this, then they shouldn’t assume everyone will give a hefty tip which almost pays for the haircut in the first place. I guess I don’t know how much a haircut would be though, anyway? So would a tip be like 2 or 3$? It doesn’t matter much for us, though—with 5 boys we just give them all buzz/taper cuts like my barber dad showed us πŸ˜‰

    • Jodi

      At our local kids’ salon, a cut is about $17 + $3 tip = $20 per kid. Giving even a $5 tip on a free hair cut will save significantly. Thanks, Colin!

  25. Nicole

    Does 4K count as K-6? I have twins and this would be great if they are included.

    • emily

      You can ask, they asked me how old my children were to make sure when I called to schedule it but didnt give a specific age group. It cant hurt to call.

    • Emily

      I doubt they’re going to ask for enrollment papers. Just say that this is their first year of school and the stylist will spend the next 20 minutes asking them if they’re excited and if they have any pets at home. The point of the promotion is to get people to try the service, but more importantly, get parents into their store to buy back to school clothes.

      • Janet B

        I work at JCP. It is for kids going into regular K – 6, not the age group because that can differ.

  26. Jen P

    Scheduled an appointment for my son with a SUPER helpful and happy girl at the West Jordan, UT JCP salon πŸ™‚ She said to be sure to let my friends and family know about the promotion and that they have lots of openings!

  27. Jamie K

    Yay – I just scheduled all 4 of mine for a cut on the 1st! The lady on the phone was so nice! I’m thinking they won’t be so stressed on the 1st yet – what a busy month it will be for those ladies! And for the 4 of mine, I’m going to give probably $20 for the tip! We don’t usually do professional cuts, but 4/$20 sounds like a bargain to me!

  28. Kate

    Sweeeet! Just got the 3 boys in! They will be happy NOT to have Dad do the ‘ole buzz cut thing this year! Yay!!! Thanks Collin & Hip2Save!!

    • Makayla

      That’s awesome. Give dad a break πŸ˜€

  29. Makayla

    Wow! I just have to laugh. We are always talking about people giving a bad name to couponers but complaining about a tip for a free haircut. We are stepping in a new level. Haircuts are very expensive and the cheap places are not very good and usually not kid friendly. A good haircut, especially for girls is about $20 so $5 for a tip is nothing. I personally haven’t paid for salon care in about two years because I’ve been at home with three children. Looking at this I am considering booking myself an appointment and then not feel the guilt of not tipping for the kids which is what some of us should consider. Also, the day of the free slurpee, I pumped some gas because it just seem awkward to walk into 7-11 with a car seat and two toddlers just for free slurpee. They were very nice to me and even brought my card back to the car so I wouldn’t have to go back in with my herd. Remember, you get back what you put out.

    • Mel

      Are you saying that you are not going to tip for the kids cuts because you are paying for a haircut for yourself? You should pay for yourself, tip for your cut and tip for the kids cut.

      • Makayla

        I didn’t mean I wasn’t tipping. I’m a very good tipper because I know from first hand what a hassle it is to deal with kids. There’s nothing worst than seeing a family leave a miserable two dollars on a restaurant table after their kids made the biggest mess in the world. I meant that these promos are meant for people to go in and try the service and if the person is too cheap to tip for something they feel should be completely free then they should pay for service for themselves and added on to that. Maybe my statement didn’t expres that properly or was misuderstood.

        • Makayla

          express* misunderstood* uh Typing in a rush is terrible. Anyhow, heading out to Chick Fil A. Don’t forget to leave a tip in the jar. πŸ˜‰

    • Lisa Davis

      HERE HERE Makayla!!
      I applaud your post.
      I have 3 boys and just booked an appointment for them in Clearwater,FL and the lady could not have been nicer.
      I thought that when I took my little men for haircuts that it did not look hard but if you could see my boys now after Mondays trim with Mommy their heads show that I should never do it again.
      Dawn maybe you could give me some tips since you do it yourself but I find a FREE haircut super EXCITING!!!
      I will tip 15.00 because that is what I do anyway as sometimes my boys do wiggle.
      I am a SAHM who had not had a hair cut in 8 months as of Thursday but a new stylist just moved into a very nice salon in my area and he was offering a free cut.
      He usually charges 25.00 for a cut so I tipped him 10.00.
      Also for free slurpee day I bought 20.00 in gas and then the four of us trucked it in the store for the slurpee as I felt that I had to buy something also.
      I don’t know maybe part of me remembers bartending when I was younger or maybe just being kind and thinking of others since that is what I try to teach my boys!!!
      Happy Haircuts to all and do not forget to tip!!!

  30. starfairy679

    Got my kids an appointment for Aug 5th. This is a great promotion

  31. BamaVicki

    This is so great! Thanks Collin! We will def. tip our hairdresser very good! One less thing marked off the list before ‘dare shall I say, back to school!’ ;(

  32. kristina

    Yeah I made my appt for my 2 kids! I have been putting it off all year because of funds. Thanks Colin!

  33. Kelly Spaulding

    A kids cut at JC Penny runs from $17-22 (prices vary depending on the experience of the stylist) so getting a cut for the price of a tip ($3-5) is a bargain!!

    • Makayla

      Thanks I actually didn’t know their children prices. I’ve been taking my little girl to the barber because he works well with her. (He use to be a stylist). I’ll use this opportunity to give JCP a try.

    • Christine

      i asked how much my local jcp salon charge for a kids cut, and the kind lady looked it up and said $14…. so price may vary depending on location/region as well

  34. Sherrill

    This is such a wonderful thing to do! Thank you

  35. Stacy

    I called JCPenny the kids cut is regularly $14. So here’s a tip break out of 1 kids haircut:

    Amount of Check $14.00

    Tip at 10% $1.40
    Tip at 15% $2.10
    Tip at 20% $2.80

    Sounds like a great deal to me.

    I have 3 kids in elementary school so that’s 3 kids x $14.00= $42.00
    Tip of 20% for a $42.00 bill= $8.40

    I think that is fair and square to tip 20%. I am gonna try it and be fair.

  36. leslie

    I called this morning and scheduled my appoint for my daughter. One thing you should be aware of, JcPenney charges a fee for long hair. Long hair for them is anything past the shoulders (so we were told last year when my daughter got her 1st ever haircut and had super long hair). Even with the fee, it’s still better then full price, which is the goal, right? I also scheduled for the end of the month so they haircut would be fresh for school to start!

    • Janet B

      Leslie, the prices changed in February 2012. There should no longer be a fee for length. I work at JCP salon.

  37. Pamela

    That is so great! I scheduled my 3 kids for a week before school starts! They were even able to schedule all 3 kids at the same time… Thanks, Collin!

  38. Crystal

    Yay! Thanks for posting this! Just made my son’s appointment. Aug. 18. He starts his very first day of school that Monday. They didn’t ask how old he was or anything like that. They just asked if I have been there or not. This is at Cielo Vista in El Paso.

  39. Sarah C.

    They said I needed to call an 800 number to schedule. They wouldn’t give it to me though. Awesome. Anyone know the “secret” 800 # to call to schedule??

    • kramsdell

      I would call them back & ask to speak with a manager. There is no secret 800 # to call. If that doesn’t work contact corporate. How silly of them to say that.

    • Janet B

      I agree with kramsdell. I work at a JCP salon. Please call the store back.

      • Anne

        No, I was told, if you want to book for August 1st, you need to call the 800 number that was given in an email. Which I didn’t get. HOWEVER, they are talking walk-ins for that day. All other days of the month of August you can make an appointment. Apparently, they are doing something special for the kids seen on the 1st. I plan on being there when the store opens at 10 am since I didn’t get the email with the 800 number.

        • Shannon

          When this first posted I called and scheduled my son for 10am on the 1st. No problems at all.

          • Anne

            This was here in St. Louis area. I called the salon directly. But they said please come in on that day.

            • Janet B

              Anne, try calling the store manager and/or salon leader and ask them to recheck. The information you are being given is incorrect. You can, of course, walk in, but every JCP is supposed to be taking appointments for that day. There was some confusion on the part of some salons.

  40. scissors36

    Hi I am a stylist at JCP! Kids haircuts are $14 nationwide and we do not charge extra for length or thickness. This is the first time ever JCP has ever offered this promo and it is a great deal! The company is doing this to get more JCP shoppers as clients to our styling salon. That being said I will say that we as stylist rely on tips as part of our income so please please please don’t forget to tip your stylist. πŸ™‚

    • Anne

      I will tip for my three kids. I understand the tips is what the stylist relys on.

    • Emily

      Thanks for the info, I’ll be sure to tip well!

  41. JP

    I was able to get an appointment for my 2 girls on Aug 1st with no problems at all and the lady on the phone was so nice and even mentioned that they will have free hotdogs and drinks and some activities for the kids that day. I live here in Colorado Springs so it might be different from other location.

  42. jackie

    my little girl has been looking for a good place to get her hair cut- NOW SHE HAS ONE!!!!!!!! :.)

  43. michelle

    Hi all I work at jcp on ames iowa it sounds like everyone is very excited about kids cuts πŸ™‚ great
    We are doing apointments and walk ins for our free kids cuts for kids 12 and under…. We didnt feel like it was nice to leave out the little ones… Also some of u r asking about tips…. Its not expected but is very nice as when all the changes took place in feb. We as stylist took paycuts, etc… The tips should be based on how your stylists did on the service, if she did a great job tip well, if not then just a few bucks. But please remember as stylist we r living off the tips as income now that we dont make commission… we r doing tgese free services to help the community also jcp is donating to boys and girls clubs around the usa πŸ™‚
    Thx and see everyone in august.

  44. Anne

    I got a text this morning from JCP Salon with the phone number to call. I made the call and she is having the salon call me to confirm the appointments.

  45. greyson

    The JCP Portraits Studio is giving a FREE session and 8×10 after the hair cut too… And the Optical is doing complete kids eye glasses for only $25… We spend the day and be set up for B2S.

  46. Okimutt

    I just took my 2 daugthers to JCP salon for free haircuts. I paied $10 tip for each stylist since they are girls and have long hair. They did not charge for my daughter who is in 7th grade which I should been paying full price ($14 + tip) so, $20 oop was a good deal for me! πŸ™‚


    If you don’t like the cut,how do you compland to them??
    We didn’t get a nice hair cut,and I tips her very well too.

  48. LISA L

    Same here,my son hair cut is bad, He not happy,He told me next time go back to his old BARBER,and I’m very upset with that cut,how come she work in the nice update salon ,but did’tdo a good job on him???should i call the Shop MANEGER to tell them that??WHAT SHOULD I DO??Or that what I get for FREE?? I did tips her good too,if you alls say 20%, I tips her 40%..In this case He said..MOM THIS MADE ME THINK OF THE SHOW JESSIE ON DISNEY,JESSIE get the free hair cut,and it ruin ing her hair,MY is the same nothing for free is good.

    • Rachel Beard

      I’m wondering if anyone else had a bad experience with this? My son’s haircut was so bad that I had to take him somewhere else the day after his free haircut. My stylist was definitely too tired of kids and inexperienced at her job to be doing this. Very very disappointing experience for us.

  49. Sarah

    Just remember that if you have 3 kids you should be tipping for all 3 kids cuts not just 5 dollars for the 3 of them.

  50. hardworkingBarber

    This is terrible.. its end and dad barbershops and salons every where harder to support my 7month old daughter

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