*HOT* $5 Off ANY In-Store Purchase at Babies R Us or Toys R Us (Now Available to Print Online!)

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Thanks to reader, GG, for leaving a comment on the previous post… Babies R Us and Toys R Us are also offering up this *HOT* exclusive $5 coupon on their sites! Just head to the homepage and wait for the banner to show up or look to the right and click on the “Save $5 on Your Purchase” button to access this coupon.

You will then be able to print an exclusive one-time single use coupon which will score you $5 off any in-store purchase at Babies R Us or Toys R Us, valid 8/12-8/16! There is no minimum listed on the coupon, so you should be able to use it to score $5 worth of FREE goodies… but note that product exclusions do apply.

Happy Shopping! πŸ˜€

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  1. Christy

    It told me that I printed it the maximum number of times …. 5 or 6.

  2. Nicole

    I also went on my iPhone, and it looks like if you go to Toys R Us website on there, you can activate a mobile coupon πŸ™‚

    • vergin

      how did u do that

      • QL

        Type: toysrus.com in your phone’s browser and the coupon will show up. When you get up to the register click on “Activate this Coupon”. The cashier has instructions on how to scan the code from your phone. They can manually enter it if there are scanning errors. HTH

        • Vergin

          when I click on the coupon, it opts only for printing.

          Thanks for the reply.

          • Daniela

            Thank you, it works for me!

    • Janie

      That was easy! Thank you for putting this! I love using coupons from my iPhone, rather than using papers& ink.

  3. Kim

    Anyone know if the barcodes are specific to your e-mail account or is it one barcode for everyone? I printed the toys r us and babies r us e-mail and noticed that they have the same barcode. Will I be able to use both?

    • Rei

      If it’s the same barcode, no. You’ll need to print from 2 different computers.

    • Bianca

      I had the same question. Does yours end in 60895?

      • Jennifer Ragan Knutson

        Mine ends in 0494.

        • Kim

          mine ends in 60071

    • Lisa

      mine ends in 60605

    • missiontosave

      I was able to print from a few places with 3 different codes. But I have a reader now who is saying all hers have the same bar code numbers. So maybe they got “hip” to us all!

  4. Karen

    wondering the same thing Kim!

  5. karen

    The link to print the coupon is not working. It keeps giving me an error message and going back to the previous page. I’ve tried through my email and the TRU page. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Sue

      it comes in a pop up

  6. mysanityandme

    mine ends in 0147

  7. crossfirext17

    I just went to the website and printed a coupon and went to a different computer and it was a different bar code.

    Went to print again from the original computer and it was the same barcode… so looks like it’s one time per computer

  8. Rory

    I have been using different internet programs and it gives me unique barcodes. Also, if you close the browser and reopen, you should get new codes. I have gotten 6!

    • Sharon Fuller

      I tried closing and reopening and got the same code. Maybe if you use a different internet browser, though…

    • katie

      why do you need 6? do you actually think that is ok? this is why store’s have cut down on coupons. in the end the over use is passed on to customers with them raising prices. I personally believe this is unethical. So thank you for contributing to the reason store’s don’t want to do coupons.

      • Bianca

        Please don’t be ugly. For some of us, this is the only way we can afford to buy our kids presents for Christmas and birthdays. The stores have regulated the coupons with the code and they will take as many as they want- whether it be 1 or 5. So let the store handle it.

        • J

          There is a thing called “greed” though. Six is a bit much and you’re well aware of it. While your intentions might seem good to you, not being able to buy CHRISTmas gifts and all, we should be a bit mindful of the true intention behind using so many.

          • Bianca

            My kids made a list of 10 things they want. That’s all I would allow. I will be using these coupons to get the items THEY WANT. Not anything extra. I don’t think that’s greedy. While others may abuse the policy, we are not the ones who should be judging them. I did not print 6 copies of the same coupon.

            • doreen

              Jesus only received 3 gifts. 10 is a bit excessive.

            • Renee

              OMG- that is funny!

          • Alea

            I fully agree wholeheartedly – these coupons are meant to be only printed ONE time to find ways to get more is definitely unethical. If people weren’t so unethical, stores would do more promotions and more coupons instead of having to raise their prices making everything more expensive for everyone.

          • VP

            you couldn’t have said it any better!!!!

        • cindi

          Yes, the stores have regulated the coupons with the barcode…one per IP address, but obviously some people get around that. When you take the coupons into the store for use the person accepting your coupons at the register has nothing whatsoever to do with corporate coupon promotion or regulation. So whether they take 1 or 5 really has nothing to do with the long term effects coupon abuse has on the price of goods or available future coupons. I agree though that there is no need to be ugly or mean to anyone.

      • Makayla

        I agree with you. Publix in our area have limited us to 4 of each coupon and one of each competitor, so you can’t even do great deals by stacking anymore on staple items that are actually needed. This reminds me of the Pier 1 coupon, saw a family of 6 each get a free item including their 4 year old O_O and not even bother to look around the store for anything they needed. But hey to each their own as long as they don’t come preaching to my door about their “beliefs”.

      • Susan

        Agree. There are a limited amount of prints, so for EACH person that is printing 5 or 6 coupons, there are 4 or 5 people that won’t get any at all.

        • hollybethmann

          It’s easy to go overboard and want to print all that you can – I think that is normal and we’re all human. But at the same time, we say that for some of us its the only way to buy our kids Christmas presents. I can’t even imagine what you can buy there for $5 for a present. Also, our kids are spoiled rotten in our day and age – and we’re the ones doing it to them (myself included). I think that’s why people are so unhappy and never content. We’re raising them that way. Last thing in my rant – Thrift stores have amazing toys and stuff you can buy for super cheap. My son got a nerf gun (or several over the year) for 50cents a piece. There are ways to buy presents super cheap too.

          • Makayla

            Awesome! My husband still gets his dockers for work from Goodwill, as he refuses to buy “uniforms” that the company requires. Also he bought me a Coach bag for a whooping $20 πŸ˜€ I was super excited with my present and the fact that all my friends love it thinking I pay $$$ for it.

          • Tonya

            i agree that many kids are very spoiled these days. I think my generation was spoiled as children too. It’s absolutely understandable that parents want to give the world to their kids, but when you give them “everything” you are depriving them of many more important things in life. Material things shouldnt equate real happiness. In my opinion, give them what they need and some of what they want. Teach them to work hard for what they want, to give to others and to be grateful for what they already have.

            • hollybethmann

              Tonya – I LOVE your last couple of sentences so much. That it something I will remember – “Give them what they need and some of what they want…” and I totally agree about giving to others and being grateful. Also we should be a better example to the kids.

              This whole situation is reminding me of Christmas time when Toys R us had a big sale – with Operation selling for only a dollar or something like that. I believe it was Christmas time….I got there exactly at the time when the sale started or store opened and 2 to 5 women wiped out the entire stock – getting at least 30 or more games each. I wonder if they were going to resell them – on Amazon or somewhere else. I know if they were commenting on here, they’d all say they were donating them all. But it’s not always like that and I understand we all need to make money.

              But that day, one of the ladies gave me one single game (out of her cart full) and it was really nice and I appreciated it. But truthfully I did want to get the deal (I would have got it for my nieces/nephew), but my son had an operation game that I bought a year or so before (before I began couponing – so it was an expensive one). And then a lady showed up and looked really stressed out and asked me if I knew were all the games were for a dollar. She looked really sad when I said they were gone. So I gave her our game and she was so polite and almost didn’t take it but I told her we have it already. So, sometimes – going overboard with the freebies or cheap deals isn’t so nice. I also don’t like it when I go to Walgreens and find that the one thing I really needed and was on sale is wiped right out within an hour. I’ve also found those items hidden behind things on the same shelf though. I am once again going on a really long tangent here.

              I just can’t agree with your comment more Tonya. You said it in much less words than I did – but it is impt to be grateful and generous. People can be really touched by someone’s generosity. I have an idea – as I printed out two of those coupons. And, I had a tough time waiting an hour as my son wandered through the store with his $5 coupon- only to want some candy πŸ™‚ lol..I am going to Goodwill this week and I will give the 2nd printout I have to someone there! πŸ™‚ I assumed people who were already shopping at Toys R Us had enough or had the Q already – anyone else want to try that? I think it is awesome idea…:))))

          • koko

            Thrift stores are amazing of you go at the right time. You aren’t supporting corporate greed, it’s more environmentally friendly, and you can often find things you wouldn’t normally in stores. I love, love, love Hip2Save, and when I’m not responsibly using the coupons and shopping the deals listed here, I get almost everything else from thrift stores (mainly Goodwill.) If you’ve never tried it, you should πŸ™‚

            • hollybethmann

              I agree koko πŸ™‚ I LOVE our salvation army thrift store. It is the best – with the best prices. I try to make sure I donate a bunch of stuff too – i’ve bought some really unique and interesting things. πŸ™‚

        • Bianca

          If you haven’t noticed, They are printing 5 or 6 OF THE SAME BARCODE. I will bet money that the store will not accept them. I work retail, I know all about coupons.

          • hollybethmann

            i think printing multiples of a Q with the same barcode is actually illegal..i could be wrong..

      • HP

        i can’t agree with you more. My kids want stuff too. I can’t afford it all. But I won’t go printing 6 coupons just to possible get it free… Just saying.

        • hollybethmann

          I agree! πŸ™‚

    • Trish

      If people who use multiple coupons make you angry, please use yours to buy yourself some skittles and taste the rainbow!!! Life goes on……

      • Jaclyn

        LOL! Too funny! πŸ˜‰

      • Haseena

        LOL!! Trish, you just made my day. That was hilarious.

  9. Brandy

    Yeah, I think 1 per computer. It let me print several copies, but they all end in 0851.

  10. Brittany R.

    If anyone doesn’t need theirs and would consider sending it to me I would very much appreciate it!! Thanks! Toasty311b@aol.com
    God bless!

    • Bianca

      You can find it on the Toys R Us website.

  11. appu

    my husband and i printed from different computers and the codes r different too.

  12. Sharon Fuller

    I got the same barcode. Is it the same for everyone? Mine ends in 60578.

    • terri

      no, my barcode is different

  13. jata

    I was able to print from the same computer and printer 5 times before I got the message of hitting max print for offer.

    • mary

      If toys r us or babies r us intended for everyone to get $25 off, they would have advertised that, not $5 off. It doesn’t matter if you can only use $5 per item. I am tired of everyone trying to “get one over” on store’s and make sure they “get their’s”. Why not be happy that you are getting $5 off?

      • Bianca

        I have printed two coupons and may use the two digital as well. I’m not trying to “get one over,” I’m trying to survive on less than $30,000 a year with 4 kids to buy for. Please don’t be judgemental. This is not the place for it. The stores have learned from experience to limit these deals. Toys R Us knew what they were doing when they sent this coupon out.

        • rowan

          When a company makes a coupon print once per computer with a UNIQUE barcode they ARE trying to regulate it. It’s essentially one per person, or one per computer. Using different computers and programs to create different barcodes is tricking the system even though you’re not intending to be sneaky or dishonest.

        • adri

          I know its hard to get along in life but take responsibility for your own action. Dont blame the store, lol. If I could I would print 2 or 3 but can only print one. And if I did print 3 I would say its cause I wanted to, needed to not cause the store made me do it

          • Alea

            I agree with you Adri – don’t blame the store! Times are tough for everyone, stores included which is why they do these promotions to get people in their doors to hopefully buy something more than just $5 worth of free stuff. Toys R Us is barely surviving right now – Babies R Us is what’s keeping them going right now.

            • adri

              I am thinking I am going to buy my baby a bathtub from there. Thats what I still need and batteries for those sings , bounces and things

  14. Bianca

    I printed one coupon from chrome and one from explorer and they had different bar codes. I’m going to guess that those of you who printed 5 of the same bar code are not going to be able to use all 5.

    • Jenny

      I also printed one from IE and one from CHrome. I printed 2 so each of my kids has one to use. Thank you Collin and thank you Bianca for this tip!

  15. Ann

    Personally, I think you can only use the coupon if it has a unique code since it says “one time single use only”.

  16. Danielle

    So if the bar codes are all the same you can only use 1 right? I’m confused because it let me print 5 of them and then said I hit the maximum amount of prints lol ????

  17. Brandy

    Agree – just because you were able to print several copies, it appears if they have the same bar code, you will only be able to use one.

  18. Makayla

    Just an FYI. These coupons are one per person and one per use and one per computer. You are able to also get a mobile coupon from your iphone or ipad. Once the coupon scans once, it will not work. The register will read, already been used and they will not do an override.

    • J

      Hope this is true! I’d really like to be able to use mine before TRU decides to change their mind on it.

  19. Anna dm

    Bummed that I can’t use it on diapers, baby food, etc. Are the toddler snacks considered baby food? Like the veggie straws.

    • Lisa

      It says excludeds baby food. I was actually thinking the same thing? I was going to use it on my daughters favorite Snikkity Snacks. I had never heard of them before Hip2Save, but with coupons they are the best valued healthy snacks I’ve found that she thoroughly enjoys πŸ™‚

      • Annadm

        I prefer the veggie straws and the apple straws dipped in hot apples and cinnamon are amazing. I use my grandmas recipe. The also have clearance snacks all the time. Perfect way to get cheap organic foods.

    • Teri

      I tried to use my coupon to get some Sammy Jammies (it’s a type of toddler snacks, similar to nutrigrain bars). And the cash register rejected it and only took off $3.75 off my sippy cups and charged me full price for the sammy jammies. Good thing I caught it when she was ringing it up so I politely asked her to hold off and I went back to pick something else to buy so I can get the full $5 off.

  20. Elizabeth

    If you have a smart phone and go to toysrus.com it gives you a mobile version..no printing, no ink. Save extra pennies!!

    • Vivienne

      Thanks for the tip!

  21. Kim

    Help! How do I activate the mobile coupon? I went to the website on my phone and clicked on the save $5 and it just offered me the print option on my phone. Which of course isnt’ going to work?!!! How do you get the mobile option to pop up? I have an android phone.

    • rachel

      you have to go on your phone to the toyrus website. click on the coupon and it will say activate this coupon.

  22. Marissa

    mine ends with 60869! THANKS COLLIN!

  23. Marlena

    There is also the same coupon in Shopkick app . I do not know if it has the same barcode or not . Worth trying.

    • Lisa

      Awesome! Thanks!

  24. Jennifer

    I was able to get 2 – 1 for each of my boys. Thanks!

  25. Darcie

    I received a text message to the link from Babiesrus to the mobile coupon version.

  26. mary

    Toyrus sent me the coupon via text, I am subscribed to their text deals

  27. Julian

    This is not the place for negativity. Everyone here has something in common and that is saving money. Let’s all get along. Someone that prints out 6 coupons from a website, isn’t going to stop you from living your daily life. I hope everyone has a great day!

    • hollybethmann

      thanks Julian! good point

    • Carrie C.

      Very well said Julian! πŸ™‚ Hope you have a great day, too!!! πŸ™‚

    • Bianca

      Bravo. Thank you!

      • CourtneyAmanda

        “Someone that prints out 6 coupons from a website, isn’t going to stop you from living your daily life. ”


    • Lisa

      Where’s the LIKE button! Thanks! There’s enough negativity in the world. We don’t need it on this site. Great Comment πŸ™‚

    • Tammi

      Good point, I won’t be losing sleep over it.

  28. Carol_R

    Thanks Collin. You’re awesome.

  29. Indre

    Yay, it worked on clearance got the doggy blue slippers, the same ones that burned out in our apartment, life is getting back to normal πŸ™‚ thank you for heads up on this coupon ! Love Your site! πŸ™‚

  30. Keeley Smiley

    I work at Toys R Us and I can already let everyone know that if it’s the same barcode it won’t work. There was a lot of problems with the chuggington coupon because of this. We just can’t accept them, the register won’t let us. We stapled all the chuggington coupons together with the same barcode just to show customers when we had to explain it. People were not happy about it but really there’s nothing we can do.

    • Yoko

      Thanks for the reminder that the coupon is indeed one-time only use and we can not print multiple of same bar-coded-coupon to use multiple times.

    • Emilytwinmom

      I remember seeing a woman freaking out on a cashier over the chuggington coupon, and it made me sad as a couponer. That poor cashier didn’t know what to say! To me, this is part of the spelling of “we no longer accept coupons” πŸ™

  31. Jodi

    Do you think Walmart will accept this coupon? The nearest ToysRUs is quite a drive for us.

    • Michelle735

      My Wal-Mart will only take Manufacturer Coupons not other store coupons.

  32. jenn

    I went this morning with my ONE coupon and shopped clearance. I got 4 Mario folders and one fashion dress up dog thing for $0.98 which just happened to be the price of one of the folders!

  33. Natasha C

    I got a Little Einsteins DVD for my kiddo πŸ™‚ It was only 4.99 and it had Disney reward points πŸ™‚

    Happy Shopping Everyone.

  34. Sarah

    Crayola crayons are still on sale 4 for $1. Picked up 20 for free after coupon. Favors and supplies for toddler “art” birthday party and will use the rest for donations. Thanks!

    • Annadm

      Good idea! There are a bunch of local schools that can use them.

  35. Tarri

    I printed from Firefox and Chrome and got the same number on the q.

  36. ashley

    I printed one from two computers (different ips and barcodes) and used one at BRU. My husband tried to use the other at TRU and it wouldn’t work. πŸ™

  37. betsy

    can’t print this coupon! won’t come up???

  38. Laura

    I’m pregnant and I got two NUK pacifiers for $1.00! Pretty happy about that πŸ™‚

  39. Danielle

    I just want to say- there’s a blog I follow that the people who run it are so rude and they always delete my comments and everyone who comments after me is really mean and I am so glad that hip2save isn’t one of those blogs.!! I commented about a charity on there one time and they deleted it. They also copy other blogs and you can tell them about a deal, and they take the cedit for it! They are the rudest people. I am really proud that hip2save is not like that. And that’s why I absolutely LOVE Hip2save! I just want to say thank you to Collin and all the others on here for being so polite and helpful! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    • Yoko

      Welcome to Hip2Save, Danielle! Collin shows us how to get good deals and people are very nice and helpful here. I hope you enjoy Hip2Save as much as I do! πŸ™‚

  40. Kim

    It clearly states 1 time single use, I bet it’ll beep if you try to use it twice.

  41. Micki

    Awesome! I can’t wait to hear what people are getting with the coupon.

  42. Stephanie

    My kids were super excited about the Crayola sidewalk chalk and wooden tic tac toe game. I was happy about only spending 1.06.

  43. Sherita

    I just used mine and initially printed off two so that a friend could use one and we were not allowed since I used a coupon before her…. they are for sure only letting you use one per computer!!!

  44. Alisha

    I found some Xia Xia Crabs on clearance for $4.98 and you got 4 crab shells for FREE, they also had Xia Xia playsets on clearance for $4.98 and you got 2 more FREE so I paid $5.41 for 3 playsets, a crab and 4 crab shells! The only playsets my store had were the same so I’m going to donate the other 2! My daughter is going to love this for her birthday!!

  45. Trish

    I printed a second coupon after clearing my history trail and they had different barcodes. I gave my second coupon to the lady that checked out behind me….it made her day!!

  46. Ann

    Wow reading all of you ladies comments made me feel bad for not using it to day. If anyone would like an extra 5 dollar coupon, I have it PDF so I can attach in a email. Send me a request using ecoupon11@hotmail.com and I’ll try to email it to one of you ladies.

    • Ann

      Sent it to Stephanie.

  47. Kimberly B.

    I used one coupon and got one regular pack of Crayola dry erase crayons and a pack of bright dry erase crayons they were buy one get one 50% off 3.99, and a magic float maker marked down to .60 from 5.99. and a Razor X skateboard on clearance for 3.00 marked down from 29.99! So after tax all of that cost me 5.02 super excited because I had just installed a big dry erase board for my girls to draw on and have been looking for a good deal on the crayons I got that and so much more!

    • Emilytwinmom

      The crayons are awesome! If you have a hard time getting them off the dry erase board try lysol. I have twins who use their dry erase boards daily and sometimes the crayons are hard to get off completely. Just thought I would share the trick πŸ™‚

  48. Ashley57

    My husband got some candy and I got some wrapping paper and gum. Also, you do not have to spend $5. If you spend, $4.50, you will get everything free.

  49. kelsey

    I have an extra 5.00 coupon if anyone wants it email me at ecouponchick101@yahoo.com. I can sent it to you as a PDF!

    • kelsey


      • Melissa Spence

        Thanks again, Kelsey!

  50. Jaclyn

    Does anyone happen to know if you can use more than 1 of the $5 coupons (printable + mobile) in 1 transaction to get something over $10+ OR do I need to do seperate transactions?

    • kelsey

      I was wondering to!

    • Shannon

      The coupon states Not Valid With Any Other “R” US Total Transaction Offer or on prior purchase.

    • Laura

      I don’t think you can use 2 of the $5 offs together but you can use it with another BabiesRUs coupon. I combined it with a $10 off $35 clothing purchase and my cashier said it could be used with some of the other coupons in my mailer and with the 20% one that they always hand out if you have one.

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